Kishen’s life-changing Discovery – Part 16

“Are you sure, son?” asks Sunil, looking at Savi.

“Yes, you don’t need to look at Mom for her permission.” Kishen goes over to Savi, takes the one remaining panty (Usha’s) from the box and places it on his Dad’s empty hands.

“Come, Maa, let us watch the film,” he says, unknowingly rubbing his fingers (the hand that momentarily held the panty of his goddess) under his nose. His subconscious hoped to smell even the smallest trace of Usha’s aroma. Unfortunately, he couldn’t pick up any smell.

“If you say so,” says Sunil as he shifts his attention back to TV. With his eyes on the TV, Dad wasted no time in taking a beer bottle and popping it open with his mouth. He began sipping it while taking sniffs out of the panty—as though it was a side dish to go with the beer.

“You’re making it very hard for Kishen,” says Savi as she proceeds to sit next to Sunil, sticking her body to his. “Come, Kishen. Don’t look at your horny Dad. You’re doing a good job keeping the promise. We’re proud of you. Take your beer and rest on my lap. Let’s watch the movie.”

Soon enough, the ship-tip kissing scene of Jack and Rose comes up. Savi keeps her hand in Kishen’s eyes, blocking his view, just like she’d do in the old days when anything remotely sexual popped up on the screen. Kishen chuckles and moves her hand away.

“You still think that seeing them kiss will corrupt me? After everything I witnessed and did?” asks Kishen.

Savi and Sunil break a shy chuckle.

“No, I don’t want you to get aroused and break the promise you made to Manoj sir,” says Savi.

“Aren’t you feeling awkward seeing them kiss?” Sunil asks.

“Are you serious, Dad? You are openly sniffing Usha Aunty’s panties, sitting right next to me and Mom. That ought to be more awkward than seeing Jack and Rose kiss on TV.”

Sunil laughs, fueled by the mild buzzing high from the beer.

“Would it be awkward if we discussed sexual things? Or even joke about it?” asks Sunil.

“I don’t think so. We’re adults, aren’t we, Dad?”

“Well then, here is a revelation. When your Mom covered your eyes to hot scenes on TV, she used to caress my dick simultaneously with the other hand,” Sunil says.

Kishen laughs. “Wow, I had no clue,” says Kishen. “Are you caressing Dad’s dick right now, Maa?”


“Why not?”

“Well, we just don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. Especially since you’re reeling from your conflicted state of mind,” says Sunil.

“But I don’t want to stop you two from being affectionate,” Kishen says.

“You can’t stop us. We’ve mastered the skill of stealing kisses and doing other hanky panky even with you right around the corner,” says Savi.

“Really? Give me some examples.”

“Well, many times, when you used to study, watch TV, wait for dinner or be around in the house, Dad used to sneak onto me and kiss me,” says Savi.

“Or lift her maxi, slide my hand under her chaddi and caress her pussy,” says Sunil.

“Or motor board me or shove his cock into my mouth,” adds Savi.

“Yeah, part of the thrill was not getting caught by you,” says Sunil.

“I am sorry it won’t be thrilling anymore now that I know.”

“Well, I’m sure it will be more thrilling when you watch,” Sunil blurts.

“Shh, shut up, Sunil,” Savi says, trying not to get Kishen horny again. But the damage had been done. The Mom and Dad could see Kishen struggling to lie with the sudden bulge in his shorts.

Sunil chuckles.

“What is it, Dad?” asks Kishen, wondering if they saw his bulge.

“You may be an adult by age, but you’re still naive like a child.”

“Why do you say so?”

“Because you didn’t understand the promise you made,” Savi says.

Kishen recalled Manoj sir saying the same to him earlier. For a moment, he wondered what he meant. And then the realization hit him like a train.

“My God! Why THE FUCK didn’t I think about it?” Kishen asks aloud, not hesitating to use the F word for the stark realization he made. “I promised not to masturbate. I didn’t promise not to have sex!”

Savi and Sunil burst out laughing.

Kishen instantly gets up from Savi’s lap, keeps the beer bottle on the floor and announces, “I am going to sleep in Usha Aunty’s house today.”

“Enjoy,” replies Savi and Sunil.

Kishen reaches right outside the door to Usha Aunty’s flat. Just as he is about to ring the doorbell, he notices through the door’s peephole that Usha aunty has switched off the lights.

“They must’ve gone to sleep,” he thought, and a part of him didn’t want to disturb them. “What if she’s just lying on the bed? What if she’s stroking Ramesh uncle on the bed as he is sniffing Deepti Aunty’s panties? Would I be intruding on them? What if she is not in the mood? I am not really supposed to go and ask her for hand sex without telling anything in advance, right?”

He stood there wondering for several minutes. His sense of manners battled with that of his horniness.

“I have held on this long. One more night won’t be a problem. I will speak to her in the morning and take an appointment to fuck the brains out of my goddess,” Kishen thought and walked back to his flat.

He opened to door to his flat. He saw Sunil sitting on the sofa masked with Usha Aunty’s panty and moaning with his eyes closed. His mother was on all fours on the sofa, blowing him. Her bare ass was staring at Kishen. Sunil had pulled her nighty over to her hip level.

Engrossed, the parents noticed the son’s presence only after they heard him close the door behind him.

“Shit, we’re sorry, Kishen. We thought you’d be at Usha’s,” Savi said as she stopped blowing Sunil and began to adjust her nightie.

“Freeze!” was all that Kishen could utter. Pausing in their position, Savi and Sunil looked at their son.

Kishen stepped towards them, bent over to his mother’s ass-level, and gripped both of her (ass)cheeks with a loud smack. He spread them apart and took a deep long deep breath sniffing the aroma of her wet pussy. He then begins inserting his fingers inside her.

“Ooh…Ahh…Wait! Stop, son! Are you sure about this?” asks Savi.

“We don’t want you to feel guilty later,” adds Sunil.

“Mom, Dad, ‘live and let live’,” Kishen responds and proceeds to lick his Mom while fingering her. Moaning, Savi goes back to blowing Sunil. Rhythmic moans of the father, the son, and the mother fill the room for several minutes.

Kishen begins to feel uncomfortable on his back for having bent for a while, which Savi senses.

Savi gets up and makes Sunil and Kishen strip (allowing Sunil to wear ‘the mask’). “Let us take it inside,” she announces. She pulls her hubby and son by their dicks and guides them to the bedroom.

Savi makes Kishen and Sunil lie diagonally on the bed. Their butt-cheeks touching at the diagonal’s midpoint (centre), and their dicks standing erect like the twin towers. She playfully gets up on the bed on all fours. She grabs and tosses one pillow each to her son and hubby.

They can watch her in action comfortably without straining their necks. She naughtily makes eye contact with her hubby and son looking at her with full-on hornified anticipation from either direction. Resting each of her forearms on their lower abdomens for support, she grabs their dicks and begins stroking.

The Dad and son spiralled away in pride and pleasure as she admired and praised their cocks with her pouty kisses, lip-smacking smooches, devout deep throats, and affectionate tongue play. She dipped and snuggled the tip of her tongue in their pee-holes.

While Kishen’s young dick was oozing precum, Sunil’s saliva-wet, girthy hairy cock wasn’t oozing as much. The Dad and son watched in awe and pleasure as Savi began to literally talk to the cocks—calling them ‘junior sir’ and ‘senior sir’. As though they were two puppets in the hands of a wicked young girl.

“Oh, looks like ‘senior sir’ could borrow some juice from ‘junior sir.’” she says in a playful tone. She begins rubbing Kishen’s cock-head over his Dad’s. The men’s minds were momentarily repulsed by what Savi was doing. But their horniness gave in to the heavenly sensation.

The Dad and son had to clutch hard onto the bed sheet in pleasure. The mother-cum-wife took both their dick tips into her mouth and began smearing her spit over their pre-cum glistened tips. Her lips, tongue, and inner cheeks ensured the fluids were mixed and applied near-uniformly.

Kishen had been sealing his temptations despite his raging young hormones. He couldn’t help but moan louder than his Dad. “Looks like Junior sir is a bit of a noisemaker,” says Savi. “No problem, we have the solution for that,” she adds.

She grabs away Usha’s chaddi, masking her husband’s face. She then stuffs it fully into Kishen’s mouth to “shut junior sir up.” Savi then continued to treat her two puppets with her hands and mouth. They were as sloppy as butter and hard to grip.

“Ok, junior sir and senior sir, it’s time to meet your assistants. They’re two hot twin sisters,” Savi says with a sexual urge in her tone. She kneels back and removes her nightie in an instant. Her tits were a feast to the men’s eye. They’ve seen the ‘PAs’ before.

But they each felt like Jack when Rose showed her tits to him for the first time. Taking her own sweet time, she rubbed each of her nipples around every millimetre of their dick tips. She ran the tips of her hardened nipple over their pee-holes and tried to push it in.

Her cleavage was already sweaty and wet. She generously lubricated the passage with her spit and began tit-fucking the slippery cocks. Despite it straining her back, she kept the pace. She increased it only to stop just before two men were about to cum.

It took the Dad and son a while to come back to their senses. When they opened their eyes, they saw Savi on her knees, panting with her hands on her hips. She looked at each of them with a victorious smile. Her lips and chin were glistening with the fluids she’d been mixing.

“I will lick those juices right off your face, Maa,” says Kishen.

“I was just about to say that,” says Sunil.

“Ha ha, like father like son. But why go for the juice when you can taste the nectar?” says Savi. She digs her hands into her crotch and scoops out long, sticky threads of her cum. With a welcoming smile, she extends each of her hands to their faces.

Sunil and Kishen sit up instantly and lick up every bit of the slimy web on and between her fingers. They generously mouth her hands, bobbing their heads up and down each finger. Savi oozes more cum which she scoops and spreads on her areola and nipple.

The Dad and son needed no more welcoming. They lean over and slurp on her breasts, one tit for each. In pleasure, her hands began to push the back of their heads firmly against her tits. She also senses a sense of sexually charged urge from her hubby and son.

In sync, they begin fingering her vigorously while pushing their faces on her cheeks. Kishen and Sunil then pushed their faces on either side of her face and neck, licking and kissing every inch. Their mouths ran through her earlobes, forehead side, cheeks, and neck.

Their fingers battled in and over her crotch for more territory. Savi kept up their competitive spirits flowing by stroking their cocks. Savi was going in and out of heaven. But pleasurable discomfort seeped in. Hubby and the son began using their hands to forcibly turn her head in their direction to devour her lips.

After a point, she pushed them away from her face and stood up on the bed with her legs spread apart. Dad and son instantly adjusted their positions to bury their faces in her ass and crotch. Kishen took her from the front and Sunil from behind.

They continued shoving their faces at her bottom by spreading her pussy lips and ass cheeks with their hands. Savi could feel Sunil’s thick moustache brushing against her asshole and Kishen’s facial hair pricking on her pussy. Their oral action gradually synced.

Her shivering legs elevated her body, supporting it only by the toes. And before she could lose balance, the Dad and son catapulted her to an orgasmic peak. Savi squirted explosively with a loud moan. Kishen and Sunil pushed their heads against each other, trying to get their share of the dripping water.

Savi’s collapsed her ass on the bed, reeling from her orgasm. Kishen and Sunil sat back, too, panting as though they just finished a competitive sprint. The three look at each other and smile—tired but not tired for more.

Savi sees in Kishen a much stronger urge to own her. The beast in him wanted to her all by himself. Just as he sensed she was ready for the next round of action, he pulled her hand hard toward him.


It took a few seconds for Kishen to process that his mother just slapped him tight. With a big O on his face, he looked at her, wondering if she was angry or kinky. The beast in him fled to oblivion. She wasn’t angry, he could confirm. But neither did she appear to be BDSM-kinky like Deepti aunty.

She brought her face close to his and began stroking his dick to keep him horny. Her stern expression kept him attentive. The mother was keeping her son in line sexually!

“Never forget that I am your Dad’s whore first. Respect his presence and authority, even when he may not demand it,” Savi says. “I am not saying you can’t get bold and pushy like a beast – it is fun. But there also has to be that unspoken courtesy. Understand?”

Kishen nods.

“Good boy,” Savi says and kisses him on the cheek. “Go to the corner of the bed and watch us so that your raw urge returns and you learn to tame it,” she orders.

The parents make him watch from the corner of the bed as they fuck in slow-paced doggy style, facing him. They occasionally smile at him, which his horny self interprets as an invitation to the indulgence. He fights the urge to get up from the corner and shove his dick into her vacant mouth.

“Oh, Kishen, we wanted to tell you about ‘keeping the courtesy’ early on, but you were staying aloof,” says Savi while being pounded.

“So, it is part of ‘the talk’ that Manoj sir was referring to?” asks Kishen.


“What else is there that I should know?” asks Kishen.

“Apart from courtesy, there is also patience. It’s very important. But you’ve already mastered it,” Sunil says, pounding Savi.

“How so?”

“If you didn’t have patience, you would have gone and disturbed Usha aunty. But you controlled yourself and came back thinking she might be sleeping. Did I guess it correctly?”

“Yes, Dad.”

“I’m…no…we’re proud of you, Kishen,” says Savi.

Having charged up their lusty fire in the slow-paced doggy style, the parents change position. With pure affection for one another, Savi and Sunil engage in variants of kissing, cuddling, mutual masturbation, 69 position spooning, missionary, prone bone, and woman-on-top.

They neither went too fast (like what Kishen expected from his porn exposure) nor too slow. Their pace was ‘just right’ for them. Forgetting Kishen’s presence, like two butterflies playing catch, the couple hovered their indulges at various places in the bedroom.

Kneeling on the floor, Sunil licked clean Savi’s entire bottom line. She sat spread on the chair in the bedroom. She then returned the favour by rimming him after having him seated and his legs spread on the chair. The sweat from their bodies imprinted on the wall as they fucked, leaning against it.

The change in positions and shift in locations was smooth. It was as though both their bodies knew when to stop, change and proceed to prolong the pleasure. Their union resembled closest to what he saw as ‘passionate sex’ in movies (not porn).

That night, Kishen truly understood why sex was called ‘lovemaking’. He couldn’t help but feel proud at the fact that his very existence is proof of their lovemaking. Witnessing the ‘true love’ perspective to sex, he hoped and prayed that he, too, be blessed with a wife like Savi.

The couple eventually circled back to the bed. Savi and Sunil notice Kishen looking at them and smiling with utter affectionate admiration.

“How was it?” Sunil asks, panting but smiling.

“I have no words,” Kishen responds.

Sunil extends his hand to Kishen, pulls him to the centre of the bed, and goes on to sit in the corner where Kishen sat. “It’s your turn now,” he says.

“I hope I will someday be able to love a girl like how you love Mom, Dad,” says Kishen.

“And she will be the luckiest to have you as a husband. I hope she’s as kinky as we are,” says Savi.

“I will make sure she is,” says Kishen.

“Like how Neethu ensured Prateek was…” says Sunil.

“…but remember Kishen, never manipulate her or go behind her back. Love has to be anchored by sacrifice if that is what it demands,” adds Savi.

“I’m not sure I fully understand, Maa,” Kishen says.

“You will, in time, as you mature. Now, fuck me,” Savi orders.

“Yes, Maa, all me or anyone else other than Dad can do is fuck you or pleasure you. I understood today that only Dad can make love to you,” says Kishen.

“And I will always be internally grateful for that,” Savi says, spreading her legs for her son.

To her and Sunil’s surprise, Kishen ‘closes’ her spread legs with his hands.

“Come on, Dad. Together, let us show our gratitude to Maa for all that she’s been and done for us.” In courteous cordiality, the Dad and the son begin to worship the wife and mother. They start from her feet, kissing their way up to her forehead.

In no particular order, their tongues then graze and tease her groin, navel, under boobs, areola and nipple, armpit, neck, and earlobes. In the process, they affectionately mouthed and bit her toes, calves, thighs, folds in her hip and tummy, side boobs, chest, chin, lips, nose and eyebrows.

Eyes closed in utter pleasure, every hair in Savi’s body stood up. She then felt two pairs of hands doing free rounds across various parts of her aroused body. She graciously and eagerly licked and mouthed every finger of each hand that came close to her face.

She didn’t feel even a trace of the selfish masculine competitive urge that she had previously experienced. The vibes she got were that of the pure, generous outpouring of the masculine’s affection for the feminine. The son held up the Mom’s legs in support as the Dad fucked her.

The Dad helped the son ass fuck the Mom by spreading her cheeks. They double penetrated her, fucking her in her ass and pussy, and then switched holes. They spit-roasted her, with Kishen fucking her mouth while Sunil pounded her from behind. And then switched places.

Kishen helped his Dad carry his mother in the air while he fucked her. Kishen then fucked her standing on the floor. She lay on the bed on top of Sunil’s body for added elevation. Savi came more than a few times.

Sunil and Kishen tested the patience of their horny dicks by changing their positions or taking breaks on the verge of cumming. Eventually, the Dad and son cummed midst of a switch-and-fuck. Kishen filled his cum in her pussy, and Sunil, her ass.

Savi wasted no time in licking clean both their softening dicks. She then scooped with her hand their creampie leaking from her bottom and licked it clean. Having had one hell of a threesome ride, the trio then went on to have a fun-filled post-sex bath.

After changing the bedsheet, they slept naked, with Savi in the middle and Kishen and Sunil sticking their bodies to her from either side. Their hands and legs crisscrossed under the king-sized blanket as they quickly drifted to sleep.

Waking up first the following morning, Kishen stared blankly at the rotating ceiling fan. He lay next next to his parents who were still sleeping.

“I’m a bloody hypocrite madarchod all over again,” he began to think. But his mind then began to nudge him with Manoj sir’s words. “There’s no need to be guilty of consensual sex,” he reaffirmed. “But still, I’ve committed incest frowned upon by society,” his mind contradicted.

Kishen noticed that his guilt wasn’t as intense as before. He thanked Manoj sir in his mind as he continued to assess the nature of his guilt. And that’s when the next big realization hit him. Kishen finally understood what Manoj sir meant when he said, ‘witnessing history repeat itself.’

Manoj sir was referring to the guilt that puberty-struck boys feel after their first masturbation. Many vows to not masturbate again but give in to pubescent hormones. The guilt trip cycle repeats but lessens in intensity gradually as they realize it’s nothing more than a harmless indulgence. Kishen’s case was no different.

“Incest? I guess it’s just a matter of getting used to, as long as it is consensual. Besides, I have a buffet of options for sexual indulgence, even if I bar incest. Who the fuck gets that kind of luck?” he told himself with a sense of clarity. It finally put his mind at ease for good.

In the days that followed, Kishen showed Manoj sir that he finally understood the promise. He fucked Deepti in beast mode while cuckolding Manoj sir. He gave Kishen the clearance to masturbate at will.

Later, Kishen would sleep over at his goddess Usha Aunty’s house a few times with as well as without Ramesh’s uncle. In his home, sometimes it would be just him and Savi indulging in a quickie, usually after he returned from college.

Sometimes, he’d happily give his parents their alone time, especially when Sunil returned from office. Kishen occasionally took sweet revenge on his Dad by sneaking into Savi. Threesomes were rare but ceremonious.

Even rarer were the crossovers between the neighbours. Most times, nothing sexual happened in any home. The circle never gathered as a whole. Everyone, including Kishen, was busy or not in the mood. There’s much more to life than sex. Thankfully, the panty box was always at his disposal.

To be continued. Feedback: [email protected].