My mom sold herself

Hi Guys, I am a big fan of ISS and would like to share a real-life incident of my family. It is related to my mom. This story is during the COVID period. To describe her, she is 45 years old. Height 5.5 and figure 34-32-36. She is not super model type but quite decent in looks. So now, coming to the story.

We are a family of three. Me, mom and dad. We are from a middle-class family. My dad works in the Gulf and sends money every month, which is sufficient for us. He used to come to India every year. Since dad has a good job, we used to spend money lavishly and never focused on savings.

We are not super market guys and used to take all groceries, milk etc from local shops in our colony. Being regular customers, we get a credit period of one month. So, every first or 2nd of the month, we used to pay back the previous month’s dues.

Then came COVID. My dad was in the Gulf and was stuck there. He even lost his job. He was neither able to comeback not send money to us. Our life became difficult as we had no savings, and the last money we received was not sufficient.

We kept on taking the groceries and other necessary things on credit, and this continued for 2 months. Since we didn’t pay up the shop owner Ramesh was becoming furious and started demanding money. Ramesh is the owner of the grocery shop and has 3 more shops. He is high high-contact person.

He is also a sort of local goon so no one messes with him. He has his home attached to his shop. When I went to his shop to buy groceries, he denied it and asked to clear old dues. I went back home and told my mom, to which she went to the shop and requested more time, to which he agreed.

After one more month, we still couldn’t manage the funds. Whatever jewellery mom had we sold to run the house. Then, one day, when I went to the shop to buy biscuits, Ramesh was sitting there with a few of his friends.

We already had dues of more than Rs. 25,000. He started humiliating me and started threatening me. He told me, “You dog, if you don’t have money, then don’t purchase goods. And if by tomorrow my dues are not cleared, then we will have to face the consequences.”

One of his friends told him what he would do if we didn’t pay up to that. Ramesh said, “If by tomorrow dues are not settled, I will make him nude and run in the society. If even after 1 week the dues are not cleared, I will do the same with his mom,” saying this, all of them started laughing.

I ran away from there in fear and told everything to my mom. She told me not to worry and that she will speak with him. After an hour, mom got dressed in her saree (It was a deep neck). She applied make up and got ready as if she was going for some party.

She told me to stay at home, and she is going to meet Ramesh to request more time for money. She went to the shop, and Ramesh was alone that time. Ramesh said, “Now you have also come to beg.” My mom told him that my father had lost his job and we were going through financial issues.

Hence are unable to clear the dues on time, and since we are old customers, he should trust us and request more time. He asked my mom when my father would get a job during this COVID period is a serious doubt. How can he trust my mom? We have dues of more than 25000.

“You clear my dues by tomorrow else I will make your son run naked”. My mom started crying. Looking at her, he said, ” Don’t cry. We will discuss the matter patiently and find a solution,” and he directed my mom to his room.

Once in the room, he closed the door and told my mom. “Listen, 25000 is not a small amount. I can’t trust so easily. You have 2 options. Either you make the payment, or else your son will be nude publicly tomorrow. Another option is you get nude in front of me so that I have trust and I can give you some more time.”

My mom was shocked and told him that she was married. Think about my husband, to which he responded, “If your husband were thinking about you, he would have sent money. Now, don’t wate my time and decide fast. I don’t want to do anything. I want to see.”

Now my mom had no option, and hence she started to strip her clothes one by one. First saree, then blouse and petticoat. Now, she was standing in front of Ramesh in just her bra and panty. But Ramesh was not satisfied. He said, “Bra panty, your son will come and remove?”

Unwillingly, she removed them, and now she was standing nude in front of Ramesh, just wearing her Mangalsutra. Ramesh ji went near her and pinched her nipples and touched her pussy, and said, “You look gorgeous and fresh. Seems she is not taking advantage of her husband’s absence to have sex with others.”

Mom said, “I am loyal to my husband.” Then Ramesh made an offer to her, “What you showed me, I will give you the additional time of 1 week to clear the dues, but I am sure you won’t be able to do so. Hence, I have another offer for you. I will cut RS. 2000 from your dues for every time I get to fuck you.”

My mom refused the offer and told him that she would clear his dues and then start wearing her clothes. Then Ramesh said, ” You have one week to clear the dues. If you can’t, then come to my place else you know what I can do.”

Then my mom came back home and told me the entire incident to me. She told me not to tell anything to dad as I would be worried. I asked her what to do now, to which she said we have one week and let’s hope for the best.

I hope you liked the first part. Please share your feedback, and I will share the 2nd part soon, oat