My Mom’s Milky Boobs – Part 1

My father is a rich businessman. My father went abroad for some business deals.

My mother threw a party with Dad’s friends and a few neighbours. My mother is 5 feet  7 inches tall. She is very fair and beautiful. She has big round breasts, a round ass,  a thin waist, and a deep navel. My mother was wearing a blue silk blouse and a blue silk saree.

After having dinner at the party, most of the men left. I went to sleep at 10.30. Then I woke up at midnight. I heard sounds. I did not switch the lights on. I went to the drawing room and saw three middle-aged men still there. I saw my mother drinking rum with them. They had become drunk.

One was Mr Singh, the second was Mr Sharma, and the third was Mr Khan. Mother was not covering her bosom with her saree pallu. Her chest was fully displayed, and they stared at my mother’s cleavage. I could see her fair chest. Her big round breasts pointed forward.

They requested her to drink a few more glasses. I thought I would try to talk to her but stayed back. The songs were playing in the background. Mr Singh then switched on the TV and played a porn movie. My mother watched the movie. She saw the woman in the movie having group sex with many men.

My mother was watching porn movies with lots of interest. I saw them sitting next to her on the sofa. Two of them started rubbing her back. The third guy removed her saree completely. Mother stood up and did not care as she let him remove her saree from her body.

They kissed and licked Mother’s navel as she closed her eyes. She was now in her blue petticoat. They rubbed Mother’s shoulders and pulled her blouse to her arms on both sides, exposing her white bra straps and opening her blouse’s first button. Mother’s deep cleavage and bra were visible.

Mother watched porn while drinking wine. They grabbed my mother’s breasts and started pressing them. My mother got up and asked, “What are you men doing with me?” They said nothing and kissed her while holding her cheeks. Mother did not react but smiled and laughed.

She said, “Lol, you people kissed me, so fuck me.” One guy grabbed her breasts from the front and kissed her breasts on the nipple area. Mother moved back excitedly and pulled her panty down without opening her dress. Another guy grabbed her breasts from behind and lifted her petticoat.

My mother held her hand over his hands as they opened her blouse. My mother was not ready to open her bra and show her breasts to those men.  They wanted to see my mother’s cunt. Mother said she never did group sex or become nude in front of many men before.

They came near my mother to remove the remaining clothes from her body. Mother started to run around the room, smiling and laughing as they tried to catch her. They were playing games. My mother could run faster than those men as she was younger and thinner than them.

They will grab my mother’s breasts and pull her bra. They raise her petticoat to view her anus and pussy. One would pull her petticoat from back, exposing her round gaand, my mother would pull her petticoat down. Then another guy would lift her petticoat from the front to see my mother’s pussy.

When he saw my mother’s pussy, mother was blushing and covering her face. She said, “You saw my choot. I feel so shy.” The third guy took a chance and opened my mother’s bra’s hooks from behind. He took off the bra from her body. Mother smiled but covered her chest with her hands.

After they tickled her, she exposed her breasts to them. They wanted her to show her pussy to them. Mother faced them and lifted her petticoat and told them, “See my choot, all of you see, come closer” They hugged and kissed my mother and her breasts.

They pressed her breasts and sucked her nipples. They carried her to the sofa. And first, Mr Khan opened his pants and brought out his dick and inserted it inside my mother’s pussy. He had sex with my mother for 10 minutes and ejaculated while wearing a condom.

Then Mr Sharma had sex with my mother by asking her to ride on him. She fucked him by taking his dick inside her pussy love tunnel. I saw her round breasts shaking. Mr Sharma grabbed her breasts as she fucked him. Then my mother squirted.

After that, the third guy Mr Singh who had the biggest dick among them fucked my mother on the floor. My mother moaned as she had to take his huge dick inside her pussy. Mr Singh held my mother tightly and fucked her for twenty minutes. My mother looked tired. They took a rest and went to the bathroom.

Mother wanted to sleep, but they demanded more sex. At that time, it was 2 am. As they could not have a proper erection, they asked my mother to dress again and strip. It was decided that my mother would perform vulgar dances for them with a song and wear clothes differently. They will fuck her the whole night.

They saw my mother’s wardrobe and selected clothes for her to wear. The party lights were on. First, Mr Khan would have fun with my mother, and the others sat behind to watch. He played the song ‘Honton pe baas tera naam hai’ from the film ‘Yeh Dillagi.’

Mother wore a blue bra and saya with blue panties.  Mother had to sing and perform the hot chest moves like the song while winking at Mr Khan. Mother saw the song video and made her moves towards Mr Khan. The best part was when she sang, ‘Janam, I love you, you love me, Janam.’

She was also lifting her saya and showing her pussy to him. Gradually she became naked and shook her breasts while singing the song. Mr Khan got a full erection and fucked my mother hard, sucking her nipples.

Then after 10 minutes, my mother wore a white floral blouse and white saya for Mr Sharma. She will sing the song ‘Dhak dhak karne laga’ from the film ‘Beta.’ She also sang along with the video playing on TV. As she was dancing, he was pressing her breasts and buttocks.

But she was performing her dance by shaking her chest. He grabbed her nipple area with his fingers. She shook her breasts, covered with a white blouse. When Mr Sharma got a full erection, he grabbed my mother and opened her blouse to kiss her breasts and then fucked her.

This time Mom was fucking for the fifth time, and she was moaning. He ejaculated after having sex with my mother. Mother lay naked as they kissed my mother’s breasts together. Mr Singh had masturbated watching my mother dance like a Randi-type item girl.

Then Mother took a rest for a few minutes. Mr Singh made Mother wear a red blouse and saree and showed her the Bhojpuri video song ‘Phat jaye choli ho.’
Mom saw the vulgar dance moves and started dancing in a vulgar way looking at Mr Singh.

She moved her hands, waist, hips, chest, and legs to dance like in the video. What a move she was doing with her round hips and round boobs. Her cleavage was shining due to sweat. Her round boobs were held tightly by the red blouse showing her cleavage, and her nipples raised over the blouse cloth.

My mother performed those vulgar dance moves, and he took off her clothes. My mother looked at him when she sang, moving her hands, shaking her breasts, and rubbing her cleavage. ‘Ye garmi, barsaat aur shardi, haila hamra se hamdardi. Jaldi leke aaja hamra ghar doli ho, lagta ki phat jaye hamra choli ho.’

He told her to dance till she got tired completely. Mother danced the vulgar steps again and again and lay on the sofa tired. Nobody knew that a thief had watched my mother dancing like this at that time. He will do his part after a few months.

She was still dressed. Mr Singh pressed Mother’s boobs hard over her blouse and lifted her saree. He saw her pink pussy had already turned red due to so many fucking sessions. They knew my mother would feel pain as Mr Singh had the biggest dick among them. She would fuck today for the sixth time.

Mr Singh had jerked off a few times. So he would take longer to come inside my mother’s love tunnel this time.

Mother told him, “Hold my hands tightly and press them on both sides stretched. Do not lose your grip. I will try to move when you fuck me, and I will scream. But you must fuck me as hard as you can, do not stop till you ejaculate. I want to experience this hardcore sex where there is pain and fun.”

She told others, “You two tickle me in my underarms and waist when I scream too much.” He popped my mother’s boobs without opening the blouse completely. Then he lifted the saree over her waist. He inserted his big dick inside my mother’s pussy. Mother was asking him to close her eyes in pain.

“Slowly, I am nervous and scared,” She paused as he stopped after inserting and said,  “Please start it, hold my hands and fuck me,  make me cry like a whore.” He kissed my mother and started to have sexual intercourse with my mother.

Then immediately, he increased the speed of inserting his erect penis inside my mother’s pussy, taking it out and inserting it again. Mother was now feeling pain and made sensual sounds. Gradually she tried to free herself, but he held her tightly. The other men pressed her breasts and pulled her nipples.

Mother was enjoying this hardcore sex. They tickled her armpits when she was screaming. Mother was laughing while wanting to cry. She screamed and said, “Harder and faster, make me cry, fuck me like a whore. I am your whore. Just fuck my pussy with your dick, fuck me, fuck me, yeah.”

He was fucking my mother for fifteen minutes without getting tired and with the same speed. Now he hugged my mother tightly. My mother hugged him and even scratched his back in pain with her long nails. He kissed Mother to stop her screaming and fucked her harder.

I could see him increasing his speed. He fucked with a higher speed for ten more minutes. Till now, 40 minutes of fucking was going on. We saw him reducing his speed, and then he took out his dick.  I could see his semen inside my mother’s pussy.

My mother showed them the semen inside her pussy. She stood up and used her fingers to make her pussy wide open and let the semen fall on the floor.

When I returned to bed, I noticed a thin, tall, dark man jumping out of the terrace like a monkey. He was shirtless. I checked where the window was open and saw semen on the floor. Did he watch my mother and jerk off? What if he gets attracted to my rich mother and comes back?

After that, my mother used to go out with them. They stopped coming here, as my father and neighbours might suspect. They had to hide this from their families, also. Then again, they came to our home when my father was out of the city.

I pretended to fall asleep. Then I carefully saw my mother and them inside the bathroom. They were all naked and wet with the shower on. They all hugged my mother and fucked her inside the bathroom. My mother sat naked on the sofa and watched porn movies with them.

They wanted to experiment with new positions. My mother wanted double fuck from the front and behind. She fucked one, and another fucked her from behind as the third guy pressed her breasts. They fucked her pussy, and asshole, together. Then they dressed and went outside.

Then the three men broke up with my mother. They decided to find new partners. Mother was sad for a few days. After one week, my mother went out in her car wearing a sexy blouse. She came in the early morning with new men. She had difficulty walking. They helped my mother to walk as she was drunk.

I knew she had fucked them many times. They kissed her breasts and went away. They were also known to my family, and they fucked my mother.

I told my mother I was going out with my friends for two days. But I watched from a nearby apartment. I saw two cars entering our home. I entered using duplicate keys and watched my mother sitting with the two managers of my father.

They were in the high post of my father’s company. They said, holding her breasts, “We want to drink your breast milk.” Mother said, “I have to become pregnant, then only I can produce milk for you from my breasts. You can suck my nipples and drink my breast milk.”

They said, “Then we will make you pregnant. We will fuck you without condoms. You have to take our semen inside you.”

My mother said, “And how shall I manage my pregnancy? What will I tell my family and my neighbours? What will they think? No, I need to get pregnant by my husband only. Otherwise, I will face problems. I will love to have your babies inside me, but I can’t leave my rich husband. I cannot divorce. I will stay with him and have sex with men behind his back.”

After that, my mother had regular sex with my father when he returned. Then she became pregnant. One of my father’s elder brothers was not having babies even after 25 years of marriage.

My mother convinced them to raise their baby as their own. She gave birth and breastfed the baby for a few months. Then my uncle adopted the baby as his child.

Now my mother’s breasts need to be sucked regularly to make milk continue getting secreted inside her breasts. Those two men had lots of fun with my mother. They had waited one year to drink my mother’s breast milk. I could see them drinking my mother’s breast milk by sucking her nipples and fucking her.

She used to do double breastfeeding with them. They both sucked my mother’s nipples together and drank her breast milk. When milk stopped flowing, they would hold my mother’s breasts with their hands and press from below to milk her breasts. Then they would drink more of her milk.

Mother would fuck them, and milk will ooze out of her nipples. Mother’s blouse will become wet near the nipples when they press her breasts.

A thin man would wait for my mother near the gate for a few days, say he was hungry, and ask for money. My mother gave him money many times. Then she got fed up and asked him to find other women. He fell on her feet, so she gave him money again. He cried and asked for work. Mother did not reply.

When he came again, his mother told him to cut grass and bushes in our garden. He agreed. I saw him peeping through windows and watching my mother, secretly spying on her. Heavy rainfall was going on that night, and there was no electricity outside.

We had an inverter. Mother saw him standing under the rain outside, fully wet. My mother told him to come inside and gave him food. She told him, “I do not have regular work for you. Come every Sunday and clean our garden.”

Mother wore a sleeveless nighty that exposed her cleavage and had no bra. Her nipples can be seen raised on the nighty. Milk was coming out, making the cloth wet and her nipples more visible.  I saw a cut mark on his back when he removed his wet shirt.

I recognized the mark as the same one I saw on the back of that thief. I decided to leave them alone and watch. He looked at my mother, opened his pant zip, and masturbated before her. Mother got up and said, “You can sleep here tonight. I am going to my bedroom.”

When my mother turned back, he grabbed her from behind and grabbed her breasts. He squeezed her breasts from behind. Mother said, “Leave me, leave me. I gave you shelter only. I cannot do this with you.” He told my mother he was a thief and saw her one year ago when she was doing the vulgar dance.

Mother freed herself, and they looked at each other, both breathing heavily. He touched my mother’s nipples over her nighty and poked them. Mother looked down with her hands behind her. He then pinched her nipples, and Mother smiled.

He tore my mother’s nighty near her chest and saw her breasts. The nighty fell, and my mother was only in her panties. My mother suddenly felt embarrassed in front of the thief. He kissed my mother and then kissed my mother’s breasts. He was also drinking my mother’s breast milk.

My mother held his head on her bosom and fed him breast milk. After drinking my mother’s milk, he wanted to have sex with my mother. My mother hesitated to have sexual intercourse with some poor, dirty thief. He pulled her panty down.

My mother told him to stop. She cannot have sex with a thief. Then he pressed and fondled my mother’s breasts and pulled her nipples. He twisted my mother’s nipples. Then he kissed my mother forcefully while fingering her pussy. Mother’s eyes were big as she did not expect this.

She tried to remove his lips from her lips. She then stopped resisting and enjoyed it when he kissed her. The thief and my mother had their lips locked, and they were kissing while hugging each other. Then he inserted his finger in my mother’s pussy while sucking her left breast and fondling her right breast.

Mother allowed him to touch her breasts and pussy. He bent down and then, with his fingers, widened my mother’s pussy and looked inside. Mother was laughing and also hiding her face with her hands in shame. He asked my mother to spread her thigh to look closer at her pussy.

Mother spread her legs while standing as much as she could, and he licked my mother’s pussy. Mother gave up and told him to fuck her. She lay on the floor’s carpet, spread her legs apart, and said, “Whatever you want to do with me, I am ready, do it.”

He had a long dick, giving big pleasure to my mother. I could see my mother’s reaction enjoying as he fucked her. Mother said, “Blow inside me, do inside me, make me pregnant.” After ejaculating inside my mother’s pussy, the thief kissed my mother’s nipples.

He held both her breasts in one hand and shook her tits. My mother held her legs above her, lying, to help his semen go deep inside her and reach her eggs. Then he sat on her chest, held my mother’s tits, and did mammary intercourse with her. He held both her tits on his dick and titfucked her.

He blew on her face after a few minutes. He told my mother not to wash her face and held her nipples hard. Then he pulled my mother’s nipples and made her get up. My mother was following the direction of her nipples being pulled.  He brought her in the rain and shook her tits, holding and pinching her nipples.

Mother was squealing when he was pinching her nipples. They had sex in the rain after rolling on the roof, hugging and holding each other. Both their bodies locked as one. They hugged each other tightly with their legs locked, kissing and holding each other.

My mother held his back while he held my mother’s buttocks. At the time of rolling, his dick was inside my mother’s pussy. When they rolled on the floor, his erect penis was inside my mother’s pussy. They held each other tightly. I saw his dark body mating with my mother’s fair white body.

He lay on the roof floor as he enjoyed my mother riding on him and fucking him. He held my mother’s breasts. My mother fucked him in the rain. Mother closed her eyes and moved up and down at high speed. I could see Mother’s round buttocks moving and her tits being pressed by him.

Then my mother squirted, and he ejaculated. My mother raised her legs, lying on her back to make his semen go deep inside her, reach her egg, and help her conceive. The thief was happy to see my mother, a rich, beautiful housewife, wanting to get pregnant by a thief.

My mother had sex with many men at that time. She fed her breast milk to all of them. Even if she becomes pregnant again, anybody can be the biological father of my mother’s baby.

After one hour, they slept in the bedroom, hugging each other. He held my mother’s breasts, and then he fucked her again for one hour. My mother was now moaning loudly. He climaxed inside my mother’s pussy. My mother raised her legs upwards to move the semen inside her and reach her eggs.