Dad’s New Friend: A Sex-Crazy Woman! – Part 1

Every family has their little or big secrets, and so does our family. Our small family consists of me and my dad. My mom was selfish money sucking bitch who abandoned me and my dad for her rich boss.

After this incident, my kind dad was heartbroken, maybe my mom was a nasty woman and doesn’t deserve love but my dad still loved her. In my entire life, I never saw her giving the man some love or respect. As they say, God shows kindness to those who show kindness to others.

Summer of 2020, the government declared a lockdown. Everyone everywhere was stuck, and no one could go out; train, bus, cars and flights were shut down. It was impossible for anyone to leave their respected home, and it was even more impossible for anyone to go back home.

It was 11 am and dad had gone out to bring some groceries, continued sirens of the police vehicle and patrolling cars’ noises made me nervous. It was getting late and dad’s phone was switched off. I was worried.

Then suddenly the doorbell rang, I rushed down to open the door, and then for the first time, I saw her. 5’9-foot-tall lady with long black curly hair, white skin, big juicy red lips, and long blue eyes. She was wearing a red salwar and black jeans. I could clearly see a slim hip with a perfect heart-shaped butt from those tight jeans.

She smiled at me and turned back. As she turned back, her big breast jiggled, her breast must be D cup. I was shocked and confused to see dad carrying 3 bags and 2 pieces of luggage.

Later, he explained to me that the lady was Monika and that until the lockdown was over, she will stay with us. Monika came close and hugged me. For the first time, I felt a warm welcoming hug from someone.

She had a fantastic smell and her skin was silky and smooth. Her boobs touched my eyes. It was so quick that I didn’t get the time to react. She took a step back and giggled for a short while and said, “Sorry, it’s my bad but I prefer hugs than handshakes.”

Her smile was so pretty that even I could feel joy inside my heart. Later, dad explained to me everything. Monika missed her last train to Assam and she was stuck here. She tried to talk with the station master but he couldn’t do anything about that.

Suddenly, a sweet strawberry aroma filled the dining room. I turned back and saw Monika. She was totally wet and her body was wrapped by a single green towel. My eyes got bigger in surprise as I could clearly see the lower portion of her butt cheeks. That towel was barely managing to hide her boobs and ass.

She asked dad, “Where can I change my clothes?” Dad quickly showed her the bedroom. I really wanted to stop them but I couldn’t because there was no other room that can be used as changing room. I swallowed hard as dad pointed her to the bedroom.

I quickly pulled dad near a corner and told him, “Why did you bring a stranger into our house?”

“As a human being, it’s our responsibility to help others who are in need,” dad replied.

“What about her parents?” I asked him.

Dad said, “She has no one, her parents died a long time ago and she was staying with her uncle and aunt but later, she moved out.”

“Can’t we call them?” I asked.

“Even if we can, it’s impossible for them to come here now,” dad replied.

Later that night at the dinner table, we had our first proper introduction. She was wearing a purple saree and a black blouse. She was wearing a gold chain around her belly. Her perfect belly button peeks out from behind the sarees. I Introduced myself, “I am Aakash Das, a 2nd-year mechanical engineer, 19 years old.”

She smiled and told me, “I’m Monika Roy, a freelance model and a small-time travel vlog writer, I love to travel and I’m 36 years old and unmarried.”

Last was my dad, “I’m Arpan Das, a private math teacher and I’m 42 years old.”

Monika said, “You are only 6 years older than me?!”

My dad smile and said yes. Monika looked at me and said, “Your dad is a very kindhearted man. I was completely helpless if not for your dad who came to my rescue.”

“For what reason you came to Kolkata?” I asked her.

“Traveling, my only reason to be anywhere is traveling,” she said. We had several conversations, mostly they talked and I listened.

Later that night, we decided Monika will sleep in dad’s room and he will bunk in the living room couch. My preference was to have Monika sleep in my room and me and dad in his room, but dad didn’t agree with me.

I tried to talk with Monika about this but to my surprise, she said, “Don’t worry, I will not touch any of your dad’s stuff.”

My reason for not letting her in dad’s room was that I had hidden cameras in his room, the bathroom, the study room, the kitchen and the toilet as well. I did this so I can keep an eye on him and he wouldn’t do something stupid like a suicide after mom cheated on him. I didn’t want to see the footage, it would be wrong to do, and what if I get caught?” So I decided tomorrow morning, I will uninstall all the cameras.

That night, I had a bad dream, it was like this. My dad and Monika were having a secret affair and from nowhere, Monika’s husband came and he shot my dad! After that, I don’t know what came to my mind but I decided to spy on Monika.

4 of my cameras had been hidden in the lightbulbs, so they didn’t need to be recharged. 2 cameras had night vision so it could see in the dark and those two needed recharging. I turned on the night cam in my dad’s room and saw Monika sleeping peacefully. I didn’t see anything suspicious until I saw something.

She was holding my dad’s underwear before she fell asleep! My dad wouldn’t do something like that or I wouldn’t want him to do something like that.

I quickly opened the recording folder to see what happened that night. I looked for the file after 11 pm. I opened it and there it was, Monika entered the room and quickly locked the door from the inside. She then quickly undressed herself to bra and panties, and her blouse and saree dropped on the floor. She stretched herself and jumped on the bed face down, her ass jiggled as she dropped on the bed.

Monika stayed there for a few minutes and then got up and started to investigate the room. She looked here and there, opened some drawers and then stopped in front of the dressing table mirror. She then opened her bra’s hook and dropped it on the floor, it was an onion red color bra. Slowly, she removed her navy-blue color panties, she threw them on the bed. She was now completely naked and her back was in front of the camera but from the mirror’s reflection, I could clearly see her pointy deep brown nipples.

She looked at the mirror and then started to press her nipples. She was biting her lips and then she put her right hand over her pussy. Monika continuously slapped her pussy and lick her right-hand fingers. Then she stopped and turned back and bent down. She was trying to see her own vagina in the mirror.

In the mirror, I clearly saw her clean deep pink vagina, and her butt cheeks covering her ass hole. As her boobs were hanging, she shook her ass for a few seconds, then stood up and pulled one of her luggage out from under the bed. She opened it up on the bed and then I saw her collection of sex toys. That entire luggage was filled with all kinds of weird sex toys!

Monika looked for a while and then pulled out a six-inch-long rubber dick. She then put that dick on the bed and kept the luggage down and walked to the closet. She opened it and started to search for something inside it. After a few seconds of searching, she pulled out one of my dad’s underwear and started to smell it. She put that underwear inside her mouth and then rubbed it on her vagina. She again jumped on the bed and then the real show started.

Monika put that big dick-like dildo inside her mouth and gave it a blowjob, her left-hand fingers were pinching her nipples. She then rolled over in a doggy-style position and then put her left-hand middle finger inside her ass hole and right-hand two fingers inside her pussy. She started moving her fingers rapidly as fast as she can. From her facial expressions, it was clear that she was moaning.

She did that for five-minute straight and then rolled back to her back and spread her legs and put that big dildo dick inside her pussy. She slowly started to move that massive dildo inside her pussy. Her face was telling me that she was having the best night of her life.

At this point, I couldn’t control my urges and started to jerk off too. I wanted to synchronize our timing of cumming but I couldn’t. After 12 minutes, I gave up and came, but she was still going like a beast!

Her hand movements had increased and her mouth was opened in an “O” position. She again sniffed my dad’s underwear and with a loud moaning expression, she peed herself. As the dildo came out from her vagina, a golden shower started. The golden yellow water flew out from her deep pink pussy. She got so much pleasure that she fell asleep immediately while holding dad’s underwear.

I felt relief in my heart but at the same time, I was worried about my dad. There’s a sex-crazy woman in our house and she wants to have her way with my dad!

To be continued.