Asha, the most loved Professor – Part 4

In the morning, Mohsin came to pick me up, and we reached to college. When we reached, Anirban saw us and gave me a naughty smile. After 3rd lecture, I called Anirban to the department and requested him not to tell about yesterday’s incident to anyone.

Anirban smiled, pulled my cheeks and said, “I won’t tell that to anyone, Ma’am.” I was relieved now. Anirban turned to walk back.

But he turned towards me and said, “I want to know more about you and Mohsin sir. But, Ma’am, college is not the right place to talk about that. We can complete this meeting at your house in the evening.” I nodded my head in okay.

He then came close to me and whispered, “Ma’am, you were looking very sexy in yesterday’s dress. But I couldn’t see enough of you. So I would love to see you in the same way in the evening.” He gave me a lusty look and left.

In the evening, I dressed in the same dress and was waiting for Anirban. Soon, the bell rang. I opened the door, and Anirban entered. Unlike other days, he hugged me tight. I asked him to sit and told him that I was going to prepare tea.

Anirban held my hand and stopped me. “Ma’am, I am excited to know about your affair with Mohsin sir. Tell about that first.” He made me sit on the sofa. After he repeatedly insisted, I told him about when we were in relation and how we came close. But I didn’t give him details.

After that, Anirban asked, “Ma’am, please tell me what happened after I left yesterday evening.” I said, “We went to the bedroom, and you are old enough to know what followed.” The bulge in his pants was visible to me. I said, “Okay, I should prepare tea now.”

I went to the kitchen and placed a pan with water over the gas. As I was opening the tea jar, I found my dress lifted and a light slap on my booty. Soon, my thong went down. I knew today it was Anirban. I said, “Ani, behave yourself. What are you doing.” Anirban, “Ma’am, the close-up view is better than yesterday.”

I turned toward him. He placed his lips over mine and was sucking my lips. I was unable to say a word. His left hand was holding my back tight, and his right hand was pressing my buttock cheeks. I tried to free myself but couldn’t do it.

I realised that even a medium-built young guy can be too strong for an average-strength lady like me. He can easily overpower me. After playing for a while with me, he broke the lip lock. Though I was enjoying all this and wanted him to carry on, I tried to be a dignified teacher.

I said, “Ani, please stop.” He looked into my eyes, “Please, Ma’am, it’s not new for you. You told me that you have been doing this with Mohsin sir for quite a few years. I think you can do it with me also.” I said, “No. It’s wrong.”

Anirban, “Ma’am, I don’t think your husband has consent over your relationship with Mohsin sir.” I first gave him an angry look and said, “Consent? He doesn’t know anything about this.”

Anirban, “I always knew it. If taken by our cultural norm, it’s always wrong to have an extra-marital affair. But a woman desires to have sex outside her marriage. Logically, it’s not wrong at all, and no married woman wants her husband to know this.”

I was amazed by all his tricks and kept quiet as if I was on the back foot. As soon as he saw me getting defensive, he unzipped his trousers. He took his dick out and guided my hands to hold it. He said, “Ma’am, I bet you won’t regret it.”

I swallowed my saliva. The movement in my throat was enough to tell him that I was nervous. My body relaxed. He knew his Asha Ma’am had withdrawn the opposing. He knew his trick worked. He loosened the grip. I tried to show him that I was uncomfortable.

He felt my hair with his fingers and said, “You know, I thought you would not revive our classes after our biking and trekking trip.” I gave him a confused look. Anirban, “Don’t give that look, Ma’am. I saw you watching all of us banging Suparna.”

My face became red. Anirban, “Don’t feel so panicked. As Suparna told you, we never share secrets outside our group.” I was shocked, and my mind was like, ‘How can Suparna share all our conversations with them?’ In that status, not a single word was coming out.

Anirban again kissed my lips gently and said, “Ma’am, you know, I always had a crush on you.” I was like, ‘Oh, the one unknown crush told by Suparna was me!’ I felt like a teenage girl who just found out that the most eligible boy in the class had a crush on her.

Anirban (while kissing me) said, “When you accepted that sexy dress and dressed for us, I knew you were open towards sex.” I said, “Please don’t do it. My marital relation can ruin.”

He again kissed me gently and said, “For the past few years, you have been in a regular sexual relationship with Mohsin sir. Your husband doesn’t know anything about it. That means you are too good to maintain secrets. I said, “You are my student.”

Anirban, “Does it really matter? I am a 22-year-old man, not a kid or teen. I know I can fuck a woman as good as Mohsin sir.” I kept silent for a while. Anirban, “I want to ask you something, Ma’am, can I?” I looked at him with a question mark on my face.

Anirban, “Before yesterday, I never knew that you were in an intimate relationship with Mohsin sir. But there is a strong wave in college that you are the Director’s mistress. As you were my crush from day one, I didn’t give any importance to that and took it as a false rumour before yesterday.”

“Despite being told by some accurate informers. But now I feel that those were not rumours but truth. Am I right, Ma’am?” This was totally unexpected, and I was speechless in shock. Looking at my pale face, Anirban knew that every word from his mouth was true.

Anirban, “I got my reply. You are a really talented woman. If you can handle your 2 sexual relations outside marriage with so much comfort, then 3rd is also easy.” I knew it was the perfect time to fulfil my one more fantasy. I said, “Please don’t tell this ever to my husband.”

Anirban smiled, “Never. But I think you can do something better.” He pushed my shoulder down to make me sit on the kitchen floor on my knees. I knew what he wanted. I sat on my knees, took his dick in his mouth and started sucking.

After a few minutes, Anirban said, “Now I know why the Director chose you. You are an awesome cock sucker.” Anirban held my head tight and started fucking my mouth. As I started choking, I pushed him back and started coughing. Seeing me coughing, he pulled back and gave me a glass of water.

Anirban, “Oh, sorry, Ma’am, it was unintentional.” I said, “No, no, I am fine.” Anirban lifted me in his arms, “Ma’am, can you guide me to your bedroom?” I pointed my finger towards the bedroom. He took me to my bedroom and removed my dress and thong.

I was feeling shy, naked in the bed in front of my student. Anirban, “Wow! You have a very sexy figure, Ma’am, more than I have thought. Within seconds, Anirban also got rid of his every bit of cloth. He jumped over me and started licking my body and sucking my butt cheeks and boobs.

Then he placed his lips over my pussy lips, kissed them for a while and then licked it for the next few minutes. My body was getting out of control. I was curling and twisting on the bed. Anirban, “Ma’am, you are absolutely sexy in bed. Your movement is driving me crazy.”

I smiled, “Suparna is also very pretty.” Anirban, “Yes, she is, but like a common Bengali girl, she is a bit heavier in the lower half. But you are just perfectly curvy, with a nice firm booty and not-so-meaty waistline. Your figure is as sexy as Sunny Leone.”

Hearing this, I was blushing like hell. Ani, “I think you are loving this compliment. I am not saying it just like that. It’s from my heart, but your boobs are not as firm as Sunny.” I said, “These are not silicon.” Ani laughed, grabbed both of my boobs.

He said, “I love these natural juicy melons more than those big fake silicon boobs.” His words were making me blush red, and I was feeling shy. Anirban, “Oh god, I love this shy, blushing, typical Indian woman inside you, Ma’am. I can’t control it now.”

He pulled a pillow and placed it under my buttock. He pushed his fully erect dick inside my pussy slowly. He bent slowly over me, combed my hair backwards, and kissed my lips.

He said, “You are so beautiful, Ma’am. I was in love with you from the moment I saw you, and see what? Today, after waiting for 3 long years, every barrier of age and professional gap has vanished. I am making love with you, Ma’am.” His licking and kissing had already made my nipples erect and hard.

Hearing those words, I felt proud of my beauty so much. I couldn’t hide my inner happiness from reflecting on my face. This was enough for Anirban to know that he now owns his Asha Ma’am and it’s time to go. Anirban started giving gentle thrusts inside my pussy.

After 5-7 minutes of slow fucking, he increased his speed a bit and then more. Finally, it was like a quick shaft. His meat was rubbing my pussy walls real fast. With a huge forceful thrust, he released his love juices inside my pussy. Anirban slept over my body.

After 1 minute, I said, “Please leave now. My husband can return any time now.” He lifted his head, looked in my eyes and said, “It was wonderful, Ma’am, it was a dream come true.” Then he kissed me on the lips, withdrew his dick from my cum filled pussy.

He came down from bed and dressed himself. I also wore my clothes. We moved towards the entry door. Anirban, “Okay, Ma’am, bye, see you soon.” I said, “Please don’t tell about this to anyone.” Anirban, “Okay, I promise you I won’t tell anyone about whatever happened between us today.”

I was surprised, as I wasn’t expecting this from Ani. I said, “Thanks.” Ani, “Except Indranil, Tapan and Pranav.” I said, “Please don’t do that. What if they share this with others.”

Ani, “Ma’am, don’t worry. We keep no secrets from each other and don’t tell anyone outside our group. So it is not possible that I will not share this with them.”

Ani opened the door, then turned towards me and said, “You know, Ma’am, Suparna is Indranil’s girlfriend. You have already seen that we all enjoy her together, and you know what I mean.” Suparna had already told me all that but wasn’t expecting Ani to speak out with so much ease.

His words made me speech less and by the time I wanted to say something to him, he left. After thinking for a few minutes, I called him on his phone and told him to please not tell to his friends. At least till the exams were on. I didn’t want them to distract and effect there studies negatively.

Hearing this, Ani replied, “Sure, Ma’am, I love you and always wanted to fuck you. But you are also the most amazing and caring teacher.” I said, “Okay, bye.” Ani, “Ma’am…” I said, “What?” Ani, “But I will not be able to focus on my studies without meeting you for the next month.”

I said, “Hmmm, I can understand. I don’t want my most brilliant student to go down. So you can come to me whenever you feel you are unable to focus on your studies.” Ani, “Thanks Ma’am, love you, bye.” I said, “Bye, Ani.”

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