Roshini – An affair to remember

Hello, ISS readers. My name is Bilal. This story is about the complicated relationship I had with my ex-girlfriend Roshini.

This happened 4 years back when I was 25, and Roshini was 23. We met at an IT company. It was Roshini’s first job after college, and she had moved interstate to work here.

She had joined this company a month before me. She was assigned to help me with my joining formalities, and that’s how we got to know each other. She was from Tamil Nadu, and I was from Karnataka. Since we didn’t speak each other’s native languages, English was our common medium of communication.

It had been a month, and there was a natural tension between us. Long story short – we had a company outing, and by the end, we became a couple.

To give you a brief of Roshini, she was 5.7 and lean. She likes to dance and keeps her shape well. She had long hair and a sharp face. She was a pretty girl but not like the models. She had the face of a next-door girl. But carried herself very well.

While we were in a relationship, we shared details of our past. I was a little narrow-minded at first. I had trouble accepting that she was not a virgin. She had two boyfriends in college and had had sex with both. I had a girlfriend at my college, which ended up in a bad breakup.

I have been to second base quite often but was still a virgin. I shared this with Roshini as well. Though I was a virgin, I badly wanted to have sex with Roshini. She was staying alone in a small one-bedroom apartment, and I stayed close by in a hostel.

Eventually, I moved in with her. But I still had my room at the hostel, where I had most of my stuff. After a couple of months into the relationship, I was staying 2-3 nights at her place and the remaining time at my room.

We used to work night shifts, and we slept during the day. So her landlord didn’t bother me staying there with her as it was mostly mornings.

The first time I had sex with Roshini is still memorable to me. She had been to her home that weekend and was returning. She asked me to pick her up at the bus stop and take her to her flat. It was pouring rain that night. But I still picked her up on my bike.

I was about to leave when she offered me to stay at her place that night. I knew this was my night. She wanted to have a shower and asked me if I could order food. I ordered the food and was watching a movie on her laptop.

Until that night, we had never stayed a night together. But every chance we got, we used to kiss our hearts out. While she was having her shower, the power went off. She asked me to save the laptop charge so we could watch the movie together during dinner.

I did so and patiently waited. She had taken her change of clothes, and she came out wearing a black T-shirt and a long skirt. She still had a towel over her head. Seeing her in the light of the laptop, I was in love. The food guy called us to say he will not be able to deliver tonight because of the rain.

This didn’t matter because she already had her dinner, and I was not that hungry. She dried her hair and came sat next to me on the bed and asked which movie to watch. I didn’t have a choice as it was her laptop, and she had her collection of movies. So we picked a random one and started watching.

It didn’t take long for me to start getting distracted. Every chance I got, I leaned towards her and slid my hands over her legs, playfully lifting her skirt. Then suddenly, she paused the movie and turned towards me. I knew from that look that we would not be watching the movie that night.

She leaned over me, and we started kissing. The kiss lasted longer than we had kissed anytime before. As we kissed, she had her left hand over my hair. I had my right hand on her back. The kiss was getting more and more wet. Our tongues we playing with each other.

I had already oozed my precum, and she would have definitely felt my boner.
Her thighs were running over my boner, and I put into words the ecstasy I was feeling. I pulled her closer to me in an embrace and held both my hands behind her. My left hand was feeling her upper back.

I moved my right hand to the bottom of her skirt and pulled the up to her knees. And at that moment, she stopped her kissing and lay face down on the bed.
I asked her if she was alright, and she only gave me a smile through her wet hair. I knew this wasn’t a no.

I lay on my side and told her she had worn the most dangerous attire on a rainy night and in a power cut. She shook her head more. I slowly got back to her skirt bottom and started sliding them over to her knees. As she was lying face down, her skin glistened over the laptop light.

His legs felt a little cold as she had taken a shower just then. I didn’t want to spoil the whole surprise right away for me. So I didn’t raise the skirt further up but slid my hands deeper into her thighs. I spread her thighs just enough to have my fingers between them.

I was reaching the G-spot, and she turned towards me and started kissing again. This time, the kiss was more passionate. I took my hand from between her thighs and slid towards her ass. I could hear her breathing had gone louder. I moved my hand towards her panty and could feel her ass over it.

I knew I wanted more than that, and I knew she wanted more. I slid my fingers through her panty’s side and reached straight to the centre of her bums. She didn’t expect this, nor had I planned. But things took an immediate turn. She pushed me over and made me lie face up, and she got on top of me.

I was wearing track pants and a T-shirt. She sat on my hips and reached out to kiss me more. This kiss was vigorous. As she kissed me, she led my hands to her legs. I took the signal and slid her skirt up. My hands were all over her thighs, but I still didn’t get to touch her pussy.

I pulled her closer to me, reached back again, and slid my fingers through the sides of her panty. I wasn’t planning on this. But in the heat of the moment, I spread her ass cheeks and again touched her ass hole with my middle finger. Her loud breathing turned to a soft moan.

She was sitting upright until now. But when I touched her, she leaned over to my head and arched backwards, exposing and spreading more of her ass. I took the sign and gently rubbed my fingers over her tight hole up and down. Her moans were getting louder and in rhythm to my finger.

I stopped sliding my finger and pressed and little at the entrance, and her eyes widened. She gave me a wicked smile and pushed my hands aside. I was a little disappointed, but not for long. Now, it was my turn. She moved down to my knees and slid down my tracks while keeping contact with my eyes.

The bulge in my briefs was very much visible. She first felt my bulge with both her hands over my briefs. And then, with that same wicked smile, she raised her skirt to her hips and placed her ass right on my bulge. She didn’t take my briefs off, nor did she remove her panty.

She didn’t put all her weight on me. She adjusted her weight with her knees and touched the tip of her ass in my bulge. I slowly rubbed her ass all the way to her pussy. I was expecting skin contact, but this was wild. The nerves in my dick were twitching.

I raised my hips to have a stronger feel. But she kept her rhythm, and slowly I faded to that. As she moved like a pendulum, the silence of the night was disturbed again with her loud breaths. And as the breaths went louder, the movements were beginning to pick pace.

I knew my orgasm was not far away, and I hadn’t even seen her breasts yet. I tried to delay my orgasm to the best I could. But she was too good. I could feel crackers exploding in my brain. I was having feelings I never knew I had. Her loud breaths turned to moans.

I didn’t know much about female orgasms, but I knew she was also getting close. And for the first time that night, I put my hand over her t-shirt and cupped her breasts. It was like she had been starving for that. She put both her hands over mine and squeezed her breast. She had gone crazy, and so have I.

I squeezed them hard as she wanted me to. She was panting and jumping on my dick. I knew she was at the edge, and I moved along with her. She squeezed my hands more, and then suddenly, she gasped for air and held my arms and stared, sweating profusely.

I knew she had her orgasm. But she didn’t stop and gave me a wicked smile again. She kept her motion. She was the director, and all I did was act as she guided me. My briefs were sticky with precum. I wanted a release very badly, but I also loved the feel.

I knew I was not far from my climax and squeezed her breasts more over her t-shirt. This is when she bent forward and whispered, “Pinch me.” My brain could process, but my hands understood. I stopped squeezing and, with two fingers, pinched her breasts over her t-shirt and bra. It wasn’t enough.

She took over and guided my fingers right over her nipples. She made me pinch them. She gave me that wicked smile again. She took her hands off mine and let me pinch now. And she slid her hands over her hair and arched backwards. I could now slowly map out her nipples and gave them a really hard pinch.

She let out a moan, and my climax was reached. I squirted inside my briefs and gasped for air. I felt my life drain along with my climax. I had my best night ever. She knew I had also finished, and she melted to my side and lay there. She slowly took her hand and came over to my brief and felt the wetness of my cum.

She rubbed her fingers together and felt sticky. She then looked at me and gave a gentle squeeze to my dick. The night was done, and we lay there all sweaty.

To be continued.

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