My Master – Story of a Submissive Mistress ? ?

I’m a 19-year-old wheatish girl. You bitches and bastards, what will you do knowing my sizes? So fucking, I will get to the story straight. All you want is to jerk off, you shameless moron. It’s time to make your pussies wet.

My ex-boyfriend and I have been in love for the past 3 years. I gave him everything: myself, pocket money, and costly gifts. He used to make me call him ‘Daddy’ during sex.

He used to play kink porn, or he used to make me watch pure, taboo porn. That used to tempt me more. He taught me about squirting.

He once gifted me a dildo, and during our video call, he used to talk dirty and make me taste his cum. I was his slave, and I loved to be dominated by him. Get fucked by him ruthlessly. Once, I sucked his dick in the theatre restroom. I was there to tick off all his kinky fantasies.

Anamika (Anca) has been friends with me for the past 13 years. I shared everything with her. Except that the bitch had sex chats with my boyfriend on my back. I would have had threesomes with both if they had told me. I ended up talking with both of them now.

One of the most intense and powerful orgasms, and my head was still spinning. This was the first time I tried the vibrator my boyfriend—sorry, ex-boyfriend—gifted me. Something I did not try.

I was a nymphomaniac in thought. Who would be masturbating to forget the pain? I did. I was determined to take things further. More seriously, do something to have a real dick in me.

Yes, you heard it right. I’m missing a real dick. The one in front of me was just what I needed. So I raised my head and shouted at my beautiful spectator. I don’t want to be a submissive slave anymore. I will dominate all the bastards with whom I’m going to sleep.

“Hey, you, come here! Yes, I’m talking to you. Get close!”

I covered my pussy with the blouse and got up in my ass. He could not believe that I had seen him. He put his penis in his pants. He was walking gently, a little shy, with an expression of amazement. He did not dare to look me directly in the eyes as he approached.

Instead, his gaze pointed at my naked breasts, which still excited him. When he was two metres from my blanket, he stopped. “Forgive me for spying on you. But it was beyond my powers, and imagine that this is not seen every day here!”

“No problem,” I said.

“I cannot believe how beautiful you are and how good you look! Did you come here to visit the village?”

“Yes,” I continued, “but let’s stop talking. I propose a game; do you want to know what it’s about?”

“Sure,” he said.

“A simple one, I command, and you listen and execute. In the end, if you are obedient, I will fulfil a desire, any desire,” and I smiled.

“Anything?” He was finally looking up at my eyes.

“Yes, whatever you want,” I said, looking at him.

“If I dream, I do not want to wake up,” he said. “I’m ready for anything; I’m your slave, Madam!”

Seeing someone beg and listen to my orders is a new pleasure. Not bad.  I can be a mistress too. “Then take off your clothes!” I told him with a commanding voice. He removed his clothes and sat on the blanket beside me, waiting.

Looking at him naked and with the penis erect, I felt my pussy start to get wet again. At first, I told him to touch my breasts gently with his hands and then suck them. When he touched me, I felt a thrill too beautiful to describe. It passed through my body from bottom to top.

I lay on my back and told him to lick and kiss me everywhere. Immediately, I felt his tongue playing with a nipple while a hand played and kneaded the other. Then he started kissing me between my breasts, then down to my belly. After that, when his kisses descended onto my abdomen.

I was all sweaty because of the volcano pouring inside me. When he started to lick my belly, I felt like I was going crazy. His silky tongue was able to provoke, tease, and attack. It caused new waves of pleasure just when I thought it was over.

Then he discovered my legs. He spread them out and started kissing and licking the inside of my thighs. It was amazing. That boy seemed to know everything I liked and tried to provoke as much pleasure as possible. I thought I would feel its cock inside me.

But I felt his tongue on the other foot that received the same treatment as the first. He was teasing me. I could not believe I was naked in a place where anyone who’d come would have seen us easily. Between my feet was a boy that was causing me great pleasure. I wasn’t feeling any shame or remorse.

Suddenly I felt a pair of lips pounding a kiss on my pussy. It gave me a shock transmitted throughout my body. Then he started to touch me only with the tip of his tongue. He was playing with my red and swollen clitoris. I suddenly felt his tongue penetrate as much as he could.

A few seconds later, he started to move it into me, and he began to explore every millimetre he could reach. When he did that, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I was feeling the immense orgasm growing in me. I said, “ Oh, God, you are so good; do not stop! Fuck me non-stop!”

Meanwhile, his hands were moving on my abdomen and my breasts. Caressing them, kneading them, kissing them or touching them with all or just one or two fingers. Then I felt my body tinged with small spasms and convulsions. The world was spinning around me.

The indescribable pleasure of orgasm was getting to me. He felt I was almost having an orgasm, but he did not stop. Although my body was exhausted, I said he deserved the same treatment that he applied to me. I told him to kneel because I wanted to suck his penis before he would fuck me.

So I leaned over and kissed the top of his penis, which was so hard. But I do not think it will last long! I put it easily in my mouth, walking my tongue along the inner side, full of veins and hard like steel. Although he was a young man, he had a big dick, so when I felt it near my throat, I noticed it was not all inside it.

I tried to relax my throat, but it was so hard that I started to choke. I gave up and took it all in my mouth, sticking my lips on it. With my other hand, I picked up his balls and began to massage them like two Chinese balls. I noticed that he was very pleased due to the moans that he was making.

I gave him the oral sex of his life. I took each ball in my mouth and sucked it, and played with it. I knew men loved that. I grabbed his ass with both of my hands. I sucked on his penis as long as I could, licking and spitting on it while looking into his eyes and seeing him satisfied.

His hands were moving through my hair. Suddenly he grabbed my head with both hands, held it back, and began to move. He fucked my face that way, which I had never experienced before. I sucked his penis for a few minutes, alternating with a butt massage when he told me he would finish.

He put his hands on my breasts. He wanted me to swallow the sperm, but I did not do that. He stared at me with his eyes wide, his pupils dilated, and he seemed satisfied. He trembled slightly. I felt myself touching him. Everything seemed so erotic and exciting.

Things like outdoor sex with a stranger seemed impossible in my daily life. The remaining sperm spread over the entire body surface, pretending it was a beach lotion. We lay down in each other’s arms, aware of what would happen soon.

He asked me, “You love to be dominated or to dominate me.”  I don’t know what to say. I could feel my pussy had an urge. I wanted to be clean with him.

“I love to be dominated,” I said.

He kissed me and asked, “Do you accept me as your Master?”

I could see the reality and honesty in his eyes, and I said, “Yes, Master.”

“I won’t ask about your past or what went wrong. But I assure you that this MASTER will never disappoint you.”

I kissed his lips. When I lifted my arms, he started licking my armpits.

In the next part, you’ll see Master take the lead.

PS: I’m a guy named Shiv, 29, from Bangalore. I hope this erotic story made you wet. Interested bitches can text daddy/master at [email protected]

This part is narrated from the POV of my slave.