Newlywed Indian Wife On Cruise – Part 3

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So, without wasting any more time, I will get back to the story where we left off.

The newlywed wife Anju was all wet with the fingering that she was getting. She turned back toward Rahul and immediately, she felt sucking off her nipples. She got so horny that she kept her eyes closed and felt the hard dick. The lips went down to her tummy and then to her pussy. She got flat and opened her leg wide for easy access.

Anju: Oh baby! You are licking so well!

She held his head and pushed it deeper into her pussy. She cut his face while he kept on licking her. Then the licking stopped and she was back to her senses.

Anju opened her eyes and sat to kiss her hubby for such a nice orgasm. When she sat, then she found the door getting closed and Rahul sleeping beside her as if nothing happened to him. Curiously, she removed her blanket and went to the door and opened it. And she forgot that she was naked, she just wanted to know who was there. She saw no one outside and closed the door.

Anju was still with a heavy head and was rolling here and there because of drinks. Then she went to the room bar, lighted a cigarette and went to her balcony of the cabin. She sat there naked and puffed her cigarette thinking that was an illusion as she was drunk or was there someone in real. Thinking this and imagining the scenes, she slept on the chair on the balcony.

The next morning, an announcement woke Rahul up. The announcement was that, breakfast was ready on the 5th floor for all and guests could also use the restaurant on deck 10 for meals. Rahul woke up and looked at the mobile with no network in it. The time was 08:30 am.

That whole day and night they will be at sea. It will be all cruise-cruise that day. No land at all.

He, without noticing where his newlywed wife Anju was, removed the blanket and went to the washroom. He wore a gown which was kept there and came out. Then he noticed Anju sleeping on the balcony. He picked his naked wife in his arms and got her on the bed. She woke up and kissed Rahul on the lips to wish him good morning. He told her about the announcement and told her to get ready fast.

Excited, Anju left her bed and rushed for a shower with Rahul and they both had good steamy shower sex in the small cubical bathroom they had on the ship. While getting dressed, she thought of asking her husband that was it him yesterday, but she ignored it thinking it was her illusion.

Rahul changed into his jeans and half-sleeve shirt and was ready with shoes on for breakfast. He saw Anju getting dressed in a tight yellow top which was sleeveless on one side and full sleeve on another side. She was wearing tight jeans below. Rahul again got a kinky idea and smiled at Anju in the mirror.

Anju: What happened?

Rahul: I have a dare for you.

Anju: No baby, not early morning.

Rahul: Babe, it will be fun!

Anju: Tell me then.

Rahul: See, you have worn a strapless bra. Why not be more comfortable and go with no bra at all like yesterday? It is early morning and yesterday everyone did party on deck the whole night. So, not many people will be there.

Anju: Amm! Ok, as you say hubby. Let’s go for it (she winked at Rahul and removed her bra).

Being a bright yellow top, her brown areoles were nearly visible. Then they both left the room and locked the door behind them. Rahul was aware that today his wife was gonna make many dicks hard early morning. He thus chose to go to Deck 10 for breakfast which was near the pool.

As soon as they came out of the elevator block, a gust of cold breeze came from outside. Anju held Rahul tightly and said, “Ohh, it is so cold breeze”. Rahul smiled and looked at her top and as expected Anju’s nipples were hard and clearly visible. They both went inside the restaurant and took breakfast and sat at a table with a seating of 6, as those were the tables near glass and view of the outside.

Anju: You said there will be less crowd, but there are so many people.

Rahul: Hmm, I was not expecting it. No problem, let us have breakfast and leave quickly.

Then Rahul saw a group of guys ogling at his wife’s boobs. Some guys sat behind Rahul and started to click photos outside. They started to click pictures of Anju with her hard nipples. Anju saw them and told Rahul to eat fast and leave from there. Both came back to the room. As soon as they entered the room, Rahul said, “Oh Fuck! I left my mobile on the table.”

He took one room card and told Anju that he would be back in 5 minutes. Anju said ok and closed the door behind him and locked it. She thought while walking toward her bag to change into a good dress and hit the magic show in the auditorium.

While walking, she removed her top in one go and kept walking topless toward her closet. Suddenly, a guy came out of the washroom which he was cleaning. Anju was stunned.

She stood there topless in full senses with some of her curly hair just touching her boobs, but not hiding her nipples. The cleaner guy with his mouth open saw Anju topless with only mehandi and bangles in his arms and nothing else!

Anju after a minute came back to her senses and wore her top fast. Wearing it in haste still kept her one boobs outside from the end which had no sleeves. She then held her boobs and put them inside her dress and shouted, “What the Fuck are you doing here?”

Cleaner: Madam, I came to clean the bathroom.

Anju: Just get out of here!

The cleaner rushed toward the door and unlocked it and rushed outside. Anju closed the door behind him and went around first to see if anyone else was inside. She then sat on the bed and thought about what had just happened. Then she thought of telling Rahul what happened. But then she thought it was nothing and it was ok if not told, or else his mood would be off.

So she planned to just ignore it and changed into a nice sleeveless t-shirt and shorts which ended just below her vagina. And to add to the look, she wore a shirt on top with buttons open except the last two.

Rahul was coming from the restaurant. While crossing the turn toward his room, he heard two cleaners talking.

Cleaner 1: Fuck man, she has sexy boobs and nipples, bro.

Cleaner 2: Did you feel them?

C1: Oh, I wish I could. But I ogled them for more than a minute. What a body she has!

Rahul got excited to hear such things from the cleaner and thus waited to know who was the slut who showed her boobs to the cleaners so that he could also fuck her.

C2: You know, I heard our floor manager saying to Deck 4 manager that he nearly fucked the girl in the room in front of her husband.

C1: Damn! I missed it, I think. I should have gone ahead and sucked her boobs. Chalo, next time! Let’s work.

Rahul started to walk and imagined who the girl was on the cruise who fucked strangers in front of her husband. Those words from cleaners made his dick hard. He adjusted his dick and entered his room to find his wife Anju ready for the upcoming event in Auditorium, ‘THE MAGIC SHOW’.

It was the second day on the cruise and it was just 10:30 am. A lot more fun to come on the Cruise for the Horny and Sexy couple.

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