My hot friend Rini and her obsession – Part 1

My friend Rini was a bombshell and she has found a new kink. One fine evening when we were catching up over a drink, she unintentionally confessed her desire to have sex with an elderly man. This incident is about how I helped her seduce her own well-built father.

Rini, an unmarried damsel, with a light dusky skin tone, long legs standing 5’10 in her early 30s with a figure to die for. She proudly boasts her 36 bust, 30 waist, and a gorgeous 38 ass. I know it is because she has made me buy her lingerie on many occasions. Even though we live countries apart now, we have always remained in touch. She is very fond of luxury inner garments and I tend to ensure to wrap a pair whenever I travel to India. Her favorite has always been the lacy ones in red.

This incident took place on one of such trips when I was in Bangalore. As usual, we met over drinks after work and I handed my friend the gift. It was a Victoria’s Secret special collection. She was overjoyed in excitement. We have been best friends for more than 10 years, so we kind of knew each other well.

We shared almost everything including stories about our sexual encounters sometimes. She would proudly boast about her sex escapades whenever she gets tipsy. I however try to keep it a low profile.

Back to the story, upon handing over the gift, I asked her, “So, who is the lucky one this time?”, “Who are you intending to seduce tonight wearing these” to which she blurted out saying, “Well, let’s see who can handle my hotness.”

She continued, “You know Rahul, I am actually getting horny imagining myself in these already” “And maybe tonight I will go hunting some old fag”, “Last few days, I have been watching these old 4k videos and kind of turning me wild”, “I wonder if such mid-old fucks can actually get their dick stand let alone fuck a tight cunt like mine” followed with a wink.

We shared a laugh and the conversation continued.

Me: So, you seriously considering seducing someone old? I mean, you are hot, and look great, why would you want to waste yourself on some old daddy? You can get any handsome hunk. I mean, any guy would die to get laid with someone like you.

Rini: I know, Rahul. But I am kind of tired of having monotonous sex. I need something new, something different which you may not understand. Well, I am hot I know, I can see you getting hard as we speak but it doesn’t amuse me, kink me. Hahaha.

Me: Ok ok, cut the crap, you are not as hot as you think you are.

Rini: Yeah right, as if I can’t see you ogling seeing my cleavage since the time we sat here.

Well, I was caught red-handed but can’t really deny the fact that I was actually checking my hot friend out. Almost spending around an hour of further chit-chat, she gave me a tight hug, pressing her boobs intentionally. I gave her perky ass a squeeze and bid our goodbyes for the evening.

I returned to my hotel where I was put up and she headed back home. Almost an hour later, she called me sounding very baffled. So I asked her whereabouts.

Me: Hey Rini, what’s up, you alright?

Rini: Not actually, Rahul (her breathing was heavy and husky).

Me: Ok, so what is going on? It is almost 12 am, not feeling sleepy?

Rini: No Rahul, I am not asleep and stop asking me stupid questions.

She was definitely disoriented, given she was getting irritated contrary to her nature. I asked her again, “Ok, so tell me what is wrong?”.

She said, “I am bloody horny. I tried to seduce the old cab driver while returning but that fucker didn’t even look at me. I even lowered my strap for him to check out my tits through the mirror but that bugger didn’t even try.

I could help but laugh at her which made her even more angry. I suggested her to relieve herself by fingering herself to which she said she tried and it was not making her cum. I offered her to join me in my room, to which she denied saying her father was at home and awake, so she could not sneak out. Her voice was sexy and sent shivers down my dick.

My friend said she wanted a fuck badly and that too, an old man. I asked her if she was still wet and fingering herself. She affirmed positively.

I suggested to her, “I have an idea which you might not like.”

She asked me, “What, just tell me.”

I told her, “There may be a handsome, mid-old guy, that might be interested to fuck the hell out of your pussy, but..”

She asked restlessly, “But what Rahul?”

I continued, “But are you sure you can fuck anyone?”

She said yes in a hurry. I asked her, “Anyone means anyone.”

She said angrily, “Rahul, don’t mess with me, I need a fuck, no matter who that old man is.”

I paused for a second and said, “Ok, why don’t you fuck the man sitting in your hall watching Netflix?” She was surprised and said, “Excuse me? You mean you want me to fuck my dad?? Are you nuts?!”

I told her, “Well, if you need a dick, an old man’s dick, a big dick as you told me which he has, why not?”

She was silent for a moment; I was sure my hot female friend was busy imagining devouring her dad’s dick while rubbing herself.

She outrightly said yes, she was ok with that as she needed a dick right now. I was taken aback and asked her if she was sure as I was just pushing her. She paused for a moment but maybe she was way too wild and horny. She asked me to help her and I told her to follow my lead which she agreed.

I was getting a boner listening to her idea. Next up was the setting of the stage. Rini found a semi-transparent robe to put on over her lingerie, tied her hair neatly and went out of her room. I could imagine those lusty eyes when she was really desperate and today was one of those days.

Her father, Anand, would be in his late 50s and stands 6’2 feet tall. He was sitting on the couch and watching TV. Rini had previously shared her encounters catching his dad jerking off. She told me earlier, her dad has a big dick, almost 9 inches, and a fat one.

She made sure to sit opposite him while chatting with me. I intentionally asked her to sit with one leg folded, knee up to give his father a quick view of her lace satin panty-clad pussy. She was wet down there and evidently, her thighs were shiny due to her leaks.

Slowly, my friend started parting her thighs to give a full view to her dad. Her father was stealing glances now and then which she informed later. Poor chap had to take a pillow to hide his hard-on. She consistently kept me informed of her father’s reaction.

Then I asked her to sit next to her dad and sit in a way to fold her leg so her knee lands over his cushion-covered dick and she moved to change.

Slowly, she started lowering her head on his shoulder and kept her head there, simultaneously moving her knee to jerk her own father.

The moment was intense as she started perspiring. The aroma of her body hit her dad who stretched his arms to hug her from the side.

There was silence in the chat window and no replies in the interim.

5 minutes passed, and I received a reply, it was her dad on the other end. Well, to be honest, I was taken aback as I wasn’t expecting this. I asked him inquisitively where she was. His reply got me a boner instantly.

Anand: Hi Rahul, I see what you two have been cooking, I read your chats.

I replied to him confidently, “Hey Uncle, maybe it was a misunderstanding” trying to defend myself.

He said, “Don’t worry son, our secrets are safe. You want to know where your friend is?”

I said yes to which he replied, “Your darling friend is busy sucking my dick. She seems to have fallen in love with my dick.”

His daughter was busy sucking his dick. Reading through our chats, he understood I orchestrated the whole thing. He thanked me for that and sent me a pic where my sexy friend Rini was sitting on the floor between his legs. Her hand held his manhood, her face buried between his crotch with half of his dick inside. I could imagine how aggressively she must be blowing her father. The firm grip was telling her story.

I asked him to hold her head and make sure his dick hit down her throat. He obliged. He was surprised by the intensity of the blowjob he was getting. He was in heaven for sure having Rini’s luscious lips wrapping around his nervy dick. There was a silence again in the chatroom.

The table had turned and it was Rini messaging this time. I asked her how she was doing, to which she told me, “Rahul, my dad is eating my pussy, ohhhh godddd, its killing meee. His tongue feels so amazing on my clit. I never knew he could eat me so well, else I would have lost my virginity to him.”

She was absolutely in ecstasy. Her old father was eating her pussy and she sent another pic. Her dad was between her leg, tongue deep in her clit and a finger rubbing her clit. She announced proudly that her dad was holding his dick and slapping her cunt hole.

Rini’s last messages were, “Rahul, he is slapping his long dick on my dirty cunt. Rahul, he is trying to push it, oh god..” and comes the push…

That was the end of our chat that night, I ended up coming gallons reading her replies. I couldn’t help myself but imagine how my friend’s lips would feel around my dick and how her pussy would taste.

The next part will cover Rini’s narration of how her dad fucked not only her throat and pussy, but her ass as well satisfying her to the core.


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