10 Best Indian Sex Stories of November 2022

Hello, dear readers! Here we have for you the top 10 erotic stories for November 2022.

1) Fantasy Becomes Reality – Part 2 (Oral sex with mom)

By: sunny0312

Pranathi was mistakenly fucked by her son. It did well for her. Now she has something else on her mind. Learn what happened between the mom and her son.

‘I did not know what was this, but I did know one thing. No one can separate us. No one can stop me from squeezing my mom’s boobs. And no one can stop me from playing with her hair. No one can stop me from kissing her wildly. No one can sweat her more than me and moreover, No one can stop me from loving her.’ Read the entire story here.

2) Massage leads to sex with Mom

By: mr.d1

I will narrate how things changed between my mom and me after I started massaging her legs. It’s exciting, so hold on and get ready for some sexy reading!

‘She let out a moan. I thought she would scold me, but she kept silent. And slowly, I started massaging her knees, and she enjoyed it. On the third day, the same happened, and I was more courageous today. I was massaging her toes, legs, and knees. I started pushing my hands even further inside. I was turned on.’ Read the entire story here.

3) Two Guys And Their Plan To Fuck Their Moms

By: sammas

After watching incest porn, I and my friend plan to fuck our moms. Read how we aroused my friend’s mom’s sexual desire, enjoyed her and made her moan.

‘I started to see my mom’s boobs and navel. I had my food and went to my room. I was somewhat normal, so I thought of the porn videos and started to play them. Then I started to think of myself and my mother while naked and locking my door. I masturbated 5 times while thinking of my mother before falling asleep that night.’ Read the entire story here.

4) Wife Swapping In Vacation Went Wrong

By: Swatijaiswal

Preeti and Raghu decided to try partner swapping to spice up their sex life. They tried it with a couple in Goa, but things didn’t go according to plan.

‘She loved when Raghu used to suck the milk out of her while they were having sex. Post-pregnancy, Preeti’s body remained swollen except for her belly. Her boobs had grown to the size of melons, and she used to wear a bra of size 38D. Her belly had grown flat in a few months, but her ass had grown thicker.’ Read the entire story here.

5) How I Fucked My Cousin Divya – Part 2 (Bedroom Sex)

By: imamess15

I and my cousin came to know that we were all alone in one bedroom! I wanted to fuck my cousin at any cost. Find out if I was able to bang her tight pussy.

‘I went to the washroom, masturbated, got free by nature’s call and came out of the washroom. I was shocked to see my cousin coming toward the washroom. She just saw me and she was also stunned and stopped at the point where she was.’ Read the entire story here.

6) Tricked my friend for threesome with his wife – Part 2

By: luckyluci

Lucky is a very tactical person. Many things about him are unknown. But he is certainly hiding a lot of things. What are his plans for Sanjay and Nisha?

‘I can understand his feelings. Nisha is pure, like an angel. Roshni is hot, like a succubus. Roshni is like a top-class model, whereas Nisha is a simple girl. But I was sure about one thing. If Nisha puts on some makeup and expensive clothes, she will be in a league of her own.’ Read the entire story here.

7) How I fucked my own mother – Part 1

By: thatoneson

Read the story of a 19-year-old boy who had sex with his mom. He knew it would be a long road, but he started seducing her slowly with small sexy gestures.

‘She instantly covered her pussy with one hand and her nipples with the other. Then shouted at me and asked me what I was doing. I told her I wanted to pee very badly and could not hold it any longer. So I unzipped my pants, took my dick out in front of her, and peed in the toilet.’ Read the entire story here.

8) Teenager Explores Maid’s Daughter’s Pussy – Part 1

By: blackpantheronhunt

When a teen boy came to know about sex, he started lusting for maid’s daughter. Read how he took the first step to seduce her & explored her pussy secretly.

‘I placed my hand fully to my elbow to her pants and brought my hand to the bottom of her ass. I touched her panty and it was all wet by then (I had fear of being seen by others or what if she shout). But I didn’t have a boner, by touching her panty. It was her precum oozing out from her pussy.’ Read the entire story here.

9) Holiday trip par mummy ki chudai – Part 3

By: incestrahul

Avi aur uski mummy trip se wapas ghar toh aa gaye the. Ab bhi mummy Avi ka sath dena nahi chahti thi. Toh woh unhe kaise manata hai chudai karne ke liye?

‘Fir se unki chuchiyo ko pakad liya. Main mummy ki chuchiya masalte hue. Unki peeth ko chumne laga. Meri jeebh mummy ki peeth aur gardan par chal rahi thi. Mummy aankhen band kiye. Tej tej saans le rahi thi.’ Read the entire story here.

10) Double Crossed – Part 1

By: kkoughen

Prashant developed an urge of fucking married aunties. An incident made him start to lust for his mom. He started to plot different plans to seduce his mom.

‘The next day mom went to the bathroom with her phone. I immediately sensed some important actions would take place. I went to the back window and peeped into the bathroom. Mom was fingering herself while looking at Salim’s pictures.’ Read the entire story here.

Well, we hope you enjoy reading the stories as much as we have enjoyed making the list. Hope your dicks are erect and pussies wet by now!