Priya, Sripriya and Me – Part 2

I was glad that stepmom and stepdaughter have bonded nicely because of me. Taking my hands off Priya’s hips, moved them up to Sripriya’s blouse and pulled it apart. The thin blouse material gave away, and her magnificent big breasts popped out.

“What is this Chetta? You have torn my blouse again. I have to buy a garments shop to wear new dresses every day,” Sripriya chided me.

“I won’t mind if you come naked up to my room every time so I can take you easily,” I said, squeezing her breasts.

“Yes, I will come naked to your house if you come down to my house naked, too, naughty boy,” Sripriya said, blushing.

“It’s a bet then. I will come naked to your house tonight if you keep your door open and fuck while your husband is sleeping beside you,” I said, tweaking her nipples.

“I won’t be surprised if you do that. Don’t come tonight as my sister is staying with us. I will let you know when Chetta. Since Priya is on our side, we can fuck in front of my husband Ajay when he is sleeping,” Sripriya said, smiling.

I saw Priya lifting her face off her mom’s pussy, turning back at me, and saying, “I don’t mind joining you guys, and we can have a threesome in front of my dad.”

“Yes, we can plan for that when my sister Srileela leaves with her family,” Sripriya said, laughing.

“Uncle, I forgot to tell you that mummy’s sister Srileela is lactating,” Priya said and winked at me.

Sripriya, looking down at her daughter’s creamed face, said, “What are you hinting at, naughty girl? Are you having wild thoughts of having a foursome with Srileela?”

“Your Chetta is a boob’s boy and may love to suck milk from Srileela instead of dry sucking yours and my tits. It may give extra energy for him to take both mom and daughter simultaneously. Isn’t it uncle,” Priya said, winking at me.

“Yes, I would love to suck milk if your sister allows me to, dear,” I said, looking at Sripriya.

Sripriya was looking at me with her mouth wide open while Priya spoke again,” Srileela is just 30 and is still sexy, isn’t it, Mom.”

“What are you saying, Priya? You want me to ask Srileela to feed her milk to Chetta. Are you crazy, baby,” Sripriya said, looking at Priya in disbelief.

“Even I, too, want to suck her tits and milk mummy. I saw her feeding the baby in the afternoon, and her tits are awesome. Big fair-coloured breasts, long pinky nipples and milk dripping out from the pores. Her milk should be yummy to taste. Please ask her and make her agree. We can have a wonderful time together, sucking each other’s pussies. Uncle can fuck all three of us in one bed,” Priya said, sticking her tongue out.

Sripriya caressing her daughter’s face, said, “If you are so eager to suck her milk, I will ask and try to convince her. But for Chetta, it will be difficult. I don’t think she will agree. Our relationship may be compromised. I don’t want to lose Chetta. I have found a man after a long time.”

“First, convince your sister to feed me and rest. I will take care of you, mummy,” Priya said eagerly.

“Ok, baba, I will try. Now you take care of mummy’s pussy, darling. It is flooding hearing your dirty talk,” Sripriya said, pushing Priya’s head down on her pussy.

The next moment Priya was gorging on her mom’s pussy. I was fucking her, steadily pressing her mom’s melons, trying to squeeze out the nonexistent milk from them. I was also on the verge of cumming hearing the dirty chat between mom and daughter.

Gripping Sripriya’s boobs tightly, pushing my cock deep in Priya’s tight pussy, I began to shoot my cum in the young girl’s wet pussy. Sripriya saw me spurting my cum in her daughter’s pussy.

She asked, “Did you cum Chetta? How was it fucking my daughter’s young pussy? I hope you won’t desert me after tasting Priya’s tight cunt.”

“Yes, very much, dear. Thanks for taking of me fucking your daughter in your stride, Sri. I won’t disappoint you. I will take you when you bring dinner in the night,” I said, playing with her nipples.

“I should thank you too, dear. I got my daughter back because of you, even though I am comprising my principles. I don’t know if I am doing the right thing or not. In the evening, I will bring you dinner. But I don’t think I can stay much longer. Leela has come after a long time, and she wants to talk with me,” Sripriya said, smiling.

“Don’t worry, time will heal everything. Look how happy she is. She got her mom and you, your daughter. If you can’t stay in the night, we will have a quickie in the morning as usual,” I said.

“I will message you when I am free, Chetta,” Sripriya said.

“I will wait for your message, or Priya may message me if you don’t, I said, smiling at Sripriya.

“Since you got both mom and daughter now, you won’t have a shortage of pussy to fuck. You are a very lucky man and a good man, too. I love you. Now take your cock off my daughter,” Sripriya said and tried to push me away. I fell back with my cock popping out from Priya’s pussy, making a plop sound.

Hearing the commotion, Priya got up and, sleeping on her back, said, “It’s your sucking time mummy. Come and suck mine and Uncle’s juices from my pussy now.” She had spread her legs wide, showing her parted pussy lips with my cum filled inside her.

Sripriya looked at me, and I said, “You agreed to this, dear, and you have to honour your word.” Grumbling, Sripriya got off the diwan and stood on the floor. Bending her head down, she brought her face close to Priya’s cum filled pussy. Priya sat on the bed, widening her legs.

She pressed Sripriya’s head down on her pussy. Sripriya licked the overflowed cum from Priya’s pussy a few times. Getting the hang of my cum taste Sripriya dived her tongue into the folds of her daughter’s pussy, licking up the insides of Priya’s pussy.

“Oh, mummy, you are a better sucker than my girlfriend Sabrina,” Priya said loudly. Seeing her mom’s hanging boobs cupping both of them, said again, “I always wanted to touch and feel your big tits, mummy. I wanted to pull them out of your blouse and press and suck them. Today, my wish has come true. Not only am I holding your tits, I am getting my pussy sucked by you, mummy. I will love you forever, Mom.”

Instead of answering her daughter, Sripriya was busy slurping our cum from Priya’s pussy. She had opened Priya’s pussy lips with her fingers and dug her tongue deep to extract the cum from the deep.

Priya looking at me, asked, “Is my mom’s pussy leaking again, Uncle?”

Looking back at Sripriya’s upturned pussy I nodded YES.

Priya said, “Don’t you want to fuck my mom, Uncle?”

“How can I with a flaccid cock Priya? I just came inside you. I need at least 2 hours to get hard again,” I said, showing my flaccid cock.

“Chill, Uncle, I will get you hard in a few seconds. Come to me, I will suck you. I want to see you drilling my mom from close quarters, baby,” Priya signalled to me.

I went and sat beside Priya, and she growled, “Stand before me, and I will suck your cock to get it hard, you duffer.”

I was annoyed at Priya’s bossy behaviour. But not to antagonize her, I stood on the diwan with my cock in front of her face. Instead of taking my cock in her mouth Priya began sucking my balls. My cock started to get hard little by little. She brought her mouth between my thighs and licked my asshole.

It made me shiver with delight. She kept on sucking my balls and was licking my asshole. My cock throbbed, and to my surprise, it was jumping up and down, and it was fully erect now.

“There you go, Uncle. Your dick is hard and ready. Now go and fuck my mom from the back and please her. I am feeling very guilty for using her like a whore, making her suck my fucked up pussy,” Priya said, showing Sripriya’s back.

Holding Priya’s head, I pushed my cock into her mouth and fucked her mouth for a few seconds. She obliged by opening her mouth wide and took my mouth fucking in a sportive way. The way saliva was dripping from the corners of her mouth, I knew she was getting choked.

Fucking Priya’s mouth for a few seconds, I pulled my cock from her mouth. She heaved a sigh of relief and didn’t complain a bit. Getting down from the diwan, I went behind Sripriya, who was still busy digging out the cum from her daughter’s pussy.

Seeing her massive big buttocks, I nudged her to spread her legs wide, to which she complied. She had heard us talking and was ready for me. Holding my cock and pointing at her pussy opening, I pushed my cock inside her. It went in fully in one stroke.

“Oh God, do you want to kill me with your cock, bastard? Take me slowly, can’t you see I am busy sucking my baby’s pussy, mother fucker,” Sripriya shouted, taking her mouth off Priya’s pussy. Instead of replying to her, I started pounding her pussy harder.

“Fuck me slowly. I am not a whore to use me as you like to Chetta,” Sripriya shouted, turning back at me.

“Sorry dear, I got carried away when your soft buttocks were given cushioning when I ram inside you,” I said, slowing down my strokes.

Priya was pressing both her mom’s hanging boobs and getting her pussy sucked. She said, “What, Uncle, you are asking sorry with this unsatisfied bitch. Fuck her nicely. In the 10 years of her marriage with my dad she was living like a nun. Fuck her and tear her pussy apart. Let her enjoy the real fuck from a real man.”

Sripriya lifting her mouth off her daughter’s pussy and looking at her, said in a choked voice, “Please don’t call me bitch Priya. I know that my husband is not that good in bed, but he is a good and gentle guy. How do you know that your dad is not a good fucker?”

Priya gave a kiss to her mom’s lips and said, “Come on, mummy, don’t be so naïve. I have seen several times when you were trying to get my dad’s tiny cock hard by jerking and sucking him. But he never got hard, and you were fingering yourself to relieve yourself. I thought of barging into your room and wanted to eat your pussy to satisfy you.”

“You dirty girl, so you have seen my intimate moments with your dad. You should have come and sucked me. I would have loved it,” Sripriya said, laughing.

“I would have done that. But I was worried that if I sucked you, I would have expected the same from you like now. Dad’s cock would have got hard seeing my fresh pussy, and your martial life would have been in danger,” Priya said smiling.

“Yes, you are right. Your dad may have got hard seeing your young body and pussy. But I wonder if he would have chosen you or me to fuck. You can never judge men on their looks and behaviour. Anyway, Chetta is with us now to satisfy both of us,” Sripriya said, sighing.

Priya, giving a peck on Sripriya’s lips, again asked, “Why did you choose Rajesh’s Uncle to cheat my dad, Mom? You could have got many young men if you had signalled them. They would have fallen at your feet seeing your gorgeous body.”

“Young men may want only my body, not my soul, baby. The blackmail threat will also be there with young men. Do you know I started flirting with Chetta in the past 6 months? But he never acknowledged me. Finally, on this Onam festival, I mustered courage and seduced him and got caught by you. Anyway, it was all for good. I got my daughter and my love. What else do I need? I want this to be continued with any evil eyes falling on our relationship. I have cleaned your pussy. Now give mummy a nice kiss, baby,” Sripriya said, taking her lips close to her daughter’s lips.

Priya, holding Sripriya’s face in her palms, crushed her lips on her mom’s. The mother-daughter duo had totally forgotten that I was also there with me. I was lazily fucking Sripriya. She had cum twice, making my cock slick with her cum. Holding her fleshy hips, I was banging her.

Her fleshy buttocks gave good cushioning while my cock plunged deep into her. No complaints whatsoever from her as she was busy kissing her daughter. I lost track of the time. I might have been fucking Sripriya for almost ½ an hour.

Since this was the second round, I had stayed longer and knew I was close. So I said, “Ladies, I am about to cum. Shall I release in Sri, or do you both want to share and swallow my cum?”

“No, fill up my mom’s pussy, Uncle and get her pregnant. I can have a baby sister or brother,” Priya said, taking her lips off her mom’s.

“Chee, you naughty girl. Don’t you want to taste his cum, Priya? I love to swallow cum from my college days. But now I want it in me so I can give my baby a baby brother. Fill me up, Chetta,” Sripriya said, turning back at me.

As soon as she said, I began to shoot my cum in her pussy. Sripriya’s pussy filled up and overflowed down her thighs. My cock was shivering with aftermath orgasm, and I let it stay inside her warm pussy for a few minutes.

After a few minutes, I pulled my cock out and slumped on the bed. I was totally tired of satisfying two horny ladies in a gap of one hour. Priya quickly came to my side. Bending began licking my cum creamed cock.

“Mummy, come let’s share. It’s yummy,” Priya invited her mom, taking her mouth off my cock for a brief moment. Sripriya looked at me and joined her daughter in sucking the cum off my cock. We both had produced by fucking for half an hour.

Both the ladies were doing a nice job. While Sripriya was bust licking my cock, Priya was licking my balls, cleaning the cum from there also. I thought I was in heaven with two gorgeous ladies to satisfy me.

I don’t know if it will be hell if Sripriya’s husband finds out about us, but I wanted to savour the moment.

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