Loving Mom becomes Sexy Wife – Part 2

Recap – After my wife left me to be her ex-boyfriend’s slut, my mom pulled me out of that pain. During this phase, I was sex-starving for a long time. I started developing lust for my mom.

One day when she wore my wife’s sexy clothes, I dared to seduce her. She had almost given up. But the conservative Indian woman within her woke up and ran away from me. After looking at my miserable condition out of love for me, she finally surrendered herself.

Story continues.

I was astonished to see my mom in my wife’s bridal dress. She looked elegant in that red designer saree. She had draped it gracefully around her such that it accentuated her feminine curves. Her bare love handles looked very appealing.

The peacock woven with a golden zari work into the saree added a touch of splendour to the ensemble. I could see that blouse was a bit tight for her. Mom’s breasts are 36, and my wife’s boobs are 34. Her milky white boobs were waiting to be freed.

The valley of the cleavage looked as if there was no end to it. The extraordinary golden jewellery was taking centre stage. The elaborate golden necklace cascade was gracefully gracing her neck. It was trying to dive deep into her cleavage.

The mangalsutra, a sacred necklace symbolizing marital union, was resting delicately on her throat. Looking at that mangalsutra, I went into a flashback of my first wedding night. I had romantic foreplay followed by wild sex with my wife.

I couldn’t believe I was so lucky to have the same experience with my mom. I uncovered her face by pulling down her dupatta. I was stoned by her beauty. I felt like I was in a dream, and the sex goddess herself had come down to fulfil my desire. Her eyes radiated love, warmth and passion for me.

My eyes became moist with her love and how she was ready to sacrifice her body for me. I couldn’t stop myself anymore. I hugged her in a flash second. I thought I was heartbroken for just the last 5 days. But she has been in pain for the last 5 years, and I couldn’t see it.

I cursed myself. I will repay her with all the love she deserves and has missed for all these years. My arms over her tightened, and she embraced me back. I was running my hand over her head. I could feel the wetness over my chest. I cupped her face, kissed her watery eyes, and licked her tears.

Me: Why are you crying, Mom? Are you ok?

Mom: Yes, I am fine. It has been many years since I haven’t been hugged like this. I feel so warm and secure in your arms.

Me (looking into her eyes): Mom, I will make love to you the way you have never experienced. You would forget all the men in your life.

Mom: Yeah, I have raised a man who can make women forget other men. (she giggled).

It lightened the air around us.

Me: Mom…

Mom: Will you please stop calling me Mom? It is getting uncomfortable for me. Call me Savita. I want to be your wife, Sanjay. I want to experience the husband’s love I have been missing for all these years.

Me: It is a little difficult for me to call you by name suddenly, but I will try, Savita.

Her impeccably shaped lips, painted with bright red lipstick, captivated me. In the cosy yellow light of my bedroom, her lips shined and created a stunning contrast against her fair skin. The red hue enveloped her lips, making them appear fuller, more inviting, and seductive.

Without wasting any time, I slowly leaned forward to kiss and feel them softly. I wanted to cherish every moment of this sacred relationship of a loving mom turning into a sexy wife. I sensed that she was a bit uncomfortable while responding.

I held her waist, pulled her over me, and whispered, “You are mine, Savita. You are mine. Tonight I will make crazy love to my lovely wife.” Hearing her name from my mouth. The motherly feeling in her loosened. A horny woman deprived of sex for so many years aroused.

She started kissing back passionately. A gentle spark of love, affection and passion passed between us. Our lips moved in perfect harmony, expressing the language of love. Our bodies were gravitating in a dance of unspoken desire. With each passing moment, the kiss deepened.

We were hugging so tightly that we could feel each other’s hearts. They were beating in synchrony. Our bodies were electrified with the flurry of emotions carrying love, care and, most importantly, lust that coursed through our bodies. I kissed all over her lips, feeling every contour.

Savouring the taste and texture of her juicy red lips. My senses were heightened when my tongue slipped into Mom’s mouth to explore it within. She started sucking my tongue, helping me go deeper and explore every corner of her mouth.

As our kiss lingered, I thought, “Oh God, this is so magical. I should have tried to get her long back instead of marrying my slut wife.” Eventually, our kiss broke, and our heads rested upon each other. I kissed her forehead and chinned her up. I felt so romantic by seeing the reflection of my face in Mom’s eyes.

I kissed her eyes and removed the long golden jhumka from her left ear. I kissed her left cheek and slowly went to her ear. She could hear me breathing heavily. I kissed her ear and tried to push my tongue in her ear. She giggled. I immediately pulled it out and sucked her ear lobe. She arched in pleasure.

These constant ups and downs of varied emotions were making her go crazy. I pulled down all her jewellery one by one except the Mangalsutra. I wanted her in my bed with that mangalsutra on her so that I could fuck her as my wife. I pulled down the pallu of her saree.

Her melons covered in that tight red blouse were looking so tempting. She was feeling shy about exposing her breast to me. She crossed her hands over them. She looked like a newly married bride, shy about exposing herself to her husband. This aroused me even more.

As I moved closer to her, she stepped back, signalling no with her head. I read her no as a strong yes and walked towards her. Within a couple of steps, she hit the wall. There was no place to escape any more.

I locked her between my hands and whispered, “Savita, we have come too far now to turn back. Be a good wife now, and let your husband enjoy you.” She blushed. Her resistance weakened, and I pulled her hands away. Our eyes locked in gaze filled with lust.

My hands ran over her hair, and her long, lean, seductive neck caught my attention. Slowly I leaned in, my lips barely brushing against the sensitive skin of her neck. The touch was feather-light, a delicate caress that cascaded shivers down her spine.

The warmth of her breath signified the rise in estrogen within her. My wet kiss on her soft but nervy neck created an electrifying sensation, stirring a pool of longing deep within her. With each gentle press of my lips against her neck, a surge of pleasure ran through her, eliciting a soft sigh that escaped her lips.

I explored every nerve on her neck with my alternating pecks and lingering kisses, each one leaving an incredible mark of affection. My hands roamed gently, tracing the curves of her body with tenderness. My soft squeezes over her buttocks and breasts intensified the intimacy between us.

Our breaths intertwined, our heartbeats synchronizing as the world around us faded. I started moving my lips over her bare chest. My rough passionate sucks were leaving marks on her milky boobs. The deep valley between the cleavage was making me go wild.

I stuffed my tongue between it to measure its depth but found no end to it. I cupped her shapely boobs and gently squeezed them over her red padded blouse. Her padded blouse was irritating me as the pads were not allowing me to feel the true softness of her boobs.

I didn’t want to lose the momentum. In a burst of passion, I ripped the blouse. The buttons flew in all directions, carrying the hunger of my desire into the air. She was not wearing a bra. I was astonished to see that despite her 44 years, her boobs were not sagging.

They were firm, and the nipple was big and pointy. The brown nipple with light brown areolas on the white boobs was breathtaking.

Me: Oh, Savita, these are the best pair of boobs I have ever seen. They still look like a woman in their late twenties. Looks like Dad hasn’t worked on them much.

Mom: Yes, Sanjay, your Dad was very dull in bed. He could never give me the pleasure I wanted.

Me: Savita, you are my wife now. I am going to fuck you every day and night. I will make up for all the fuck sessions you have missed till day.

Saying this, I lifted her in my arms like a newly wedded wife and took her to the bed and jumped on her. I sat astride her, held her boobs firmly, and started sucking her big brown pointed nipples. I started softly and soaked her nipples with my Saliva.

I sucked both nipples one by one. While one was sucked, my fingers played with the other nipple. Whenever I twisted her nipple with my finger, she let out a soft pleasure-filled moan. I could sense that she enjoyed the pain. My soft sucks grew stronger now, and I started sucking harder.

I looked at her face. She was enjoying the intensity of my sucks. I became rougher and sucked her nipples tighter while pinching her other nipple. I stretched both her nipples, one with my teeth and the other with my fingers. There was a pain on her face, but her parted lips let out a soft sigh of pleasure.

I was amazed to see that she was enjoying the pleasure of pain. When I let go of her boobs, I could see the marks of my teeth on her areolas. I said, “Mom, Did it hurt?”

She opened her eyes and looked at me.
Mom: Baby, you haven’t changed a bit. When you were a child, even then, you used to molest my boobs like this while I breastfed you. You were very rough back then, also.

Me: Did you enjoy it when I sucked your tits hard while drinking your milk?

Mom: Yes, Darling, as Your Dad never sucked my tits, I loved it when you sucked on them while I fed you. You always made my pussy wet while sucking.

Me: Mom, today I will not only make it wet, but I will also dry it up by sucking all the juice out of it.

Saying this, I started my journey to the place from where I had entered this world. I kissed her tummy, her love handles, belly button. I softly bit her in between to tease her and leave my mark on her. I made her body wet with my kisses.

My lips were whispering the love song that resonated through her entire body. I pulled the plates of her saree out and undid her saree knot. My heartbeat was beating faster as if my heart was jumping joyfully. She was not wearing a panty inside, and her pussy was clean-shaven for me.

Me: Savita, it’s nice that you came prepared without a bra and panty.

Mom: Yes, It was only a matter of minutes before you stripped me off.

Me: How did you know I love clean-shaven pussy.

Mom: I am your Mom, Beta. I know every likes and dislikes of you.

Me: I am so lucky to have you as my wife, Mom.

I could stop exploring the love hole from where I had entered this world. I ran my fingers over it. It was soaking wet. All her love juice piled up all this long was oozing out of her. She was so wet that her thighs were also soaked with her juice. I started cleaning her thigh from left to right.

“Umm,” I hummed. I felt like mom’s pussy was dripping the elixir out of her pussy. The smell of her unserved pussy intoxicated me. I started licking the juice on her pussy lips. I licked all the juice out there. But I wanted more and more as if it was my drug.

I darted my tongue into her pussy and started sucking the juice out of it. Mom revelled in the sensations. Her skin was tingling with a mixture of pleasure and anticipation. Once her pussy walls were dried up, I saw that some juice was spilt over and was dripping between her pussy and asshole.

I sucked every drop of it and licked her asshole clean. Her asshole tasted so yummy. Her tight asshole looked virgin. I thought of saving it for some other day. After all her oozing juice was cleaned, I teased her clitoris with my tongue.

Mom: Oh, my God, Sanjay, what are you doing? Nobody has ever done this to me.

Me: Savita, I pity all those men who missed this heaven hole. I will serve you the pleasure you have never experienced.

I started sucking my clitoris and playing with my tongue. Her body yearned for more and responded with gentle shivers, a physical manifestation of the emotions coursing through her. Her body had an uncontrollable pleasure. She held her boobs and rubbed her nipples, and her body arched.

Mom: Please, Sanjay, Don’t stop. I beg you.

I responded to her by increasing the speed of my tongue. She was bouncing on the bed with pleasure. She raised her buttocks and held my hair to push me on her pussy more. I loved the aroused, horny woman in my mom. Looking at her, I complimented her pussy.

Eating with fingering, thinking this would cool her down. But this was like throwing petrol into a fire. Her hip movement started getting faster and faster as I finger fucked her. Nothing had entered her pussy for so many years. My fingers were driving her crazy.

I thought, “What would happen to her when my cock enters her pussy.” I was sucking her clitoris harder and increased my finger fucking speed. Her moans grew louder and louder. I was enjoying the way she was lost in the world of pleasure.

I thought of testing her limit. So I added one more finger into her pussy and fucked her with two fingers. She didn’t feel the difference, so I added one more finger. With three fingers in her pussy, I sensed slight pain in her moans. But as always, she loved this pleasurable pain.

She pulled my other hand and asked me to hold her left boob. I held it tight and squeezed it mercilessly. Her back was arched, and she had locked my head on her pussy with her legs crossed around my head. I could feel that I had turned on the slut within her who had been suppressed all these years.

She was begging for more and more. She was suffocating me on her pussy with her legs on her. I pinched her nipples and pulled them to signal her to go slow. But the slut in her was enjoying even that pain, and she just went uncontrollable.

I added one more finger to the onslaught on her pussy to cool her down. With the four-finger fucking and nipple molesting at the same time. She was at the peak of her pleasure. My fingers were stretching her pussy walls, and that sensation was driving her crazy.

After more than five minutes, I could feel that her pussy walls were contracting. Suddenly her pussy was flooded with loads of juice.

Mom shouted: I am cumming.

I increased my speed to give her maximum pleasure while she orgasmed. She squirted the years of load on my face. The milky juice from her pussy tasted like honey from nectar. I felt so glad Mom had the fun she had longed for all these years.

I cleaned her pussy and went up to see her. Her tears rolled out of her eyes. They were tears of joy. She kissed me and licked my face to clean all the juice smeared on my face.

Mom: Thank you so much, Sanjay.

Me: Sshhh…It’s my duty to satisfy my lovely wife and not these lips. I want your pussy lips to express gratitude.

Mom: Sure, Hubby. I am all yours. But please let me rest tonight. This was too overwhelming for me. You sucked all the energy out of me.

Me: I can understand. But be ready to please your unsatisfied husband tomorrow.

Mom: Yes, Darling, I will take a leave from the office tomorrow. You can fuck me as much as you want.

Mom dozed off, and I was looking at her nude body. Her body had red spots due to my rough kisses, as if I had marked every curve of her as mine. I closed my eyes and fell asleep thinking of the course events which turned my loving mom into a horny wife.

I felt blessed to have her in my bed. I am sure this relationship would be the best this world may ever see when a Mom and Son turn into a husband and wife. It would be pure love and care without any expectations.

Thanks for reading this story so passionately. I could make you hard and wet. Please wait for the next part, where Mom thanks Sanjay for the memorable last night.

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