Banging two nurse booties in the clinic

My name is Rohan, I am a bachelor, handsome and tall. Every Sunday, I go for checkups in a clinic but everything goes above my expectations. So, let’s start the story.

It was a boring summer Sunday, I almost got up from bed at noon because I had a rough time yesterday night. After dressing up, I got a call from the nearby new clinic. It was a lady nurse on the call, she sounded soothing and calm. She told me to come for my checkup at 3 pm.

The old clinic where I used to go regularly was closed and locked up. It was closed due to the misbehavior of a doctor to a lady patient. Most of the staff were suspended. Some said they were caught having sex.

In the new clinic:

I parked my bike and walked towards the front door of the clinic. I saw a few guys from the old clinic center. A staff told me, “Wait here sir, the doctor is not here, so the head nurse has taken charge.”

So I sat on the waiting chair and read a magazine. An old guy on the chair was looking at the nurses weirdly like a creep. I didn’t bother him and continued reading. While I was reading, a nurse got my attention. She looked awesome, fair-skinned, and with brown eyes. Her body structure was perfect hourglass shape. She had big breasts and a big curvy ass. Even though she was wearing that loose uniform that made me sad, her structure was exposed. While I was daydreaming about her, she called me into the checkup room.

I asked her name, and she said, “My name is Rita” and smiled at me. She said, “So, Rohan, what do you do?”

I said, “Just watching your beautiful eyes.”

Rita giggled and replied, “I see.”

Then it was time to check my BP (blood pressure). The nurse checked my blood pressure and it was showing normal.

She now used the stethoscope. She placed it on my chest and asked me to inhale deeply. She said, “Your heart is beating faster.”

I replied with a smile, “Maybe because I am being checked by a beautiful nurse.”

She laughed now, keeping her hand on her mouth. While examining me, we chatted more and the chat got serious and horny. Now, the flirting session was over.

She asked me to remove my shirt for the physical exam. I did as she said. After seeing my physique, she was in awe. My wide chest and big forearms made her impressed. The hot nurse started massaging my shoulders. I asked her if it was also a part of the test. She replied, “Yes it is”.

She massaged me repeatedly, gliding her hands through my chest and my shoulders.

Then, another nurse named Deepa interrupted the scene. She looked at us weirdly. Rita seemed embarrassed. The nurse said, “You need a urine test.” So she handed me a sterile cup. I went towards the bathroom and locked the door.

The bathroom was pretty good and well-maintained. I was not ready to pee, so I sat on the toilet seat and daydreamed about Rita. Nurse Deepa who came by was also hot. She was sexy, wheat-skin-toned tall but still she was no match for Rita. Damn, I would say, this clinic had the best nurses I had seen in my whole life.

After a few seconds, Rita knocked on the door and asked if it was ready. I replied, “Not yet”.

All of a sudden, I pulled her into the bathroom and shut the door. She was shocked to her bones after seeing my straight cock. In the heat of the moment, we kissed passionately. I removed her pants and banged her ass cheeks, closing her mouth with my right hand. I opened the water tap to avoid the clapping sounds and her moan from being heard outside. She was heavily breathing and puffing. My other hand went down into the beautiful nurse’s wet pussy. I fingered her pussy and excited her more and more. She showered her fluids straight to my arms and I licked it.

The scene was getting more interesting when she rode over me on the toilet seat. I kept her legs spread and squeezed her melons. I never let my hands off her mouth nor did she look suffocated but just excited as hell.

Suddenly, we heard the door knocking! My heart started to beat with fear. I opened the door and saw nurse, Deepa. Deepa said she heard everything. That scene was kind of terrifying until she said she said she wanted to join us!

Deepa undressed and showed her sexy cleavage in her purple bra. Deepa kissed me deeply with her tongue. My hands rushed towards her pussy. Rita licked my shoulders. It was difficult to handle those queens together.

I pounded my cock into the other hot nurse Deepa’s pussy and Rita masturbated Deepa’s pussy. Deepa wasn’t done with me, she widely spread her legs and I thrusted hard. Deepa couldn’t handle it as she had a tight pussy. She moaned with tears, Rita however helped to cover her mouth.

Now, it was Rita’s time. I pulled her over and started pounding her fat ass. Rita started to lick Deepa’s pussy. We all together made it a classic threesome.

Now Rita wanted to suck my cock and I was turned on for her.

Now she was on the floor and started deep-throating me. My cock veins were beating tremendously and I enjoyed watching her mouth skills. My cock covered with her spits slid through her tongue to her throat. I blasted off my cum with a groan. Both of them swallowed every bit of the cum without wasting it.

I was fully drained and tired. We dressed up and moved away quietly without anyone noticing. Deepa dressed up and gave me a wink and she left. Then I gave away my urine sample to Rita and she gave me a kiss for the wonderful moments. I left the place and it was, “The Holesome Sunday ever.”