Priya, Srileela and Sabrina – Part 1

“Is your brother sleeping or awake, Uncle,” Priya asked when she came inside my house.

Priya is my landlord’s only daughter. She is 20 years old and studying 2nd year engineering. It was Friday evening, around 5 pm, and I heard the door knock. I opened it and saw Priya and another girl standing at the door. Priya barged in and sat on the diwan and asked about my brother (My cock).

As usual, I was wearing a lungi and shirt. I thought that Priya had come for tuition rather than to get fucked as she had come with her friend. I was also not in the mood to have sex with her. Her stepmother, Sripriya, had drained me out early in the morning.

“Have you come for tuition, Priya,” I asked Priya.

“Yeah, what do you think I came here for, Uncle?” Saying Priya winked at me, turning to her friend, she said, “This is Sabrina, my close buddy in college. Sabi, this is Rajesh Uncle, whom I told you about.”

Priya’s friend got up, stretching her hand for me said, “Hi, Uncle, nice to meet you.”

Taking her hand in mine, I was surprised to feel the warmness in her palm. I shook her hand, and I felt her thumb pressing my palm. I didn’t make much of it. I shook her hand for a few seconds and released it. I looked at Sabrina, who was wearing a loose salwar and kameez, which Muslim ladies wear.

Priya saw me staring at her friend and said,” I asked you something, Uncle.”

Giving her a stare, I said,” No, he is sleeping.”

“Did mummy or Leela aunty come here?” Priya asked with a wicked grin on her face.

“Yes, your mummy had come in the morning. Please take out your books. We will finish the last chapter today. I need to rest as I am tired.”

Priya pulled me to the diwan and said, “Don’t worry, I know how to cheer you and to wake your brother up too.” Priya roamed her hand on my crotch over the lungi, and I was taken aback. I turned to see Sabrina, who was busy pulling out a book from her bag. Thank God she didn’t notice her friend groping me.

Pushing Priya’s hand from my crotch, I said,” Take out your book, Priya.”

Priya was dressed in a sleeveless t-shirt and boxer shorts. She began to take out her book. As she was pulling her book out, I saw that she was not wearing a bra. Her B-cup boobs swayed inside her shirt due to her hands moments.

I had to admire this young girl’s guts to come to my home without a bra along with her friend. I wondered if she was wearing panties and wouldn’t be surprised if she was not wearing any.

Priya caught me staring at her tits. Smiling, she said, “Did you get to see fully, or should I show more, Uncle?”

I won’t be surprised if she does that too. I said, “Where we stopped yesterday Priya?”

“With me or my mummy, Uncle? You stopped after you came in me,” said Priya. She pulled my lungi folds, dipping her hand in my briefs, and pulled my flaccid cock out.

I was shocked, to say the least, at her outrageous behaviour of pulling my cock out in front of her friend. I looked at Sabrina to see her reaction. She was smiling as her friend jerked my cock. It had woken up from slumber and was regaining its hardness a bit.

“Priya, you told me that your Uncle’s dick is very big. It’s just above average, maybe 5 inches. You were bluffing,” Sabrina said, staring at my cock.

“No no, he is almost 8 inches. Maybe it’s tired of drilling my mom. Wait, I will make it hard in a moment,” Priya said and turned towards me.

“Look, my friend is telling me that I am a liar. Please get it hard, or I won’t be able to show my face in college tomorrow. Do you want to suck my tits? Come suck me, and for God’s sake, get your cock hard, Uncle,” Priya said, who was almost in tears.

Saying she lifted her shirt, baring her firm tits said, “Suck me. I don’t mind if you bite and leave teeth marks today. Just get this goddamn cock hard.”

Priya pulled my head with her free hand close to her breasts. Staring at Sabrina, I licked Priya’s nipples, making them wet with saliva. Nipples were already hard. I felt Priya’s body shiver as I licked. Taking a nipple in my mouth, sucked it hard, making her moan.

“Now that’s my darling Uncle. Suck it, baby, bite it as I am horny for you from morning. You want to see how I am leaking, baby,” Saying Priya took her hand off my head. Taking my hand, I guided it in her boxer shorts from the top of the elastic waistband.

My hand encountered her bare pussy, and it was wet. She was not lying, and as I expected, she was not wearing panties. Placing my palm on her lips, I slid it from bottom to top, which made my palm wet with her juices. My middle finger found her love hole.

I pushed it in soaked pussy while my thumb took charge of her clit and began to flicker it.

“Yes, yes, that’s my darling Uncle now. Fuck me, baby, fuck me with your fingers. See Sabi, how Uncle is playing with my pussy and tits. Is his dick hard, Sabi?” Priya called out to her friend to inspect my cock.

I rolled my eyes and saw Sabrina kneeling on the floor, her face close to my crotch.

“My goodness, he is hard Priya. Looks like it’s fully erect, and as you said, maybe it’s 8 inches now,” I heard Sabrina saying.

“See, I was not lying. You should see how it drills and pound my pussy. My Uncle has kept my honour. Suck me as you like, Uncle,” said Priya pressing my head to her tits. I sucked and fingered her pussy, trying to make her come.

As I expected, Priya came on my fingers, wetting my palm and screamed out loudly,” Oh, My God, I am…I am cumming, Uncle,” and pushed her mound onto my hand, trying to fuck my fingers herself.

Hearing her loud moaning, my cock was dripping profusely. I felt my cockhead being licked and stopped sucking Priya’s tit. I turned and was shocked more as Sabrina was licking my pre-cum from the tip of my cock.

Priya, who had regained from her orgasm, saw her friend licking my cock. She asked, “How does he taste, Sabi?”

Sabrina stopped, licked, and said,” Not bad. Better than my boyfriend’s and in size too. You are lucky to have such a horny Uncle. I envy you. You can fuck him whenever you want to.”

“What are friends for? We will share him today. Only my mom and Leela aunty shouldn’t come up. They won’t leave him for us and drain him like my mom did in the morning,” Priya said and inserted my cock-head in her friend’s mouth.

Sabrina sucked my head, creating a vacuum in her mouth, pressing her lips around my cock. She was swallowing my pre-cum without any inhabitations. I thought that this Muslim girl was far more experienced than Priya. I wondered if these two horny girls would leave me today.

Maybe I have to work hard to satisfy these sex-starved girls. Priya got down from the diwan, pulled her top and removed her shorts from her legs. Kneeling on the floor beside Sabrina, Priya bent her head down. She licked my hanging balls and took one ball in her mouth, and sucked it hard.

Now it was time for me to scream as both girls were sucking my cock and balls as if it was their first time. My cock increased in girth rapidly in Sabrina’s mouth. I saw her struggling to breathe as half of my cock was in her oral cavity.

I pulled my cock out and said, “If you can’t suck me fully, use your tongue and lick it.”

Sabrina, looking at me, said, “I can, Uncle, but your lund is thicker than my boyfriend’s, and you drip pre-cum a lot. No problem, I will lick and then suck you.” Saying she began to lick my cock head, stretching her tongue out.

Hearing us speaking, Priya stopped sucking my balls, looking at her friend, “Lick said,” Sabi, Uncle needs lots of lubrication. Use saliva and suck him. He loves his cock to be wet always, either with saliva or pussy juice.”

Sabrina stopped licking, laughing said, “I have saliva but no juice yet. My pussy has just begun to leak a bit.”

“No worries, buddy. What are friends for? I will coat his cock with my juices as I had an orgasm just now. You can taste Uncle’s and mine,” said Priya, placing her legs on either side of my legs. She sat on my thighs with her ass facing her friend.

Holding my cock, rubbed the head along her pussy slit, making it slick with her cum. I saw her flicking the head more at her clit, and I knew she wanted another orgasm. Priya had closed her eyes, bit her lower lip and was giving a thorough rubbing to her pussy and clit.

“Ahh, Uncle, do you want your full cock creamed?” Priya asked without opening her eyes.

“Do whatever you want, Priya. Just let’s finish ASAP,” I said. I wanted a release and these girls out of my house.

“No, not just the head. Cover his cock fully with your juice, Priya. I want to deep throat him,” I heard Sabrina. I saw her hand below her friend’s ass and cupped my balls. I knew that these two girls wouldn’t leave me till all their fantasies were fulfilled.

Priya opened her eyes. Raising her buttocks off my thighs, pointing my head at her love hole said, “Here we go, Uncle.” And sat on my thighs, taking ¾ of my cock inside her. Priya’s tight pussy had swallowed my cock easily, coating it with her cum. I felt her warm pussy inner trying to milk me.

I looked down at our union. I was shocked to see Sabrina’s free hand playing with her friend’s clit. I thought that these two girls were lesbians too, and I was a fuck toy for them. To my surprise, Priya started to bounce on my cock, raising her ass and then dropping down.

She rode me for a few minutes. I saw Sabrina was unable to play with her clit. “Stop, stop, bitch. You were supposed to coat his cock with your cum, not to fuck him. What will I do if cums in you now? Get off him Bitch,” Sabrina shouted.

But Priya was in no mood to dismount from my cock and was happily riding me. Sabrina was furious, stood up and, holding Priya’s hips, pulled her down. My cock was pulled out from Priya’s tight warm pussy and was glistening with Priya’s cum.

Priya landed on the floor with her bare ass hitting the floor with a thud. She was agitated at her friend’s behaviour. She got up, holding Sabrina’s top collar pulled it forcefully. Sabrina’s top tore in the front, revealing her bosom. I was not amused when I saw Sabrina, too, was not wearing a bra.

Her small tits were exposed. It was A cup, but her nipples were long, and areolas were very small. “You want to show your Uncle my small tits to humiliate me, bitch. I have no pretences like you, slut. I will show them myself.” Sabrina removed her torn top from her shoulders and stood topless.

Priya was smiling at her friend’s discomfort. She was shaking her upper body to make B cup firm breasts sway across her chest. Seeing her friend shaking her booty, Sabrina got angry. Raising both her hands groped Priya’s swaying boobs and squeezed them hard.

I saw her pressing Priya’s erect nipple and twisting, making Priya moan loudly. I couldn’t make out if she was moaning in pain or ecstasy. But the smile on her face told me she was enjoying it.

“Press them as you like, Sabi. You know how much I love when you grope me. Grab my pussy too, Buddy,” Priya said, grinning at her friend. Sabrina dropped her right hand down to cup Priya’s pussy. Priya quickly dropped down, freeing her boobs from her friend.

She was kneeling on the floor. Sabrina tried to pull Priya up, holding her arms. But Priya quickly held Sabrina’s shalwar cord and pulled it. The loose salwar fell to the floor, making her nude. Before I could see Sabrina’s pussy, Priya cupped it with her palm and got up.

“Your choot is leaking like a waterfall, and you were calling me a bitch. Did you cum because of Uncle or me, buddy,” Priya said, rubbing her friend’s pussy with her palm.

“Both, both of you made me cum like this. Rub me more, Priya,” Sabrina said, looking at her friend shyly.

Priya kissed Sabrina’s lips, taking her bottom lip sucked it. Sabrina thrusting her tongue out, was licking Priya’s upper lip and bottom of her nose, urging her friend to suck her tongue too. But Priya pulled her lips and asked, “Do you want my tongue or Uncle’s cock inside your pussy?”

Sabrina, holding both Priya’s nipples and pulling them, said,” I want both of you. Please ask Uncle to fuck me. You suck me while he is fucking me.”

Priya, too, held Sabrina’s long nipple and, pulling it, said, “You are greedy, baby. You pulled me when I was riding him. Now you want me to help you. You ask him yourself.”

Sabrina turning towards me, said, “Please fuck me, Uncle. I am horny and need your cock inside me. Please, Uncle.”

I looked at Priya, who was laughing and said, “First, show him your baby pussy, darling. It’s not your cousin Imran who is going to fuck you, but my Uncle. I doubt if you can take him fully. Even I have struggled to take him initially, and even my Srileela aunty. Only my mom, Sripriya, can take him effortlessly. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes, I want to be drilled and tear my pussy today. If I shout, you are here to close my mouth with your lips or pussy,” Sabrina said, smiling now.

“So you want to have a threesome. Consider it as a gift from me, and I want it repaid. Come,” Priya said and came near me with her friend. So as I expected, I was a fuck toy for these college girls. Priya made Sabrina stand before me and asked her to spread her legs wide.

Sabrina shyly widened her legs, looking at me. I looked down at her crotch and was amused to see no pubic hairs around her pussy. She had not shaved either, had no stubble and was looking like a little girl’s pussy. But her outer labia were large, protruding out like elephant ears.

Her slit was opened up as she had spread her legs widely. I could see her pinkish inners, which were moist with her cum. Her clit was hidden between big lips and was not visible. I was staring at Sabrina’s young pussy, when Priya opened her friend’s pussy and held the fat thick lips in her fingers.

“Hasn’t Sabi got wonderful pussy, Uncle? See her tiny hole, where your cock is supposed to go in,” saying Priya pulled Sabrina’s pussy lips further. I saw a small vaginal opening where my thick cock was going to penetrate her.

Looking up at her, I asked Sabrina, “Are you sure you want to do this, Sabrina?”

Sabrina, biting her lips, said, “Very much, Uncle. But first, I want you to suck me. Priya told me that you are a good pussy eater. Please lick and suck me, and I will be ready for your thick cock.”

Priya holding my head, pushed my face close to Sabrina’s pussy and said,” Eat her, Uncle. She tastes really good. I suck her daily even though I am not horny, just to taste her pussy.” I licked Sabrina’s pussy from bottom to top, relishing her cum.

As Priya said, she tasted good. My tongue dived in between her thick lips, licking her insides and lapping her juices from the interior. I sensed another hand gripping my hair as I sucked and thought Sabrina might be liking it too much. I wanted her to have another orgasm to get ready for fuck.

So held her pussy lips, pulling it aside. My tongue dived at the top of her pussy to locate her clit. I was quickly rewarded as her clit came out of its hiding place and stared at me, begging me to suck. It was like a small nipple. I took it in my mouth and sucked it with my chin, pressing the bottom of her pussy.

Sabrina shrieked out loudly. My chin was getting wet with her gripping juices as she was having another orgasm. I sucked her clit bud, held her tiny firm ass pushing her crotch towards my face. Sabrina’s body was trembling as she orgasmed, wetting my face with her cum.

Once Sabrina stood still, I released her ass and pulled my face back. Priya, looking at my face laughing, said, “Isn’t she tasty, Uncle?” I nodded. Priya looked at her friend and said, “Isn’t Uncle a good sucker, Sabi?”

Sabrina shyly nodded. Priya continued, “He can suck for hours till we ask him to stop. While fucking, too, we have to beg him to stop. I can’t believe this old man’s energy. He is a stud in bed. Are you ready, baby?”

Sabrina got laid on the bed and said, “I am more than ready. Come on, Uncle, fuck and pound me as you like. I won’t ask you to stop till you cum in me. I am on a pill, so worries.”

Saying she widened her legs with her thick lips parting and her pinking inners inviting me. I looked at Priya, who said,” She is all yours for the next one hour Uncle. Satisfy my friend and yourself, too.”

How can I reject such an offer to fuck a young girl like Sabrina? I got up, holding her knees. I pulled Sabrina down. Her buttocks were at the edge of the diwan, and her feet were resting on the floor. Holding my cock in my left hand, my right hand on the diwan, brought my cock head close to her opening.

Rubbing her wet slit a few times with my cock getting it lubricated. Looking at Priya, I said, “Get on top of her and shut her mouth as she screams. I know you both suck each other, so Sabrina won’t mind eating you while I am fucking her.”

“Naughty Uncle, you too want a threesome. I thought of sitting and wanted to watch while you fuck my friend. No problems, I can get to suck Sabi’s pussy too.” Saying Priya got on top of Sabrina in the 69 position, keeping her face on her tummy.

Her pussy was on her friend’s forehead. She wanted to watch her friend getting fucked and how close can she get. Keeping my cock at the opening of Sabrina’s pussy hole, I looked down at Priya. I indicated to close her mouth with her pussy.

Priya giggled, wriggling her ass adjusted herself so that her pussy was in her friend’s mouth. I was horny for almost half an hour seeing the girl’s antics and teasing, so without wasting much time. I penetrated Sabrina’s tiny hole using full force.

My cock went inside her burning pussy, splitting it. I showed no mercy till I hit her cervix. My cock was fully embedded inside her tight young hole. My balls were resting against her tiny firm ass. I heard Sabrina screaming, but Priya was quick to shut her mouth with her pussy, and her cries muffled down.

Keeping my cock still inside her warm pussy I indicated Priya to suck Sabrina’s clit. Looking at me, Priya said, “I never expected that you would penetrate her like this. I thought you would be gentle, like you fucked me the first time. I hope she won’t complain and break my friendship.”

“Don’t underestimate her, Priya. This girl has more guts than you. Even your 35-year-old mom struggled for the first time with me. Now she is used to me and you too. Sabrina will get used to it till she finds a bigger and thicker cock than mine. Shall I start fucking your dear friend now, Priya?”

“Let me ask her,” Priya lifting her pussy off her friend’s mouth, asked her,” Did you hear Uncle Sabi. Are you ready for him?”

We heard Sabrina coughing and saying, “He has already plundered in me. Ask him to start fucking me even if I scream. You bitch, give me your pussy and shut my mouth if I scream too loudly and don’t forget to suck me. Tell that bhenchod to hit me hard as he wishes.”

Priya, grinning, said,” You heard her Uncle. Ram her tiny pussy and tear it apart.”

Wondering at this Muslim girl’s guts, I pulled my cock to the head and rammed in her again. I heard Sabrina’s muffled screams, and she was having her orgasm creaming my cock with her cum. But I didn’t stop pounding her hapless pussy. Sabrina’s cum was dripping down her ass.

I was pulling my cock out to penetrate her again. Shit, my Diwan cover was getting stained again but this time with different girls cum. I wondered how many times I needed to change the covers. I was pounding Sabrina hard. Priya got busy sucking her friend’s clit.

The Muslim girl was sandwiched between us. Priya was trying to lick my cock as I was pulling out from her friend’s pussy, tasting her juices and sucking clit when I was busy pushing in. The room was silent except for the sound my cock was making when I was pounding Sabrina.

I was fucking Sabrina for ten minutes, and the diwan was creaking while I was pounding her relentlessly. Priya was busy gorging on her friend’s clit and my cock. My balls were hitting Sabrina’s ass cheeks while I was fucking her.

She orgasmed once again, lubricating my cock more, making it easy for me to plunder her tight pussy. I lost track of the time and was sweating heavily. Both my hands were resting on Sabrina’s thighs, feeling her body shiver as she got fucked nicely.

“Oh God! Chetta. What are you doing, and who is under Priya?” I heard Srileela’s voice.

Turning towards the door I saw Srileela standing at the door with a cup in her hand.

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