The Devil Inside Me – Part 3

Hello everyone, thanks for the overwhelming responses. Based on the feedback from many, I have changed the writing style. Now the pace will be a bit faster.

The next day was Sunday. Mom suggested that we all go to watch a movie, but I was possessed by this Devil inside me. All I could think of was acting on my younger brother Arjun’s fantasy. Then I suddenly got up and said –

Priya: Yes, but not with us surely. Both of you need to spend some time together.

Arjun joined and insisted that our parents spend the day out without us. Dad liked the idea, and it was settled. I noticed that Arjun had a big stupid smile on his face suggesting he had done something very noble and deserved recognition, and reward. I chose to ignore the poor bastard.

It was almost lunchtime. So mom and dad left. They had reservations for brunch followed by a movie and some shopping, I ordered some Chinese from Zomato after locking the door. Then I looked at Arjun. He was avoiding eye contact, and I was sure he was pretending to be busy on his phone. While we waited for the food, I broke the ice and started the conversation.

Priya: So, how often do you whack off?

Arjun: Oh God! At least 3 times a day didi.

Priya: Are you going to tell your friends Paul and Sachin that I caught you?

Arjun: Well, you asked me to bring them. So yeah, I was planning to tell them.

Priya: I think both are cute, but not as good-looking as you.

We both sat there for a minute and then I finally said –

Priya: Hey, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

Arjun: Didi, you go first.

Then I got up on my knees, faced him, unbuttoned my jeans, and unzipped my zipper. After that, I pulled down my pink silk panties and gave him a good look at my pussy. He just stared at it for about 10 seconds. Then I zipped them back up buttoned it and sat down.

“Ok, now your turn,” I said

He got on his knees, unzipped his pants, put down his jeans and boxers, and his hard-on popped out. He had a nice size dick. I looked at it for a minute, and then he put it back in.

Priya: You’ve got a nice dick, Arjun! I must admit you exceeded my expectations.

The atmosphere was hot. I could see the precum on my brother’s thick big dick and felt the sweat on my thighs. Suddenly, the delivery guy called. Helping the Zomato delivery guy navigate my location was such a killjoy (Fucking Google Maps!).

Arjun noticed the frustration in my tone and went outside to get the delivery.

Priya: Hey Arjun, let’s have a sex lunch today.

Arjun: What do you mean, didi?! Do we do it on the dining table?

Priya: Let me show you.

Then I took the mayonnaise pouch which came with noodles and quickly went under the dining table. I got his dick out, then dipped it in the pack, and started sucking it like a filthy slut! Arjun was not prepared for it and shot his load in my mouth.

Now I had cum mixed with mayo in my mouth, nostrils, and hair. My brother kept moaning, “Didi! I am done! Stop!” I ignored him and continued to suck him for a few more seconds. Then I spat the hybrid mayo on my plate, mixed it with the noodles, and we finished our lunch.

Arjun: Thank you, didi!

Priya: What for? This is only a teaser; do you think I forgot my promise to fulfill your fantasy?

Arjun: But didi, you said you wanted Paul and Sachin. I thought I was going to watch you all while you do it.

Priya: Silly boy, family comes first. I have been holding it for a few hours. I need to go to the bathroom now, follow me.

Arjun’s limp dick was now suddenly stiff. He followed me to the toilet in my room. I could not hold it any longer. The closer I got to the commode, I felt a stronger sensation to let go. The moment I sat on the toilet seat and started to pee,

Priya: What are you looking at? Get on your knees and open your mouth, you behanchod.

Arjun: Yes, didi.

Priya: Ah! That’s it, swallow my piss, drink it all, Ufff! You know how to suck a cunt you sister-fucker.

Arjun: Technically, I haven’t fucked you yet didi.

Priya: Bastard! You dare to act smart with me? This calls for a punishment

Then I stood up and asked Arjun to lay on his back, sat on his face, and started to rub my cunt on him. He couldn’t breathe but continued to lick and suck. Then I turned around and spread my ass cheeks.

Priya: Surprise, behanchod! I have some shit on my ass hole. I want you to lick it and suck on my hole for 10 minutes. Ensure you don’t waste anything. I want you to swallow it all.

Then my sibling started to lick and suck both my holes hysterically. I then kissed him and asked him to spit some in my mouth. Then we got into a 69 position and came at the same time in each other’s mouth.

We both got to our senses, took a long bath, and went to our respective rooms. Then our parents returned. We all had an early dinner and wrapped the day.

It was 2:00. In the morning, I just couldn’t sleep. My brain was overwhelmed with this nasty kink. Then I kept pinching my nipples as hard as I could and rubbed my clit. I was not prepared to fuck my brother earlier. But all I could think of was his big fat dick.

Suddenly, my dad popped into my head with his muscular body, and I started wondering if Arjun inherited his dick from dad, then what would his be like.

I kept turning around fighting these thoughts and the idol next to my bed made me feel more guilty. Then I apologized to the idol and tried to sleep again. But this time, I started seeing my brother and dad both in my dreams. I finally woke up, kept the idol in the drawer, closed my eyes with fingers in both holes and continued my dream.

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