Kamasutra – Part 3 (The Fish Market humiliation)

Sukanya was very angry at me for demanding money for sex I did with her customers. She had vowed to screw me even more. She continued making me sleep with random women for which she got money.

Finally, on a Sunday morning, she woke me up and said, “You will get your freedom from Sukanya Devi today. But you will have to earn your freedom. Take these pills and get ready to be fucked the whole day.” Sukanya gave me lots of pills to boost my stamina.

My dick instantly rose like a flag pole. I wanted to screw Sukanya in the hut, but she was not ready. Instead, she took me to her fish market near a jetty. Sukanya’s friends and fellow fisherwomen welcomed me at the fish market.

There was a makeshift hut in the centre of the fish market, in which was a slab of ice. Sukanya’s friends stripped me and laid me on the ice slab. My hands and legs were tied with chains and ropes. I never imagined I would even have such extreme sex.

Sukanya said, “You will be fucked by everyone, fisherwomen, customers, beggars, even by our most senior fisherwoman. They will give you money in the box. You can keep all of it.” Sukanya went ahead and brought Malti, the most senior fisherwoman.

She was about 70, looked aged but was still excited to have sex after 10 years. She lifted her saree and sat on my pole. She humped me for 5 minutes and said, “Well, that’s a lot for me.” She kissed me and gave me blessings.

Next came Rosy with her mother, Maria. Maria said, “Rosy, I will do first, then you do as I do.” Maria climbed on me and kept pouncing on me for quite some time. She came in me, but I still had a hard dick. She finally unmounted me and asked Rosy to do what she had done.

Rosy said to me, “Brother, this is my first time. Some blood might come out.” Before I could say anything, Rosy kissed me and mounted herself on me. She was doing it like she was a pro. She had a tight pussy and lost her virginity to me. Then she went back to her mother.

They both came towards me and said, “Son, my daughter has been cursed by demons. She had to have sex with a stranger to overcome it. Thanks. Here, I will give you some money in the box.” Maria even gave me her phone number and said she wanted to get me married to her daughter Rosy.

By this time, I was bored, but Sukanya, who was in the hut, kissed me and said, “Baby, a few hours more and you will be free.” I wanted to fuck Sukanya, but she slapped me instead and left with an evil laugh.

She sent in a woman who looked and was dressed like a pimp. Lots of cheap makeup on an ugly face. She sat beside me and came straight to the point. “Beta, I am Faiza, but you can call me Ammi. I am here to see how good you are. I supply boys to all high-profile ladies in town. Let’s get to business.”

Faiza put her pussy in my dick and bounced on it for 15 minutes straight. She was glad about my stamina. She kissed me and said, “I am taking you home after this. I will be your sugar mommy. You be my sweet son.”

“But Faiza, I want to….”

“Shhh…call me Ammi. I am your mommy. I will treat you with care and give you all the luxuries. I did not come to fuck you in a Mercedes for nothing!”

“As you say, Ammi!” Faiza left, and there was some commotion outside.

Then came a bunch of other women, including fisherwomen, widows, and beggars. All of them were old and lonely and had no dick to fill their pussies. I heard a siren, a police raid from what I could hear. After a few minutes, things calmed down.

I was still lying on the slab of ice. Then in came a lady police inspector with a lady constable. I thought I was about to be arrested. The constable untied me and handcuffed me, and paraded me outside. Sukanya and others were nowhere to be seen.

The Policewomen took me in a jeep. While on the road, the inspector asked, “So you are a male prostitute?”

“No, ma’am, a lady used to sell my body for sex and took all the money.”

“But you enjoyed it, right?”

“Yes, but it was getting too much for me.”

“Do you know how much time you will spend in jail?”

“Ma’am, please let me go. I am ready to do everything for my freedom.”



The inspector looked at the constable and smiled. The constable then turned the car and took me somewhere far. The inspector gave me an injection. I dozed off and woke up the next morning. I was sleeping on a bed with the lady inspector sleeping naked beside me. I screamed my lungs out.

She woke up and silenced me, saying neighbours would wake up. I was still shocked seeing this. But then in came the lady constable who said, “Now come with me to the kitchen for a quickie. Last night was great.”

The constable took me to the kitchen and explained everything that had happened the previous night while having sex with me. I was so tired that I dozed off in the jeep. They took me home and had sex with me for a few hours. Our quickie lasted for half an hour.

The inspector came to the kitchen and signalled me to come to her room. I followed the inspector’s commands and had sex with a real police inspector on her bed. It was very sexy. She was a young separated woman.

She said, “No doubt so many ladies want to fuck you. Keep coming here to give your haftas.” We laughed and had more sex.

I had a bath with the inspector. She and the lady constable kissed me and threw me out of the apartment. I was now a jobless man from a North Indian village with nowhere to go in a large city. I had no money with me. I had only one option, so I picked up my phone and called Faiza.

I told her I was ready to be a sugar son. She was very excited and immediately came to pick me up. The pimp lived in a posh society. She gave me food and let me rest.

She said, “Son, I know you must be tired of all the fucking you have been doing. Take some rest. I am going to Goa for the weekend. After that, you are all mine. In case you need a fuck, you can use my maid.” Faiza left in a hurry.

Her maid came to me with food. I was shocked to see that her maid was Sunita, the Marathi lady I fucked just after Velamma. Yes, Sunita and I had lots of sex over the weekend and connected emotionally.