My sister Kavya’s gym sex experience ?

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Hello everyone, this is Varun with a new story. Thank you for all the responses to my previous story about a homeless man.

This is a new incident that happened in a gym. My sister, Kavya and I go to the gym 2-3 days a week to gain strength after all the cardio sessions at home. The gym is very close to our apartment. We can reach the gym in less than 10 minutes on walking.

I normally wear loose shorts and a t-shirt to the gym, and my sister wears tight shorts and loose intimate tops. Sis also doesn’t wear a bra and panties to the gym. But she would keep a bra handy just in case. We go to the gym late at night as we like our privacy while working out.

Usually, only the receptionist will be there at the front desk. He looks at my sister like a hungry dog who hasn’t eaten anything long. Also, Kavya likes to flirt with him. She keeps him close by giving him a nice view of her bare boobs. She also lets him play with them from time to time.

In return, he tells us when we go in if anyone else is working out. He tells us if anyone comes to the gym after we go in. So Kavya can wear a bra and turn off the video recordings in the gym.

He sometimes bumps up the temperature in the gym. Because of so much heat and sweat, we remove our tops during the workout. The receptionist takes the most advantage. He also collects our jackets when we get in and returns them to us only when we leave.

In the first 2 years, we did not notice anyone regularly coming at that time. Occasionally, one or two people would come to work out, but we would not see them again.

One day after we started working out, I saw the receptionist go to use the restroom. We continued our exercises and didn’t notice that one more guy came to the gym as we were doing push-ups. Sis was wearing just shorts and a lace cami top.

Once we finished, we sat down and noticed this guy standing behind us. Due to the cool air inside the gym and sweat, her left nipple was poking on her top. The right boob slipped out of the top. This guy noticed it. Sis had kept the bra inside her bag, which was next to her.

Instead of taking the whole bag, she took the bra out and went to the locker room to put it on. This guy kept staring at her once she came out of the locker room. We continued with our workout for that day. Before leaving, Kavya went to the locker room to remove her bra and asked the receptionist to sneak inside.

I waited for 2 minutes, and my sister didn’t come out. So I went in and saw her blowing the receptionist half-naked. Her top was on the floor. He was rubbing her bra on his face like he was caressing her and was having the time of his life. Sis was licking his 7 inch dick, getting deep-throated, and rolling her tongue.

He unloaded while she was deep-throating him. She had to swallow most of it, and some fell on her boobs. She slowly wiped off the cum on her boob using her forefinger and licked all of it. After that, he kept the bra, my sister wore the top, and we left.

The next day she was wearing a deep V-neck lace top and shorts. The top was so deep that her nipples would be seen even when she stood upright. As usual, there was no one other than the receptionist when we went to the gym. We started working out.

After 5 minutes, the same guy from yesterday came, and the receptionist informed us the same. Sis tried to find the bra in the bag. She realized that the emergency bra had been given to him yesterday. She asked him if he still had the bra, and he said he had left it home.

I thought of giving her my shirt to cover herself, but the devil inside told me not to. The guy saw us, came near us and complimented her boobs. We didn’t know what to do. Kavya just smiled at him by covering her boobs with her hands and went to the locker room.

He started small talk with me, but I didn’t respond to him properly. So he continued his workout and went out when he got a phone call. Sis then came out, and we continued our workout, and he did not return until we were almost done. Kavya was working on her glutes on the hip extension machine.

I was in the locker room freshening up. Sis had closed her eyes while on this machine. Even the receptionist didn’t say anything when this guy returned. He just came from behind and cupped her boobs. Sis didn’t react, thinking it was me, and he started massaging her boobs.

I saw him massaging her boobs when I came out. He just pulled his hands back and walked away after seeing me. Evil things started running through my mind, and I wanted to tease him a little. So I told my sister to do some burpees to see how that guy would react.

Sis told me she was uncomfortable with her boobs exposed, but I insisted. Sis started, and her 34-size boobs had completely come off the top and bounced. This guy was staring at her with an erection. He was continuously rubbing his dick and was fucking her with his eyes.

After finishing this exercise, she adjusted her boobs and told me she would sit in the sauna for 15 minutes. She asked me to join her, and she went. While gathering our things, the guy asked me how I would join her as there are different saunas for men and women.

I asked him whether he enjoyed the boob show, to which he said he did. Then I told him I would join my sister in the men’s sauna room. We both would be sitting naked there. He could watch my sister if interested, but I told him not to enter the room.

I joined my sister. After 2 minutes, he entered the sauna room and undressed before us. We were surprised to see his monster dick. Sis stared at his dick like her eyes popped out and said, “Wow.” Seeing this, we came out, got dressed and left.

After seeing his dick, I wanted him to fuck my sister. I started thinking of different scenarios of how he would fuck her. That night I fucked her like a mad dog.

This guy didn’t come to the gym for the next 2 times we went. Sis became more relaxed, and we continued our regular workouts. After 2 weeks, the receptionist increased the temperature again. We removed our tops because of the high heat. It was 15 minutes into our workout, and the receptionist stepped outside.

We just continued with our workout. Sis was exercising shoulder press. I was spotting her when we heard someone come in. We thought it was the receptionist, but it was that guy. Sis was topless with her hands in the air, holding dumbbells with closed eyes. I was busy looking at her boobs.

When she finished her reps and opened her eyes, we realized that this guy was standing and staring at her boobs. Sis then let go of the dumbbells and covered her boobs with her hands. She started running towards the locker room. But I stopped her and told her to show him her bare boobs.

I asked him what he would do to her. He straight away grabbed her boobs and squeezed them. His grip was so strong that my sister’s boobs turned red when he let go of them. After seeing his humongous dick and his ferociousness, I wanted to see my sister get fucked by him.

I told my sister not to wear anything and continue the workout. But she insisted on wearing the top. Sis tried to wear the bra first, but he snatched it from her and threw it away. So she wore only the top. It was a loose crop top that ended right below her boobs.

Every time she lifted her hands, her complete boobs would be seen. I saw an evil smile on that guy and also noticed his erection. He then started rudely commenting on my sister’s body. Like how he would fuck her and trash her pussy and ass and bite her boobs and spank her and make her his whore.

Listening to his nasty comments, I had an erection. I was lost in imagining how he would fuck her like a whore. I snapped out of it and told him to move on, and we continued our workout. He was passing nasty comments like whore, bitch, slut and how he would fuck her.

The entire time I imagined these scenarios in my head. We then completed our workout and left. On the way to our apartment, I told my sister I imagined different scenarios of him fucking her. I wanted to see her get fucked by him. Sis said she could try once.

The next time we went to the gym, I told Kavya not to wear the bra even if he came, and she did exactly that. Sis was wearing a white spaghetti tube top and thin white shorts. As usual, the guy came after a few minutes and started behaving lewdly. Sis and I were getting turned on by this.

But I told her not to do anything with him for 2 weeks. Also, do not have sex with anyone for 2 weeks to make this more enjoyable. Sis was drinking water. I knocked the bottle to tease him, and water fell on her boobs. I spilt some water on her shorts as well.

Her dress was so thin that it looked like she was naked after I spilt water on her. My sister and I couldn’t believe he did not fuck my sister after that. 4 more days passed. Sis was showing more and more boobs, and he was turning us on even more.

The next time we went to the gym, sister was wearing a deep neck lace top which didn’t cover anything and thin white shorts. We saw this guy was already there. This was a perfect opportunity. No matter what my sister did, her boobs couldn’t be covered by the top.

I told her we would do only cardio, like running and jumping jacks. We started our workout, and as usual, he started his comments. I asked him whether he was all talk and no fuck to which he got offended. Sis was on the treadmill running.

He pulled the treadmill plug and carried her to the Smith machine. He threw her on the floor, got a bench, and placed it there. He held his hands on the deep neck area and tore her top in one go like a monster. He made sister lie on the bench and tied her hands using the torn top.

Then he removed his shorts, and his 9-inch circumcised ripped monster dick popped out. I gave him my top and asked him to tie her legs, and he tied her legs. Without wasting time, he held her by the waist and tried to insert his dick inside her.

But he failed as my sister’s pussy had become tight, and she had her shorts on. The receptionist and I were confused. He asked me if she was still a virgin. I, the receptionist, and my sister started laughing. He got furious, and I helped him guide the tip of his dick.

Sis back started to arch, and in one go, he tore her shorts and thrust his entire dick inside her pussy. Sis arched her back completely, eyes rolled back because of the pain and gasped for air. He did not stop there and continued to fuck her in that position for a few minutes.

He had gripped one hand on her lower stomach and the other on her boob. He stopped after a few strokes. We were confused about whether he had already cummed, but he had not. He told me to place my hand on her lower stomach where he had gripped her.

He gripped his hand on my hand and continued his strokes. I could feel his dick ramming my sister’s pussy. I knew my sister was in heaven with these strokes.
He then stopped and looked at the receptionist and me. I told him to continue and finish what he had started.

The receptionist had locked the doors. He got set to watch my sister in action. This guy then untied my sister and made her rest on her back. Twisted her hips such that both her legs were on one side, and he fucked her like a mad dog in that position. We could hear a loud thap-thap sound with every stroke.

On the one hand, he positioned himself by gripping her hips. His other hand, he was squeezing her right boob and occasionally spanking her. My sister left boob was jumping up and down in sync with the strokes. He was spanking her so hard that her ass turned red quickly.

With every stroke, he would insert his dick completely and take it out to the tip. He was fucking her at a very high speed. His speed was so intense that we could hear thap thap thap in one second. He was fucking her so hard that the bench started moving. Sis was screaming ahh!

Finally, her body started shivering, and her eyes were completely rolled. She was in heaven. We knew she was cumming. Just then, he gave her a tight slap and told my sister, “Bitch, shut up. I am not done with you.” He continued to ram her pussy.

I then had to hold the bench, so my sister could feel the full thrust of his dick inside her. He fucked her in that position for a few minutes. Anytime my sister made a sound or opened her mouth, he would slap her very hard. With great difficulty, she had her mouth closed.

I could feel her as. She was tearing her eyes. He then pulled his dick out and spread her legs. My sister’s juices started flowing out of her pussy like a river. Kavya let out a loud moan, and she had a very big pleased smile and gave a thumbs up.

Sis told me that his every stroke made her feel like she was losing her virginity. She wanted more of him. He then sat on a bench and made my sister sit on him, and he held her by her ass in the air and fucked her in that position. His speed had slowed down in this position.

My sister’s boobs were bouncing like anything. I told my sister to squeeze her boobs together to give him more pleasure. I held her back and pushed his face into her boobs. To get more pleasure, sister started syncing her motion to his strokes. Then he told me to stop after some time.

Then he threw Kavya on the floor and got on top of her. He started fucking her in a missionary position. He had one hand on the floor and the other on her boob. He was squeezing the shit out of her boob. He was fucking my sister so hard that she slid on the floor with every thrust.

His dick was slipping out from time to time because of this. I helped him guide his dick back into my sister’s pussy. He appreciated it and continued to fuck her. This was happening a lot, so he lifted my sister and took her near a wall. He told her to stay in one place.

My sister placed her hands against the wall, and he continued to ram her pussy. He then gripped both hands on her waist, and his body stiffened. I knew he was going to cum. So I disturbed his rhythm, and he asked me why I stopped him. I wanted him to fuck her like there was no tomorrow.

For this, he told me he could fuck her for only a few more minutes as he had already fucked her for nearly 30 minutes. Then I told him to fuck her harder, so hard my sister should feel the pain and pleasure for a few days. He then spread her legs as wide as he could and asked my sister to hold her legs there.

He lifted her lower body and placed a small block underneath. He gripped himself on my sister’s lower stomach using both his hands and started ramming my sister’s pussy like there was tomorrow. Sis could not control his rage and started screaming, crying, and shouting.

He was reaching the deepest places inside her. The receptionist and I got so turned on that we both started shagging. He was ramming my sister’s pussy so hard that she came again. Her juices started spraying through the gaps. Sis was very tired now.

She was fucked to the fullest for almost 35 minutes now. He removed his dick, held my sister’s hair, and lifted her head. He gave me a tight slap, and my sister opened her mouth. He shoved his monster dick deep inside her throat. We could see her throat widen. My sister’s eyes opened fully, and she started gagging.

He did not care for it, and he mouth-fucked her. My sister’s face was fully red, and she was in tears and gagging continuously. Sis was about to pass out when he started unloading his cum deep inside her throat. Because of the gagging reflex, her head moved back.

His dick came out of her mouth, and he aimed at her face. Sis spilt some cum, and it started dripping on her neck. He was cumming so hard that his cum flew over my sister’s head. He was guiding the spray onto her face. By this time, I held his dick and pointed it to the floor.

His cum was sprayed on almost all parts of my sister’s body. There was some cum on the floor. He was disappointed and asked why I did it. I told him my sister had been trained to take cum directly in her mouth or pussy or lick it off the floor. There was a massive load of cum on my sister’s body.

Sis started collecting all the cum on her body. The receptionist gave her a plastic cup, and Kavya collected all the cum inside the plastic cup. We couldn’t believe that his cum filled almost half of the cup.

My sister, being a bitch, drank all the cum without leaving a single drop in the cup. Like a bitch she licked all the cum off the floor. He then dragged my sister into the restroom. I told her he needed to pee and told my sister to hold his dick while he peed. Sis held his dick while he peed.

Then he told my sister to clean his dick with her mouth. She started licking and sucking his dick and cleaning it with her mouth. He then wore his clothes and left. Sis was very tired and lay on the floor. I told her to wait there and went to our apartment and got spare clothes for her.

She had gained some strength by then and went to take a quick shower. I went and helped her. While showering, she told me it was one of the best sex she had had. I asked her how she felt. She told me it was like having sex for the first time, feeling every inch of his dick, tearing every inch of her pussy.

She had a very satisfied smile on her face. Sis also told me that from now on, the only dicks she would take would be mine and 9 inches or bigger dicks. Sis struggled to walk properly for a couple of days. Then we started going to the gym after 1 week.

We didn’t see this guy again. I went and asked the receptionist how he knew that guy. He told me that he was his friend and he wanted to fuck my sister. So he helped him by giving him our information. I thanked and hugged him and told him to thank his friend for giving such good pleasure to my sister.

We still go to the gym dressed the same way, hoping to find more encounters like this. I hope you all liked my story. All feedback is appreciated. Please reach out to me via email or hangouts at [email protected]