My hot friend Rini and her obsession – Part 2

The next morning around 6 am, I received a call. I was still on my bed trying to remember everything thing that happened last night.

My hot friend Rini’s voice was breaking and she was breathing heavily. With morning greetings, I asked her what she was up to. She said that her father was fucking her ass in doggy style and she wanted to tell me verbally what happened last night.

The voice and the narration gave an instant hard-on in the morning!

She said, “Rahul, my dad is an animal, I should not have seduced him last night!”

I enquired, “What happened?! Tell me in detail.”

Rini continued, “He snatched my phone and made me sit between his legs first. He kept holding my hair over my head and read through our chats. He kept repeating how slutty I was, he even asked me how many dicks I have fucked so far.”

“I was moaning, I was pleading and definitely, I was leaking heavily with the way he was treating me. I believe he pinged u back too?”

I replied, “Yes, he did and I asked him to push his dick down your throat.”

She jumped in excitement, “Oh, it was you?! He kept the phone on the side after reading your message. He then held the sides of my head and pushed my head deeper into his dick. He was so wild he literally choked me with his big dick every five seconds until I was gaging and tears rolling down.”

“This was by far the best sex I had in my life. He then lifted me in his arms and took me to his bedroom in a rush and threw me over the bed. By the time I would gather myself, he removed his shorts and pinned my legs over my boobs dipping his mouth on my cunt.”

“He made me moan and scream, I was sure he wasn’t a faithful widower, he must be fucking whores now and then.”

“That man dug his two fingers too in my ass, can you imagine. All this while, I use to dominate men and now my own father was treating me like his 50 rupees whore. He made me squirt all over his face and rubbed my juice all over my chest. I can bet I smell like my own cum if you were to meet me.”

“He fucked me 3 times last night and came inside me, seems like doesn’t care even if he breeds me. Luckily, I am in the safe period, else I would have bred my own sibling.”

I asked her reading through her narration, “Where is he now?”

She said, “He has gone to take a bath, I am sure he is gulping a few tablets to stay hard. Oh, he is back now all naked and his dick saluting.”

My friend was unable to type and let out a moan every time her father hit the hilt of her asshole. Her words were breaking. She was a slut by now.

She started complaining that her idea was wrong to seduce her own father. She seems to have awakened the beast in her widowed father. She let out a moan again. I asked her to turn on the video as I was getting turned on listening to her moans which she obliged. Rini switched on the camera and placed it on the coffee table next to her bed.

It started from her face, neck, her big hanging boobs to the background of her room. Her face smeared up with traces of eyeliners, her hair falling over her face slightly covering her cleavage dangling over her huge boobies. She was indeed bending over on the bed with a man thrusting her from behind.

With every thrust, my friend’s boobs would dangle freely. I could easily notice her dad’s palms on her love handles. Her father was experienced by the look of it. His thrusts were hard and steady as if he was not in a rush taking time to feel the depth of her ass hole.

Sometimes, he would slap her massive plum ass and sometimes, he would stretch over to squeeze the hell out of her boobs. She would let out a moan in between.

In between his hard thrusts, he would call out her name and shout out how lucky he was to have a daughter like her and turn her face to chew her lips. This went on for almost 15 minutes.

My situation was getting bad on this side as I was vigorously pumping my dick while looking at my slutty friend getting fucked by her father.

In those 15 minutes, Rini kept on moaning and screaming that she loved her father’s dick, no one had made her so slutty.

The next moment, her father turned her around and pushed her to the edge, making her head hang on the edge of the bed. He lifted her legs and placed them over his shoulder and inserted his huge dick deep in her cunt.

He was indeed well endowed with a 9-inch dick. I never really believed Rini when she used to tell her how big her father’s dick was. She used to share incidents when he caught him jerking off previously.

I was certain, she must have had a rough night as her eyes would roll back now and then whenever he pushed his dick in.

He slowly started to gain more pace with his rhythm. Eventually, he was leaning over her breast and sucking those perky nipples. He had to hold her in her arms to make the penetration deeper.

He looked at the camera and passed a grin to me and made the last push. Everything was still for a brief moment when they were engrossed in the mutual orgasm. Not hard to believe he was filling his daughter’s womb with his cum.

Rini was almost unconscious with the tremendous fuck she just got which made me as well.

That was how the morning went leaving me full of cum on my hands.


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