I spoiled an innocent for lust

Hello All. I am posting this story on behalf of one of the readers. Hope you will enjoy the story.

I am Megna Singh. It’s my fake name. I don’t want to disclose my original name and contact details. I have been reading sex stories for three years and wanted to share my encounter in the portal.

I intentionally corrupted an innocent boy for my benefit and treated him rudely. I was wrong, but I used him after my marriage, too. I broke his heart and Rasika’s heart. Rasika is a fake name.

For all to understand my real incident, I will share my family background and Rasika’s background.

My father is a rich person. He has acres of land and multiple businesses in Uttar Pradesh. My mother is also from a rich family but has never been exposed to public places. She always spends time in our bungalow and supervises the household work. My mother has 3 maids.

My dad is tall and handsome, but he has a female weakness. My mom is aware of his weakness. However, she did not set any boundaries for my dad. But she ensured his weakness should not impact his social life and personal life.

We are five. Dad, mom, two brothers and myself. Apart from that, my dad has other children who are not legal. My mom is aware of his affairs. She knew my dad’s children also. My mom ensures that the wealth and property remain secure with her and not distributed to other women.

As I mentioned, my mom has 3 maids. One for cooking and utensils cleaning, one for cleaning the bungalow, and one for washing clothes and cleaning the garden. All 3 maids are my dad’s bed partner. My mom is aware of it. My dad never fucked them in the bungalow.

They used to work 8-10 hours a day. He used to fuck them in the farmhouse. He did not expose his dark life in front of kids at a certain age. My mom was aware of his weakness before her marriage.

Our cooking maid’s name is Jaya. She is beautiful and sexier than my mother. Jaya is not educated and down-to-earth. She never says no to my mom and is very dedicated to her job. My dad did not marry her, but she is loyal to my dad in bed. Jaya has two daughters, and my mom is aware of it.

My mom and dad have a sadistic nature. My mom shouts at the maids and treats them like slaves. And my dad is very rude and commanding with workers.

The other two maids left because of my mom and dad’s behaviour. Jaya stayed with us because of her two daughters Jaya stays in one room of our farmhouse. She doesn’t get any money, but my mom provides everything to her.

Jaya wears my mom’s old clothes, and she never demands money or other things. Jaya’s elder daughter’s name is Swapna. She is one year younger than my elder brother. Her second daughter’s name is Rasika, and she is one year younger than me.

Rasika became my servant when I was 7 years old. She used to come to school with me. She used to carry my school bag and lunch box. I did not prefer to play with her.

But I always commanded her to complete my homework, tie my shoe lays, comb my hair, and wash my shoes. Rasika is clever and completed the +2 along with me.

I was good in my studies and got admission to a good Engineering college. It’s outside of my town. It’s like 250 km from my hometown and my mom put me in the hostel. Somehow, I completed my first year in the hostel. But later, my dad bought a rented house near my college.

My younger brother, myself, Rasika, and Rasika’s aunt used to stay in that house. Rasika discontinued her studies when I moved to engineering. But my dad made her join a government engineering college. She did not have any financial support. She wears my old dress including my bra and panty.

After completion of engineering, I got a placement and moved to Pune. My dad is not impressed with my placement, but my mom is happy with it. She doesn’t want me to become a housewife even though I have wealth.

I moved to Pune, and I got more freedom. I was alone and lost my virginity. I had an affair with one person, and eventually, he cheated on me.

Later, Rasika moved to Pune. She completed the engineering but she did not get any placement. She came to Pune as a maid for me. Rasika used to stay with me in the other bedroom and take care of cooking, washing, and other things.

A few months later, Rasika joined my company. I pushed her to join because she could do my office work and I could have fun. Her salary is very low due to being off-campus and not a high-profile job. She will be on the night shift for a long period in that organization and monitor the server.

My manager asked me to do the night shift for two weeks due to deployment and server monitor work for the project. I have asked Rasika and Balu, another person, to work with me. The manager said ok, and we started the night shift.

I trained Rasi, and the next day, I slept in the training room. Rasi managed my work. The next day, I was horny, and I asked Balu to come with me for additional training. I took him to another training room, which was far from Rasika’s work desk.

I took him inside and closed the training room. I took off my hairband and sat on the last row where there was no desktop on the table. I put my hand on his shoulder and smiled. He did not understand my intentions and was asked about training.

Me: Do you have a girlfriend?

Balu: No, Madam.

Me: Why? You are handsome.

Balu: No one approached me, and I don’t have money.

Me: You should have a girlfriend. Are you a virgin?

Balu: Yes, madam. Can you train me on what needs to be done?

I see his nervous face and shaking legs. He was not able to talk. In short, he is not comfortable, and I want to spoil him.

Me: Do you know my sizes? (with a seductive voice)

He was shocked, and he started to sweat. His bulge has risen. He is not able to make eye contact with me.

Me: (I sit closer to him and ask him) Guess my Bra size.

His bulge became high, and he felt shy. He put his head down with shyness. His face became red, and he said 34.

Me: That’s correct! How did you know that?

He: It’s a guess, madam.

Then I moved closer to him and touched his thighs with my thighs. I understand that his blood is heating up. But he doesn’t have the dare to fuck me. He was nervous, and I wanted to spoil him.

My mindset was not good at that time. I put my hand on his cheek and asked him, “Do you know how to lose virginity?” He became very shy and said yes.

Me: Wow! Am I sexy?

He: Yes.

Then I started to remove his shirt button. He was nervous and shaking. I was biting my lips and smelling his neck. He was inhaling louder and put his hand around my waist. I licked his neck, and he started to hold my waist tightly.

I licked him now and whispered in his ears, “ Do you know how to fuck?”

He: Yes.

Me: Tell me.

He was feeling shy and told me that dick should go inside the pussy. I controlled my laughter and put my hand on his bare chest. His chest is warm. I can hear his heartbeat like a bullet train. I slowly pinched his chest nipple with my fingers and asked him to explain in Hindi.

He: Madam! I am not good at bad words.

I brushed my boob to his shoulder and bit his earlobes slowly, and said, “No issues, talk bad words.” He was feeling very shy. He is a good person and struggles to say bad words. In between, I removed his shirt button and removed his shirt.

I moved my fingers all over his chest and teased him to talk dirty. He got goosebumps, and I saw his bulge over the pants. I was enjoying his innocence and removed his belt from his waist. I smiled sexily. He touched my lips with his fingers. I kissed his finger and bit his finger slowly.

Then he moved his other hand near to my lap and started to draw lines on my lap over my pants. He was doing it perfectly. I took his finger inside my mouth. He moved his other hand from my lap and placed it on my pussy. I wailed ‘Aah’ and removed his trouser waist button.

He moved his hand from pussy and removed the knot of my pants. My pants got loosened, and he saw my panty. I got shy and kissed his cheek. Then I kissed his lips slowly. He tried to move his hands inside my panty. But I held his palms and bit his lips slowly.

Then I asked him to sleep on the floor. I checked the room lock again and removed my kurti. He is in underwear and lying on the floor. The room temperature is cold with dim lights. I am in a bra and panty. I sat on his waist and was rubbing his nipples.

Me: Tell me how to fuck?

He felt shy again.

Me: You want to see me nude?

He: Of course.

Me: Before that, I want to see you nude.

I slid my hand inside his boxer. He makes a sound as soon as my finger touches his meat. My heartbeat was fast because his dick was thicker than I expected. My pussy got wet once I held his dick in my hand. I was curious to see his giant one.

His dick is tall and wet. As I told you earlier, I was sitting on his waist, and then I decided to move down from his waist. I removed my hand from his boxer and slowly slid towards his feet. Deliberately I rubbed my pussy over his boxer and sat on his feet.

Uff! Balu’s position was bad. His heartbeat was high, and his dick was rising inside the boxer. I put my feet on either side of his nipple. I slowly rubbed his nipple with my foot finger. He was in a different world and rubbing my leg. Then I put my hand on either side of his boxer, and I slowly removed it.

It was a big surprise moment for me. I saw his dick, and it was thicker and longer than my ex-boyfriend’s. His dick was standing tall, and I was sitting on his legs. I quickly moved his legs wider and lay downward between his legs.

Ufff! It was tempting. He is not tall and not a bodybuilder. I estimate his standard of living by seeing his unbranded boxer, dress, and shoes. Without wasting any time, I cleaned his dick with his trousers and smelled his dick. Then I run my fingers over his dick, and that makes my blood warmer.

I was overexcited with his dick and rubbed his dick balls too. He has little hair above his dick, and I understand it as he is a virgin. I have a fantasy to play with a dick, but my ex did not allow me to fulfil my fantasy. It’s a perfect time to complete my fantasy and start to play with his dick.

I was moving his dick up and down, turning his dick, and kissing his dick. His hands were around my hair, and he was moaning quietly. Aww! I love him, and he treats me loyally. I started to do a hand massage on his dick, and his facial expressions spoke a lot.

I started to lick his dick like a lollipop, and his eyes were staring at my boobs. I started to feel shy and said.

Me: Don’t stare at my boobs! I am feeling shy.

He: Bitch! Your cleavage is in front of me. I can’t close my eyes.

I kissed his dick and held his dick ball in my palm. He was nervous and rubbed my hair hard. He was inhaling at high speed, his mouth was open, and his eyes were staring at me. Saliva is coming from his mouth, and it seems that he has never touched a girl before in his life.

I like his innocence, and my bad mind encourages me to spoil him and fulfil my dark fantasy. All of a sudden, an idea struck my mind, and I was ready to implement it on him. I took my dupatta and tied it around his eyes. He cooperated with me, and I tied his hands with my pants.

Then I put his pants under his ass cheeks and removed my bra and panty. He did not see me nude. I didn’t want him to see me nude in the first meeting. He was on the floor with tied hands and closed eyes. His dick was standing tall, and I put his dick in between my boobs.

Aww! It was a warm feeling for me. Then I took his dick inside my mouth. I started to give a blowjob while rubbing his chest nipples. He was shaking his legs and hands. Poor guy! He couldn’t move his hands, but he was moaning. I continue the blow until he says I am ready to cum.

I just stopped blowing, and it was a near-miss of dropping his cum inside my mouth. His cum fell on the floor. He released a huge cum, but still, his dick was rising like a tower. I cleaned his dick with his pants and rubbed his dick over my pussy.

I got goosebumps, and my pussy was wet. I wanted to have sex, but my sixth sense stopped me as there was no protection with us. Also, I have yet to marry and don’t want to take a risk at that time. But he is in the mood to fuck me. He was moaning, “ Madam, please take my virginity fast.”

I was wet and horny and decided to have some more fun. So I moved toward his face and reached his face. I touched my pussy lips with his lips and started to move my pussy up and down. He was licking my pussy, and I started to moan. Slowly, he increased the pace of licking.

I was moaning, “Lick Ahh! Yes! Little above.” I was holding his hair and sat on his mouth. He was licking at a good pace. He managed his tongue to go inside my pussy. He is not stopping it and is showing great energy.

I cum on his face, and his face became wet. But he was not stopping to lick my pussy. I was happy as I cum on him and moved away from him. I wore my dress and removed his hands and removed my dupatta from his eyes. He was disappointed to see me in a dress.

His face, chest, and dick were wet. His pants were wet, too. He was asking for fuck, but I told him that we don’t have a condom. He was upset, and I left the training room without informing him. I went to the restroom and adjusted my dress and hair.

I moved to the floor and chit-chatted with Rasi. After an hour, Balu did not turn up on the floor. I called him, and he informed me that his pants were wet and he couldn’t come to the floor.

I informed him not to go home before logout time as this would cause a behaviour issue. He said ok and spent the time in the washroom. Me and Rasi have left for the day.

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