How my aunt fucked me and her daughter

Hello readers. This is Hitesh. I am writing this as it was my first sexual encounter. I lost my virginity to my cousin. The circumstances worked for me to gain a better experience. The story is about my cousin Vidhi.

So let me tell you about Vidhi. At that time, she was the 1st girl around me who had grown boobs. Her father works out of town, and she is the only child in her family. Both mother and daughter live alone at home. I used to go and play with her at their home.

As she had her room, I was likelier to touch her ass. I sometimes spanked her ass and touched her boobs while playing. But this day changed things between us. I planned it all. I was going to have sex with her. I downloaded porn on my phone to show her how it’s done.

I got to her house and, after having snacks to her bedroom. I told her today we’ll play a game where we have to do things from the movie. We played it for some random videos first. Then I put a movie which had a French kiss in it. So we both gave each other a look and she by herself kissed me.

We kissed like that for maybe double the time in the movie, and we both changed our saliva too. Due to the kiss, she got a little shy. I knew she was hot and wet, so I got to on next level in porn.

In the movie, they were in bed. So I called her onto the bed. She sat beside me. Later he was kissing and pressing her boobs, and we did that too. Vidhi allowed me to massage her tits. I enjoyed it way too much, and I slowly put my fingers on her pussy.

As she was wearing tight leggings, I could feel her warmth. I started moving my finger on her pubic region. She was moaning a little, which I was covering in kisses. Then I got my hand into her leggings and pushed my middle finger into her. I stroked it 5 to 6 times.

She stopped me by saying, “You said we’ll do from the movie.” I kept my hand in her leggings. She took the phone. He was sucking her boobs in the movie. She gave me a shocked look. I kissed her while fingering and said while kissing that it was just a game.

I took her top off and paused the porn. I saw a pink colored bra and sweet little boobs embossing out of the chest. Soon I took her bra cups down. I saw her pink nipples, one hard and another softened and started licking her. She stopped me by saying it was wrong.

But I kept licking them, and slowly I took her bra off. We both played with her boobs and played the porn too. Now she was half naked, and my dick was pounding my inner clothes.

Now he took his dick out in porn, ready to pound the pornstar hard. I took out mine too. She was mad at me, saying it was wrong and she didn’t want to play anymore. But I insisted on her for 1 last time. She said only once. So I got her naked.

Here I had my 1st pussy before me as this close. It had small pubes around it, but still, her vertical lips were visible. I started kissing her on them and soon was licking her pussy. She stopped me more than twice. But I didn’t hear any of her, and I started licking her pussy.

She was so wet that I could taste her juices. Slowly she started enjoying it and pushing my head toward her pussy. So I started fingering her as well. Soon she was moaning. After licking her for 5 to 6 minutes, I got on my knees and pushed my hard rock dick into her.

I started stroking again. She stopped me like, “What are you doing? It’s painful. Please stop.” But I didn’t stop. So after just 7 to 8 strokes, she kissed me, pushed me back, and ran out of the room naked. After 5 minutes, she came back wrapped in a bed sheet, and her mom (my aunt Dipti) was with her.

I was stunned and felt a little guilty. I was trying to hide my fully hard dick. She scolded me for a half hour, and no one spoke a word till lunch. On the lunch table, Dipti kept rubbing her feet on my legs. After lunch, Dipti made Vidhi sleep in her room.

She called me into the kitchen while doing dishes and asked me where I learned all this. I showed her the porn. Dipti watched the whole porn while I stood there gawking at her. She also got her hands inside her denim to masturbate. She was wearing a shirt and denim with a figure of 40-32-36.

She kept her hands inside as the porn was over and handed me the phone. She asked me if I wanted to learn more she could show me. I said yes, so she settled me on the kitchen platform and kissed me on the cheeks and forehead. She was speaking of something, but I gave her a French kiss.

She gave me her tongue and sucked my tongue into her mouth, continuously kissing me. I started pressing her boobs from her shirt. Dipti stopped me, took my hand into her bra, and took another hand on her bra strap.

She said, “Here’s your 1st lesson,” and asked me to unhook her bra. She kissed me on the neck, and I did it the very 1st time. She stopped saying that was good and stood there with her hands down. I pulled her bra off, and she pushed my head into her cleavage and asked me to suck them. So I did it for 2 minutes.

Now Dipti was partially naked before me. She took me to her bedroom and removed my clothes on the way to her bed. She saw my huge dick. My clothes were on the stairs. She told me that I have quite a huge one for my age. I told her she was very hot even after Vidhi. This made her horny.

She got nasty and gave me a really deep throat. So much deep that she could even lick my balls at once. This sent me on cloud 9. She was giving me deep throats continuously and choking up. By that time, I was in the feeling. Dipti sucked me off totally.

After some time, I splashed in her mouth, and she said, “So much cum! Even my husband doesn’t cum this much.” After this, we lay beside each other for several minutes. I told her it was my 1st blowjob. She replied, “You won’t go home inexperienced today, boy.”

I unbuttoned her shirt and snatched her unhooked bra off as she said this. She sat on my dick and gave me her boobs to suck. But I was kissing her. Soon I was hard, and she said time to launch the rocket to explore the galaxy. She stood up and loosened her denim.

I saw her fully wet panty. Dipti said, “Yes, this is what your porn did to me,” She removed it and threw it on my face. As I removed that panty, I saw partially shaved pussy, my very 1st married woman’s pussy. I touched her, and she sat on me, rubbing herself on my dick.

She rubbed it until I didn’t ask to put it in, and she did. All at once, it was inside her, and she screamed out at me. She sat like that for five seconds, breathing hard. She started moving up and down, squeezing her boobs. She was tight, and I was holding her from her waist.

Soon she made it a little faster with my hands on her huge tits. We both were moaning hard and loud this time. We both were enjoying each other.

All of a sudden, Vidhi was standing there watching us, I feared that she would scream, but Vidhi just stood there with a shocked face. Dipti was still humping me. As soon as she saw Vidhi, She called her, saying, “Oh, Vidhi, my sweet child, come here,” while humping on my dick.

My aunt took her bra and blouse off as she came near. She kissed her on the lips several times. I was still holding my aunt’s waist. So I grabbed Vidhi’s head and snatched her from Dipti’s kissing. I gave her a few smooches, to which she responded positively.

Watching this, Dipti spoke, “Girl, you saw me doing this. Now it’s your turn to learn a lesson.” My aunt stepped out. My dick was fully red, and my aunt laid Vidhi on the bed near my dick. I was on my knees in bed as I knew I would bang Vidhi.

Vidhi was saying no, that it hurt, but her mom kissed her. I removed her panties, as it was the only thing she was wearing. I raised her legs and made her spread. I rubbed my dick on her pussy several times and pushed in. They were still kissing. She was tight as hell, and I couldn’t get in.

My aunt asked Vidhi to give me a deep throat and pushed her head to my dick. She held it for 15 seconds, and my tool was fully covered in her saliva. Now I put myself in Vidhi’s pussy, but still, it was hard. In 3 strokes, I got my dick deep inside her.

She was screaming a lot while Dipti was kissing her. I took out my dick and pushed again. I did it several times until it was easygoing. I spanked Dipti 2 times, and she got beside Vidhi opening her legs and fingering herself.

Now Vidhi was holding my dick before her pussy and stopping me from doing it. I pushed in and started stroking. She was moaning this time and slowly started it a little louder as I stroked her fast. So I bent on her and gave her a real deep smooch.

She was still moaning out loud. So Dipti stopped me and got us both up. Vidhi was dripping blood and got Vidhi in doggy style. Dipti was beneath her. I couldn’t resist watching them like that. I pushed my dick into my aunt’s ass. It was a tight butt. Anyway, I gave it in totally.

She was screaming, “Not there…aaaahhhh…. oh shit… oh yeah …not there… it is only for your uncle.” Slowly she started enjoying. Meanwhile, Vidhi was sucking her mom’s milk. I kept fucking her ass for nearly 9 minutes. All of a sudden, I took out and pushed in Vidhi’s pussy.

She was moaning slowly, and I rammed her for nearly 3 minutes. I was going to cum, so I pulled out. Vidhi said to keep it going, but I pushed my dick into Dipti’s pussy and stroked her thrice. Vidhi lay beside her mother. I started stroking my aunt hard in the ass.

I went to her and kissed her. In 2 minutes, I came in her ass. I moaned out loud in satisfaction, but I kept stroking her several times and kissing her. I stopped and gave my dick to Vidhi to suck, and she cleaned it. Dipti asked Vidhi to suck my cum dripping from her ass, and she was doing it.

I started licking Vidhi and fingering her. Now they both were moaning. In several minutes Vidhi cum on my face, and laid on the bed with satisfaction. I started eating my aunt’s pussy. My middle and index finger was inside her. After about 5 minutes like that, she cum in my mouth, and I drank all her juices.

We all lay in bed for half an hour, dressed, and kissed each other. We asked Vidhi never to tell anyone, not even her dad. I had dinner with them, so I stayed for the night.

Later, Vidhi was watching TV, and my aunt was in the kitchen. I tore my aunt’s shorts and pushed my dick in her. I dropped her t-shirt off her shoulder, squeezing her tits and nipples. While she did the dishes, I fucked her from behind. She was moaning a little.

I splashed myself in her rammed pussy, and Vidhi was unaware of it. The same day her husband returned for 2 days and had their time at night.

I didn’t visit her for next whole week. When I did, Vidhi and my aunt had a threesome on Vidhi’s bed again. After this, my uncle called them to his place. I have not met them for a long time.