Seduced by My Daughters – Part 1

Hi, this story is about a father who was seduced by his two daughters’ beauty. I always compare women in the story to actresses, so think of someone when reading the story.

Hello again, I am Jack. I got married at the age of 22. My wife passed away during her second childbirth. I was working as a consultant in a company. Now I own a petrol bunk. It was not easy raising two girls as a single parent. I was a dedicated father who worked hard to raise them.

Let me tell you about my daughters: my elder daughter, Janvi, is 20 years old, and my younger daughter, Khushi, is 19 years old. I didn’t send them to school for two years because of my financial situation and other problems. Now, they both are studying in the same class in junior college.

Coming to the story. Our life was going smoothly. Khushi and Janvi have a close friend, Esther Anil. She made my daughters do something they shouldn’t have done. I could feel some changes in both of my daughters’ behaviour. I don’t know what it is.

They have their bedroom. But they still sleep with me on either side of the bed. I am a deep sleeper I won’t wake up till morning. But that day I woke up as I was feeling like to pee. That’s when I got shocked.

I saw my two daughters stroking my dick simultaneously. I thought of stopping them. But I didn’t know how to handle this situation, so I didn’t stop them.

My daughters are giving me a handjob. I also liked it, but I got angry at myself. After 15 minutes of handjob, I came on their hands. They cleaned me up, adjusted my clothes, and slept beside me.

I don’t know how they learned this stuff. They have a phone, of course, so I searched their phone browsing history, but there was nothing. Now, I am totally confused. I thought they were curious about this thing. They will stop once they understand.

I didn’t sleep that night. Again, the same thing happened. They were giving me a handjob at night. They continued to give me a handjob daily for a week. I was also enjoying it. I read some articles on the internet about how to confront them.

One night they stepped up, Janvi started licking my dick while Khushi was stroking it. I was dumbstruck again by their actions. I didn’t move or confront them. Then Janvi opened her mouth wide and took my dick inside her mouth, started sucking it.

Khushi grabbed my balls and started squeezing them. I was in immense pleasure. But I controlled myself so that I didn’t get caught. My mind was telling me to let them do whatever they wanted. After 10 minutes of blowjob, I cum inside her mouth. She drank it all without spilling a single drop.

I thought they would stop, but hell no. Khushi took my limp cock in her mouth and started sucking it. My dick started to rise inside her mouth. I lifted my head and saw my daughter’s head moving up and down, giving a blowjob to her father.

Again, after 10 minutes, I cum inside the second daughter’s mouth. She didn’t even flinch. She also drank it all. They corrected my clothes and slept, hugging me. I also slept after some time.

The next day onwards I could see significant changes in their behaviour. They started to give me hugs and kisses on my cheek like that. Blowjob sessions at night became a regular thing, and in the morning, they acted like normal children.

It was Saturday morning. I was watching the news on TV. Khushi came near me and sat on my lap. I wore only a lungi and a T-shirt at home. She was wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

Khushi: I want to kiss.

Me: OK.

I kissed her on the cheek. Seeing that Janvi came running toward us, I wanted a kiss, too. She sat beside me. I kissed her as well on the cheek.

Khushi: Dad, I am your favourite, right? Give me a kiss on my forehead.

I kissed her on the forehead.

Janvi: Then I am not your favourite, huh?

Me: No, Janvi, you are also my favourite, sweetie.

I kissed her on the forehead.

Khushi: Go away, Janvi. Papa is mine. Papa kissed me on my lips.

Me: What, no way. Khushi, a father, should never kiss in daughter’s lips.

Khushi: Why not?

Me: No, I can’t. I will kiss you anywhere else.

I understood they were trying to do something. But I had to resist their temptation.

Khushi: Then kiss me in my heart.

Saying that, Khushi turned around, she raised her t-shirt showing off her naked boobs. I was dumbfounded. No words were coming from my mouth. It’s been ages since I have seen my daughter’s body. Her boobs are big now.

Khushi: Come on, Papa.

I came back to my senses.

Me: No, Khushi.

Khushi started to act like crying, then kissed me on the lips. I didn’t know what to do, so I accepted it. I gave a small peck on Khushi’s lip.

Khushi: See Janvi, I am Dad’s favourite.

Janvi: Dad, I want it too.

I gave Janvi a small peck as well.

Khushi: No way, it’s only for me. Dad, give me a deep kiss on my lips, or I will not let you go.

She hugged me tight. My dick was already struggling between Khushi’s ass. Again, understanding nothing, I just obeyed my daughter’s words. I tried to give a deep kiss on her lips. But Khushi went ahead and started French kissing me, pushing her tongue inside my lips.

I don’t know what came over me. I also responded to her kiss. I involuntarily grabbed her ass. I tried to push my dick on her pussy through her dress.

Khushi moaned. That sound made me come back to my senses. I stopped kissing and caressing her. Khushi was so happy.

Janvi: I want to kiss like that, Papa, or I won’t speak to you anymore.

I didn’t have much choice. Khushi got down to let her sister get a liplock from her father. Again, I did the same with Janvi, but this time I was more interested in it. I grabbed Janvi’s ass. They were bigger than Khushi’s ass, pressed my dick on her pussy through her dress. After a while, we stopped kissing.

Both of them were so happy that day that they started giving kisses on the lips whenever they got a chance. I know they were trying to brainwash me. But I didn’t know what to do. My body is enjoying it.

I will continue the story if you guys comment that you need the next part.