Bhabhi turned me from a boy into a man – Part 3

Hi again to all the fans of sex stories. Apologies for making you wait for so long for the next part of this story. Let’s continue from where we left off.

Now, we both were playing with each other’s bodies without inhibitions. She kissed my mouth deeply while increasing her speed to shag my dick over my shorts. I mauled her breasts freely. After a few minutes, we both sat up, still engaged in that deep kiss.

Then she removed my T-shirt and moved her kisses to my throat and then down to my chest. See kissed and sucked both my nipples one by one. I inserted my hand inside her nightie and pressed her boobs over her bra. I could feel her erect nipples poking through the fabric of her bra.

Finally, I inserted my hand inside her bra cup and got hold of her left boob. It felt quite hot inside. I just cherished that moment when I got to touch the naked flesh of a woman’s breast for the first time. In no time, I found her nipple and rolled it in between my thumb and forefinger.

At the same time, cupping the rest of the breast with my palm and the remaining three fingers. My handling of her breast increased her arousal. She hugged me tightly, letting out moans. She was quite impatient now, so she broke the hug and removed her nightie.

Now, she was only in her bra and panties while I was in my shorts. We engaged in a tight embrace once again. Her boobs were crushed against my chest. This time she inserted her hand inside my shorts and underwear to hold my cock. Guys, believe me, the experience was completely out of this world.

I never thought how ecstatic it could be to have my cock fondled by a woman in heat. She moaned louder, feeling the heat of my hard cock in her palm. I have also become more adventurous now. I slid the cup of her bra over her left breast aside to bring it to my view.

What a sight it was! Under the bright moonlit sky, I got to see a woman’s naked boob for the first time. I was also playing with it freely. Her firm breast and the erect nipple standing proudly, standing tall over it, made quite an erotic viewing.

I licked all over her boobs while pushing it up from its base with my right hand. As a result, my cock got bigger and harder than ever. She also went into a frenzy of sexual excitement, feeling my tongue moving all over her boob. So she removed my shorts and underwear together in one go.

Now I was sitting completely nude in front of a super horny lady. Something I had only dreamt of till then. She reached behind herself and unhooked her bra to free her boobs from the restraint of tight fabric. Then she sealed my lips with hers and also played with my hardon at the same time.

I fondled both her boobs now. Then I broke the kiss and made her lie on her back. She spread her legs to allow me to settle between her thighs. I sat there on my knees and then went down on her boobs. I made circles on her right boob with my tongue.

Starting from the base and going on to make the circle smaller each time. I pressed her boob and pinched her nipple with my hand at the same time. Her body squirmed under me as she raised her ass to rub her crotch against my cock. My tongue zeroed down on the small light brown areola of her right boob.

I flicked her right nipple by touching it very lightly with my tongue. A current passed through her body every time my tongue made contact with her nipple. She moaned while nursing me by moving her hand in my hair. Finally, I opened my lips to engulf her hard nipple.

A loud moan escaped her mouth as it took her sexual frenzy to a new height. She clutched my hair and stretched her other hand to hold my cock. She stroked it with great vigour. Her excitement fueled my arousal, and I started sucking her nipple. I licked and sucked her nipple for some time.

Then I shifted downwards, leaving a wet trail from her boobs to her waist. Then to her stomach and finally stopped at her navel. I inserted my tongue in her navel and licked around it. Then I opened my mouth wide to have the entire navel area into it and sucked it nicely.

I moved further down and kissed where her panty line started. I sat up and inserted my fingers inside the waistband of her panties. She raised her ass to facilitate me in removing it. I rolled down that tiny piece of fabric all the way to her ankles and then out of them.

She raised her knees, bent her legs and spread a little to put her pussy on display for me. Her gorgeous pussy was on display under the bright moon. Something I could never imagine was about to happen. I reached out with my hand and touched the outer lips of her pussy. I felt some wetness over there.

I spread the outer lips with my other hand and inserted my forefinger inside. The moment it entered, my finger was drenched in her juices. All the foreplay we had indulged into till then had got her juices flowing like a river. I pushed a little deeper and could feel the heat of her arousal on my finger.

Her body shivered as if an electric current had passed through her body. I slowly moved my finger in and out of her pussy initially. Then, gradually increased the speed. She moaned and tossed her head from one side to the other. She had reached her threshold, and her pussy itched for more action.

She got up and then made me lie on my back. She settled over my crotch, putting both her knees on either side of me and kissed me hard. We got engaged in a wild French kiss. We both were trying hard to suck each other’s tongues and lick each other’s faces.

I got hold of her left breast and squeezed it hard. She rubbed her pussy up and down across the length of my cock. Then she raised her ass, reached to hold my cock upright and adjusted her pussy on the top of it. Finally, the moment had come.

The moment I had visualized a zillion times while fantasizing and shagging off. She stroked my cock a few times and pulled the foreskin down. She rubbed it across her slit and drenched it with her pussy juices. She stopped when my cock was exactly at the entrance of her pussy and lowered herself on it.

The mushroom shaped pink head glided through the outer lips and entered her pink love hole. She let out a huge moan as the walls of her pussy welcomed this new guest and got acquainted with it. I felt like my cock was engulfed by a warm, slimy glove.

She rose up and then pressed down further, letting the entire length of my cock vanish inside her pussy. I could not hold this time and let out a loud moan. I mauled her breast hard, and she kissed me even with greater intensity. She started fucking me slowly.

Finally, it was happening. I was getting the first fuck of my life, and that too from none other than this beautiful hot MILF. We cared nothing about our relationship. We had reached that wild state of mind where the only thing that mattered was the pleasure we were deriving out of fucking.

She moved her ass up and down in a steady rhythm. And soon, my cock was sliding in and out of her pussy smoothly. She rode me expertly. I consider it to be fortunate that I had my first sexual encounter with this sex goddess. She broke the kiss and sat upright, taking support by putting her hands on my chest.

Her tits stood upright proudly over her chest. I reached out and held both the boobs squeezing them firmly. She changed her motion from up and down to circular and rotated her hips all over my crotch. This change created a new sensation and heightened the fun.

She really knew her tricks well. I raise my hand further up and place my finger on her lips. She opened her mouth and let it enter inside. She licked my finger thoroughly and sucked it hard. I could not lay passively there, so I got up and sat upright. She embraced me tightly, pushing my face between her balloons.

Then she straightened her legs to stretch them behind me and locked them there. I held her by her hips now and pressed them from behind, driving her pussy into my cock. We fucked like that for a while, and then she climbed down and lay on her back. I got on top of her.

Without wasting a moment, she held my cock and guided it inside her hungry pussy. Now I kissed her and fucked her in a missionary position. She grabbed my buttocks and encouraged me to fuck her hard. In no time, I was fucking her furiously. I was close to my orgasm now, so I just kept increasing my speed.

She looked like she was also close. Finally, the moment came. I could feel the sperm rushing through the veins of my cock. I cum in violent spasms inside her cunt. I groaned with that volcano-like ejaculation. Waves of ecstasy arose from my cock and reached the farthest cell of my body.

Every single cell in my body was bursting with this ecstasy. She also let out loud moans and bucked her hips wildly. A fresh gush of liquid flowed from her pussy. Her legs hung high in the air as she dug her nails deeply into my back while biting on my shoulder.

I kept giving her slow strokes until the cum stopped coming out of my cock. Then I stopped moving my ass. I lay there on her body until my cock got limp and slid out of her pussy on its own.

I lay there on my back, and she crawled into my arms, resting her head on my left shoulder. She lay there caressing my chest for a few minutes before getting up to put her clothes back on. I also put on my clothes, and then soon we dozed off to sleep.

The remaining days of my stay at my uncle’s place were very exciting. Bhabhi and I used to tease each other a lot. We found opportunities to fuck during the daytime as well. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We fucked at different places in the house.

In the kitchen, store, and even the couch in the drawing and also tried different positions. We engaged in oral sex as well as in anal sex. She was equally skilled in blowing a cock. I could not hold on for even 2 minutes when she sucked me off for the first time.

However, later on, I developed the stamina and made her work hard for my cum. She loved it when I ate her pussy. She would push my head deeper into her pussy with her hand. Lock her thighs behind my neck and then buck her hips into my mouth from below.

I loved the taste of juices, and she released a great amount whenever she had orgasms. By the end of the holidays, bhabhi had turned me, an innocent teenager, into a well-oiled fuck machine who could satisfy any woman.

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