Kishen’s life-changing discovery – Part 5.1

Hello, dear readers of ISS. This is part 1 of the 5th part of Kishen’s life-changing discovery series. It entails mild elements of cuckold and BDSM.

The time had finally come for Kishen to safely swap Neetu’s and Usha’s panties for new ones. Under the pretext of feeding Usha’s fish as she had gone to her native, Kishen entered her empty home. He sifted through Usha’s pile of dirty laundry.

To his surprise, he noticed a comparatively bigger pantie in a pile. It smelt different too. Realizing that it wasn’t Usha aunty’s or Neetu’s, he didn’t give it much thought and placed it aside.

For several minutes, he hugged and embraced the pile. It preserved the sweet smell of his Usha aunty’s sweat and perfume. He had all the time he wanted.

Kishen wasn’t keen on taking Neetu’s panties as he’s already hit the jackpot as far as fucking her was concerned. He even got a heavenly blowjob from Neetu earlier in the day before he left for his PU college.

“I could have just asked her for one of her panties. She would have given me. Why didn’t I think of it?” Kishen wondered.

Kishen took one of Usha’s pantie from the heap and left the house, fully content. Locking Usha’s main door behind him, he looked at the door opposite—the door to Manoj sir’s house.

“How would the fierce old man react to the news of Neetu and me? He sure would be red with anger,” Kishen thought and giggled.

In front of him stood the door to the house of the man who, years back, caught him and Neetu ‘exploring’ each other’s privates as children. Kishen and Neetu had even talked about that incident earlier that day in their conversations after she blew him.

Kishen looked cautiously to either side of the veranda to see if anyone was around. Seeing that the corridor was empty, some confidence and a sense of victory consumed Kishen. You know, the kind of ‘I’m an adult’ feeling after losing virginity.

Kishen stepped towards Manoj sir’s door. He took out Usha’s pantie and sniffed it while giving a challenging look at the nameplate titled “Manoj Mohan, Retd. Head Master.”

To Kishen’s utter shock, the door stood open, and there stood Manoj sir. He had been watching Kishen through the peephole of his door. Seeing Manoj sir’s inquiring demeanour, Kishen peed in his shorts out of fear. He barely had time to stuff Usha’s pantie back into his pocket.

Manoj sir stepped out, grabbed Kishen by the collar, dragged him into his house, and closed the door behind him, all in a few seconds. He pushed Kishen to the sofa in his living room.

Hearing the commotion, Deepti (Manoj sir’s obedient wifey) came out of her bedroom.

“Take that thing out of your pocket…” ordered Manoj sir, pointing at Usha’s panties sticking out of Kishen’s pocket.

“I don’t have anything, sir….” uttered Kishen, trying to cover the panties with his hands.

“How dare you lie to me!” said Manoj sir, reaching out to Kishen’s pocket. Even though the man was around 60 years old, he was as strong as a UFC fighter. Kishen’s grip on the pantie didn’t even have a chance.

“Hmm…what have we here?” said Manoj sir, holding the pantie and stretching it with both hands. He sniffed them, “So you’re lusting after Usha, huh?”

Deepti giggled, further embarrassing Kishen.

“If you don’t want the world to know about this, tell your mom that you’re in my house helping me with the PC and that you’d be here for a few hours. You have exactly 3 minutes. Now GO!” shouted Manoj sir.

Kishen ran out and did as he was told. He soon returned with Savitri. Upon hearing Savitri approach, Manoj sir quickly tossed the pantie to a corner.

“Sir, Kishen says you needed some help with the computer. He looks a little worried, is everything alright? Did he come up to some mischief?” asked Savi.

“No, Savi, everything is fine. The young man has always been scared of me. We will be good friends by the end of it,” replied Manoj sir.

“And if it gets too late, he is more than welcome to stay here, Savi,” added Deepti.

Savi nodded with a smile, leaving Kishen with Deepti and Manoj sir.

“Lock the door and take a seat,” said Manoj sir pointing to the sofa after regaining composure from laughing.

Kishen frantically did as ordered.

Despite a moderately big pot belly and grey hair, Manoj sir looked fit for a 60-year-old man. Kishen also noticed Deepti looking at him and smiling in an ‘I-wanna-sex-you’ manner. He felt awkward as he knew her as a chubby, soft-spoken and husband-worshipping woman.

Manoj sir took a chair, put it right in front of Kishen and sat on it with a forward-leaning posture. To Kishen’s eyes, he looked like a detective getting ready to interrogate. His face was inches away from Kishen’s.

“Remove your pee-soaked shorts. I don’t want you stinking up my couch,” ordered Manoj sir, rather sternly. Kishen was hesitant or rather processing what he had just heard.

“Now!” shouted Manoj sir. He began pulling down Kishen’s shorts from his legs just as Kishen’s trembling hands untied them. He tossed the piss-soaked shorts to the side, which Deepti picked up. Covering his bare groin with his hands, Kishen watched Deepti.

She disappeared into their house’s dark corridor, connecting the living room to their bedroom. He wondered what she was going to do with his pee shorts. Manoj sir looked at Kishen’s fearful eyes for a few moments and, of all things, smiled!

Kishen was utterly surprised by the sudden change in Manoj sir’s demeanour.

“Beta, I know you were scared of me when you were a boy. You are a grown man now. And we are adults…so please don’t be alarmed,” said Manoj sir.

Just then, Deepti came in with a towel and offered it to Kishen. She then picked Usha’s pantie from the corner of the room and handed it over to her husband. Leaning back, Manoj sir watched smilingly. Kishen embarrassingly stood up from the sofa to tie the towel around his waist.

“You are a very good young man! Neetu beti told me,” Manoj sir added as Kishen sat on the sofa. Deepti also sat on the sofa at a leg-length distance next to Kishen.

“Uh…Th…thank you, sir. I am sorry,” said Kishen, wondering how and when Neetu and Manoj sir started to get along.

“She also told me how much she found you to be respectful of me despite being weary of my strictness,” added Manoj sir.

Kishen was taken aback. He realized what Manoj sir was referring to in the conversation that Neetu and Kishen had earlier in the day. In the conversation, Neetu badmouthed Manoj sir for scolding them years back. Kishen was, however, annoyed and surprised at Neetu’s behaviour.

He took Manoj sir’s side by reasoning that what he had done was right as an adult. He also told her that it was bad to cuss at one of the most respected persons in the building. Manoj sir was also the leader of their residents’ association.

“Why did Neetu have to tell all that to Manoj, sir? Did he hear us and confront her? Is he planning something? Was Neetu trying to save my ass? Does he know that we are having sex?” Kishen wondered, looking confused.

“It’s a mark of your honesty and integrity, Kishen,” commented Deepti.

“…and after hearing that, I was looking to commend you myself. But doing it while catching you sneaking Usha’s underwear was not the way I wanted it,” added Manoj sir, as he played with Usha’s panties.

Kishen didn’t know what to say. He just looked down, embarrassed.

“I am sorry, sir,” he begged.

Kishen heard Deepti giggling again. He noticed she was looking at him as though they were playing a prank on him. And just as Kishen turned back to Manoj sir’s direction, he was shocked to see him fully immersed in sniffing the pantie.

Opening his eyes and seeing Kishen look at him surprised, Manoj sir leaned forward and asked him, “Tell me honestly, Kishen, as a friend, what do you do with these panties?”

“I…uh… I smell them and…” Kishen responded hesitantly, turning a couple of times towards Deepti. She was looking at him and smiling as though she was watching a reaction video.

“You masturbate…. I know. But be more specific, what else? Telling the truth will bring you great benefits,” responded Manoj sir.

“Well, I just…um…do the deed and go back to sleep,” responded Kishen.

“Ok, let me make this easier for you. Just answer with a yes or no. Don’t be shy. Ok?” asked Manoj sir.

Kishen nodded.

“While sniffing at the pantie and masturbating, do you see yourself being scolded by Usha aunty?”

“No,” Kishen responded, frowning a little.

“Do you see yourself being tied, humiliated, or even hurt by Usha or whoever you fantasize about?”

“No sir…” Kishen replied with a weirded-out expression, which Deepti noticed.

“Can I count on your honesty?” asked Manoj sir.

“Yes, sir, I am telling the truth. I don’t have such BDSM fantasies,” responded Kishen.

“Ok, I believe you. If you do such fetishes as I suspected from your pantie cravings, I need to tell you how to be cautious while practising it. It is, after all, sexuality, and one should embrace it. But one should also be careful of exhibiting it to people they only truly trust.”

“Otherwise, it can cause damage to the reputation. So, I need to once again confirm with you. Do you have such fetishes? Let me know honestly, and I can help you out,” added Manoj sir.

“No sir, that is not like me,” replied Kishen.

“How would you see me if I had such fetishes?” asked Manoj sir.

Drawing from the sexo-philosophical-cum-psychological insights that Tariq gave him, Kishen replied, “Well, no one should be embarrassed about their sexuality and sexual preferences, as long as the people involved are open to it.”

“Beautifully answered, Kishen,” said Deepti. “Glad to know you are aware of BDSM. Probably from porn, right?”

She then moved to sit cross-legged on the sofa, pulling up her nightie above her knees. Kishen couldn’t help but steal glimpses of her bare foot, dusky calves, toned darker knees, and fleshy thighs. His tool began tenting the towel he wore.

“Ah, somebody is horny for your legs, Deepti,” said Manoj sir, smiling.

Kishen looked down and covered his tent in embarrassment.

“C’mon now, don’t pretend to be shy. We know you did it with Neetu,” replied Deepti, surprising Kishen.

Sitting on the sofa, Deepti turned her body towards Kishen. She placed her legs on his lap and comfortably rested her head on the sofa’s armrest. She began to playfully push away his hands, covering his groin with her feet. She then started circling his tent with the sole of her feet.

Aroused, Kishen placed his hands on her chubby legs and watched her smiling seductively at him.

“To be sure, let me test and measure how far you can go with your pantie kink,” said Deepti.

Upon hearing Deepti, Kishen looked at Manoj sir. Sitting in utter silence of arousal, Manoj sir appeared to enjoy what he saw. There was a smile of approval on Manoj sir’s face. It allowed Kishen to rid of any inhibitions.

Deepti lifted one of her feet to Kishen’s face level and asked him to kiss it. Lovingly and romantically, Kishen began kissing, sniffing and rubbing his face all over Deepti’s feet. Watching him, Manoj sir did the same with Usha’s panties.

Deepti made Kishen turn to her side and placed her feet on his shoulder. He ran his hand through the length of her legs like they were brand new veenas. He could hear Manoj sir’s heavy and aroused breathing right next to him.

Sniffing Usha’s panties Manoj sir was observing them without batting an eyelid.  He was also rubbing his dick from outside his lungi.

“Lick it,” Deepti ordered in a rather loud and authoritative tone. But she noticed that Kishen became instantly hesitant. “Probably because of my dominating tone,” she wondered. However, Manoj sir leaned forward to lick it.

Wack! Deepti kicked Manoj sir’s face so hard that he fell on the floor. Kishen was taken aback and lost all his arousal.

“Not you! You old bastard,” Deepti shouted at Manoj sir with a fierce look.

Not saying a word, Manoj sir knelt on the floor, looking down at the floor like a slave. Kishen knew at that instance that he was getting into some BDSM and cuckold action and had to play along.

“Not my kink,” he thought. He, however, wasn’t any less excited. He only wished he watched more BDSM porn to get along better.

“Kishen, my newfound young and lively love don’t pay heed to how I treat this horny bastard. He deserves it. And tonight, you, my dear, deserve all my love and affection,” said Deepti in the polar opposite friendly and loving manner from how she just treated Manoj sir.

“Come, love, bring my feet together and lift them.” As Deepti asked, Kishen saw her nightie fall to her hip level, which she pulled further up. She revealed a plain light blue pantie tucked smoothly between her chubby thighs and tummy.

Folding her legs, she removed the panties and tossed them to him, which he caught with both his hands. It looked bigger in his hands, and he noticed a wet patch, which he sniffed with deep inhalations and closed his eyes.

And much to a delight, upon opening his eyes, Deepti spread her legs and started fingering herself. The whole of her hand appeared to slide into her fleshy pussy.

“If my pantie has served you well, Kishen, please throw it at the face of my useless old husband kneeling before you,” requested Deepti. Kishen was hesitant out of his respect for Manoj sir. But looking at Manoj sir’s eyes, he could tell that he wanted it and that it aroused him.

Kishen threw the pantie right at Manoj sir’s face. I watched him grab it and stuff it in his mouth. After a few moments, he laid it down on the flow next to Usha’s pantie and began sniffing them on all fours, like a dog. Kishen was amused to see that Manoj sir even panted like a dog.

“I am sorry, Kishen, that he snatched Usha’s panties from you,” consoled Deepti. “Continue sniffing on those, you dirty dog!” she ordered Manoj sir.

Deepti got up from the sofa and got rid of her nightie and bra. Looking at Kishen lustfully and playfully, Deepti revealed her heavy-hanging assets. Seeing Manoj sir engrossed in sniffing the panties, she kicked his buttocks hard so that he fell over on the floor, squealing.

She ordered him to strip while being on all fours. She asked him to cover his face with her panties and to wear Usha’s panties. Like a strict warden standing tall, Deepti observed Manoj sir do as directed. She placed a chair behind Manoj sir’s buttocks and tenderly directed Kishen to stand on it.

She then made Kishen deliver a painful wedgie to Manoj sir. She simultaneously suffocated Manoj sir by pulling hard the portion of her panties that covered the back of his head as though it were the string of a bow. She then vigorously stroked the stretched elastic and fabric up and down.

Manoj sir’s semi-muffled gurgle filled the room. Kishen was aroused watching the merciless dominance of the nude, chubby woman who was tender towards him. He couldn’t fully involve, though. It was all new to him, and he wasn’t particularly into the fetish.

Or so he thought. He was also mildly concerned about how Manoj sir would treat him after the session. Nonetheless, Kishen continued to wedge for a good while, hoping that Manoj sir was enjoying everything.

“Come here, you dirty dog!” Deepti ordered to a panting Manoj sir as she stepped to a corner. Manoj sir followed her on all fours. She then positioned her pussy to his face level and asked him to lick it. “Like a good dog.”

Kishen was surprised to see Manoj sir do it the same way a dog would. Panting with the tongue out, flapping it between his lips in a slurpy manner, and sloppily licking and sniffing Deepti’s pussy.

“Just like that. Good boy!” Deepti encouraged Manoj sir. The sight of Deepti semi-squatting and moaning at the oral from her submissive role-playing hubby made Kishen all the more aroused and equally curious. He stood there like an ardent observer who got to witness acrobatics up close for the first time.

“Freeze,” she said to the “doggo.” It stood still like a well-trained one.

“Kishen, grab that trophy from there,” she ordered Kishen, pointing at a near dildo-like trophy from their showcase. She encouraged Kishen to ‘do the deed.’ But seeing that he was scared to do it, she grabbed it from him and thrust it mercilessly inside Manoj sir’s asshole.

Seeing Manoj sir shriek and tremble in pain, Kishen was startled. Deepti momentarily broke her dominant character. She approached Kishen and whispered, “It’s ok, Kishen, he is enjoying it. Even I was fearful at first. We don’t cross the limits, and we have a safe word.”

“I’ll be right back,” Deepti said, snapping back to her dominant character as she walked to the room.

Kishen was left alone with the doggo. With the trophy sticking out of its ass, it turned to Kishen. It started coming near his leg, and began to sniff them. It playfully followed Kishen around as much as he tried to move away from it awkwardly.

Hoping to ‘help’ the doggo, Kishen pulled out the trophy in the process. Sadly, the doggo shrieked again in pain. Deepti returned just then, holding a ball gag, collar and leash, and a flogger.

Fitting them on the doggo, Deepti made it jump onto the sofa. Having it sit back, she pinched and squeezed its nipple, penis and balls. Much to the amusement of Kishen, not one sound that came from Manoj’s sir mouth resembled that of a human.

Kishen was far from being aroused from all that Deepti was engaged in. He noticed how, through each successive pain infliction, Manoj sir was staying erect and oozing cum. It was a sign that he was enjoying it all. In turn, it got Kishen more involved in watching Deepti inflicting pain on Manoj sir.

He watched her flog Manoj sir mercilessly. She pushed down the trophy up his ass and mouth several times. She farted on his face a couple of times and made him lick her asshole.

“Just like that… ooh yeah… Good doggo,” Deepti moaned as she looked at Kishen with a ‘do-you-like-what-you-see’ look. Standing watch with his hands mildly stroking his dick, Kishen stared back with curiosity.

He was more fixated on how she looked, bending forward for the doggo to lick her clean. With her legs apart and hands supported on either knee. The smoothness of her hanging melons beamed innocence, contrasting her dominating character.

For the first time, Kishen was also experiencing a special kind of erection. One that arises from helping others indulge in their sexual fetishes. Deepti was also charging Kishen up in another manner. The tendency to push himself in and ‘take charge’ of her was building up in him.

Deep inside, he began craving to be the master to the mistress and ‘rescue’ the doggo, or perhaps ‘own’ it. Uncertain of how he would perform or how it may turn out, Kishen suppressed his urges. He chose to watch Deepti taking the time to pleasure Manoj sir with pain.

Deepti and Manoj sir, on the other hand, was expecting so much that Kishen would go dominant. Deepti hoped that at some point, he would play along and attempt to do to her what she was doing to Manoj sir. Unfortunately, they mistook Kishen’s curiosity for indifference.

Deepti decided to ‘normalize’ things for Kishen.

“It doesn’t seem to go as expected. But he is a lovely young man. After I’ve satisfied Manoj, let me give him my all in the way he is most comfortable,” Deepti thought.