Nasty mature cuckold gets what he deserves

Hey, This is Sumith, yet another experience of mine. I was always busy and wasn’t able to write down my experiences. I didn’t have any time to do it. Some of my readers insisted that I write. But finally, I can record it and share it with you.

This is about my experience with a mature cuckold, Naani and Shayla in Chennai. Naani was 53, and Shayla was 47. They belong to a traditional and orthodox family. It had been 7 years since they both discovered their other side.

She is a hotwife who likes to be dominant and treat her hubby like a slave. She likes to be the property of the Bull. And there is nothing nasty when it comes to sex. Actually, nastier by normal standards are hornier for them. Even my readers might not be able to imagine to what extent they can go.

Cuckolding can be an incredibly erotic and intimate experience for couples willing to explore their boundaries and communicate their desires. By taking the time to establish clear rules and boundaries, couples can build trust. They can deepen intimacy and experience a new level of sexual pleasure together.

Naani and Shyla discovered it 7 years earlier. Otherwise, they are a normal couple. She is an obedient housewife who has kids. But in private, it’s different. For Naani, it is a way to release all the pressure in his business life.

As asked by many of my readers, I would also like to add relevant information on the history of the topic I write and some trivia.

In ancient Greece, cuckolding was often associated with male power and sexual conquest. Men were expected to have a wife and family. But they were also encouraged to pursue sexual relationships with younger men. This was a common practice in ancient Greece.

It was seen as a way for older men to mentor and guide younger men. As for the context in which cuckolding was practised, it was often related to social and political power. For example, a man might cuckold another man as a way to assert his dominance over him or as a way to gain political advantage.

Owning another man’s wife was seen as a way to demonstrate power and control over the wife and the other man. Cuckolding was seen as a way to demonstrate a man’s sexual prowess and dominance. The idea was that a man who could successfully cuckold another man was more sexually powerful and dominant than the cuckolded man.

This was seen as an important marker of masculinity in ancient Greece. As for the cuckolded man, humiliation was seen as a form of emasculation. The cuckolded man was seen as weaker and less masculine than the man who could cuckold him.

Naani was exactly the same. Though he was a successful businessman, he was a sissy. This is how he got to release all his pressure.

Naani had arranged his friend’s flat for our meet-up. I took an auto from my hotel to the location. When I got down from the auto, I saw Naani standing on the other side. It was our first meeting, but we had seen our photos already. He didn’t notice me, so I went near him and patted his back.

He turned to see me, and I soon saw a light of excitement on his face. “Oh, I was waiting for you. Shayla had sent me to guide you.”

“Nice, what is she doing?”

“I don’t know, but before coming down, I was helping her with a hair dryer drying her hair.”

“That’s cool, so your wife has got dressed up to seduce and get fucked by me,” I told him as we entered the lift.

“Yes, master,” he said. The moment he uttered that word, I understood that Shayla had already had a conversation with him and had asked me to call a master.

The lift opened, and Naani showed me the way towards the apartment. He knocked on the door and asked his wife’s permission. “Can I come in?”

“Come on in,” I heard from inside.

As we went in, Shayla was coming towards the door. She was taking her hands down from her head after wearing jasmine flowers. She wore a shining black saree with striking blue border and a sleeveless blouse with a deep neck and back. Her blouse seemed to be stitched perfectly for this kind of situation.

And the pushup bra with a ⅓ cup, she was displaying her huge cleavage.

“Naani,” I said, looking at her, “where did you get this elite mature slut?”

“Thanks for the compliments. I also have a dedicated slave here,” she turned towards Naani and said, “Hey, Cuck, where are my heels?”

He immediately ran into the room. I checked her from top to bottom, and she proudly showed her assets by making slight movements.
“So what refreshment do you like to have, my prince?” She asked me in the manner of a slut.

Meanwhile, Naani came running, holding her blue-coloured heels, and he stood near the sofa. She sat down, and immediately Naani sat on the floor to put on her high-heeled shoes. And she was talking to me without giving a slight amount of respect to her hubby.

“Yeah, tell me dear, what refreshments do you like to have, you name it, and I have a slave to get it.”

“Some Red Bull, but I need it chilled. You got it?”

“No worries, hey Cucky, go run,” she told him like an owner tells her dog.

“Where to?” I asked her

“We will get it on the next street, and let’s send this slave to get it.” She looked at him, who was still looking. She immediately spat on his face, “Run, you motherfucker,” she chased him away. “Haha. See how he runs,” she turned towards me with a wicked smile.

“You have married a nice cuck,” I told her.

“Yeah, but it took many years for me to discover it,” she replied.

“Means?” I was curious. I had only known his side of the story until then. I could not speak much to Shayla because she used to be busy with her joint family.

“When I got married, I knew about marriage per se but nothing about relationships and companionship. I got married to this Naani, which was arranged. It was not against my wish, but at that time, even I didn’t know what my wish was,” Shayla started to open up and behave as a natural wife once her cuck had left.

“So after getting married, we were in a joint family, and I never felt lonely. It was always busy with people around. And this fucker used this opportunity to hide his real self from me. He never used to have sex with me, only once in a while. That, too, was very much below the average. But I thought that sex itself was all that.” she continued.

“And when did you actually get into reality?” I intervened.

“It was 4 years ago. This flat belongs to one of our friends staying in Canada, and we take care of this. It was always vacant, and I used to come to clean it sometimes. One day, I saw Naani taking a young boy of around 25. I felt suspicious. The next day, I came here to check the CCTV footage, and this slave was licking his feet.”

“Oh, what a way to discover the real self of the man whom you have lived with for decades,” I responded.

“Yes, only at that moment I discovered why he was avoiding sex with me for all these years. Hence I decided to get back all the fun I missed.”

“So when did you confront him?” I asked. Shayla said, “I was devastated and angry at the same time. I slapped him very hard and asked him if I needed a divorce and didn’t want to live with this loser,”

“Ok, you went to that extent all the way?” I enquired.

“Yes, and then he fell to my feet and pleaded not to, and he said he would do anything for me,” she continued, “That’s when I started to explore my boundaries. I was hungry for a real man.”

“I believe that hunger has not been properly quenched.” I held her by the neck and smooched her. She responded romantically to it by slowly feeling my lips over hers. She ran her tongue all over my lips and started smooching.

By that time, Naani came running with sweat dripping from his head. She looked at him and then looked at the wall clock. “See the time, you are 3 minutes late,” she told him authoritatively.

“Yes, madam, there was a queue for the billing,” he hesitantly answered.

“Mmmm… is that the case?” She put her hands on my groin and rubbed over my pants. She unbuckled my belt, saying to Naani, “Yes, but you should have explained the urgency.”

“What he must have told? Give me sooner? My Master is at home waiting to screw my wife, haha?” I spoke my mind.

“This slave must have told that,” She pulled my belt out and stood up. Soon Naani got it, and he fell at her feet, asking sorry. And with her heeled leg, she almost kicked him to move out. She made him stand against the wall and shouted, “Pants down, you bastard.”

Naani hurriedly lowered his pants showing his brown undies. “Should I call your mom to pull down your undies?” She asked while she whipped my belt on to his legs. He let an aah and lowered down his undies to display his ass.

FHAT is what I heard when she whipped his ass in my leather belt. Didn’t even hear an “aah” from him. He tried to control holding his tongue. I heard mmmmm-mmmmm a couple of times.

“Oh nice, this slave knows not to shout,” I said.

“Let him shout and see. He knows the lesson, don’t you, Naani?” she asked him. He didn’t give an immediate answer, so before he answered, he had another slap oh his ass. He controlled again. “So, do you know why you had to face this?”

“Yes, madam, yes,” he replied in a hurry.


“I should have told the cashier that I want to go soon as my wife is getting fucked by another man,” He uttered. But then Fatak, I saw her hitting him harder again. She lifted her leg and pushed Naani by her knees onto the wall. Meanwhile, she held him hard for support.

“Another man? What did you say?” and she hit him again, “Superior man, superior man is what you should have told him. Got it?”

I grabbed her by the waist. She wasn’t very slim, but she had a sexy waist. “Oh dear, your touch is doing something to me,” She said, whipping his ass again, “See, this is how you should have learnt to touch me.”

I pulled her pallu, which displayed her skimpy blouse and large boobs. They were being held by a pushup bra. I ran my palm over her boobs, which she reciprocated by moving her boobs up and down.

“You like my boobs, honey?” She asked me while moving her boobs up and down like a cabaret dancer. And then she pulled me towards her holding my face and rubbed it over her cleavage. I licked her cleavage. It made her take a deep breath, by taking which she spanked Naani’s ass for no reason.

“Where is my RedBull, I asked her?”

And bang, he got it again, and his ass cheeks had already turned red. He soon walked and got it from the table he had kept. Brought it near me and asked, “Master, shall I open it for you, Master?”

“Do that,” I said while kissing his wife on the neck and her lips. Then leaned my hand to take the tin. I sipped my mouth and lip kissed Shayla to pass on everything in my mouth. She had it full and said, “One more, please,” we emptied that RedBull.

Shayla turned towards Naani and said, “It’s not enough if you open the can for him. Now open my blouse for him.” He came to her and waited for me to take way. “What’s this lady? You allow him to undress you when he is fully dressed?”

“Oh yeah, you are right,” she told me and turned towards him with a stare. He hurriedly started removing his t-shirt and dropped his pants. He then removed his undies and covered his tool with his palm.

Now she didn’t have my belt in her hand, so she hit his thighs with her hand. “Are you shy of your size? Show it, show my man how tiny your manhood is.”

He hesitantly removed his hand, and I was taken aback. Because it was hardly two inches long and I sincerely couldn’t control my laughter.

“See.. this is how I suffered,” she continued. “Pull it up and show him it doesn’t get any bigger.” Naani obediently followed her orders.

“Now, show me what assets your wife has. Remove her blouse, you cuck,” I ordered him.

As a perfect slave, he stood in front of his wife and started to open the hooks of her blouse. She spat at his face, and the cuck hubby Naani stopped opening her blouse hooks without having any idea about why she did it.

He looked at her to hear, “You idiot, you are not opening it for yourself. It is for my man to see. Stay out of the way and do it.”

He opened the blouse, and there was a blue coloured bra which was covering only 3/4th of what the regular bra covers. He took out her blouse and held her boobs from below on the palm. He said, “Here it is for you, my master.” I was never offered any hotwife’s boobs in that manner.

I put my hands over her bra and started kneading. 30 seconds of that act was enough to make her start her moans. I didn’t want to take out the bra because I wanted to see her first in lingerie. I was sure she was wearing a blue one.

I had just reached my fingers inside the bra into her nipples. She had just finished clipping her blouse into Naani’s nipples. I moved my finger on her areola, and she turned towards me with a slutty look.

And letting out a huh, she put her hands into my pants. Bypassing my undie, she reached for my cock. She now wore a different kind of smile.

“Mmmm…Seems big,” saying this, she continued taking her hand downwards and started to feel my balls, initially with fingers and then with her palm.

Meanwhile, I pulled her saree, and it went down. The perfect dominant hotwife was wearing a blue g string which barely covered her pussy.

I put my hand over her pussy and felt those neat pussy lips. Just by that, Shayla started to move her waist round and around, and her prominent ass swayed through.

She lifted her leg and showed her heels towards Naani. She called him and pointed at me. He understood. He came near me and obediently asked, “Master, can I help you to be more free by taking your clothes off, master?”

I gave him access while pushing her bra aside to remove those lovely 38-sized boobs fully. Like an obedient slave, he removed my shirt and pants.

“Hey, cuck, get your wife naked out there,” I ordered him. He immediately went behind his wife to disrobe her for me. Meanwhile, I took out my undie and threw it away.

Shayla called, “Hey, my slave, how can you allow my man’s undie to lie there like that? Do justice to the piece that holds my man’s dick.” Naani took my underwear and wore it over her face.

I then pushed her into the sofa and lied over her sucking her boobs. Naani was nearby, eagerly watching me suck his wife’s melons. It started to arouse him slightly. He slowly took his hands towards his dick. I sucked both her boobs for some 10 minutes.

She either pushed my head towards her or held her nipples with her fingers and fed my mouth. She loved it when I rolled my tongue over her dark nipples. When I got up, she noticed Naani holding his dick. She got furious, saying, “You bloody motherfucker, how dare you get hard watching your wife?”

He started to mumble, “Sorry.”

She continued her attack, “Sorry! I would have accepted your fucking sorry had you allowed me to taste a dick of my choice two decades ago.” She held her legs up, and she kicked his balls with her heeled and pointed-toe footwear.

“Uummm,” he uttered.

She continued, “Tell him what you’ve been doing all these years?”

He kept silent, and his balls had to take another shot for it, which made him open his mouth. He looked at me and said, “I…I used to get screwed in the ass by a labourer.”

“And what did you complain to your mom about me when she asked why I am not getting pregnant?” She asked with authority. Without waiting for his answer, she kicked his balls from below. And the blow now seemed a bit painful, and he sat on the chair holding his balls.

“I… I had said, Master, I had said my wife is not interested in sex.” As he had just finished uttering, she told him, holding my dick and teasing him, “See how nice this dick is.”

Saying that, she started to lick my dick. She licked it without even leaving a millimetre. Meanwhile, she chided her hubby by saying, “You motherfucker, go down there and lick my cunt.” As Naani licked her pussy she sucked me for 10 minutes and looked at me to ask, “Aren’t you cumming?”

“It needs to travel a lot in your pussy, dear,” I told Shayla.

“Oh, that’s a nice dick,” she replied and stood beside the sofa. I stood up and pointed my dick at her pussy. By holding her thighs to spread it to give access for my dick to her pussy. Since she still had her heels on, it gave very great access to her pussy when she lifted her leg a bit.

Naani, licking her pussy until she got up, stood there waiting for her next order. “Come on, hold my leg and help me to take this man’s cock in.” Naani obediently sat down and placed her leg above his shoulder.

I entered her warm pussy, which made her say, “Ahaaaha… what a lovely dick,” and she smooched me. She started to slightly move her waist as my dick was screwing her pussy. It made her look even more horny – like an absolute MILF slut.

I fucked her holding her shoulders for some time and her waist for some other time. After 5-6 minutes, she wanted to change her leg. Hence she put the other one onto her hubby. While he was sucking her toe fingers, my dick was busy increasing the heat of her pussy.

After around 3-4 minutes, a gush of fluids started to take control of her pussy, and her body started to shiver in ecstasy. “Vooooooo,” saying that she almost collapsed on Naani’s shoulders as soon as I took my dick out. She threw herself on the couch and held Naani by her hair.

She pulled his face towards her pussy. He started licking her pussy. “Hey, you bastard, kiss it, vacuum off my cum. See how my man has made me leak. Have you ever made me cum like this?” She pulled him by holding his head, allowing him to at least gasp before he answered.

“I’m sorry,” He answered, gasping.

Meanwhile, I stood on the couch and shoved my dick into her mouth. She started sucking. After two minutes, she told, “I have fallen in love with your dick, my Master,” and then continued sucking.

After a while, I bent her and started screwing her in doggy style. After some time, “Are you about to cum?” she asked, turning her head towards me. “Not yet. I will tell you before I shoot,” I said.

“Yes, tell me, I don’t want it to go wasted,” she said between her moans. Finally, when I declared I was cumming she immediately turned around and started to suck me like a hungry bitch. She swallowed a part of my cum and spat it into Naani’s mouth. Naani gulped it all.

And then we relaxed a bit. Meanwhile, she played with my dick sucking occasionally and me sucking her boobs. I wanted to go to the loo and stood up. She asked me, “Loo?” I replied, “Yes.”

“Oye, my slave, get it,” she told him and asked me, “You don’t need to trouble yourself, dear. My slave will help you out.”

He brought a mug in which I peed. Meanwhile, Shayla was making a drink. She poured rum into three glasses. She poured coke for her, Redbull for me, and mixed my piss to rum for her hubby.

After a drink, I took her to the shower and screwed that bitch there. Naani wiped our bodies with a towel, and I took his wife to the bedroom. We slept for a while and then had one more session.

This can be called the kinkiest cuckold couple I met as a Bull. If my experience has entertained you and given wings to some of your fantasies, you can let me know. Write an email or ping on chats at [email protected].