My Aunt Padma Showed Me Heaven – Part 14

Hi friends, I am penning down my memories after a very long time. I hope you like this story too, as in my earlier stories.

I am a 52-year-old man presently living in Bangalore. This particular incident happened in Mysore. During summer vacations, I had been to my dad’s younger cousin sister, Padma Aunty’s place. I was studying Engineering and was about 19 years old.

I sat on the sofa, and Babita looked at Padma Aunty for instructions. Padma Aunty signalled her to sit on my lap. Babita walked towards me, and her pussy lips parted as she walked. Her B-cup breasts didn’t move even a bit. She knew she had firm ones and had not yet sucked or mauled properly.

Babita sat on my thighs facing me, placing her legs across my legs. Her firm buttocks were sending heat waves to my thighs. My cock was stuck between our bodies. I freed my cock, and it sprang out.

Babita laughing, said, “You have a deadly weapon, Rajesh. Handle it with care, or it may shoot anyone.” This was the first she spoke to me in the evening. I said, “Don’t worry, Babita, it doesn’t harm anyone. It gives pleasure to ladies who are devoid of sex. You will see yourself in a few minutes.”

“Is it? Till now, how many ladies has it given pleasure?” Babita asked, smiling.

“Four, including Padma Aunty this week and you fifth,” I replied.

“Do I know the other three ladies,” Babita asked

“You know one, and I will not tell you. My lips are sealed,” I said. The one she knew was her mother, who got fucked by me in the bathroom.

“Are you guys keep on talking or start fucking,” Padma Aunty chided us and, sitting beside me, said, “Babita, lift your ass and hold his cock like you did while sucking him, baby.”

Nodding, Babita held my cock at the base, raised her buttocks, placing her foot on the floor. She rubbed my cockhead on her pussy. Her lips opened up, showing her pinkish inners. Her mom had done the same in the morning. Maybe some horny blood, I thought.

“Are you liking it, Rajesh?” Babita asked, looking at me and smearing my head with her juices, and I nodded.

“Are you ready to invade me, Rajesh?” Babita asked again, and I nodded.

Placing my cockhead at her opening Babita said, “Grab my breasts while I take you inside me. Be gentle with my boobies. They are extra sensitive. Here we go.”

Saying Babita lowered her buttocks down, taking my thick mushroom head in her young pussy. I grabbed her breasts as told and found them firm as a rock. Until now, I had experienced old ladies spongy boobs, which was a new experience for me. Looking into my eyes, Babita lowered her ass, taking half of my cock in her pussy.

She breathed with relief as the initial penetration was complete. Padma Aunty stared at Babita, who took my thick cock like an experienced woman. Even I was surprised, she sucked cock like a pro, and now she was fucking me easily.

“Where did you learn to fuck like this, Babita? I almost died taking his monster inside me for the first time,” Padma Aunty asked Babita with disbelief in her eyes.

Blushing, Babita said, “I am not that experienced, Aunty. My boyfriends were lousy fuckers. The moment I took them in, they would cum. I learned this from my friends who have enjoyed sex with their relatives.”

“Didn’t you think of getting fucked by your uncle, Babita?” Padma Aunty asked.

“You know my mother. She is a conservative woman. She will die if she comes to know that I get fucked in my relative circle. Someone may boast of conquering me, and I didn’t want to take chances,” Babita said.

“You are bravely fucking Rajesh now. Are you not afraid of your mother now?” Padma Aunty asked.

“Either you or Rajesh should tell my mom, and I know you guys won’t get me in trouble. Should I keep talking, or can I fuck Rajesh? I can’t control anymore, Aunty,” Babita said in desperation.

“No, dear, carry on and enjoy yourself. Your secret will be safe with us,” Padma Aunty said.

Babita, beaming, started to move her ass up and down and started fucking 4 inches of my cock. I was testing the firmness of her small tits, rolling my thumb over her sharp nipples. Padma Aunty bending, resting her breasts on my thighs, was flickering Babita’s clit and caressing her soft bottom lips.

Babita rode me for a few minutes, holding my shoulders and said,” Rajesh, don’t you have manners? Hasn’t your sex teacher taught you to first kiss and romance before fucking a girl? You should be a good lover first and a good fucker later.”’

Padma Aunty and I looked at Babita wide-eyed. I thought she was far more mature than her age. Releasing her breasts, holding her head, kissing her lips. Babita opened her lips and sucked my lips, smearing them with her saliva. Taking my tongue into her mouth and sucked it hard.

I was taken aback by her brutal kiss but kissed her back. She mauled my lips and tongue like a tigress feasting on its prey. After kissing me, she pushed me and said, “Are you ready to explore me fully fucker boy?” I didn’t understand what she meant, and I nodded.

Babita took her hand off my cock and pressed down onto it cock taking all of it inside her. She didn’t even flinch even a bit, her pussy was too tight, and it was gripping my cock like a vice. Her pussy lips were stretched wide, and my cock was lodged deep in her.

Babita said, “Suck my nipples while I fuck you, Rajesh.” Turning to Padma Aunty said, “You suck my other nipple Aunty and don’t stop playing with my clitoris. I love when my clit is fingered or sucked.”

Padma Aunty said,” You are far more experienced than me, Babita. Let me see what more I can learn from you.” She took Babita’s left nipple and began to suck it. I latched onto the small nipple and started to suck.

Babita was riding my cock confidently and thumping her buttocks on my thighs when she landed down, taking me deep in her. She was sweating heavily, and I could feel her body shivering while pleasuring herself with my cock.

Padma Aunty and I had coated her chest with our saliva. Her breasts and flesh had turned red due to our sucking. Babita fucked me for about 10 minutes, and she was feeling tired. She had two orgasms when riding me coating my cock with her juices.

Babita asked, “Are you close, Rajesh?.”

“You tell me when I should finish. Do you want me to cum in you or pull out,” I said.

Babita, surprised, said, “My Goodness, no wonder Aunty fell for your withholding capacity. My BF would have finished in a minute. Give me a break, and we will fuck again. I want to see how long it will take to cum. I don’t mind you cumming in me but I want to swallow your cum.”

Saying she pushed Padma Aunty from her nipple, lifted her ass up taking my cock out from her tight pussy and got up from my lap.

My cock was up in the air, fully glistening and moistened with her juices. Padma Aunty sat back and stared at Babita’s pussy which was dripping juices. Babita pulled Padma Aunty up and said, “What, Aunty, you are still wearing a petticoat. Let me see your pussy. I didn’t see it properly in the kitchen.”

She removed the petticoat cord, let it fall to the floor. Seeing Padma Aunt’s clean shaved pussy exclaimed, “Wow, you have shaved it. Is it for your lover boy to feast on your pussy, Aunty?”

“Not only for him, but my friend Indu also likes to eat me. So I keep it clean,” Padma Aunty said.

“You tasted good when I sucked you. Will you give me again,” Babita asked.

“Of course, baby. You can eat me whenever you want to. Come, I will get you something to drink. You should be thirsty,” Said Padma Aunty and took Babita to the kitchen.

I saw two naked ladies walking and wriggling their asses at me. Padma Aunt’s ass was bigger and had no gap between her ass cheeks. Babita’s ass was average, maybe 34, and it was stood up and had no ounce of extra flesh. I saw a small gap between her ass cheeks.

After a few minutes, I saw the ladies returning carrying Mazaa soft drink bottles. While Padma Aunty walked, her thighs brushed each other, and her breasts swayed wildly to her movements. Babita’s small tits and the gap between her thighs stood proudly as she walked.

Even though she had not shaved, her pussy lips were visible, as there were only a few strands of pubic hairs on her mound. “Naughty boy, are you comparing our bodies,” Padma Aunty said, giving me a mazaa bottle.

Taking a sip, I said, “I was watching how sexy you both are. I am lucky to have you both.”

“You said the same when you were with me, my sister-in-law, and my friend Indira. You just want breasts, ass and pussy.” Padma Aunty said, laughing.

Babita said, “So he has fucked your co-sister and friend Aunty. Has he left any ladies in your relative circle and neighbourhood?”

Remembering Babita’s mom, Padma Aunty changed the subject and said, “Are you ready to take him again? Look how his little brother is throbbing to invade you again.”

“Yes, I am, aunty. How do you want us to fuck now,” Babita asked.

Padma Aunty went and sat on the sofa backrest with her feet on the sofa. Babita and I were watching her while she spoke, “Come, Babita, you wanted to eat me. Suck and eat my pussy while Rajesh will take you from back in the doggy style.”

Babita looking nervous, said, “I won’t have any control over his penetration depth Aunty. What ‘IF’ he enters the wrong hole.”

“Don’t worry, baby. I will kick him in his balls if he tries to hurt you. You can stop anytime if you feel uncomfortable. Sex is for pleasure. It should be given and taken,” Padma Aunty convinced her.

Babita bending and placing her hands on Padma Aunt’s thighs, started licking her pussy. Standing behind Babita prodded her to widen her legs with my knees, which she acknowledged and spread wider. Her ass cheeks parted, showing her wrinkled ass hole, and she parted pussy lips.

But her love hole was below, and difficult for me to penetrate her. Placing my hand on her back, I pressed her down, and her ass rose. Now her pussy hole was in the correct position to enter her. I prodded her lips with my cockhead, sliding it from top to bottom, getting lubricated with her juices.

Placing my dick’s head at her opening, I penetrated her slowly, inch by inch. Of all the ladies I fucked, Babita had a tight pussy. It was gripping my cock tightly and allowing me to enter her freely. I pushed hard and entered her fully, and Babita gasped, taking her mouth off Padma Aunt’s pussy.

“This is what I feared, Aunty. Rajesh will tear my pussy with his monster,” Babita said, close to crying.

Padma Aunty caressing Babita’s hair, said, “The initial entry will always be tough, baby. Once your pussy gets accustomed to his cock, you will feel pleasure.”

Turning towards me said, “She is still a small girl. Go easy on her, Rajesh. You can show your powers on my pussy tonight, along with your uncle. Now fuck Babita gently.”

“What? Are you going to have a threesome with Uncle and Rajesh tonight?” Babita asked.

“I am still wondering if I want to do it, Babita. Now concentrate on getting your pleasure. Suck my pussy while Rajesh enjoys yours,” Padma Aunty said.

Dropping my hands down, caught Babita’s hanging tits, pulled out my cock a bit and thrust back inside her again. Padma Aunty had pressed Babita’s face to her pussy, not allowing the young girl to scream.

I began to fuck Babita in slow strokes. Her firm ass was hitting my abdomen while I was plunging inside her. She had another orgasm drenching my cock with her cum making it easy for me to plunder her pussy harder. Her small tits were crushed in my big palms.

Padma Aunty was watching me getting her pussy sucked and gave me a flying kiss. Winking at her, I increased my fucking speed. Babita’s body was shaking, and she raised her lips to Padma Aunt’s pussy and began screaming, “Ohh, my god, I am cumming. Fuck me hard, Rajesh.”

Padma Aunty quickly pressed Babita’s head onto her pussy and muffled her screams. Our neighbours could have heard her, especially her mother, Mamata Aunty. Babita sobered down after her orgasm flushing her juices and wetting my cock, and was eating pussy silently.

Padma Aunty indicated I finished off soon, and I increased my speed. Babita was receiving my deep thrusts like a good sport without any complaints, and without giving any warning, I started shooting my cum inside her flooded pussy.

I emptied my balls, bending down, turned Babita and kissed her lips, tasting Aunt’s cum. Babita’s pussy overflowed, and juices trickled down and fell on my feet. I pulled my cock out and sat on the sofa. Padma Aunty came down to sit beside me and, holding Babita’s ass-mouthed her pussy.

She sucked our combined juices from Babita’s pussy and licked her clean. Padma Aunty stood up, said, “Taste your juices, baby,” and kissed Babita.

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