Hot wife Esha Surprise Hotel Sex – Part 3

Hello, my dear ISS Readers. I am Esha Shah, female, 36, and married. Please read about my erotic bus journey to know more about me.

I reached the floor of the hotel and went towards the room. It was in the corner. I reached the room door and rang the bell. My heart was beating fast as what was going to happen tonight. How will the night go? It was my first time as a Randi for a stranger alone.

I heard footsteps coming towards the door. I put my phone into silent mode and kept it in my purse. Just then, the door opened. There stood a tall, dark guy who must be in his late 40s wearing a T-shirt and shorts. He was excited to see me and welcomed me by giving me a tight hug.

The room was quite a big one. It was a one-bedroom suite. It had a lounge area too, with a large television. He made me sit on the sofa and went on to dim the lights. He put on some slow teasing music on the television. He then made a drink and asked me what I wanted.

I asked him for a vodka. He made a drink for himself and me, came, and sat close to me. I took my drink in one go. He was a slow drinker. But I wanted to get in the mood, so I took it down in one gulp. So he got the bottle of vodka and soda on our table.

He made one more round for me, and I did the same. This was repeated for 2 more rounds. Now he called my name Esha and told me I looked very hot. He liked me in the first instance. I was shocked my real name was given to him. But I looked composed.

He called me to sit in his lap. I obliged and went and sat in his lap. I could feel his hard-on immediately. His left hand held his drink, and his right was around my waist, feeling me. My hands were rubbing over his t-shirt. He kept his glass on the table, and his hands started feeling my body.

First, he squeezed and felt my thighs and then went for my boobs. He then brought his lips close to mine, and we started kissing. Our tongues clashed, and so did our saliva. He was hugging me tight and kept on smooching. I also put my hands on his t-shirt and rubbed his back.

He was fully aroused by now. He pushed me a little back, took his glass of whisky and finished it in one go. He removed his t-shirt and was only in his shorts. He asked me to strip my dress, which I did. Now I was in my red-hot lingerie and heels. He was now super horny seeing me in that attire.

He asked me to come again and sit in his lap, but this time facing each other. I did that. He pulled me closer and started kissing me again. His hands were roughly rubbing my back. He was squeezing my butt now. I was rubbing my hands on his bare back and arousing him more.

My boobs were being crushed to his chest. My lips were being sucked by his. My pussy in my panty was rubbing his dick over his shorts. Once done kissing, he made me stand on my knees and commanded me to remove his shorts. I slowly teased him by rubbing my finger near his leg.

And, with the other hand, untied his knot. His shorts became loose and fell on the floor and released his fully erect dick. I used both my hands and started playing with his dick. He was enjoying it. Then I started kissing his dick with my lips, and my fingers played with his balls.

Now I started sucking his dick. I spat some saliva on it and started sucking it. He was holding my head and twining with me. My pace was increasing, and I started to deep-throat him. He enjoyed this blowjob and, after some time, was about to cum.

He wanted me to swallow it, which I denied. So he instead wanted to cum on my face, which I reluctantly obliged. He shot his hot cum on my face and was very happy to do that. I was feeling very proud that I made a guy cum without getting fully naked.

I got up and asked him where the washroom was to clean my face. He pointed towards the door and asked me to clean myself and return. While inside the bathroom, I heard him talking to someone on the phone. As I was in the bathroom, I could not hear much.

I could understand something he was explaining to someone about the mind-blowing blowjob he just had from me. I felt proud of myself and happy that my hubby’s work would be done comfortably. I cleaned my face and came back outside. He had made another round of drinks for me.

He asked me to come and sit next to him. I went and sat next to him. He hugged me and kissed me on my cheeks. He told me how happy he was after the blowjob I gave him. I took the drink he made for me and gulped it. I then went close to him and gave him a smooch.

He was surprised and excited by my move. I wanted to ensure that my hubby’s deal should be done once I was out of Mr Naidu’s room. While kissing him, he was busy squeezing my boobs over my red bra. We were both sexually aroused again and were in the moment.

Suddenly the room bell rang. I was shocked and looked at him for an answer as to who that would be.

Hi, guys. Hope you like it till here, wait for the next part! It will be posted soon. Till then, enjoy reading this.