My gay experience with a professor I met online

Hello ISS readers, This is my first story in ISS. I hope you enjoy it. This story is based on my true gay experience and a bit of fantasy.

First, I will talk a little about myself. I am 24 years old. A bit of a chubby body with a height of 5.7. I am a pure bottom. My belly is big and chubby with a nice pair of fatty man boobs, a large areola and thick nipples. It is so big that if you see my naked body without my face, you wouldn’t say I am a male.

About my ass, I get a lot of compliments from men as it looks chunky as well. I also love to wear a bra and panties. I have a variety of collections and photos. My cock is so small that I don’t feel like using it. It hides under my belly and is fat. So now to the story.

This happened 2 years back when I stayed in Chennai during my final year. I was living alone in an apartment near the south of Chennai. It’s a place called Tambaram. I got bored during the final project and waited to review my documents.

So, I thought of checking out some profiles on planet Romeo. I like mature guys who are above 40 years old. So, I was looking at some profiles and posted my pictures. I started getting a lot of replies from guys. But most of them are around 20 to 28 years old.

So, I got a message from this guy who goes by top-Chennai. He was around 40 years old with a strong chubby body. We started speaking and introduced ourselves. He liked my pictures and wanted to meet.

This was my first time meeting a person from a dating site. And I agreed to it. We planned to meet in the evening after 8 pm. So, I started to get ready. Removed all my body hairs. I removed my beard, and my face completely became smooth. I applied some lotions to my boobs and ass.

I took a bath wearing a light T-shirt where you can see my bare body and tight shorts. I did not wear any bra or panties since it was summer. I didn’t want to get sweat inside. I texted him, and he was also ready. The place we planned to meet was 20 minutes from my home.

I went outside and took a shared auto. It was empty, and I was so excited my nipples started to poke through my t-shirt. I reached the place we had planned. It was behind the railway station since there won’t be any people there.

Finally, after 10 minutes, he arrived on his bike. I was standing beside a van. The streets were empty, and not many lights. He came near me, confirmed it was me, and hugged me. I am sure he planned the hug before. He was hugging me so tight, and he felt my boobs.

Then we both saw around to see if there was anyone and did a French kiss. I was scared, but it was so thrilling. Then we started speaking about how we will travel, food and all. We planned to go somewhere private.  I took out a map. We saw a sports ground nearby, with many trees and abandoned houses nearby.

We thought it was the perfect place to be together. I sat on his bike and hugged him. We were talking about us all the way. I found out he was a professor. He is a pure top and had 2 experiences with the bottom before. But he said he hadn’t seen a body like mine.

I was so happy and kissed him on his cheeks when riding the bike. I kept my hands over his crouch when riding. It was already hard and ready to come outside. I could feel his size. It was thick and long. He is a married guy with kids. He wanted to try boys, so he started using Planetromeo.

We talked and had fun on the bike ride like couples. Finally, we reached our destination. It was an empty playground. It was so so large. It takes 10 minutes to go from one side to the other. We went to the far end, where it would be difficult for someone to see us.

He parked the bike and took a small cloth. I was confused. I asked him about the need for cloth. He said we might need it when he put his cock inside. I was pretty excited, and we locked his bike and started walking inside the woods. We walked for 5 minutes in a place where I couldn’t even get network in my phone.

We sat near a rock and started to kiss. He liked my lipstick. I used flavored lipstick, and he started to suck my lips like my husband and hugged me. We hugged and kissed for more than 5 minutes. Then he slowly started to put his hands inside my t-shirt and started to play with my boobs.

I obeyed him like his wife, and finally, I removed my dress. It was dark, and we couldn’t see properly. So we had to turn on the torch from the phone. Now he has a good view of my boobs. He was shocked to see how big my boobs were. Then he started to play with my boobs and nipples.

We were also kissing in between. I am sitting here half-naked, hugging a mature man. He was biting my neck and my shoulders. He was sucking my right boob and playings with my left boobs. I was moaning in pleasure.

When you are a bottom, and someone touches you like a female, it feels very good. You forget everyone around you.
Then I removed my shorts and turned around to show him my buttocks. He slapped my buttocks, and I was so horny by now.

Then again, we kissed and hugged for a few moments. I removed his pants. He did not wear any underwear. His cock was almost 7 inches. And it was thick.

I placed my hands on it and started stroking it. It was completely hard. Then I opened my mouth, took it in, and started moving to the front and back. He grabbed my hair and pushed his cock, and started to fuck me in my mouth. He didn’t shave his hair, but I liked it.

I gave him a blowjob for 10 minutes, gagging on his cock. Then he took the cloth and spread it on the ground. I laid down and spread my legs for him to penetrate. He took some lubricants applied to his cock and my ass. Now he started to push his head slowly into my asshole.

It was small for his cock, and I closed my eyes. Then he tried again. Now his tip was inside, and I was moaning in pain. He took it out again, applied some lubricants and penetrated inside me. It went inside a little. Slowly he started to move to the front and back.

Little by little, it started to penetrate me. It was half inside, and I was sweating. I hugged him, and he kissed me again. After 10 minutes of trying, he was fully inside me. I told him, “I love you.” These words came out of my mouth because I liked him inside me.

I felt so good. It was when you opened your legs to someone in control of you. He is also soft on me. He knew my hole was small and didn’t want to hurt me. This made me relax, and we both started to enjoy ourselves. In another 10 minutes, we are having complete sex.

His whole cock was inside. He grabbed my boobs fucking slowly and at a steady speed. He was hitting my G-spot, and my small cock ejaculated orgasm. We fucked for some time, and he was tired. I hugged him with my legs and hand. We changed position.

Now I was bending over him to go the traditional pose. This time he increased his pace a little more. He fucked for 5 minutes, and he was about to cum. Then he took his cock out, removed the condom and ejaculated behind me. I took his cum and licked a little.

We both were sweaty and tired. He grabbed my boobs we kissed for another 10 minutes. Then we drank some water he had bought. We were sitting beside and kissing and hugging, talking about our plans. I want to have sex with him again, I told him. He was happy.

Then finally, he wanted to piss. I told him to piss over me. I am ok with it. He stood up and started to piss on my face and boobs. I was taking golden showers from him. Then I washed a little, kissed again, dressed, and we started walking towards the bike. My ass was so sore, and I was too tired.

We came near the bike and smoked a cigarette. We returned to the railway station where I was supposed to call a taxi. We returned to our homes. When I reached home, it was around midnight. I took a bath and slept.

We chatted for a while the next day and planned to go on a trip since he had a car. I will tell you about it in my next story. Until then, bye.