An unexpected sex-education on the river banks

Hi, I’m Malini. I’m 25 years old, short and fair, born and raised in a South Indian city.

I usually go to my grandparent’s home during my vacation. Their home is located approximately 300 km from the city I live, and it’s a village. This time I decided to spend more days with them as there was no work to be done at the office.

After breakfast, I told my granny I’d take a dip in the river as it was a bright sunny day. She agreed and said she would nap for an hour before going out. She went to sleep, and I started walking towards the river. It took me about 30 minutes to get there. As soon as I reached there, I stripped down my clothes.

First, I removed my shirt, my long skirt, and then my undergarments. In the name of undergarments, I had only a bra. I skipped wearing panties to keep myself more relaxed. I groped both breasts with my left hand to prevent them from jiggling.

As I walked into the water, I could barely see anyone around. I went deeper into the river and kept swimming. The water was very cold, but it felt good on my skin. My nipples started reacting by getting harder. I got very sensitive nipples. With each stroke I took, my boobs were slowly rising and falling.

I enjoyed it as it’s been quite a long since I swam. After some time swimming, I saw a young boy approaching me. He asked me whether he could swim with me. I smiled and invited him. He didn’t know I was butt naked and swimming, as only my head was visible.

He came closer, and we swam for about 10-15 minutes. Then I asked him to get out of the water since it was more than an hour playing in the water. As we started reaching the river banks, I again grabbed my boobs with my right hand. I tried to cover my pubic region with the other hand, but this time I was a bit shy.

He noticed what I did, and keeping eye contact, he said he was curious. Water dripped down my sexy curves, especially into my ass crack and deep cleavage. I asked what his curiosity was about. He replied, “I’ve never seen a woman naked this close.”

I blushed and looked away. I could only cover my right region around the areolas. I could barely wrap my left boob with my short and soft palm. I was struggling to hide my pubic area with my left hand and crossing my left leg. I felt a little embarrassed.

He then asked me if I could show him more and explain what is what. I didn’t reply to anything as I thought it was not right to do that. He continued asking me if I could show some other body parts. I still didn’t respond. But after thinking for a while, I thought it was okay to give some sex education to him.

I’m open-minded. I felt I should educate him about female anatomy and how it differs from males. I told him to follow me to the shore. I could sense his eyes glued to my shaking ass. I walked in front of him and told ask him whatever he wanted to know about women.

We finally reached the shores, and he asked me all the questions he wanted to know. First, he kindly asked me if he could look closely at my boobs. I was excited and embarrassed at the same time. I didn’t have such an experience. But I agreed to his request as I knew it was not wrong.

As soon as I lowered my hand, he came closer to me, where I could see him breathing heavily and hear his heartbeats. Coming closer, he pointed at my left boob. He asked why the circle around my nipples was dark when other parts of my body were fair. Is that normal?

I replied yes and told him the reason they are dark was mainly because of genetics. The climate where we stay makes them darker, and most Indian women have darker private parts.

He was amazed and asked me what those things were hanging down from my chest. I explained the function of my breasts and told him I had two small holes called nipples. They are sensitive and help in breastfeeding newborns.

I explained to him the benefits of breastfeeding babies and how it helps the mother bond with the child. I told him that breast milk provides the newborn with antibodies, hormones, and others necessities for the proper growth of the infant.

Then he asked when I will producing the milk. I told him I hadn’t produced any milk since I was only 25. And also, I will make it only once I get married and deliver a baby. By the way, he asked me whether I would marry soon.

I replied that I had plans for marriage once I got financially independent. He laughed and said I would be a wealthy lady by the time I got married. I asked him to stop saying those things.

He asked me if I had a boyfriend. I replied that I didn’t have any and wanted to be in a relationship with the right one. Like my father, the one who can care for me should be the one. I told him I needed a guy I could trust and confide in. I need someone to share my feelings with, talk to, and laugh with.

He then asked me if I was a virgin. I told him yes. Then he asked whether he could have a look at my private region. I was shocked as I had never shown my private parts to anyone. But he was young, and I felt no harm in letting him see my privates.

So I told him, “Sure.” He walked behind me, and I had to bend forward to let him see my pussy. As I bent forward, my boobs were hanging like ripe mangos. He was now looking at the labia, which were dark and covered with pubic hair. I could not shave them here in my granny’s home.

He was struggling to find something by coming closer to me. I could feel his warm breathing air on my slightly wet cunt. To help him further, I grab both my ass cheeks and spread them apart so he can have a clear view. He was surprised and said, “Why are there two holes?”

I explained to him that when I pee, my pee goes through the urethra or the lower hole. If I poop, faeces come out through the anus, the above hole. It also helps in sexual activity. He was interested and asked me to show him how I pee. I told him, “Sure.” I then sat down on the bank in a squatting position.

He came before me and sat in the same squatting position to look at the outflow that was about to come from my vagina. With minimum effort on my bladder, the pee started to flow and pace up. He stared at my pee stream fascinated, and asked me if I could control the speed of my pee. I said yes.

But he was surprised to hear this as he had never seen any women controlling their piss flow. He asked me if I was able to pee in a straight line or not. I said, “Yes.” I then showed him the length and direction of my pee streams, and after a few seconds, I was done.

I told him that urine mainly consists of water, electrolytes (salts), carbon dioxide, and wastes. He was fascinated to know that. I then said to him that the colour of the urine depends upon the kind of food we eat.

His next question was about self-pleasure. He asked me whether I often masturbated and if I liked doing so. I replied, “yes, I do it every day, twice a day sometimes. I love touching myself, and when I’m alone, I play with my clitoris until I cum.”

I told him I got a very strong orgasm. It takes about 2 minutes or more to reach a climax and the same to come out of an orgasm. He was curious to know more as he thought only shagging leads to pleasure or orgasm.

I told him masturbation is a natural process that helps us relax our minds and bodies, making us happy. I told him that when we get sexually aroused, we release a hormone called oxytocin. There are many ways for women to reach orgasm.

His reaction was, “Really?” I said yes and showed him the most basic method of reaching orgasm: fingering. I also explained to him the various parts of my vagina. I sat on a rock to show him practically and spread my legs wide apart.

I first showed him my inner lips, then slowly the outer lips. Then the vagina opened, which was wet due to exposing myself to the stranger. I told him that I have a short vagina and my pussy is tight.

He was listening intently and asked me what does the vagina smell like? I told him that vaginal odour is not something to worry about unless you notice a strange odour. Most people have a natural scent to their pussies which is unique.

Then I started to play with my clit. I told him that when I started playing with my clit I could reach a climax. I began to play with my boobs and nipples by squeezing and pinching them.

It was fun talking to him openly and without any hesitation. I felt like I was teaching someone about human anatomy and thoroughly enjoyed it. I moved my hands near my pussy and started rubbing my clit. I started pushing my fingers inside my love hole.

After some time, I moaned loudly and moved my fingers in and out as fast as possible. I was moaning loudly and feeling tingling in my stomach, thighs, and nipples. I was breathing heavily, and he watched me closely as I reached orgasm by squirting.

I was in heaven. It felt good being able to teach him something new and exciting. I held my breath and watched my juices drip from my pussy and fall on the rocks. He was mesmerized by the sight. He asked me what happens when I squirt.

I told him that the fluid from the cervix during climax is thick and white and smells sweet. I told him that it’s similar to semen which men ejaculate. While I was wiping my pussy juices, he requested can I help him once to relieve the tension that had built up.

I nodded, and he stood up and came in front of me. His dick was erect and waiting to be sucked and handled with care. I told him to make his legs apart I got into a squatting position between his legs. I grabbed his dick, wet with precum, and put it inside my mouth.

I licked and sucked his dick slowly and gently. I used my tongue to lick around his balls and suck on his cock head. I then started jerking his dick using my hand and sucking it faster. He could not last long and ejaculated.

I cleaned the mess with my palm and sucked his dick again to finish him off. After that, I went to wash my hands with the river water and came back and hugged him. He said, “Thank you, Miss.” I kissed his cheek and gave him a peck.

By thanking each other, we both parted ways. And I never saw him during my visits to granny’s place. I came to know he had moved abroad with his parents.

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