First experience with Hyderabadi virgin girlfriend

Hello readers, I am Arjun from Hyderabad. I am here to share my hot experience that happened with my first girlfriend Geetha. How I took her virginity and how we had sex in different positions and how it went. You can contact me or give me feedback in the mail. I have mentioned it at the end of the story.

Well, this took place on Valentine’s Day when we were planning to do combined studies for the last semester of college. Geetha was so unaware of the subjects and she was too worried about the exams. So we got the idea of studying together and that way, I can help her with weak subjects. We were planning a place for it.

The next day, Geetha told me that there was her sister’s colleague’s flat in an apartment and usually her sister’s colleague would go to work by 8 am and return only in the night. So we agreed to study there as per her request.

We went there the next day to start studying for the exams. As we reached there on her scooty, the cunning me expecting something to happen there already.

We went upstairs and rang the bell and soon her sister’s friend opened the door. She was in a hurry to go to work. We both sat on the couch and opened our books to study. Soon, when her sister’s friend went out, we started chit-chatting about relationships in our class and finally, there came a gossip from her that a famous model in our class had sex. It didn’t end there because Geetha was not leaving the topic.

So, the discussion on that topic went on for some time and we even forgot that we were sitting there just to study for our exams. All of a sudden and in the middle of the topic, we realized that exams were near and went into study mode. We somehow completed as much as we could and were waiting to have lunch. We didn’t have any idea on cooking and also, we didn’t want to mess up someone’s kitchen. So, we ordered food online.

In 30 minutes or so, our food arrived. We were eating the food and the sex topic came again. Geetha was not able to come out of that sexual anxiety and she was not able to concentrate on anything. After we were done eating, all of a sudden, she started acting weirdly with me. She was flirting with me for no reason and her way of seeing me changed. She seemed a bit horny.

Then I pulled up a card in that play. I started reacting to her actions. She was talking even more intensely. The heat between us was rising like a firestorm. Oh god, that feeling itself was more than the pleasure of sex. That sexual libido was very intensifying and I can’t explain that in words. Soon, we were sitting closer and she leaned on me slowly. That was always common but this time, I was feeling something.

She was talking hornily and asking me about sex. She was now leaning on me with full weight on my body. She lifted her head and looked into my eyes with excitement. She was fully in the mood as I could feel her body heat.

Geetha: Arjun, lopalo edho aithundhi ra (I am feeling something inside).

Me: Emaithundhi? (What is happening?)

Geetha: I can’t concentrate on the studies with this feeling.

Me: Just tell me what you are feeling.

Geetha: I want to know how sex feels.

Me (shocked me): I don’t know what to say.

Geetha: I can’t pass exams with this feeling inside.

Me: Ok, let’s skip this topic for a while.

All of a sudden, Geetha grabbed my head and kissed me! We kissed for almost 2 minutes without taking a breath. Then I took her in my hands and folded her like a doll and lifted her. I was kissing her lips and collarbone and was sucking her ear. I went a little down the neck and was sucking just above the chest.

I placed her on the floor and lifted her t-shirt and started kissing and biting her on the stomach with low pressure. Geetha was in the full mood and her moans were making me go crazy. She was moaning continuously out of unbearable pleasure and I was also rubbing her pussy indirectly above her pants.

She was pulling me up. I was rubbing her pants with slow strokes and she was still moaning good. The sounds were making me more horny and my guy woke up and became hard and was waiting to pop out. I went up and kissed her again and this time, I went a little down on her neck and removed her t-shirt.

Geetha was half-naked with her bra on. The floor was cold as fuck but she didn’t bother because the intimacy and heat were stronger than that. I was kissing her nipples inside the bra without removing it. Her bra was wet on those spots. I slid the bra from her breasts and started sucking those breasts with full pressure.

Her breasts were a little below average size, but I could fit one boob in my mouth completely like a small burger. She was enjoying this silently. Then I went down and removed her jeans. She was wearing maroon panties inside. Now she was wearing only panties and I didn’t even take off my shirt.

Geetha asked me to remove my shirt as she was naked. I didn’t even take off anything till then. So, I took off my shirt and rubbed her clit from the panties. I was doing it for a long time. She burst into an orgasm like a car applies sudden brake.

Next, I took off her panties and her pussy was a little hairy and I asked her, “Did you shave it regularly?” and she replied that she didn’t shave her pussy in a long time. But she used to masturbate in the shower. I was stunned by seeing a pussy in the real and started licking her clit with my tongue. She was moaning a little more than before.

I removed my clothes completely and my dick was pointing straight like a stick. She was stunned to see my dick and complimented me by saying that it was so big, seriously. Actually, it was average and a 7-inch rod. I guess there is nothing to be stunned by. Her pussy was already soaking wet as I had made her cum twice.

Now it was her turn.

As my dick made a right angle straight at her face, she didn’t even know how to hold it. I taught her how to stroke. To be honest, her stroking was very bad. I asked her for a small blowjob but she was not fully ok with that. But, she just kissed the tip of my cock and it felt amazing. I held her hand and controlled her movements.

That was better than stroking. I was near to orgasm. So I stopped because there was more work to do. So I kept her on the table and rubbed her clit with my dick so vigorously. My dick was already wet because she blew me earlier. I was rubbing her clit and slowly slid into her pussy. But it was too tight to enter and used as much force as I could. At last, it went in fully.

When I entered fully, Geetha shouted as hell that the whole apartment could hear. I was scared of the noise and she cooled down after a minute. Slowly, I removed the dick from her pussy and the blood came out of her. I thought it was normal. I gently stroked her again in the missionary position and slowly her pain subsided and started enjoying the sex.

I fucked her missionary for about 15 minutes or so. She was really enjoying the sex and was moaning very cutely. That was making my dick even harder. So I changed my position and lifted her without removing the dick inside her. I was fucking her in the standing missionary style and thrusting up and down. She was around 60 kg and I was using all my energy to move her up and down on my 7-inch rod and she told me that this position was feeling like heaven.

As I couldn’t lift her for much time, after 10 minutes or so, I put her in doggy. I was stand-fucking her, starting slowly. I went fast and gave deep strokes. I was increasing the speed as hearing her moans. This went on for more than 20 minutes. I was fucking her like an hour and still hadn’t come.

Now I wanted to cum so badly. I slept on the floor and rode her in the cowgirl position. I told her to take control and she was bouncing on my dick like a doll and she did that for 15 minutes. She came for the 5th time. My God, she had 5 orgasms and I didn’t even have one.

I was so exhausted that I didn’t come. I asked her to blow me again, but this time, I pushed my dick so deep throat.

She was blowing me this time so well. Her mouth felt so great than her pussy. I was experiencing a near-orgasm feeling. O pulled the dick out and came on her tits and a little over her face. She was so thrilled to see my cum. Soon after that, we slept on the floor. She didn’t stop talking. We got dressed later and re-arranged the home and kissed for very long.

It was around 6 pm and we were planning to go home. Her sister’s friend arrived there and she already sensed something wrong.

As we went to our homes and thought of the experience, we realized we had exams near. So, we got back to the preparation.

This was the experience I have had with my ex-girlfriend and it was amazing. I live in Hyderabad and any single woman you can contact me for fun, I will fulfill your fantasies. You can mail me at [email protected]