My Slutty Family – Part 6

Hi, this is Dhruv again with the continuation of the next part of ‘My Slutty Family.’

So in the previous part, you read how my wife played with mine and my son’s dick. This part continues how they tasted each other and fucked as lovers do for the first time. Rohan’s dream was fulfilled to fuck his hot sexy Mom.

Rohan started pressing her boobs at once with both his hands. Her nipples poked up when he brought her two boobs together. He licked her dark brown nipples. My wife moaned, “Aah, Rohan.”

It made Rohan get more aggressive. The licking in no time became biting her hard nipples. Ranjitha had her hand over Rohan’s head and moaned louder.

“Ah, eat, son, eat your Mom’s boobs. Be gentle while biting, son. Your Mom has never been bitten this hard. My nipples are so sensitive, son,” she said in a sexy husky tone.

Sheela was watching all of this from outside. She could see her brother’s semi-hard dick hanging over the top of her Mom’s pussy. It was shining with all her juices. She noticed his dick tip touching her Mom’s pussy while he bent to reach her boobs with his mouth.

Her Mom’s moaning was so sexy and making her horny too. Rohan after savouring his Mom’s boobs. He asked his Mom, “You have the most amazing boobs. I love to have them in my mouth all the time.”

My wife rubbed his hair and said, “They are all yours, son. Who doesn’t want someone who uses them very well.” Rohan licked the bottom of her boobs. He went down, licking her body with his tongue out till his tongue slipped into her navel hole.

He heard his Mom moaning as his tongue dug into her navel. He gripped his hand over her boobs while his tongue went all around in circles. He was satisfied licking and fucking his Mom’s navel with his tongue. It’s time for him to taste his Mom’s sweet pot.

He moved down and felt her soft, shaved abdomen over his nose. He ran his nose all over her abdomen, then moved it further down, and a hard, sweet smell hit his nose. It was his Mom’s sexy pussy smell. It was all wet and licking with the tension. What will her son do to it?

Rohan brought out his tongue and just licked the top of her pussy line. My wife arched her back as her son’s tongue played over her pussy. She moaned, “Aah, Rohan, eat it. Eat your Mom’s pussy like a good boy. I cannot wait.”

Rohan was waiting for her to beg him, and then he made sure his tongue pierced her pussy, digging the depth of it. My wife was moaning and getting the pleasure of her lifetime. Her son’s tongue hit her clit.

She couldn’t hold herself and squirted her juices. She remained like that for some time. Rohan did not stop drinking all her juices and licking her pussy till his Mom was back to her senses. Once Ranjitha came to her senses and saw her son still licking her, she pulled him up.

She kissed his lips and said, “You are the best among all the sexual partners that I had till now. You played with my pussy, and you are the best licker I have got.” She reached for his dick which was hanging and hard. She pushed herself lower to make her pussy touch his dick.

Rubbing his dick over her pussy she moaned, “Fuck me, son, fuck your Mom like no one ever fucked me. I will be the biggest slut for your dick.” They kissed, and Rohan made sure his dick was in her pussy while they were still kissing.

Once 3/4th of his dick was in, he could feel the tightness around his dick tip. He made his Mom sleep on the bed. He raised her two hands and placed them over her head. Now he could see her shaved underarms and her boobs clearly. He pulled his dick out a little and pushed it in completely.

Ranjitha screamed as his huge dick reached the place that no one had ever explored. Rohan was amazed to feel the tightness of his Mom’s pussy. He also liked the way her boobs bounced as he pushed his dick in. He started to fuck her with slow hard strokes listening to his Mom’s moans.

He was loving the way his Mom was moaning as he fucked her. He increased the force and now fucking her in quick movements. It made Ranjitha moan louder, and it made it so hot. Ranjitha had her legs around her son.

She made sure she raised her ass off the bed to meet the hard stroke of her son’s dick. She is also tightening her pussy to feel her son’s hardness in her. Sheela was watching everything that was going on in the room.

Being a naughty girl, she could not resist herself from pulling her pants down. She did it along with her panties. Placing her leg on the chair over there, she had her two fingers into her pussy.

It was a new feeling for her to watch live sex and fingering herself. Meanwhile, Ranjitha came again on her son’s dick, and it made Rohan’s dick more sloppy. He placed his Mom’s legs on his shoulders now and continued to drill her pussy harder.

He wanted to fuck her in all the positions. But again, there was a danger that someone could come home. So he started fucking with great speed. His Mom just laid there with the huge back-to-back orgasms.

As he was about to cum, Rohan pulled out his dick and sprayed his juices above her pussy and all over her boobs. Sheela cum when her Mom got the orgasm. She left to her room to wash herself.

Once done, Rohan left his Mom there on the bed nude. He started to walk to his room after collecting his wet shorts from the floor. Sheela was waiting near the stairs. She saw her brother coming out of the room nude with a hanging dick.

She smiled at him, knelt and took his dick. She licked all the juices clean and got up. She asked her brother, “So your dream got fulfilled?” Rohan nodded his head in happiness. Sheela asked him. “Who has got the best pussy among us?”

Rohan smiled and said, “You have the tightest pussy, sister.” They kissed and went back to their rooms.

Hope you liked how my son fucked my wife and daughter’s pussies. I hope you loved the experience. Keep waiting for the parts to come. Let me know if anything is missing at [email protected].