Making Plans to fuck Padma Bhabhi

So far, besides my mom Sarayu, I have managed to fuck many family members.

My brother, cousin Nandini and her brother Govind.

My cousin sisters Kalpana, Kavita, Karuna, their mom Tara and Karuna’s husband, my BIL Anthony.

My cousin sister Padmashree.

This next story will be focused on my sister-in-law, Padma Bhabhi.

Part 1:

My next object of lust was my cousin Ravi’s wife, Padma. They also lived in Chennai, but Ravi was overseas in Africa. After my first time with my sister Padmashree, we were fucking almost daily. During one of these sessions, I blurted out, “I would love to fuck you along with Padma at the same time.”

Padmashree laughed and said, “You should stay at Ravi’s place for a few days. Maybe you’ll get lucky.” I was a little startled, but this planted the seed in my mind.

Later that day, I called Padma and said, “Akka (older sister), you know I’ve been staying with Padmashree and Ramesh for a couple of weeks now. I still need a couple of weeks here in Chennai. I know Ravi is away, and I wondered if I could use the spare bedroom for a few days. My new project is much closer to your place, and if it’s not inconvenient, that would be great.”

Padma hesitated at first (I would find out why later). But she agreed after a few moments. I was excited. Maybe I could find a way to seduce and fuck Padma soon. She was gorgeous and sexy. I had always fantasized about having sex with her. Now, this had a faint chance of becoming a reality.

I moved my luggage to their house in a couple of days. Promising Padmashree that I would visit regularly to keep her happy. She wished me luck with trying to seduce Padma.

After arriving, I put my luggage into the spare bedroom and had lunch with Padma. She was an excellent cook, and the food was delicious. We chit-chatted for a while, and she showed me some photos of her husband, Ravi, from his Africa visit.

She was wearing a loose nightie. But I could already sense her sensuous, curvy body and her proud breasts, even under that loose fabric. I could feel my cock harden and tingle with excitement.

That evening, we went to the club they belonged to for dinner. We had a couple of drinks and another excellent dinner. Padma said she came here daily to swim and play tennis. As we ate dinner, a few people stopped by and greeted us. A couple of them stayed for a drink.

I found out they were Padma’s swimming coach and her tennis instructor. Both were young and very good-looking, athletic men. But I didn’t make anything of it then.

We returned home, watched TV for a while and then decided to sleep. After brushing my teeth, I walked back to my bedroom when I heard Padma on the phone.

She said, “Kal mat aana. Mera bhai aaya hai. Thode din woh yahin rahega. Uske baad aa jaana. Mein tumhe bataoongie. Tab tak, apna lund mere liye bachakar rakhna.” (Don’t come tomorrow. My brother is here and will stay for a few days. Come after that. I will let you know. Until then, save your cock for me.)

That last sentence stopped me in my tracks, and I got aroused. So Padma was playing around with someone other than her husband. I strongly suspected it was either her swimming coach or her tennis instructor. Either way, this made me think more positively about my chances of fucking my sister-in-law.

From the hallway, I said, “Akka (sister), I will be away all day tomorrow and return pretty late, after dinner with a client. So please do not wait for me.” Padma acknowledged it and asked if I could join her for lunch or a swim at the club.

I said, no lunch, but maybe a swim if it’s early enough. She replied that she usually went for her swimming before 9 AM. I hung around.

Soon, she was on the phone again and said, “Theek hai, mera bhai kal pura din baahar hone wala hain. Hum tumhe kal subhe swimming pe milte hain. Uske baad, woh chala jaayega aur tum ghar aa jaana.” (OK, my brother will be out all day tomorrow. We will see you at the swimming pool tomorrow. He will leave after then, and you come home.)

So, it was almost confirmed that this was the handsome young swimming coach. I went to bed, dreaming about how I could find a way to fuck Padma in the next week or so. The moment would come sooner than I had anticipated.

We went to the club and were soon in the pool. Padma was sexy and ravishing in her bikini. I couldn’t take my eyes off her amazing body and breasts. Soon enough, the swimming coach swam up and wished us good morning. Wow, this was a delicious-looking man.

I could easily see why Padma might have become attracted to him. Hell, I was ready to have sex with this guy right there. I noticed him caressing Padma, but he was coaching her, like the other students. But I was sure that there was something else there.

Anyway, I had to go to work. But earlier, when Padma was in the shower, I had rigged two tiny, high-resolution cameras in both bedrooms. I needed to confirm if I was making up fantasies about her or if Padma was cheating on her husband, Ravi. That would dictate my next move.

I was busy all day with work. Later that evening, I opened up the web links to the cameras. The one in my room had nothing, and I was disappointed. I had thought that if Padma were indeed fucking someone, she would not do it in the bed she shared with her husband, but this was not the case.

So, I switched to the other camera. A few hours of fast-forwarding did get me some great views of my sister naked after her shower and as she was dressing. She looked glorious. However, the bikini from the morning had left little to the imagination.

Just seeing her fully naked made my cock hard and throbbed uncontrollably. And then, it happened. Padma walked out of the bedroom and reappeared in a few moments. Just behind her was the swimming coach. I was right. Padma was fucking her coach.

The camera was positioned to capture the entire bed. I could see him put her down and remove all her clothes. He also stripped, and I could see his enormous cock. It was not possible to tell, but it was easily much bigger than mine. He spread Padma’s legs and went down on her, eating my sister-in-law’s pussy.

There was no audio, unfortunately, but the visuals drove me mad with lust as I watched her pull him up and pull him closer. In seconds, she had his cock deep inside her mouth. I was stroking my cock. I saw him put on a condom, mount Padma, part her thighs again, and plunge his cock deep into her pussy.

They fucked for nearly 30 minutes. This guy had the stamina of a horse. An idea started forming in my head. Maybe I could discuss this with this guy and find a way into Padma’s bed.

After they were done fucking, I saw him drop the condom into the trashcan, and then they left the bedroom. No idea if they continued the action outside. But I had seen enough to know that this fantasy of mine could become a reality.

When I returned home that night, I hugged her and said, “Let’s swim again tomorrow. I’m very tired now. That will be good to relax both of us.” She smiled, hugged me tightly, said goodnight and went to the bathroom. I quickly slipped into her bedroom.

I found the condom still sticky and full of her swimming coach’s semen. I emptied the cum into my mouth and tossed the condom back into the trashcan, and returned to my room. I slowly savoured the taste of cum before swallowing it and falling asleep.

The next morning, after swimming, I sat next to the coach, Shubham, while Padma went into the showers to change from her bikini. I bluntly told him his cum tasted great and that I had spent hours watching him fuck my sister-in-law. At first, he became very defensive and protested loudly.

I showed him the video with his cock deep inside Padma’s cunt. At that point, he looked scared and asked, “Uske pati ko batane waale ho kya?” (Are you going to tell her husband?)

I said, “Pataa nahi. Agar tum mujhe Padma ko chodne mein madad karoge, to fir shaayad yeh raaz raaz hi rahega.” (I don’t know. If you help me fuck Padma, maybe this can remain a secret.) Of course, he immediately agreed. So I shared my plan with him, and he enthusiastically agreed.

Shubham said, “Tujhe pata hain na, Robin bhi Padma ko chod raha hai. Aksar, hum dono saath mein chodte hai usko. Use bhi laaye kya?” (You know that Robin (the tennis instructor) is also fucking Padma? Sometimes, we fuck her together. Shall we bring him into this too?)

I had already suspected this, and I agreed immediately. So, we discussed my plan involving Shubham and Robin. Just then, he asked how I knew the taste of his cum, and I told him I had drunk it out of the condom. He appeared shocked at first and then asked if I was gay.

I replied that I was bisexual and would love to have him fuck me. He grinned widely and agreed. Just then, we saw Padma returning, wearing tight jeans and a bright orange halter top. We agreed that we would execute my plan within the next 2 days.

Padma and I returned home. Today, I had the day off and spent it at home, watching her with growing lust every second. She had changed into shorts and still had the orange halter top. She was making my cock go insane.

I just wanted to grab her and rip off her clothes and force my cock into her. But I resisted, knowing we had a great plan for the next day.

More to come.