James is rocked by Karma

Prits laughed hard. She placed her hand over her mouth and laughed. She laughed so hard that her shoulders shook, and she had to catch her breath. It is so incredibly humorous to see karma doing its perfect work of setting things right with her ex-boyfriend.

Her ex-boyfriend is James Kinney. James is humbled every day by karma working its perfect justice in his life. James was a lying, cheating jerk. Now, he is easily the most embarrassed person on the planet.

It was Prits and her Girl Power that kicked James into the karma. It sent him spiralling into a world of unbelievable humiliation. Prits had dumped James so hard on his butt that his butt would be sore for a month.

The day that Prits dumped James, he almost instantly began to experience a craving to suck big cocks constantly. What James did not know was that the craving was karma’s way of pulling him in.

With each cock that James sucked, his craving to suck cocks grew stronger and stronger. Until karma had him possessing a full-scale addiction to sucking cocks. His strong desire for it was constant and insatiable.

So, James Kinney spent several hours every day in the act of passionately performing blowjobs. He sucked, he slurped, he slobbered, he savoured, and he swallowed. He gobbled, he guzzled, he gulped. Prits laughed at the whole situation and would say that James was “served as deserved.”

James blushed constantly because he was so very embarrassed. He was embarrassed because he knew that his slutty cock-sucking lifestyle was becoming more and more known.

The guys that he sucked off daily were a group of black guys. James started out sucking off just a couple of the guys. Now, James sucks off 24 black men every night. And often, there are a handful of girls that watch with amusement.

When James confronted Prits about casting a spell on him, Prits just laughed. She was able to inform James that she had initiated the process. But karma took it from there.

Prits had to laugh because it is so funny that James lives in constant embarrassment. And it is very amusing to think of James getting hardcore deep-throated repeatedly.

To be clear, James Kinney has an addiction to sucking big black cocks. But he does not perform just regular blowjobs. James gives hardcore tonsil-slamming, mind-sizzling, deep-throat blowjobs! It is the most intensive face-fucking blowjob in the world.

James performs a style of blowjob that keeps his eyes watering hard and spinning dizzy. Prits and her new boyfriend have had the opportunity to bring James into the bedroom as a sissy slave. James blushes as he watches Prits get fucked by a real man.

James is then required to lick her boyfriend’s cum out of her pussy. At other times, Prits and her boyfriend bring in a group of guys. They watch James get throat-fucked over and over and over. It is so entertaining to see James get fully humiliated non-stop.

James blushes and whimpers and slurps. It is so intensely embarrassing for him. When James is not being forcefully cock-fed and cum-filled, he is daydreaming of cocks. Sometimes, he is made to beg and plead for cocks in his slutty mouth.

Prits has even made him beg and pant like a dog and bark for his cocks. Prits was rolling on the floor with laughter at hearing James bark and beg to be fed a boner.

Prits once had a guy shove a vibrating dildo up James’ ass while he was sucking a cock. The dildo was shoved so deep that James had to waddle into the ER. He had to get medical assistance to have the dildo removed.

The hospital staff laughed at James as they spread his ass cheeks and slowly pulled the dildo out. About 25 hospital workers had assembled to witness the removal of that dildo. As the dildo slid out of James’ ass, he murmured, “Yikes-a-rama! That was so deep!”

Sometimes, Prits will have James dress up as a French Maid and cook and clean for her. It is so hilarious. When they dated, James used to say he wanted Prits to wear the French Maid uniform. Now, he wears it for her. How hilarious for Prits. How humiliating for James.

Prits arranged for 46 strong, body-building men to come to her house. She had James stripped down to only wearing a tiny pink thong panty. The men lined up, and James dropped to his knees and began sucking and slurping on cock.

James passionately gobbled cock after cock. His throat was getting hammered so hard and deep. His mind was sizzled with unbelievable humiliation. The throat-pounding cock-feeding went on for hours and hours. Oh, the embarrassment!

James lay on the floor, disoriented and cum-drunk. He looked up and noticed Prits standing over him. She was smirking with amusement as she watched James get what he deserved.

Prits smiles with satisfaction. She thinks of how her Girl Power profoundly defeated James and put him in a place of continual humiliation. She loved seeing karma work its magic on James.

He spends all day blushing and all evening swallowing huge mouthfuls of cum. Prits sends hundreds of guys to James’ house to fuck his throat like a slutty little sissy. Karma takes a lying and cheating boyfriend and turns him into a blushing cock-gobbling cumslut.

There is justice in the world. James cannot stop it. He endures the most intense embarrassment every day as he slurps cock after cock. He knows that Prits is laughing at him and giving her friends high-fives in a victorious celebration.

James swallows mouthfuls of cum and takes the next large cock deep into his throat. He thinks to himself, “Life cannot possibly get any more embarrassing than this!” But then it does.

And James is not only a cock-gobbling cumslut, but he is also a blushing panty-boy. He wears the cutest and most adorable girly panties.

Prits is a shining example of feminine power and heroism to girls everywhere.