Chennai Husband And Erections – Part 5 (Wife & Delivery boy)

Me: Good morning, Gayathri, how are you feeling now? I forgot to say sorry yesterday. Please forgive me. None of the photographer’s episode was planned. It all happened so quickly. And I appreciate how you stood up for yourself for deleting the pics.

Walking left to right at the corner of the bed, I went on with my apologies.

Me: Also look, yesterday night was double the excitement I ever had because of your unplanned exposure to some guests and photographer. I can never thank you enough for the daring step you took for me and my urges. I am very fortunate that I got you as my wife.

While I kept on talking to let my wife understand how impressed I was, Gayathri was smiling with one hand under her head lying on the bed, leaning to my side, covered under a white blanket, and looking at me the whole time.

Me: Darling, say something. Are you even listening to me? Say something, at least scold me!

She: Yes dear, I am earful and eyeful at present.

Me: Huh, ‘eyeful’? What do you mean?

My wife winked, pointing down and toward my bottom with a laugh. At that moment, I realized my cock was stiff early in the morning, peeking out from one side of my boxer.

Then she said: Someone is ready for more action even in tension. Will you come to me Krish and show me what you are up to early in the morning?

She teased me naughtily with an inviting finger and pleasing eyes as she bit her lower lips. I immediately started climbing on the bed from the bottom side while giving my cock a slight stroke with boxer fabric. My excitement was building up from the tease she was doing while I slowly slid inside the blanket. I started kissing her feet. She was moaning softly and tried to get hold of my hair for pulling me up.

As I moved further up, her soft thighs were warm and my face cheeks were touching the sides of her thighs and my nose slid smoothly up along the valley of my wife’s folded thighs. A thin layer of sweat on her eased my motion upward.

I was about to reach the clit which was just inches away from my tongue and just hiding under her pink panty from yesterday. I thought the juices were already dripping way before I entered the blanket. And I wondered what fascinated her into drenching wet – me or the photographer?!

I wanted to ask her but I would ask her later. While I tried to move further up, Gayathri kept her hands stiff against my upper head not allowing me to reach her midriff.

Then she asked me: Can you please stir up the juices with your tongue in my pussy like never before?

Wasting no time, I slid her panty with my index fingers, dragging evenly from either side. Seconds after moving the panty just inches below her knees, I gently licked the side walls of my south Indian wife’s vagina passionately.

“Ahh.. uuh.. please.. yeah.. there you go!”, she screamed, holding the lower back of my head while caressing my hair.

At this moment, I wanted to give my hundred percent because I somehow felt she was turned on by yesterday’s episode and I definitely wanted to utilize this chance to trick her into exhibitionistic and voyeuristic behavior. I wanted to her believe that exposure to strangers happens to be very erotic and could cause mutual stimulation. Of course, it is true but I wanted her to feel the same way.

While these thoughts were running through my mind, I continued to warm up the vagina with slow, broad licks, making my tongue as wide as possible. Once I felt enough juices were stirred up, it was time for precision strokes to the clitoral hood opening, to bring shivers to her body. While I did my part, Gayathri felt breathless. I complimented her on how hot she was.

My partner was quivering simultaneously while craving more pleasure. Waves of pleasure from her were unpredictable when I hit the right spots. She curled her toes and enjoyed the experience with closed eyes. She was now in no state of control because I was all over her, tickling, licking, teasing, and fondling her folds and services. Her erect brown nipples were shooting toward the ceiling with an arched back.

Then I slowly started making rounds around Gayathri’s shaded brown areolas. She even had tiny goosebumps there. Her face became reddish color and after a while, I fondled her breast like a stress ball. Suddenly, she said she was cumming.

“Done, I am done.. ahh”, she said as she reached her climax, tightly crossing her legs to retain the excitement and relief from orgasm.

It was time for my turn to get a head from her mouth or handjob, I mean it was up to her. While I climbed up further, my boxer hooked her feet thumb finger to the front edge of my boxer and started to come down. I progressed upwards to her face to give a big lip-smacking kiss.

Now my dick was sloppy after all the drama happened to bring her to climax. She enquired what happened to my erection.

I told her: It is the same problem, Gayathri. The thrill and erection will be fine until it’s time for the actual performance.

I told her: I can perform well yesterday because my memories were fresh from the evening braless adventure with the photographer.

She said she was tired and would discuss the erections later. I was a bit disappointed to learn my erections truly were scandalous and it just won’t let me feel manly or aroused unless some infectious bug thoughts like a stranger looking at Gayathri with lust.

Then I got down from bed with disappointment and went to the hall for watching TV. None of the channels were entertaining me as of now because I had unfinished business back in bed.

Then came the idea of a lifetime. I searched my pant from yesterday to get the SD card I kept in my pocket and started a slideshow of pictures. I was shocked to see the photographer was keen on getting candid shots of my wife all along.

Was he really get hired for the party or was he just a paparazzi to Gayathri?, I thought. Anyway, the very last pictures of Gayathri not covered with a saree were showing her nipples clearly from flash. All who got a great deal of that show have their eyes wide open.

My erotic thoughts were quick in getting my mood again thinking of the ways how Gayathri could be exhibited artistically. Wasting no time, I walked to the bedroom again with my laptop and on the floor, I saw the pink transparent blouse from yesterday. Then I took it and kept it on my head as a trophy.

Placing the laptop on the bed’s headrest frame with the picture of Gayathri serving her boobs to guests with embarrassment, I asked Gayathri, “Please open your eyes.” (and I showed her my erect penis.)

She was shocked to see my manhood back in the game. She was also laughing and pointing toward the trophy on my head. Then she invited me to her. I didn’t tell her I was this hard by looking at a picture right at her back. We proceeded to have great intercourse like last night and both reached the climax again and were exhausted with a good feeling.

The Sunday started well and we slept naked till noon. As we were hungry, we woke up. I wanted assurances from her regarding my request to exposing to strangers.

Me: Gayathri, please wake up. It is almost noon. We need to have brunch and I am ordering food from outside.

Then I went to bathe. When I came out, Gayathri had the laptop on her lap and was looking at me. She rested her hands back on the pillow.

She: I got it now. This is the reason for all the excitement. It’s good but in many ways.

I had no words, I was just embarrassed to tell the truth. We argued the sequence of incidents that happened in the last two days. I found a fewer questions and reasonings and a submissive attitude from my wife. It looked like I won her control. I just wanted to test it once without any resistance from her.

Then I told her: Go, get a bath. The food will be delivered in a few minutes.

While she took bath, she asked me to put clothes on the hanger outside the bathroom. I deliberately placed the same outfit from yesterday evening. It was the pink saree, floral bra, petticoat, and pink transparent trophy blouse which was the star of the show!

I went and sat in the hall in my shorts without a t-shirt. In a while, Gayathri shouted after I heard the sliding sound of the bathroom door –

She: You naughty pervert, can’t you find anything else? You better stay where you are. I will kill you (probably with a smile or anger, I suppose because I couldn’t see her from the hall).

As she walked toward the hall, I was wishing that she wore the dress I left on the hanger. Her anklets’ sound intensity increased with every other step she inched toward the hall.

The first thing I could notice from her entry was the floral bra on her hand swinging to her right-hand motion as she walked. And there came her voluptuous body cladded with the same saree I gave her. She approached me with a bright smile on her face while throwing a bra on my face.

She said: You idiot, you want me to be braless while there are perverts ready to ogle me at the party. But do you care to provide me with this bra while at home?

I smiled with a sheepish grin on my face and asked her to sit on my lap now with a piggy kiss mouth. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. It was the food delivery guy, I guess.

I asked Gayathri to go take the order giving her money for it. With an angry face, she got hold of my hair moving my head back and forth, and said –

She: I should have guessed it coming. What a plan you curated, you pervert,. You can’t wait for even a day. How could you possibly think I am ready to do what you ask for?

I told her: I already got the answer from you this morning. You didn’t say a word while you noticed the pictures I was hard for. Now dear, I beg you to please do this testimony to prove you are with me in this adventurous journey (fingers crossed while she gave it a thought).

She started saying terms and conditions in her mouth while the bell rang again.

I told: I will be obliged to them but at present please attend the door (I pleaded).

She stood up with a shy smile and started to adjust her saree. Yes, my prayers worked and finally, she was giving in. The future was bright and the path to exhibitionism was in full swing.

I thought in my mind while my tummy had butterflies feelings all over. She turned her back to me and made more adjustments to the saree which I could not see.

One thing I could notice was my wife did not have money in her hand. Just before she opened the door, she gave a non-reluctant smile and hid her face with one hand and saw me between her fingers and the other hand holding against her breasts while she stood cross-legged.

The bell rang intensified because of the long wait. She finally looked up, took deep breaths with hands straight down with a jitter at last, and turned the knob to open the door.

While this took place, I strategically put there the floral bra somewhat in the line of sight of the delivery boy. I wanted to make sure that the bra laying on the floor and the transparent blouse shoulder of Gayathri made evident that she was braless. I wanted a good viewpoint to start recording this.

Then I went into the kitchen which stretches out from the house into the lawn where we have a window facing the front entrance. I started recording. Only Gayathri could notice me from the kitchen window. At least she knew I was watching her and I would not miss any opportunity of such kind.

The delivery guy was passing the time. I guess he noticed the bra on the floor. He was pretending that he was looking for the receipt of the bill.

While he went toward his bike, I was hinting to Gayathri I could not see any cleavage or nipples by pointing to my bare chest and nipples with a questioning hand expression. She responded wait with a hand signal and adjusted her saree so it was on verge of slipping from the shoulder anytime. My excitement grew as the delivery guy approached Gayathri again saying he found the receipt.

But I saw him taking it out of his pocket and headed back to her. He had no idea what he was about to witness this lovely Sunday noon.

The delivery boy: Madam, here is the receipt. It is 250 Rs in total.

Gayathri slowly lowered the silk that was covered over her right breast with her fingers to an extent where dark areola started to show. She looked toward my side and started inserting her fingers inside the blouse where she kept the money. The currency bills were clearly visible right above the areola. Yes, this was the perfect curated unintentional exposing most shy exhibitionists would want to plan.

My wife took out the money and adjusted back her saree and started counting the money. I felt sorry for him for the small show she could provide. So, out of courtesy and brotherhood, I wanted him to have some more show.

I climbed the granite of the kitchen countertop and signaled Gayathri with a hand wave. She noticed and I pleaded for a saree drop. My dick was erect asking her to be noticed clearly. She was laughing inside with both lips between her teeth and nodding her head sides as, “no way.”

I had to do something. Wasting no time, I lowered my shorts and boxer. My dick swung out like a loaded spring. She broke her laugh out which caused her saree to slip slightly while trying to counteract adjusting the saree back up. One currency note slipped from the left hand which was also holding the lower part of the saree tucked in the petticoat.

She reacted to catch money in a reflex before hitting the ground. But in this struggle, her saree dropped to her left hand revealing till navel.

The delivery boy was agile and positioned himself as a keeper to catch the falling note. Wonderful! It might be for him at that position, lucky bastard.

My wife’s full bust was just above his head displaying two hanging melons with a deep valley of cleavage. The erect nipples were not shy to poke out from the thin transparent blouse.

Although Gayathri realized and corrected the saree condition in seconds, he had definitely seen what he could. The shy smile continued as she kept her face sideways to avoid his eye contact. She stretched her hand out to give the rest of the change and closed the door.

Not in his good senses to believe what he just saw, he was stood startled in the same spot while looking at the door. Gayathri ran inside the bedroom and I followed her pulling my shorts up. She laid on her back on the bed with her hands wide open and laughing.

“Have you gone nuts? What was that careless act you spoiled brat?” said Gayathri. I barely could hold my laugh there and your dick was responsible for all this.

I asked: How was the experience? Was it exhilarating? Is this a sign of a green signal?

She buried her face in the blanket and after a while with a big breath and straight face said-

She: Let’s go and eat first.

I followed her into the dining room and realized the recording was still on in the kitchen. I took the phone and we had lunch. She asked me to show the recording.

In the end, once we left the bedroom, the delivery boy was still trying to get a peek from the front window. But, no luck. He was scared to check the rest of the windows.

We noticed he was vigorously touching his crotch and rubbing it above his pants.

“Poor guy! He has to masturbate to relieve it”, I said. She chuckled.

I saw Gayathri’s smile and she acted with a serious face again as soon as she noticed that I was observing her. She just won’t open up saying that she was enjoying it as well. She would eventually admit it, I thought.

To be continued.

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