Indian housewife Saindhavi seduced and fucked by son’s friend

Hi, my name is Saindhavi and I am an Indian housewife with a caring husband and a loving son. I am 35 years old. I got married at the age of 18 and gave birth by 19, my son is 16 years old. He is interested in sports from a young age so we joined him in an academy to improve his skills.

He made a friend there whose name was Asif, aged 19-20 (I am not sure of his exact age). He looks tall and has a bulky physique like a bodybuilder. Every day after the coaching, they used to come home together and discuss things about how to improve their skills and then Asif used to leave.

I know their routine as they used to come home around 5 pm every day and my son’s friend Asif used to leave by 6 pm after which my son studies in his room. One day, the geyser in our bedroom had some issues, so I thought of taking my bath in the common washroom in the hall. I saw the time, it was 3:45 pm and I thought they will return only at 5.

So I decided to have a quick bath and get ready before they came. So I went to take bath and when I came out of the bathroom, my son’s friend Asif was sitting in front of me on the sofa and looking at his phone. I was completely shocked as I was only in my towel which barely covered my bosom and reached just below my pussy.

I noticed Asif now looking at me and I realized that I used a thin white towel that got wet due already and my nipples were clearly visible. I am so proud to say that I have a 36-sized bosom with golden brown nipples and as I have not shaved for 2 weeks, there was a small bush over my pussy. Even that was clearly visible to him!

I came back to my senses and ran to my room and when I looked into the mirror, I understood that my son’s friend had almost seen me naked and I felt so shy that I stood naked in front of my son’s friend. But I also noticed that these thoughts made my nipples hard!

I cursed myself for getting aroused but went with my daily chores. In the evening around 8 pm, Asif pinged me on Instagram saying, “Sorry, aunty.” I asked him why he was sorry. He then told me that for seeing me like that. I said that it was my mistake to take bath in the common area and it was not his mistake at all. But what my son’s friend said next was a shock to me. He said, “Aunty, but after seeing you like that, I am unable to control myself. My dick is so hard after watching your nipples and especially your pussy hair that had covered your pussy from me.”

I didn’t know what to say to him and didn’t give any reply. But what he told me ignited a spark inside me that I had left so long back. It made my pussy wet and I fingered that night reading my son’s friend’s dirty text again and again!

The next day as usual I did my morning tasks and after my husband and son left, I went and looked in front of the mirror and found that what Asif said was right. I ran into the bathroom to clean myself and after cleaning my private parts, I came back to the bedroom and stood in front of the mirror. I could see that I looked more beautiful than I was at the time of marriage and my brownish pussy started to ooze juices thinking about what Asif will say that evening.

They came after the coaching and I could see the lust in Asif’s eyes as I opened the door. He entered and sat on the sofa for some time and later, he went into the washroom and came back. I was in the kitchen and he came into the kitchen and was looking at me. I noticed him but stood there silently, doing my work. I started to sweat and he asked me why I was sweating a lot. I said it is so hot in the kitchen. He replied immediately, “You too, aunty” and he started to rub his groin. I got nervous about what will happen if my son sees us.

My son’s friend didn’t bother and informed me that my son had gone to get ready. I could see my son’s friend’s dick growing clearly inside his track pant and I couldn’t believe that it was so huge and long. I asked him to go back to the hall and brought some cookies. While taking them, he dropped all of them. I started to pick them up and he was able to see my cleavage from my blouse. Asif slowly spread his legs apart and I could see that he had a long and bulky snack inside his pants.

I ran back to the kitchen and later, I fingered myself that night imagining my son’s friend’s big dick in my pussy.

At night, he texted me and asked how his tool was and in the flow, I told him that I had never seen anything that big in my life. He sent a pic of his erected dick in his inners and I really got desperate to see it in real. He also said that I would look sexy in sleeveless clothes.

The next day, I cut the sleeves of one of my blouses and wore it. That day when my son went to get ready, I went into the kitchen and Asif followed me and grabbed me from my back and started to press his long snake between my ass cheeks! It was so hot and he started to maul my boobs and said, “You look so sexy, aunty. Show me your armpits.”

Saying this, he turned me to face him and lifted my arms, and started to lick my sweaty armpits. I was having a heavenly feeling and I lost myself. When he let go of one of my hands, I grabbed his dick over the track and started to press it hard measuring its girth and rubbing the whole length of it. Suddenly, we heard my son’s voice and got separated.

I knew something was going to happen the next day. I was only in a nighty without any inners and my stiff boobs were poking against the nighty. As there was no bra, my nipples got hard due to the chillness.

I opened the door and as soon as my son went to take a bath, Asif came into the kitchen, caught me by my neck and started to kiss me so wildly that I bit his lips to stop him. He pushed me down and pushed my face onto his dick and asked me, “Do you want to see it?”

Like an obedient slut, I nodded yes. My son’s friend lifted me and tore my nighty and made me sit on the kitchen slab and dug his 2 fingers into my cunt which was already wet. He started to finger me as he kissed me. It was a new feeling for me. Someone dominating me and having me in a rough way as they wish. My husband was always so gentle and soft but my son’s pal was so rough and I started to love it.

We kissed like mad lovers. I forgot that he was almost half my age. We got so immersed in the action.

Then I pushed him down and sat on his face and he licked my pussy so well. I still remember how my son’s friend fucked my pussy with his sharp tongue while rubbing my asshole with his other hand. Ahhhhh, it was so good that I cummed on his face within a few minutes.

I fell on the floor after the orgasm and by the time I woke up, I was on my bed and the time was 8 pm. I texted Asif asking him what happened. He told me that after I fainted, he carried me to my bedroom and they left. I could feel the taste of cum in my mouth and my face was fully sticky.

I told him to tell the truth and he said that after my son left, he came back and fucked my mouth and he also told me that even in that state, I was sucking his dick and he cummed in my mouth and all over my face and left.

He told me, “Today you tasted my dick. Let your pussy taste it tomorrow, darling.”

I blushed reading that text and slept again noticing that my pussy was getting wet with his words. I will continue and write what happened next upon your feedback and please advise me if what I am doing is wrong by sleeping with my son’s friend.

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