Gay Action at the Gas Station – Part 2

This continues my story, ‘Gay Action at the Gas Station.’ To recap, I have been living in Canada for some years.

I had an organic gay encounter with a desi hot guy in the washroom of the gas station where I worked. He left without any contact info and left me longing for more. I am writing the next part now because he showed up one day. It led to the ringing of bells in my heart and also in my pants.

He browsed around the store, picked a couple of items and came to the register. Of course, I was standing, trying to hide my excitement. I was not sure if he wanted to do it again. I decided not to bring it up and avoid the awkwardness.

But I couldn’t control it. This was my chance, and I couldn’t let it go. So, I brushed his hand in a naughty way while handing him his change. And I looked at him. He looked at me and smiled. That was it. No more words had to be said. No more gestures had to be made.

I grabbed the washroom key and locked the door. I held his hand, and we rushed to the employee washroom. It is bigger and cleaner than the public one.

We locked our lips like lovers who had been apart for years, undoing each other’s shirts. I hugged him tight as soon as we were done. I asked him, “Where were you? Why didn’t you come to see me? I was waiting for you.”

Before he could answer, I kissed him again, and our tongues locked tight. This time it was more passionate than physical. He told me he was out of town but couldn’t wait to get back and meet me again. I was so happy to hear that.

I decided to forgive him, but not without punishment. I got down on my knees and kissed his dick. I licked it slowly and started sucking it, all while maintaining eye contact with him. He was in seventh heaven.

I then started fingering his ass. One finger, then 2 fingers. He was surprised but enjoying too much to say anything about it. Slowly he got comfortable, then a little too excited. He held my head and started slowly deep-throating me.

He turned us around and pinned my head to the wall while still down. He increased his pace. I could feel his long and warm cock going down my throat, leaving me no space to breathe. ‘Gawk gawk gawk gawk’ is all anyone could hear.

After a minute, he pulled his cock out. I gasped for air. He shoved his cock in again and continued with his show again. A few seconds later, he came into my throat, and I had no option but to swallow. But I enjoyed it, and that’s what I would have done regardless.

He slowly made me stand up and hugged me tight. I was in love. We then kissed passionately, both our tongues out of control. Pulling the other one in and sucking on it as hard as possible.

We both were horny again, and now it was time for the punishment. I turned him around and spread his ass cheeks. I wet my dick with spit and rubbed it on his hole. He was getting restless and trying to push my dick in.

So I decided to grant his wish and pushed my dick in with one swift thrust. He shouted, ‘Aah.’ But I kept fucking him slowly and stroked his dick. After a few minutes, he got comfortable, turned his neck around and kissed me. It turned me on even more.

I started fucking him fast. The sound of my body slapping on his. But cheeks mixed with our moaning muffled under kissing filled the room. There was no stopping us. “Harder, please, fuck me harder,” he begged me. I was fucking him from behind while standing.

I choked his throat with one hand and pinched his nipple with the other. He was out of control and started fucking himself with my dick. After some time, I made him go down on all fours and fuck him doggy style. I wanted him to be punished well.

But he was enjoying it as much as I was, if not more. He had arched his back for me, like a good bitch and was twerking on my dick. I slapped his ass which jiggled like jelly and went red. But he seemed to enjoy it. I kept going harder, both with fucking and the slapping.

After every slap, he’d sigh, a mix of pleasure and pain. I was happy with my bitch and decided to end the punishment and make love. I turned him over on his back and leaned to kiss him. I put my dick back in him again at the same time. It went in smoothly.

I kissed him on the lips. I bit his neck and sucked his nipples while fucking him. He was all twisting and curling. I knew he was having a good time. He held me by the throat and made me look into his eyes.

He said, “I love you, baby, and want you more.” I lost control. I choked him, locked lips and fucked him as fast as I could. Both were out of their senses. I came in sometime.

My pace slowed, slowly dumping my cum in him while maintaining eye contact. He kissed me and pulled me up to suck the final drops from my cock.

We both got up and helped each other clean up. But he decided to leave the cum inside (like I did the last time). I was happy to know he thinks like me and wants me as much as I want him. We both could be each other’s bitches or doms without ego problems.

After wearing our clothes, we exchanged contact info and promised to get to know each other and meet again soon. I unlocked the main door for him and spanked his ass one last time for the night. He blushed and looked at me.

After that, we talked over texts, got to know each other and decided to meet at my place. That is a story for the next part.

Thank you for supporting the first part, which led me to write this one. I appreciate the feedback and love sent to me through email at [email protected] Let me know what you think of this one too.