My mom and me in Goa – Part 2

Hello readers, it’s me, Rohan, again. I will tell you what happened next on our Goa vacation. Thank you all for your overwhelming appreciation of the story.

On the night of the encounter, I slept longer than usual. The next day there was a ring on the bell, and my mom’s friend came to wake us up. It was already 9:30, and we had to leave for sightseeing. We hurriedly got ready and boarded the cab with them.

There was an awkward cringe between mom and me, which was quite noticeable to others. But after some time, everyone else interacted with each other, and we moved on with that day’s trip. In the evening, we went to our hotel side beach for fun and dinner.

After having a drink, we all went back to our rooms. My mom and I were silent and awkward during the entire trip to the room. I unlocked the door, and we both entered. My mom went inside the restroom while I tuned into the television.

She came out while my eyes were glued to the TV. “I hope you enjoyed the trip today,” she said.

Me: Yes, it was amazing. I had a nice time.

Mom: I am glad that you enjoyed it.

There was a brief pause.

Mom: Listen. Whatever happened last night was…

Me: Yes, I understand, don’t worry. Let’s pretend it never happened. In fact, what happens in Goa, stays in Goa.

Mom: Haha, yes, that is right. And thanks for coming on this trip. It was great. I desperately needed this break.

Me: I had a good time as well.

Me: Can I ask you something?

Mom: Yes, go ahead.

Me: Last night, how was I?

Mom: What do you mean?

Me: Did you like it? Was it good?

Mom: I mean… yeah, it was good.

Me: No, honestly, be free.

Mom: Yes, it was nice.

Me: Can I ask you one more thing?

Mom: Yes, sure.

Me: Was I big?

Mom: What kind of question is that?

Me: Just tell me, na.

Mom: I don’t know. I did not take a good look at it.

Me: Yes, that is true

I got hard during this conversation

Me: Can you tell me now?

Mom: Now?

Me: Yes, you have seen it anyway. You just have to tell me.

Mom: Huh, okay, fine.

Me: Okay, then.

I removed my pants, and my cock thronged out. It was hard as it could be right in front of my mother’s face. She saw it from the front, examined it from the sides and then held it in her hand.

Mom: Yes, it is big.

Me: Have you seen bigger before?

Mom: It’s not like I have seen many dicks in my life that I can judge.

Me: Okay, but it is big, right?

Mom: Yes, I have not seen a bigger one in person. It is good that you trimmed it. It looks tidy this way.

Me: Yes, I trimmed in right before we came for the trip. I think you also waxed recently.

Mom: Yes, before this trip only.

Mom: From where did you get that condom?

Me: I brought it from Delhi itself.

Mom: Where are the other condoms in the box?

Me: I just brought one.

Mom: Okay.

The air was filled with a sexual aura

Me: I can quickly rush to the pharma and bring new ones.

Mom: Don’t go. It is very late.

Me: Fine then. Do you want to have oral sex?

Mom: No, we do not have a condom.

Me: We can Have it without a condom as well. What is the harm?

Mom: That is gross, no.

Me: Please, it is our last day here. After this, we will resume our normal lives. It would be an end to this Goa trip.

Mom: No, I do not want that.

Me: Okay, you do not have to do this. I will do the oral on you. I will lick you. You just have to lie down.

Mom: Have you done this before?

Me: Yes, many times. Trust me on this. You will like it.

My mom lay down on the bed. She covered her eyes with her arm. I slowly removed her pajamas and her panties. Then I gently spread her legs and started licking her lovely pussy. Her clit tasted amazing.

As I licked her, she pulsated, jittered her groin up and down, gently moaned and trembled. I made her cunt my meal. I got a hard-on and got up.

Me: Did you like it?

Mom: Yes, that was amazing.

Me: So now it is my turn.

Mom: Uh, okay, what do I have to do?

Me: You just have to suck on it.

Mom: Huh, okay, fine.

My mom got on her knees and grabbed my dick with soft and firm hands. With that movement, my libido was at its peak. As soon as my cock entered her soft rosy lips, I oozed with my precum. She did not know how to give a blowjob. She was sucking as much as possible without taking it inside her throat.

Then she sucked my dick from the sides. It was the most amazing feeling I have ever had. While sucking me, she looked up, and I looked at her. There was a brief eye contact, after which my sight changed directions, and she closed her eyes.

This continued for a minute more. Then I asked her to lie down. I climbed upon the bed and sat near her face, then moved my leg above her mouth and leaned on her pussy. We started to have a 69 position session.

I continued to lick her pussy while she sucked on my sausage. We were so sexually charged that there was no going back. I got up and rubbed my dick on her pussy.

Mom: No, Do not do it.

Me: Relax, nothing will happen.

Mom: We cannot do it, no….

Me: There will be no problem. I won’t cum inside.

Mom: Be careful, hon.

Me: Yes, mom.

I carefully placed my dick on my mom’s pussy and gently slid it inside her vagina. This time it feels so much better and raw. It was the juiciest of the pussies I fucked to date. I continued to fuck her slowly to create room. My mom moaned while I gently swung my dick in and out.

After which I gradually elevated the intensity, gentle rows turned into fervent pushes as I continued to fuck my mom. She lay down on the bed like a one-night hoe and enjoyed the fuck session. It got heated and fiery. She moaned and clinched the bedsheets while I banged her pussy like her mate.

I removed my t-shirt, and now I was completely naked. A couple of minutes passed, and I asked my mom to turn around. She seemed a bit tired, yet she got on all her fours, and I continued to pound her from the back. She could not remain on her hands for long, so she got on her elbows and leaned forward.

Her t-shirt fell ahead while we were fucking, and she struggled to push it back. It was the first time I saw my mother almost bareback getting fucked by me. Again she pushed the shirt, and again it fell ahead. I immediately pulled her up from ahead and removed her top.

She asked me to keep it on. “Utar do,” (Take it off) I said. My mom removed her shirt, and I continued to fuck her. I grabbed her from her slim waist then her bra hook caught my attention. I paused for a second, then unhooked it. My mom grabbed my hand behind me.

Mom: Put it on.

Me: It is fine. Let it go.

Mom: No, hook it up.

Me: Remove it. It’s already unhooked. Wait, I will help you.

I removed the bra sleeves from both her arms and threw them away. She again went doggy style, and I continued with the sex. Now I was tempted to see her boobs. She looked tired also, so I asked her to turn around and lie down.
My mom turned around, but she was covering her boobs with her arm.

This was the first time she was fully naked in front of me. I loved her physique. Her navel and her waist, everything was hot and delightful. We continued to have sex. I could see her boobs bouncing before my eyes as I pounded her.

Ultimately she moved her hands, and I could see her lovely nipples moving up and down. I never imagined her to have such brown nipples seeing how fair she is. They looked amazing on her.

She was covered in sweat and was moaning as I lasted her temper. Just as it happened, she had her orgasm. While mine was in the buildup. Now I wondered where I should discharge my cum. Toilet seemed far, and I could not end it cleanly anywhere else.

So I took a bold step. As I saw my mom was tired and done physically, I grabbed her mouth, pressed it and put my dick in her mouth. I shot my cum. It took her time to process it. I got relief that it ended there.

Immediately she slapped me on my thigh and ran to the restroom. I followed her there. She spat the cum in the loo and slapped my butt twice.

Me: What happened, mom?

Mom: You idiot! Why did you put your cum inside my mouth?

Me: I am sorry, I knew no other better place. It was urgent.

Mom: Couldn’t you just put it here in the loo?

Me: I was too late for that. I am sorry.

She slapped my butt and thigh a couple of times more. I also grabbed some tissue and cleaned the remaining cum on my dick.

Me: It is good that it did not go anywhere else.

Mom gave me a stare and went on swishing with mouthwash.

Me: Come join me for a bath. You are all sweaty.

Mom: You take a bath right now. I will take it after you.

Me: No, come right now.

I grabbed her arm and pulled her inside the shower. We showered for a minute.

Me: Oh, one last thing.

Mom: What?

I grabbed my mom by her hips and pulled her towards me. I pinched her nipple with the other hand and kissed her on her lips. She held on to me and kissed me as well.

Then we both got out of the bath, put on our clothes and slept. We went to our home in Delhi the next day and continued with our earlier life.