My Mallu Mom Padma – Part 2 (Jayan & Mom)

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Let me introduce my family to you.

Girish – 50 yrs old, my father, an Ex-Military, Loves my mom. Very sexually active. Has sex with mom 2-3 times a week. 6 ft tall, handsome, well endowed,

Padma – 45 yrs old, My sweet mother. Conservative. Nighties at home, Sarees when going out. She has big boobs, 36DD and a smaller butt. Beautiful plump waist. 36DD – 30 – 32

Anita – 23 yrs old. My elder sister – staying at the girls’ hostel and pursuing her post-graduation. Visits home for holidays.

Ajay (Me) – 19 years old. I was pursuing an undergraduate at a nearby college. I am staying with my mom and Dad. I am slender and have a decent 6-inch cock. I masturbate at least once daily.

Jayan – one of the auto drivers near my college. I have known him for several years now, from my eleventh.

In our house, all external work is managed by Dad and, in his absence, by me. My mom usually stays home and occasionally goes out to manage any household work. She would sometimes spend time with her siblings at her maternal home.

As I told you earlier, we live on the hilly side of the Idukki District. If we need anything, we must travel to the nearest town to buy it. Even the LPG cylinder refills will only be delivered in this town. Once delivered, my Dad and I will get an auto and the cylinder home.

Once or twice, when Dad wasn’t available, I took Jayan to get the cylinder home. He has come home and met mom and Dad both times. He was very polite and cordial with them.

If I tell you about Jayan, he is a school dropout. He has a lot of Ancestral property for himself. He would be 25 years old. Unmarried. He is tall and dark but good-looking. I don’t know why he drives an auto for a living, considering he is rich.

One time, I was taking my study leave for my semester exams. Dad had gone out for some work in Ernakulam. Our LPG got over. Mom spoke to Dad about it. Dad was too far away and would get late to come home. Dad asked mom to ask me to get the refill cylinder from the nearest town.

Mom didn’t want to disturb me while I was studying. She had a bit of shopping to do and would get the cylinder herself. Mom went to take a shower to go out. We live in an old house with the need for a lot of opportunity for repairs. As soon as mom started bathing, I thought of seeing mom naked and jerking off.

I was tired of studying. I do it almost daily. Mom and I are alone at home. I like to see her naked. She looks like a sex goodness nude with her skin shining from the water. She had not to stretch marks, just a perfect MILF body. Big Boobs – not even a slight sag. No underbelly and trimmed pussy and a cute butt.

Padma had this habit of pulling her nipple while she bathed. As if she was ensuring they both were in the right place and shape. I used to love seeing that and usually cum just seeing her do that. I completed the ritual and jerked off. I saw my mom naked and returned to my study room.

Mom came out and went to change. She came out after a few minutes wearing a black saree with yellow stripes. My mom is very fair, and she looked gorgeous in the saree. You can see her boobs in the blouse and her navel from her side. She has big, beautiful eyes and has used eyeliner on them.

She doesn’t use lipstick but has naturally pink lips. I looked at mom in awe. She smiled at me and asked me if I wanted anything. She left, and I went back to studying.

Mom would have left around 1:30 pm. I was expecting mom to be home 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm. I was hungry. Mom had told me that she would call me when she reached so that I could get the cylinder home from the road. But she didn’t call. Around 5 pm, I called mom on her mobile.

She answered and told me she was on her way and would be there in some time. Around 5:45 pm, mom came home. Jayan was also with her. He brought the cylinder home. He smiled at me and made a sheepish comment.

Asking me why I was bothering mom with these household things. I should have just called him, and he would bring the cylinder home. As soon as mom came home, she went to take a shower. Mom was in a hurry. I waited for mom to return. Mom made tea, and we had snacks.

This was the first time mom had taken Jayan to get the LPG cylinder. I asked her if Jayan charged her more or gave her any trouble. She smiled and said no.

Weeks passed. One day I was returning from college. It was raining heavily that day. A downpour. Our roads to Idukki are broad and beautiful. You would see a lot of vehicles plying on these roads. But rarely would you see a car parked on the side. The bus stopped at a bus stop and started moving.

I saw an auto parked on the roadside. It’s Jayan’s Auto. I knew his registration number. I couldn’t see anyone inside. The plastic sheet covered both sides as it was raining heavily. I reached home as usual at 4:45 pm. Mom wasn’t home. I called mom on her cell, but she didn’tidn’t answer.

There was no power at home. I changed and slept off. Around 6:30 pm, I woke up hearing my dog barking. Mom was at the door. I opened the door, and Mom rushed in. It was still raining. Power was back. Mom ran to take a shower. I asked mom how she came as it was late.

She told me that she had called Jayan, and he dropped her. I told her I saw his Auto at one of the bus stops. She thought and answered. The Auto stopped while he was bringing her home. They had to wait as Jayan had to work on his Auto.

I asked why Jayan didn’t come home today. Mom told me that he was drenched. He went home so that he doesn’t fall ill. I didn’t doubt anything.

A week later, I saw Jayan. He saw me and asked me to get in his Auto. He told me he would drop me halfway home as he was heading to his house. While travelling, I asked Jayan if I had seen him at the stop a week back when it was raining. The place is tranquil, with close to no one living there.

He said he didn’t remember. I told him it was the same day he dropped mom home and never came to say Hi. Jayan was quiet. He dropped me halfway as promised and left. I took another bus and went home.

A few weeks later, I met Jayan. This time, I had a plan. I told him I wanted to discuss something very personal with him. I wanted to talk to him peacefully. I was serious when I spoke to Jayan. He promptly agreed. He called up and checked if anyone was at his property.

Upon confirmation that no one was there, we left for his property. It was just a few kilometres from the nearest town. It was a deviation from our route from the city to my house. He had 10 acres of rubber plantation. There was only a mud road to his property. The whole place was deserted.

We drove through his property for over 5 minutes to reach his plantation house. The Plantation House is where the rubber is collected and kept. Only Rubber sheets and Rubber tree sap collection barrels are in this building. I thought you could kill someone here. No one would ever know.

Once Jayan stopped his Auto, he asked me, “What happened, Ajay? What is it that you wanted to talk to me about?”

I told Jayan, “It is very personal and very shameful. I feel guilty about it. But I can’t be without telling someone about this. I want you to promise that you will never tell anyone about anything I am about to tell you.” Jayan promised me.

I started. “I first saw porn mags when I had accidentally found Dad’s porn stash. In these porn mags, I saw naked men and women and felt it was gross. One particular image caught my eye. This was an image of a topless woman with big boobs.”

“The woman looked like a foreigner, and two adult men were licking her nipples. She was enjoying what was being done to her nipples. She looked down at her boobs and nipples with her hands on both men’s heads. The image has stayed with me for years.”

“My second encounter was when dad’s younger brother showed my cousins and me a hot porn movie. A mother and daughter are having sex with their son. After coming home, the next day, I started noticing my mom. Her features, her lips, her face, her eyes, her big boobs that were pushing through her nightie.”

“I realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. Mom’s boobs swayed when she bent down while doing housework. I started noticing my mother as a woman. Checking out her ass and imagining how she would look if she bent over and spread her ass. I so badly wanted to see her naked.”

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do next. Maybe all I wanted to do was see if my voluptuous mother would match up to the naked image I had built. I peeped and even saw my mom taking a bath. She is completely naked. Her melons looked beautiful, swaying as she bathed. They weren’t sagging.”

“She had a flat stomach and a trimmed pussy. She didn’t have a big butt, but it looked perfect. I was happy to see her naked. She closely resembled the nude image I built about her. She had a flatter tummy than I had imagined. Over the years, my interest in my sex goddess mother, Padma, has changed.”

“I watched porn movies and started replacing porn actresses with my mother, Padma. I had started masturbating to her more, imagining her in those porn scenes. I started watching more and more videos of mature women with young guys.”

“I would watch porn with rough sex and imagine my sexy mother being fucked like that and masturbate hard. It was exciting for me. I wanted to hear her moan and scream with pleasure. I was yet to see myself behind my mother, pulling her hair and fucking her like a bitch.”

“Thinking of her naked and being fucked like a slut was enough. Who was fucking her was immaterial. She just had to be fucked, maybe even degraded & humiliated.”

I could see Jayan’s eyes sparkle when I was sharing my story. He said, “Okay, what do you want me to do?” I asked him, “Can you help me make my dreams come true?”  Jayan smiled. He said, “Ajay, thank you for telling me this. I was dying to say this to someone. I am happy that someone is you!

He said, “I first came home with you to drop the cylinder when I learned Padma Aunty is your mom. I know her from before. She doesn’t know me. I have seen her in town when she comes to buy stuff. I had always thought about who she was. I found her very beautiful and sexy. I thought to myself, ‘What a MILF!’”

A shock ran through my body when Jayan said it. I was happy someone else appreciated her beauty and saw what I saw in her. I should have been angry. But I was keenly listening to the story to understand what happened next.

Jayan continued the story:

After I knew Padma Aunty was your mom, I was both happy and sad. I was happy that I knew where Aunty lived. But I was sad that she was your mom. I wanted to pursue her, but she was your mom, so I left that thought. After a couple of months, Padma Aunty called me.

She wanted me to come to get the LPG Cylinder home. I was happy to speak to her and excited to pick her up. While coming to your home, Aunty asked about my family and background. I told her everything. I took her to show my property which was just a slight deviation on the way to your home.

Padma Aunty agreed. I took her to my property. We came here, at the plantation and were parked exactly here. Padma Aunty got down and saw the place. She liked the place and asked me why I hadn’t married yet.

I looked at her for some time and said, ‘Auntie, I didn’t find anyone as beautiful as you.’ She smiled at me. I couldn’t control myself and pounced at her and kissed her lips. Padma aunty was taken aback. She tried to push me away. I kept kissing her and now grabbed and squeezed her melons.

She pushed me hard, and I fell on the floor. She ran to take her bag to get her phone. I grabbed her from behind and started dry-humping her ass while pressing her boobs and kissing her ears. I was rock hard and poking Padma’s ass with my dick.

She spoke to me in a stern voice. ‘Jaya, Stop it! If you don’t stop now, you will get in deep trouble.’ I was horny as fuck. I started talking shit to Aunty. ‘Aunty, I have been dreaming of fucking you for the longest time. Every time I see you, I dream of you naked and me fucking you like my bitch.’

Aunty told me it would never happen and asked me to drop her back home. I started pleading with her. She didn’t budge. I requested aunty to show me once her boobs and let me jerk off seeing her naked body. Aunty was quiet. I started crying, telling her to see me as her son and help me cum just once.

She wanted to think. But I knew if I let her think, she would decide otherwise. So I kept begging. After begging continuously for 20 minutes, Padma Aunty said okay. I ran and hugged her.

She pushed me aside and said, ‘No touching me. You can see me and do what you want with yourself. I will not let you touch me. I will only give you 5 minutes.’ I agreed and waited for aunty to show me her boobs. She went and sat in the Auto.

She moved her saree and unhooked her blouse. Aunty was wearing a white bra. I could easily see the cleavage. She said, ‘Your time starts now.’ I stopped aunty and said, ‘But Aunty, I wanted to see your naked boobs, not in a bra.’

Padma Aunty said, ‘What? No way I am doing that.’

‘Please, Aunty, I beg of you.’

Padma Aunty said, ‘No.’

‘So, in that case, Can I touch them?’

Padma Aunty said, ‘No, you can’t!’

I kept negotiating with her. Time was running out for her to reach home.
Your mom lost it with me and shouted, ‘This is all I will show you. Want to see me and jerk off? Do it. Else, just drop me home.’ Hearing her using words like jerk off made me hard.

I made one last request, ‘Can you please lift your bra so I can see both your nipples?’ I have dreamt of them for a long. After a long pause, Padma Aunty said okay. I held my cock over my mundu and waited for aunty to pull her bra up, and she did. She didn’t look at me.

I could see her nipples now. Big, dark brown nipples were hard with all the pressing I did earlier. I opened my mundu and started jerking off. I went close to the Auto so that I could see her clearly. I was rock hard.

Padma Aunty was not looking at me. As I was about to cum, I called, ‘Aunty, Look at me, my queen. See me cum seeing you naked.’ She didn’t look at me. I was about to cum, and I started moaning as I was about to cum. Padma Aunty wanted to see my cock.

But she stopped by closing her eyes and leaning back on the Auto seat. I couldn’t manage. I quickly went near her and sucked on her left boob. Padma Aunty was in shock but didn’t push me away. I took her nipple between my teeth and pulled it.

I started sucking her boobs hard while pinching and pulling her right nipple. Padma aunty just let out a loud moan. I held her hand and got her to hold my cock. She looked at it and couldn’t control her smile. She tried getting away and leaving my cock. I started jerking off with her left hand around my cock.

I let out a moan and started cumming. Streams of cum flew from my cock. I reduced the speed of my jerking off. A lot of cum fell on Padma Auntie’s fingers. I held her hand around my cock till I started going limp.

She covered her chest with the saree pallu when I left her hand. She got out of the Auto and washed her hands in tap water. She sat back in the Auto. She pulled the bra in place and put her blouse back in.

I washed my hands and cock, and wore my mundu correctly. I came and sat in the Auto. I looked at Padma Aunty. She was sitting expressionless, just waiting for me to start the Auto so she could go home.  I started the Auto and started to your home. Padma Aunty seemed relieved.

While driving, I asked, ‘Aunty, can I ask you a question?’

Padma Aunty said, ‘No.’

‘Please, Aunty. Just three questions.’

She didn’t say anything.

I asked, ‘Aunty, is my cock big enough to satisfy a woman?’

Padma Aunty didn’t say anything. I kept asking the same question. Annoyed, she said, ‘Yes, it is.’

I said, ‘Second question. Do you find my cock big? Will I be able to satisfy you?’

She said, ‘Maybe.’

‘Have you taken a big cock like mine?’

Padma Aunty got annoyed and said, ‘Ajay’s cock is as big as yours. He is just 19. His dad has an even bigger cock!’ There was pride in her tone.

I asked Aunty, ‘Will you please let me fuck you?’ I will fuck you better than your husband. I am sure he is tired of fucking you for so many years. I promise. I will fuck you like my new lover.’

Aunty said, ‘Ajay’s Dad and I had a love marriage, and he loves me very much and does me well. I am satisfied with my sex life. I don’t want your cock or any other cock.’

I got annoyed and stopped the Auto on the roadside. Turned around and looked at her. ‘Aunty, I will make you sit on my cock lift your butt and fuck you hard from under you! Has your husband ever fucked you like that!? I will carry you in my arms and fuck you while you hug me like a baby, have your husband ever fucked you like that?! I will bend you over and get you on all fours, pull your hair and fuck you like an animal’s fuck! Have your husband ever fucked you like that!’

Auntie didn’t say anything. I looked into her eyes and said, ‘That’s how I will fuck my lover! I want to fuck you as my lover.’ Padma Aunty looked down. I was happy that I made your mom shut up. Even made her think about being fucked by me in all these positions.

We were about to reach your home. I asked Aunty, ‘Can I tell Ajay what happened between us?’ Before Auntie could answer, I said, ‘Maybe he will beat me up and tell his dad. Or maybe he will say he wants to join me the next time I am with you.’

Padma aunty immediately told me, ‘You can’t tell Ajay. It will affect me, and my family will beat you to death. I will forgive you for thinking it was a mistake as you are so young and foolish.’

I told Padma Aunty, ‘I want to fuck you. If you don’t let me fuck you, I will tell Ajay. Let him decide what he wants to do with the information. I am fine dying if I don’t get to fuck you like my lover.’ Auntie did not know what to say.

I told her, ‘I will give you 3 weeks. Figure out a day when you are free without Ajay and Dad at home. Call me, and I will come. I will fuck you at your home. But if you don’t call me in 3 weeks, I will tell your son everything.’

To be continued.