My Homely Sex-Crazy Mom Sangeetha – Part 3

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I will narrate what happened after watching my houseowner fucking my mom hard and rough. I have never imagined my mom being so slutty in bed. Initially, I was furious at her for allowing our houseowner to devour her. The way he treated her and fucked her as a slut.

But I was so horny. I pumped my dick three times that night to continue to watch. Especially the place where my mom is on her knees and licking my house owner’s balls and his asshole. The camera was placed at an angle that my mom’s pussy and ass hole were visible.

Every time she licked him, her pussy lips got swollen. Her pussy juices were dripping from her pussy and falling on the bed sheet. I also noticed that her ass hole is opening and closing while licking my house owner.

I was initially furious as my friends fucked her. That’s ok. Because I know those assholes as we discuss how we fucked our girlfriends. We also discuss how we should fuck them differently each time. I know they had a crush on my sexy mom. But why with our houseowner also?

All those thoughts vanished as I got up the next day morning. I came out of my room to see my mom in a white saree with a matching blouse and damp hair. I got it that she took a head bath just some time back. I was mesmerized by her beauty.

The waistline and the navel are visible in that saree, and I can see her cleavage. Her pallu covered only one boob as she was busy with her work. Then the doorbell rang. I know it was the milkman. I waited to see whether my mom would adjust her saree.

But she opened the door the same way. The milkman gave her a can while looking at my mom’s cleavage. He started to adjust his dick as my mom moved to the kitchen to pour the milk and bring the can back. I didn’t understand what made the milkman get such a boner that he adjusted his dhoti.

I went to the kitchen as he left and wished my mom. I noticed that she was busy preparing poori for breakfast. Now with one look, I understood why he got the boner. My mom’s golden brown nipple is visible from the blouse, which is why he was so hard.

Even I got a hard-on watching her nipples, which are semi-hard and poking out of the blouse. I went to my room and got ready for the day. That day was my friend’s birthday. The one who was fucking my mom. We had the party in the evening at his place.

We were so drunk. We started to talk normally about the college lecturers and their figures and who was getting laid by whom. Slowly it went personal, and we started to discuss the last time that we fucked and whom. My friends shared how they fucked their respective girlfriends.

I shared how I fucked my gf yesterday after a gap of one month. I slipped that I was fucking my best friend and her mom. My friends started to get jealous and mocked me. “You lucky son of a slut, you got hot pussies to fuck and had a hot pussy at home.” (referring to my mom).

Allow me to introduce my gf. We liked each other but knew we couldn’t be together forever. We had some caste and religious issues. So we are a couple only in college.

She is a damn hot girl at 5’2 height and 40kg in weight with a killing figure of 32-28-34. Her ass is her main attraction. She has stiff boobs that jiggle if she doesn’t wear a bra. She is the kind of slut who wears a push-up bra allowing her stiff boobs to look bigger.

I knew she had past relations. Her ex used her only to fuck but not for any emotional connection. She is so wild in bed and always horny. There were days when I would finger her in labs as the professor was busy with the ppt presentation.

Our discussion went to such an extent that we all thought and devised a plan. As it is 3 BHK, why don’t we call our girlfriends and have fun tonight? It’s just 9 pm, so everyone called our respective GFs and asked them to come. I was so horny that I asked my gf to come without any inners.

The twist in the tale came when she entered with a yellow kurti and dark blue leggings. With one look, everyone can understand that she is not wearing any bra as her boobs jiggle. My friend’s GF’s parents didn’t allow them to come. But mine is a single-parent girl. She has freedom. Her mom trusts her a lot.

So back to the story. She came and sat beside me. I placed one hand on her thighs and lay on her shoulder. I can see a good view of her dusky cleavage with green veins over her boobs. Her nipples are semi-hard, and they are visible.

I understood that this night was going to be amazing. My friends adjusted their shorts while speaking to her. She had a drink and whispered, “What did you plan tonight?” I answered, “Let’s drink and make out wild and hard. What do you say?”

She asked me, “Was it not enough yesterday? You fucked me on my mom’s bed.” I told her, “I want to fuck you so hard that your moans should make them cum in their pants.” She winked, and I can notice her breath changed. Her nipples became harder.

I slowly moved my hand towards her pussy and felt the wetness over her legging. I asked her, “My slut is always horny and ready for a fuck.” I continued to rub her pussy lips. 3 days old shave left with small hair that is poking. I love to play with it.

She replies, “I am your bitch, and I’m always ready, babe.” I took the wet finger and licked them. My friends noticed that and shouted, “Whooo bro, why don’t you go in and taste the juice along with the drink?”

I and my gf smiled and took her hand, and we moved into the room. And started kissing while she removed my t-shirt and licked my chest. My bitch loves my sweat mixed with my perfume. She lifted my arms, sniffed my underarms, and licked them. Her act aroused me.

I caught her neck and pulled her hair back with my other hand. I started to lick, kiss and bite her lips. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and explored her mouth. She continued to lick my tongue, rolling it with mine. Catching my dick over my pant and starting to press it.

As we continued to kiss, she took her hand down and started to roll over my balls. My bitch loves my balls a lot. I pushed her to the bed. She kneeled on the bed. I caught her hard nipples and pulled them, saying, “You made everyone hard slut.”

She replied in a seductive tone, “I know I’m a slut who can make anyone hard with just a look.” She pulled my pant along with the inner and started to stroke my dick.

I asked her, “Why is the bitch so horny? Did your brother fucked you today?” Yes, she is incest, and her brother fucks her. She said, “No, he fucked his gf, and I watched it.” I became so horny that I pushed my entire dick into her mouth.

My obedient bitch started to suck it, rolling her tongue over my dick. She was running her hands over my balls and rubbing them. I caught her hair and fucked her mouth hard. Pulling my entire dick out and pushing it in with whole force. I fucked her for some time and cum in her mouth, which the slut swallowed.

I removed her top and saw the dusky boobs and poking nipples. I pulled the nipples and kissed her. I know that boobs are her weakness, especially her nipples. I kissed her. My hands started to pinch her nipples, pulling them and pressing her boobs continuously.

I pushed her onto the bed and started to eat her boobs. She moaned, “Aah, em nakutunav raa, ni yabba korakakuraa.” (Aah, you are licking so good, bastard, don’t bite.)

I started to rub her pussy. It was so wet and made her leggings so wet. I continued to rub and pull her pussy lips. She got so aroused that she pushed me down, got up, removed her legging, and sat on my face. As I kept my tongue out, she started to ride my tongue till she cum all over my face.

She lay beside me after the orgasm. She was drained out. I like to place her with her back as it’s her weak spot. She cannot bear even the breath all over her back and gets instant goosebumps. I started to blow my breath from the nape of the neck, following her spin till her fluffy bumps.

I spanked her ass cheeks, leading to her moan. I still went over her ass cheeks and rubbed my face over them. It tickled her as she moaned more. I sniffed her ass hole by spreading her ass cheeks and slowly pushed one finger into it.

She pulled my finger out and moaned, “Please, baby, allow me some time to feel the orgasm.” I smiled, got up from the bed, and came out. I closed the door partially. From the hall, my friends can see her well-shaped ass as she is lying on her stomach.

They asked me, “Had a great time, bro?” I replied, “Started just now, bro. Gave her a small break.” Immediately one of my friends said, “Bro, what do you think of sharing your gf with us.”

The other continued, “See, bro, you know about her. She had an affair with one of her friends. So what is there in it?” I thought for a second and came up with a plan. I asked them, “What’s in it for me?”

The second one spilled the beans. “I will help you in fucking your mom.” I smiled wickedly and said, “Ok, wait for my signal and join.” This was the first step for me to fuck my mom.

I went back and started to lick my girlfriend’s pussy. I started to imagine how would my mom’s pussy taste?

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