Neighbours – Part 2 (Sneaky Sex!)

Raj went back home thinking about how he can get rid of Vijay for good.

“Patience Raj, he will come again, but now the ball is in your court”, he said to himself.

He visited his neighbour’s mom Rashmi from time to time trying to create a stronger bond with her so that she can be more comfortable around him while he waited for Vijay to visit her again, which he did. By then, Raj had already figured out exactly which day of the week he visited Rashmi.

Raj was on his balcony when he spotted Vijay’s bike from afar. He came down to his main gate where he intercepted Vijay.

“Hi, Vijay.”

“Hey man, how are you?”

“I’m well. Thanks for asking. By the way, are you here to visit Rashmi?”


“She actually came over to let me know that you might visit and if that happens, I should ask you to wait for her to return home.”

“No worries, I will just call her and ask her where she is.”

“No! Don’t call her. She also mentioned that her phone might be with Priya so you should not call her lest you want to create any suspicion because apparently, Priya is not aware of your visits to Rashmi.”

“Thanks for letting me know. I will just wait here.”

“Come on man, we are friends now. I can’t let you just stand outside my gate. You have to come inside. I insist.”

“Okay, but I would not stay for long.”

“That’s fine.”

They went inside and Raj bolted the door behind him.

“Please sit, I will get you some water.”

“You really are a generous man as advocated by Rashmi.”

Raj just smirked at that statement. He brought a glass of water for Vijay. As Vijay started sipping on the water, Raj mentioned, “So, you have a family in Shivaji Nagar?”

Vijay almost choked on the water, “How do you know that?”

“I was around there somewhere for some work a few days back when I noticed you. You have a beautiful wife with whom you have a daughter and a son.”

Vijay was trying to hide his anxiety, “Yes! My daughter is as old as Priya and is studying medicine. That is one of the reasons why I and Rashmi have more in common and we get together to talk about it because we can relate to the challenges of raising a daughter.”

“I see. However, the last time I saw you with your dick in Rashmi’s mouth, you were the only one talking.”

Vijay started sweating through his shirt. “What the hell are you talking about, and how dare you say such a thing?”, he shouted, trying to do a cover-up.

Raj remembered it like a movie so he started narrating the whole scene with every tiny detail there was to know of. Vijay was silent. There was nothing else he could do knowing that he might be on the verge of destroying his family and everything he has built from the ground up.

“You are not the first person to try to ruin my image. Just because you saw something happen is not good enough proof.”

“I think your wife and your children might defer on that when I show them the video,” Raj tried to bluff it with a stern face.

Even if Raj was bluffing, it was too much of a risk for Vijay to take. He surrendered, “What do you want?”

“Not much, don’t worry, I am not going to give the video to your wife. I don’t care who you fuck around.”

“Then why are you telling me all this?”

“I just want to see it one more time with a better view, that’s all. All you have to do is keep the door unlocked. I’ll come after 5 minutes. You have to blindfold her before you start with her and I will be in the same room enjoying the live show.”

There was not much Vijay could have said so he agreed and left Raj’s house to go over to Rashmi’s. As planned, he left the door unlocked when he entered and Raj came in behind him.

Vijay and Rashmi were already in her bedroom where Vijay was blindfolding her. Vijay excused himself for a moment and signaled Raj to come in and sit on the couch in the corner without making any noise.

Raj was well prepared for this moment. He was going to capture everything on his mobile phone in ultra HD. He started recording and gestured at Vijay letting him know that he can start with whatever he wanted to do to her.

Even though Vijay was shy getting naked in front of another man, he quickly overcame his shyness when he glanced at Rashmi standing in front of him blindfolded, waiting to be ordered to please him in a way that he seemed fit. If nothing else, Raj was at the very least impressed by Vijay’s ability to command two beautiful women to become his pet slave.

Vijay extended his hand over Rashmi’s head pressuring her down as a way of letting her know that he wants her to sit on her knee. Rashmi was well-versed with such cues. She got down on her knee waiting for further instructions.

He untied his belt and took out his massive dick right above her face. He took his belt and tied it around her neck like a draggable dog collar. Then he inserted his thumb in her mouth which she started to suck on. Vijay then lifted the end of the belt, tightening it on Rashmi’s neck and forcing her to look directly up so that he can beat his massive dick on her wet lips.

She was the best sex toy Raj had ever seen is his life, including the ones he had seen on the internet. Vijay shoved his dick deep inside Rashmi’s throat. She had become so adept at eating Vijay’s dick that she did not even gasp this time.

Her nipples were already hard and showing through her saree. She was drooling all over her boobs which had made her saree from the waist up super wet. At times, Vijay would take his dick out of her mouth to give it a rest by feeding her his balls.

After 5 minutes of pounding his dick in her mouth, he was ready to change positions. He got her up and undressed her saree. Her wet bra was dripping of her saliva and her panty had a blotch indicating she was wet down there and all ready to be pounded like a bitch.

Vijay took off her bra and panty and asked her to go on all fours. He brought her closer to where Raj was sitting and started fucking her face right in front of the camera. She looked like a born slut gobbling up Vijay’s dick.

Raj allowed some breathing space for his dick by taking it out of his bermuda shorts. He could smell Rashmi’s wet pussy’s pungent fragrance. As Vijay was not using his hands and was letting Rashmi take charge, Raj saw this opportunity and grabbed one of Rashmi’s boobs and squeezed it so hard that it left a handprint on it.

To his surprise, Rashmi did not even complain about the pain because she was deriving her pleasure from it. So, Raj kept squeezing both her boobs one after the other to a point when the color of her breasts had turned red as opposed to her pale white skin.

Vijay grabbed the belt and walked her on her knees over to the bed. He laid her face down on the bed with her knees on the ground. He signaled Raj to come closer while he pulled Rashmi’s butt cheeks apart to exhibit her clean butthole and her wet pussy. Her humongous breasts did not even allow her to rest her head comfortably on the bed. Raj’s fingerprints were all over her chest.

Raj brushed aside Vijay and signaled him to stand away for a while. It was impossible for Raj to control himself at this point. He spanked Rashmi’s ass as hard as he could. Rashmi squirmed in pain this time.

With just one slap, Raj had imprinted his hand on Rashmi’s ass. He smacked his neighbour milf over and over again clattering her butt cheeks from side to side. She kept writhing in pain for a while but her ass soon got numb. She started enjoying it after that which became more noticeable through her soft moans as opposed to painful screams.

Her ass was completely red now and her pussy was ready to be devoured. He took off his shorts and started stroking his dick. While holding the camera with one hand and stroking his dick with the other, he sat his face close to her ass. He could feel the warmth and of her pussy as he came closer to it.

Her perfectly round ass was big enough to completely submerge anyone’s face in between them. He was captivated by its smell when exposed his tongue to her hairless pussy and gave in to the desires of his heart to consume the nectar.

Raj buried his face between her butt cheeks and started eating out Rashmi. Her pussy was so wet that half of Raj’s face got covered in Rashmi’s fluids. The faster he twisted his tongue inside her pussy, the louder she moaned. No matter how much he eat out of it, she was like a factory that kept producing more and more.

Raj was enjoying every second of it. He however had ulterior motives so he wanted to have patience for it which was very hard for him at a time when he knew he could do everything to Rashmi that he fantasizes about.

After he was done eating her out, he stepped back and let Vijay take the charge again. While Raj was playing with Rashmi, Vijay was stroking his dick in the corner to keep it hard.

After Raj stepped aside, it was Vijay’s turn again. He grabbed Rashmi’s hair and pulled it back while plunging his dick into her pussy. With a sudden stretch of her insides, she felt a slight pain and screamed in sweet agony.

Vijay untied the belt collar from her neck to tie her hands with it. He pulled on her hair hard to lift her face from the bed and started pounding her. He was fucking her so hard that the sound of his thighs beating against her ass reverberated throughout the entire house. Raj covered every angle of what was going on from Rashmi’s stretched-open pussy to her drooling face. She was the epitome of a sex toy.

Even though Raj was filming every bit of it, Vijay felt a strange gush of arousal that made him fuck Rashmi even harder. Rashmi was feeling the change of Vijay’s dick’s momentum in her pussy.

After 15 minutes of non-stop fucking, Vijay started to sweat and his dick had gotten very hot so he took a break from it. He untied Rashmi and pulled her to a couch in the corner and sat there. He pulled her down by her hair between his legs and fed her his dick. He then relaxed while Rashmi took care of her man in ways that he would enjoy.

“I am surprised you are as good as ever”, Vijay laughed.

Rashmi was so focused on her job that the only reply Vijay got back from her was the slurping sound she made while sucking his dick which was completely covered by her dribble.

After about 10 minutes, Vijay was recharged to pound Rashmi’s pussy again. He lifted her and dropped her on the bed. He put one of her legs on his shoulder and started rubbing on her clit while pummeling her. With each stroke inside Rashmi’s pussy, her breasts were bouncing up and down. He started biting all over her boobs giving her dozens of hickeys from her neck to her upper chest.

Raj was sitting right above Rashmi’s face with his dick dangling over her lips. He did not notice but his dick was leaking of pre cum right in her mouth. Rashmi paid no heed to it as she could not imagine even in her dreams a scenario like that. She liked the taste of Raj and so she started licking all the drops from around her lips.

Vijay called her with all the slandering words you can imagine and to all of that denigration, he met with a welcoming response from her. Raj could tell that she enjoyed being Vijay’s personal whore.

After about 30 minutes of continuous fucking, Rashmi’s pussy has loosened up too much for Vijay to continue to derive pleasure from it.

Vijay had now changed his position. He spread her legs wide and started eating her pussy. Just like Raj, Vijay’s beard was totally covered in Rashmi’s fluids. It tasted so good that neither of the men complained about it. He then inserted four of his fingers inside her pussy and started rubbing on her G-spot while sucking on her clit.

Rashmi’s moans grew louder and louder. She pressed Vijay’s face down on her pussy and clutched him with her legs around his neck. Vijay kept eating her pussy all the while rubbing her pussy even more vigorously.

After a few minutes, she squirted all over his face and let go of the death strangle from around his neck. Vijay was now ready to finish it off on her. He quickly pulled her over and sat her down on her knees.

“Open your mouth wide. I am going to reward you now for your obedience.”

Rashmi opened her mouth as wide as she could and Vijay ejaculated in her mouth. As always, she swallowed it like it was her daily meal and started cleaning his dick with her mouth. He signaled Raj to come closer.

“Open your mouth again whore, I have more to reward you with”, Vijay commanded.

Even Rashmi was surprised that even after a mouthful of cum, Vijay had more to feed her.

“Wow! it seems to be my lucky day”, she said, “I’ll get to eat more.”

“Indeed it is”, Vijay said playfully and winked at Raj.

After stroking his dick for about 15 seconds, Raj slipped his dick in her mouth and discharged his milt deep down her throat. Rashmi’s mouth was overflown with Raj’s emission so much that some of it started dripping down her chin.

Raj continued to pound and unload everything he had in her mouth and she obediently sat squeezing her breasts.

After Raj was done pounding, he left his dick in her mouth to continue to feel the warmth of her tongue. Rashmi sucked and cleaned his dick properly from tip to his balls and then wiped the remaining that was dripping down her chin with her fingers and ate it as well.

Raj was capturing it from a close-up. He had what he wanted to plan the next step of his grand scheme so he got dressed and left the two of them to carry on.