Incest saga – Part 20 (Facing my Sons fury)

Hello everyone, this is Haritha again. I am 40 years old with stats of 36-30-36. A mom for two horny children. Thank you for reading my series of sexual adventures that I had with my son and neighbour. Also, for the love you showed reading my daughter’s experiences.

Just wanted to give you a teaser about my daughter. She is studying her second year of engineering and had the stats of 34-28-32. You read how she lost her virginity to her bf Abhay. He introduced her to the pleasure of gangbang by fucking her with his village friends. I read these all from her diary.

Two days back, I searched for her diary to see if she had any new adventures and found that she had two more in her account, one with her junior and the other with someone from the college. I didn’t get the time to read them. But once I read them, I will be writing them down for you, my loving reader.

Coming back to where I ended in the previous part. So we were at Akash’s place for a family function, and he licked me and made me give him a blowjob. After all these years, when he fingered me, I recalled when he didn’t know what to do at all.

I was the one who sat on his face, asking him to pull his tongue out and lick me. I also remembered how his young dick entered my young warm pussy for the first time. The way he moaned when I rode him and hit him while riding. He tried very hard not to cum so soon.

He did hold till I came on his pussy. Only then he either flooded my pussy or my mouth. I was recalling all of those while my son was fucking my pussy. Those memories made me hot, and my pussy was ready for action. I asked my son to stop and made him lie down.

I sucked his dick clean from all my pussy juices. I sucked it till it was all sloppy with my saliva and then mounted it in reverse cowgirl. I had never tried this before. But I kept on moaning as I sat on his dick. I supported myself with my hands on the bed and asked my son to pound my wet pussy hard.

My son placed his hands on my boobs and started to fuck me while I was moving my ass down. My son started to press my boobs and asked me, “What’s going on between you and Akash, bitch? From when it started?” I was moving on his dick, still moaning.

I responded to him, “It was long back. When you were born, he was the one who quenched my pussy itch while your dad was away.” Listening to his mom’s sex adventure turned him so hot.

He began to fuck with high speed and said, “So bitch tell me, did me and my sis were born to our father or someone else seeds?” I got very angry as he didn’t trust me. I pulled his dick out and got down from the bed.

I pointed my finger at my son and said, “Mind your words, Shyam. I was loyal to your dad until I saw you fucking your sister. Only then I longed for your dick. Regarding Akash, it was a one-time thing when I was all alone with you for just a few months, baby. Since I spread my legs for you, you think I am a whore.”

Shyam got up from the bed and came to me. He placed his hand on the chin and said, “Sorry, Mom, I didn’t mean it that way. I just got lost in my thoughts. I am really sorry, and now, can I continue what I am doing?” I said no and started to move towards the bathroom.

Shyam pushed me into the bathroom and pinned me against the wall. He spanked my ass and said, “You loved getting fucked rough and hard right slut? That’s why you are making me come after you. I will give you what you want.” He spread my ass cheeks and tried to push his dick into my ass hole.

I stopped him and tried to move away. He caught my hands, pulled them back, and made me bend forward. I was screaming, “No, use some soap at least. I am so dry there?” He smiled and suddenly became furious.

He caught my hair and pulled it back, and said, “Did you care when my friends stuck their dry dicks into your shit hole?” He took the jet spray and used it to make my ass hole wet. As the chill water went into my ass hole with that speed, I did nothing but moan. And then he entered my ass hole.

He held me by my hands at the back and raised me a little, and fucked my ass hole hard and fast. I was screaming and moaning, “ Ah, yes, god, please fuck slowly, you bastard.”

Hearing my moans, he bit my neck and replied, “Yes, bitch let me show how the bastards fuck the whore.” He pulled out his dick and pushed me down on my knees. Once I was on my knees since he was behind me, he caught my hair and bent my neck front, making my ass raise.

He entered again in my ass hole and fucked me with my neck pinned down to the washroom floor. I was enjoying his wildness and moaning like a slut as my son continued to destroy my ass hole. He hit my ass hard while fucking making me scream.

After a long time, I asked him to finish it fast. Then he asked me to beg him to finish. I started to beg him, “Please finish fucking this slutty whore of yours and fill my dirty little shit hole with your thick warm juices.”

Listening to my words, he started to fuck me faster and filled my ass hole with his seeds. Once down, he gave me a good bath, carried me back to the bed and left me on the bed nude to sleep. I was so tired of all the orgasms that I got in the last two hours. I dozed off to sleep and woke up with a knock on the door.

It was Akash’s wife, and she came with me. We discussed things like family and children. She was so happy that she had an amazing husband. I thought she had no idea how he was going to have me tonight. I smiled at her, and please wait till I write how we had an amazing session on the terrace with Akash.

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