Marriage with husband’s nephew

Hi all, My name is Kiran and am going to narrate the sex story happened 2 years back. I was then a 38-year-old woman having 2 children. One son and one daughter. My son was 16 years old and my daughter was 14 years old. I was married at the age of 22 and gave birth to them after marriage.

My husband was 12 years elder to me. He had stopped having sex with me after our children were born. It was almost 16 years since we had sex. I was craving for more sex but I had to respect his thoughts and decision. He became more spiritual day by day. Though he loved all of us and provided us with all the basic needs, he stopped having physical intimacy with me.

He was good to me and and 50 he wanted to take sainthood. Albeit, me and all my relatives tried convincing him to change his decision, he was adamant and clear. After pestering him so much, He said he would live with us for few months before leaving us. He had made enough wealth for me and my children.

He deeply apologized for leaving me. One fine day, in our room he said, he had few plans for me. With lots of curiosity, I asked him what were those plans for which he said that I should get married again and enjoy life. I was shocked to hear those words. I said “what” in shock! He then started giving an explanation.

Then he said that he realized that he didn’t satisfy my physical needs for last 15 years though he provided all other basic needs. He felt sorry and apologized me. I said, am OK with that and I also said that I love him more and can’t get married again. I said that I have 2 children and will look after them for entire life.

He said that I need somebody for support in life. I said that in another few years, our children will grow up and they will support me. He said children will get busy with their partners after their marriage and I would be alone. I said that’s not a problem for me.

He didn’t leave me there. He said that I am still 38 and look beautiful. And he said that I can still get a good man and lead a happy life. But I kept arguing. He also kept arguing and he said he thought enough before deciding on this.

After a lot of arguments and discussions, I finally said Ok. I also said that I had lots of fear and concerns over the new husband. I said it’s difficult to trust people. He promised me that it’s his job to find a suitable groom for me. I was wondering what my own husband is looking for a new man for me!

He asked me to be more open and frank with him regarding marriage and choosing the groom. He asked me to tell him honestly whether I still had sexual urges. I couldn’t lie and told him that I have more sexual urges. I also told him that for a long time, I was missing sex in life. He apologized me for that and he assured for the rest of my life he would make sure that I don’t miss anything.

I thanked him and told that he would always be my first love. He then asked what kind of man I like. I said any graduate who is fit and handsome. He then asked about expected age and salary of the groom. I said age can be between 35 and 40. Regarding salary, I told him that I don’t expect much as he had made enough property.

After talking for the whole of that night, we both realized that we had to take the approval of our children. Next day morning while having breakfast, he casually opened the matter to our children. I was scared about the reaction of my children. I was little embarrassed and feeling shy in front of my children that at 38, their mom was ready to get married again.

Surprisingly, my children said that it’s a good decision and nice thought from their dad. I was surprised to hear that. My son and daughter looked at me and asked me whether am OK with that. I said whatever they decide, I will accept. I said that I was ready to do anything if it’s going to make everybody happy.

Everybody said in chorus that they will be very happy and appreciated my decision. I felt happy inside. That evening he called his brothers and sisters and my relatives to our house for dinner. During dinner, he revealed his plans. He said that he will get me married and leave us. He requested everybody to start searching a groom for me.

After 2 days, my children and husband put the advertisement in newspapers and registered in matrimonial websites. To describe myself, I was fair and beautiful. Was 5.5 in height and weighed 65 kgs. Had big boobs and rounded big butts. I had long hairs and my figure stats were 34-36-38. Though I was little fat, I had an hourglass figure.

I knew that I would get good responses from people as I had maintained myself well and was looking good for my age. So uploaded my photos to matrimonial websites. I started getting good responses from people. Even people who were unmarried and single showed interest in my profile. I had started giving more attention to my beauty based on advice from my children and relatives.

People started visiting our house to see me. I was feeling weird and shy to dress like a bride and offer snacks to the prospective grooms. Our relatives used to help me dress up every time there was a visit. The most surprising fact was that younger people were showing interest in me. There were more people around between 30-35 and having children from their first marriage.

I was little hesitant in getting married to a much younger man. I was ok with plus or minus 2-3 years but definitely not with people younger than me by more than 5 years. When I told these things to my children, husband, and relatives, they said it’s OK to get married as age is just a number and they also said that I should be very lucky to get a much younger man.

I was taking my own time in choosing the right groom for myself. I rejected some people and kept some people on hold. My husband was getting impatient with me. He said that he’s running out of time as he had already decided to leave us in few months. It was an added pressure.

I was comparing people with looks. Was dreaming every night about my dream man. I was excited to get married again. The thought that I can have sex again after a long time was arousing me and making feel excited. I removed my inhibitions and hesitations and started being more open and vocal about my choices and preferences with my husband.

One fine day, we got an call from Delhi. It was my nephew. He was my husband’s elder sister’s son. And he was just 24 years old and working as a software engineer for a reputed MNC. He spoke to my husband for 15 mins over the phone.

When I asked my husband what was the matter, he said that there is one good news for me. I asked what it is. He said that my nephew is interested in me. I was shocked to hear that. I said “what”! He said yes. I said that it won’t be a good idea to marry him.

He started giving advises to me. He said that the boy is well known to all of us and well qualified. Then he further went on to say that the boy was handsome and good looking. He said that it’s the best match for me and begged me to accept. I hadn’t seen him for few years and I wondered how he would look then. I had seen him when he was young. He was a good boy when he was young and used to address me as an aunt.

I was not able to digest the fact that the same boy has expressed interest to marry his own aunt. So I said that I need some time and need to discuss with all.

I discussed with my children and relatives. All said there’s no problem with that and I can go ahead. When I bought the age gap to their notice, all said it’s common in some of the countries and even gave some examples in India.

After so many discussions, I finally said yes. My husband happily called my nephew to visit and see me. He said that he had already seen me in some functions and he would be very happy if I accept.

He asked my husband to speak to me and take my consent. My husband said that I have given approval. He invited him for a formal visit to confirm the wedding. And said that he would be in Bangalore the following Sunday.

I was nervous and excited. I was thinking he would take care of me as I was 14 years older than him. I was also getting some weird thoughts about the physical intimacy that he might have with me. I was wondering how he would fuck me as I was his own aunt.

To be continued in part 2 of sex story.