Kishen’s life-changing Discovery – Part 7

Neetu stood just a few steps ahead of where Kishen. She blocked his view of Usha’s room. He could only see Savi’s ‘Oh.My.God’ reaction. She was seated on the chair beside Usha’s bed facing the door.

“What are you doing here?” Kishen heard Usha aunty ask.

“I thought I’ll surprise you,” responded Neetu.

“Thank you so much for coming, Neetu. I thought I’d never get you again,” said Sunil in an extraordinarily happy tone.

“Shh, Sunil uncle, you’re going to wake the baby,” responded Neetu.

It was then that Kishen noticed the straps of a baby carrier on Neetu’s back. As Neetu turned around and entered her room, Kishen held his breath. Laying still, he heard her drag the baby crib from a corner, take up the baby from the carrier, and place him in the crib.

She switches on the fan, adjusts the speed, and enters Usha’s room. Savi sat on the chair. Usha and Ramesh sat on the bed. And Sunil, standing, all (nude) were watching her—as though they could still not comprehend her presence.

Kishen noticed that Usha aunty and his mom were looking at Neetu unpleasantly. His dad, on the other hand, was grinning wide. Ramesh uncle looked at Neetu with a prowler’s demeanour.

Kishen knew then and there that they were all well-knit. He wondered why Neetu didn’t tell him anything when she took his virginity.

“Great to see you too, Sunil uncle. Even I thought I’d never be able to have you for a long time,” Neetu said, looking at Usha and Savi.

Moving to the table and preparing a drink, she added, “I’ve been asking my mother when your next get-together would be, and she would give lame excuses. I sensed something fishy. And from her responses on phone calls with me, I knew something was up this week. Looks like I was right.”

“We were told you need time to recover after giving birth,” responds Ramesh, looking at Usha, who rolls her eyes.

“Well, that’s partly true. But I have been craving our union for so long. But it appears ma is intentionally keeping me away,” says Neetu. “Are you aware of this too, Savi aunty? Ma is your best friend, right?”

“Oh, enough with your false assumptions Neetu. I couldn’t be happier to involve you. But I genuinely think you need more rest after giving birth,” responds Usha.

“She’s right, Neetu. We’d love to have you around, but you need more rest, especially with the complications. We were very scared. We heard your vaginal walls showed signs of rupture and bleeding after you tried to have intercourse, even after waiting 2 months after delivery,” added Savi.

“Quite frankly, with two dicks today, we’re really scared you may be hurt,” added Usha.

“Ma, you drilled the idea of abstinence into my hubby and even persuaded my mother-in-law to ensure that. You didn’t even allow me to enjoy it from here. Only I know how much I had to struggle to control myself,” said Neetu rather sternly.

“But the doctor said you needed to wait,” responded Usha.

“He said six months, ma! You stretched it for more than a bloody year.”

“Well, the doctor doesn’t know how much of a sex addict you are; I do. You’ve been fucking non-stop since you lost your virginity,” Usha responded.

“STOP!” Ramesh interrupted as he stood up. “Neetu, ma is just concerned about your safety. But set aside your cravings and tell me honestly, do you feel ready and safe?” he asked Neetu.

“I have never been more ready, pappa. But even my husband is afraid to touch me. Ma scared him, telling him how permanently damaged my uterus would be. So I couldn’t even test-sex with him to see if I was fully healed,”

“What about the doctor?” asked Sunil.

“Doctor gave clearance months ago, but ma is super-scared,”

“Yes, I am scared. I don’t want you to get permanent damage and risk not having another lovely grandchild. That is exactly what happened to me,” Usha reasons.

“Ma, had it not been for your sternness, I would have got permanently damaged. If you had not told my hubby and his mother about the seriousness of the situation, my horny self, like you, would have urged for sex despite a damaged uterus. Heck! I may have continued fucking suppressing the pain. But I’ve fully healed. I know,” Neetu responded.

“How?” Savi inquires.

“I fucked recently, and there was no bleeding or pain. It felt like I was doing it for the first time,” responded Neetu.

“You’re not lying, are you?” Usha asked.

“No, Ma. I have you to thank for my healing and experience. But I want to prove you wrong,” Neetu responded.

Pausing to digest her daughter’s response, Usha said, “No issues, dear. Welcome back, then. Forgive Ma for being so strict,” Usha said.

“Don’t apologize to your daughter!” Savi tells Usha. “And remember, Neetu. I’m yet to get fucked. So you’d have to wait till I’m done.”

“No need to be sorry, ma,” Neetu says as she finishes her drink. “And when have I ever crossed you, Savi aunty? My dear cuckquean?

“But still, for her safety, you two don’t go too hard on her, ok?” Usha requests Sunil and Ramesh. They nod in agreement but with wild looks in their eyes.

“I doubt if they will listen, Usha. Look how horny the two became already,” added Savi. “Neetu, please let us know if you get any pain or discomfort.”

“Don’t worry, Savi aunty. I will,” Neetu responded. Seeing a pack of cigarettes on the table, she takes one out and lights it. “I haven’t smoked since I felt symptoms of pregnancy,”

“Then maybe it’s not good to resume now, as you are still breastfeeding,” Usha reminded.

“Shit! That’s true, ma. No way I am taking any chance that might harm my boy,” responded Neetu.

“Give me the cigarette then,” demanded Savi, surprising Kishen. There sat the woman who warned him and his friends about smoking. He wondered if his former tuition teacher would also be a hypocrite. It didn’t take long for him to find out. Usha couldn’t wait to borrow the cigarette from Savi.

“Let’s see them stopping me from smoking,” thought Kishen as he continued to watch. But, more than his new-found deterministic stance, Kishen was feeling left out.

A part of him felt sad. A part of him desperately wanted to join in.  And another part of him desperately wanted to know more about their circle and the origin story.

Neetu shares a smile of excitement and removes her churidar top and bra. Seeing Neetu strip, everyone gulps the rest of their drinks. The two males standing watch and the one male feasting under the bed. She looked a hundred times sexier with the kameez pants and naked upper body.

Sitting next to her mother on the edge of the bed, Neetu cups her under-boobs with the palm of her hands. She squeezes her nipples with either thumb. Milk starts dripping out of dem nipples. “What are you waiting for?” She asks the men.

Ramesh and Sunil approach her on either side, bend to her breast level and begin feasting on her nipples. She leans her head back in utter pleasure. “Oh yeah, that feels like the first time all over again,” she moans.

“I haven’t taken much time in pleasuring her nipples. Gotta invest more time for that the next time,” Kishen retrospected.

Usha stroked Ramesh’s cock while he pleasured their daughter’s nipples. With the cigarette in one hand and rubbing her pussy with the other, Savi watched the two men’s hands untying Neetu’s churidar pants. The men helped Neetu get rid of it and made her lie towards the centre of the bed.

Through all that, their tongues and lips appeared glued to her breasts. With Neetu lying down, they began fingering her while suckling her nipples. Having shared the cigarette to its butt, Savi and Usha proceeded to lie their backs. Their heads were in between the knees that supported either man.

Adjusting into position, the two men gently placed their cocks into the welcoming mouths of their wives. They jointly pleasured Neetu’s breasts and pussy.

“Wish mom fingers dad too,” Kishen thought. And just then, to his surprise, Savi proceed to middle finger-fuck Sunil. “WTF! Is there some telepathy shit going on?!?” Kishen wondered.

Soon everyone gets into the rhythm of their respective pleasurings. Spreading their legs, Usha and Savi begin fingering themselves. They orally pleasure their hubbies. Kishen is amazed at his mother’s multi-tasking capabilities. Unlike Usha, Savi also fingered his dad while she blew him and fingered herself.

Kishen hears Neetu’s moans getting heavier. Her legs start moving more rampantly in response to being rigorously pleasured by Sunil and Ramesh. To his amusement, Savi and Usha lock Neetu’s legs in position. They place either leg on hers. Ramesh and Sunil pin her hands on the bed with theirs.

Rendered immovable by two hands and two legs, Neetu’s only escape from the lock-in was to orgasm. For Kishen, the sight was one of a kind. Legs entwining, pussies being fingered, pussy being fingered by two hands, face fucking, and all at once.

“Moan #4, and the one with the highest pitch so far,” Kishen thought as Neetu came loudly after a while. Looking closer, he could see Neetu’s thick liquids oozing from her. Relieving Neetu from their hands and legs captivity, the couple proceeds to assume the glorious 69 position.

Neetu moves further up on the bed, towards the pillows, to halt and regain composure. While still in the 69 position, the couples slowly adjust to occupy the space Neetu left. The near-synced mouthful moans of Usha and Savi fill the room.

Just then, the baby began to cry!

Their action halted momentarily and resumed in a muffled mode. Neetu instantly got up from the bed. She heads to the attached bathroom, washes her hand and upper body, and proceeds to her room. Picking the baby up from the crib, Neetu hums a lullaby.

“I wish I could see her naked and humming, holding the baby,” thought Kishen. Neetu walks around the room carrying the baby.

It didn’t take long for Usha and Savi to start getting louder again. Neetu closes the door to her room, completely blocking Kishen’s view.

“Shit! What do I do now?” Kishen thought. He could barely hear anything.

After a while, Kishen hears the dampened sound of Savi’s loud moans and screams of pleasure.

“Mom’s probably started getting fucked. By who, I wonder. What terrible luck not to be able to see it after coming this far,” thought Kishen.

By picking up those of his mother’s sound notes of pleasure, Kishen imagined what he was being obstructed to witness.

“Fuck me, Ramesh. Don’t stop, Sunil. Oh yeah. Tear my holes, you two.”

“Shucks, that’s probably a DP (double penetration)! Mom’s a pro slut! What might Usha aunty be doing?” Kishen thought.

Kishen’s ears soon picked up a high-pitch ‘Oh god’ moan from Savi. The kind of moan that his ears could never forget. The root cause moaned, for which he’d forever be thankful.

No more loud-ish sounds seemed to come to post Savi’s moan. Noticing the same, Neetu wasted no time placing the baby back in the crib and going to the auction room.

The door was open again. Kishen saw his mom lying exhausted on the chair, legs spread and resting on the armrest. Her arms were hanging down in exhaustion. Suni stood next to her and was getting an effortless head from her.

Usha, kneeling before Savi’s pussy scooped and licked Savi’s creampie with her fingers. Ramesh sat on the bed and watched them. Kishen noticed his eyes widen as his daughter re-entered the room.

“Why don’t you close the door?” asked Usha.

“Nah, I won’t be able to hear him if he cries,” answered Neetu. “Please keep it down, everybody. I hate to be interrupted.

“Don’t worry, daughter, we will take turns should the need arise,” Ramesh responded.

“Well, in that case, be sure to clean your filthy selves before going to him,” responded Neetu.

“Obviously,” said Ramesh, stroking his tool as he stood up to Neetu, who approached him. With a big grin, Ramesh places his hands on his daughter’s shoulders while his eyes scan her body from head to toe.

“Pappa, stop fucking me with your eyes and do the deed,” said Neetu. Even as obvious as it may have been, her words instantly aroused Kishen. He could also see his father, sucked by his mother, become particularly aroused by what Neetu uttered.

Ramesh knelt to the level of his daughter’s pussy and began licking it while his fingers kneaded her butt cheeks. Neetu stood with her legs apart to accommodate her father’s vigorous tongue better. Moaning, she grabbed her father’s hair while her other hand fondled her boobs.

“Spread her back-hole for me, Ramesh,” said Usha. Scooping a bit of the creampie dripping from Savi’s pussy with her fingers. She smeared it over her daughter’s butthole, being exposed by the hands of her husband.

Sunil involuntarily took his dick out of her mouth and turned to watch the incestuous oral in all its glory. Neetu could barely hold her balance in pleasure as her mother and father were licking her holes clean.

Kishen’s eyes stopped blinking.

“Ramesh, spread her cheeks so that Usha can bury her tongue in her. Then, rub her clit and finger her while licking,” directed Savi.

“And Usha, stroke Ramesh if possible,” added Sunil.

Her mom and dad did as directed by her uncle and aunty. Neetu began swaying back and forth in her state of pleasured imbalance. Savi got up from the chair, approached her and extended her shoulder for support.

“Come, Suni, support her from the other side,” Savi instructed.

Kishen could see his mother and father. Their backs actually (and Neetu’s and Usha’s) from his vantage point. He could make out that both of them were pleasuring either of Neetu’s nipples with their saliva-wet fingers.

“Oh yes,” Neetu came, shaking. She could barely stand, even with the support of Savi and Sunil.

Ramesh stood up, kissed his daughter for a while, turned her around, and began thrusting her. Bending forward and taking in her father’s cock, Neetu supported her hands on her mother’s shoulders.

Kishen and his parents were amazed. As the father pounded his creation, the mother and daughter looked eye-to-eye with clenched jaws. After coming explosively inside his daughter, Ramesh pushed Neetu aside and placed his semi-flaccid dick in his wife’s mouth.

Kishen couldn’t help but cum at that action. After having the remaining cum sucked clean off of his dick by his wife, Ramesh was visibly tired. He dropped himself back-first on the bed.

“Let me fill your other hole,” Kishen heard his dad say. He watched him grab Neetu by the neck and push her face down on the bed beside her father.

“Uh, Suni, didn’t you already cum inside me?” Savi asked.

“And you think witnessing this incestuous action didn’t get me hard again?” Sunil responded as Usha giggled, hearing the response.

As Savi and Usha approached the table side to fix drinks, Sunil fucked Neetu’s ass aggressively.

“How foolish of me to assume Neetu is an anal virgin,” thought Kishen.

Stuffing the bed sheet into her mouth and biting it hard, Neetu muffled her loud moans as Sunil drilled her anally. Her papa, lying next to her, casually caressed her boobs.

“My hubby sure is an incest freak,” said Savi.

“…and my hubby may be responsible for that,” Usha responded.

“Possibly, but he once told me he had feeling for his mom when he was young,” added Savi.

“Well, boys are hornier than men. It may have been a phase,” Usha replied. “I was hugely attracted to my uncle.”

“And I think I may have had a thing for my dad. But I didn’t act on it, too,” Savi responded.

Picking parts of their conversation amid Neetu’s moans, Kishen’s thought processes were being bombarded by one revelation after another. With a heavy grunt, Sunil came inside Neetu’s butt.

“Ah, that brings back many fond memories,” he said as he sat on the chair, tired.

With everyone having orgasm-ed once, the room became moan-free again.

“Wait a minute, when did I lose count of the extra loud orgasmic moans? Fuck it, what’s the use anyway,” Kishen thought.

Kishen watched his father’s cum dripping from Neetu’s ass. She got on the bed, reached for the towel, and wiped her holes before snuggling closer to pappa.

“Na, don’t sleep, daddy’s girl. We’ve got more time to kill,” said Usha,

“We’re just resting, mom,” responded Neetu. “I doubt if the two men will get any erection at all,”

“C’mon, we’re old but not that frail. We need some more time,” responded Sunil. “Fix me a drink, too, Savi. By the way, what were you talking about me?”

“You never told us you had a thing for your mother? Be open. Did anything happen?” asked Usha as Savi fixed a drink for Sunil.

“Ma may have known I had feelings for her. I did try to seduce her once by, you know, purposefully exposing my body and all.”

“And?” Savi and Usha asked in unison.

“She got angry and shouted at me. I never went back to doing anything that may have seemed remotely seductive ever again,” responded Sunil.

“You never told me about trying to seduce her,” Savi said as she handed her hubby his drink.

“Well, I didn’t kinda want to tell you. Besides, it was years ago and was the only incident. I was about Kishen’s age,” replied Sunil.

“Aha, good that you mentioned Kishen. Savi, did you get any advances from Kishen? He should be raging with hormones at his age,” Usha asked Savi.

“No, he is pretty reserved. And honestly, I don’t know how I would react should he do something like that.” Savi responded.

“Savi is not really into mom-son incest, is what I can tell, Usha. We had that discussion,” Sunil responded.

“Would you be cool with it, Suni uncle?” Neetu asked.

“Not that I disapprove of it. If both mom and son consent, I’d love to watch,” Sunil responded.

“But Kishen has been very reserved. Or rather, I never took up discussing sex and all with him, apart from the classes we used to give to him and his friends,” said Savi.

“My lovely former student has become a young man now. He frequently came here with lame reasons and would leave almost instantly. It’s as if he is looking for something in my house without me knowing. I suspect he has a thing for me,” Usha responded.

Hearing his former tuition teacher and sex goddess opine about him, Kishen was taken aback.

“During those days, I’ve seen you subtly exposing your cleavage to him in the pretext of explaining math problems,” said Neetu.

“Well, I wasn’t planning on doing anything to him then. He was a young boy. I was sowing the idea of my cleavage in him, hoping it might bloom when he grows,” Usha giggled.

Savi was rather surprised at what Usha aunty said. But he was utterly happily surprised at the idea that his Usha aunty had a thing towards him too.

“Oh, it sure has bloomed totally, dear teacher. The glimpses of your cleavage are forever etched in my mind,” Kishen said to himself.

“Do you think he is still a virgin? Savi, shall I try poaching him?” Usha asked Savi.

“Well, you can. I don’t know anything about his sex life. He does not even show signs of being in a relationship. And I have to respect his privacy in the house.” responded Savi.

“He has always been a shy boy,” Usha said.

“But I am pretty sure he is a virgin,” added Sunil.

Just then, Neetu started laughing hysterically.

“Hear me out, Suni uncle. Karma is a bitch,” Neetu said, smiling.

Kishen noticed everyone looking confused at what Neetu said.

“You took my virginity, so I have taken your son’s,” Neetu declared.

Everyone—including Kishen—went: What?!?!

“When did that happen?” asked a surprised Savi.

“Since my husband is still obligated not to fuck me, he was the one whom I told y’all I fucked recently,” responded Neetu.

“Whoa! Didn’t see that coming,” responded Sunil.

“Karma is like 69 position. What goes around comes around, Sunil. My daughter is a professional poacher. Neetu, my dear, you’ve done pappa proud,” said Ramesh, as he got up on Neetu to give her the 69 position

Taking a while actually to digest what she was told, Savi asked, “How was he? I mean, did he seduce you?”

Taking her father’s cock out of her mouth, Neetu responded, “No. It was spontaneous. I didn’t seduce him much too. I made it happen when I got the chance.”

“Did you tell him about us?” Savi followed-up.

“How can I tell him about us without speaking about it with you all first? And I am sorry if this makes you feel awkward, aunty. I wanted to surprise you all with it,” added Neetu, stroking her dad.

“Nothing awkward, Neetu. I’m glad that you, of all people, did it. I know you or Usha won’t have forced or exploited him. But still, I wasn’t expecting to hear something like this,” said Savi.

“How many people have you poached? What is your secret?” Usha asked jokingly.

“Like mother, like daughter,” said Ramesh, momentarily breaking off from orally pleasuring his daughter.

“Well, I am jealous of you, Neetu. I was waiting to ask Savi for permission to somehow start including Kishen among us,” added Usha. She took Savi by the hand, lay on the bed next to her daughter and husband 69-ing, and assumed the position herself with Savi.

Kishen had heard enough. He neither needed convincing nor had any more doubts or hesitance. “Make yourself known, Kishen. Now is the fucking time,” he told himself.

“Like Neetu, I will also clap and enter,” he thought as he got up from under the bed.

“I’ll make my entrance even better. I will strip,” he thought. “Is this idea mine, or is it the beast’s?” He wondered as he stripped in Neetu’s room.

In confident silent steps, Mr Bond moved closer to his Usha aunty’s bedroom. He observed his dad, sitting on the chair and stroking himself, engrossed in watching the others engrossed in a twin 69.

None of them noticed him come up in front of the door frame.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

To be continued. Feedback: [email protected]