Neighbour Priti and her Desires – Part 3

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“Oh god, he is just a kid!”

It was Vincent, Priti’s husband. He stood there as if this was all normal to him.

Vincent: Oh, Priti, he is just a kid.

Priti: I don’t think he is. Didn’t you see the way he fucked his Mom?

Vincent: You are right. So, Slut, did you like getting fucked by your son

Vincent walked towards my Mom and grabbed her hair in his fist.

Vincent: You see, son, women are meant to be fucked by men like us. They love getting dominated, and you saw how your whore mother was begging for her own son’s dick today.

Saying this, he slapped my Mom’s boobs, to which she moaned out loud in pleasure. With the other hand, he picked up his wife by grabbing her hand.

Vincent: Which one would you love to torture now?

I looked at both their bodies. They looked so hot as Vincent held them by their hair.

Me: I would like to fuck your wife now

Vincent: Go ahead, show her how a whore is treated.

Saying this, he threw Priti towards me like a bag of sacks. I grabbed Priti by her neck, and THWACK, I slapped her beautiful face. As Vincent saw me doing that, he grabbed my mother and slapped her face, too.

Amy: Oh, Master, fuck your whore, Master.

Priti: Yes, Master, fuck your whores.

Vincent: Look at these whores, begging for more humiliation. Let’s give them what they are craving, son.

Saying this, we both made the sluts go down on their knees. Amy unbuckled Vincent’s pants and removed it to reveal his humongous cock. As soon as she did that, Vincent held it in his hand and slapped it on my mother’s face. Amy loved it and started to lick it like an obedient slut.

Meanwhile, Priti started to suck on my cock with passion. She was doing things with her mouth that I only saw in porn movies. I saw my mother doing the same with Vincent’s dick. Both the women were taking our dicks deep in their throats and gagging onto it.

We both held our sluts face now and started pumping our dick in and out of their mouths, fucking it like it was a pussy.

Their saliva was leaking out of their lips and drooling down on their boobs now. We continued the mouth fucking for 10 more minutes until their boobs were drenched in the mix of their saliva and our dick juices. Once we pulled out, I inserted my fist in Priti’s mouth and made her gag on it.

Priti started coughing and was trying to get loose from my grip but failed. Once I was satisfied, I pulled out my hand from her mouth and rubbed it all over her face. Her face looked like a whore’s face now. It was completely messy, and her makeup was spread all over.

I saw toward’s Vincent’s direction and saw him shoving his 9 inches dick completely inside my mother’s mouth and keeping it there for a few seconds until she puked out whatever was inside of her.

Amy: (coughing) Are you trying to kill me?

Vincent: Why will I kill you slut? *grabbed her cheeks in his hand tightly* But I’ll make sure you know how it feels to die.

Amy: Good, now fuck me, Master

Vincent pushed my mother’s face on the floor on the puddle of her puke and rubbed it all over her face. I then pulled Priti and made sure she licked my mother’s puke-covered face. Both the sluts enjoyed this humiliation and obeyed our orders with pleasure.

Priti and Amy started making out with each other and swallowed all the love juices from each other’s bodies. The room echoed with SLURP sounds as me and Vincent saw our sluts enjoying each other.

Vincent: You have a giant dick. No wonder my slut wife fell for it.

Me: Thanks. I wonder how my mother became such a big slut. Not that I am complaining, but just curious.

Vincent: Well, it all started the day after we moved here.

And then Vincent started narrating the story of my Mom’s submission.

You see, my wife, Priti, was always the slut. She was involved in many sexual encounters before our marriage, and I, too, have the same sexual appetite. Our marriage vows included to keep ourselves satisfied.

After our marriage, Priti was part of many orgies. She helped me close many of my business deals with her body, and that’s the reason my business boomed. There were times when I sent Priti on a business trip with my client for 5 days where she was fucked by more than 100 people.

So, when we moved here, the first thing we saw was Amy. And the moment my eyes fell on her, I knew she was a slut material. Priti knew about this, and she started building relations with your mother.

The next day, when you left for office, Priti entered your home and saw Amy sitting in a corner. Priti started with her magic. After an hour of talking about Amy’s past, Priti leaned on Amy to kiss her.

Amy was so vulnerable emotionally that she went ahead with the kiss. And within seconds, they both started making out with each other.

Amy: It’s been ages since I’ve felt such a sensation between my legs.

Priti: Let me check.

Saying this, Priti went between your mother’s legs and revealed her unused pussy. To her surprise, she was clean-shaven. Like a good bitch, Priti started lapping onto your mum’s cunt, and Amy enjoyed the pleasure.

She licked your mother until she came in her mouth, and Amy returned the favour by doing the same with my wife.

Their makeout sessions continued for a few days, and then Priti introduced sex toys into your mother’s life. She gave her some of her dildos and butt plugs. Priti also gave your mother a small vibrator which she could keep in her pussy the entire day.

Amy made use of these toys daily. She would keep her ass plugged and her pussies stuffed every day.

Then, slowly, as the days passed by, Priti started revealing her past to Amy. After their makeout sessions, Priti would reveal the way she got fucked and how amazing it is to be involved in orgies.

These stories made your mum hornier day by day. Then, one day, Priti seeded an idea in Amy’s mind. The idea to get fucked by me, that is Priti’s husband. This idea got so deep-rooted in Amy’s mind that after a few days, Amy asked Priti to initiate this idea.

So Priti quickly told me about this, and we arranged to fuck your mother at your place when you would not be at home.

Stay tuned for the next part, where I will narrate how Vincent converted Amy into his whore and how Amy embraced this.

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