The Live-in Diaries – Part 1

Hello everybody, I’m Dev from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. This took place during the last phase of my undergraduate career when Priya and I were in a relationship. We both studied in the same college but in different courses. I want to share one of the sexiest moments from our time out of many we had.

I’ll start by explaining Priya!

Priya, who is in her early 20s, exudes natural vibrancy. Everywhere she goes, people are drawn to her. She has a heart-shaped face, wavy hair, honey-tanned skin colour, intense gaze, a small frame (5 feet tall), curvy physique, and ample bust and butt in the figures 34-26-36.

Her frequent workouts at the gym keep her fit and toned. They also accentuate her already gorgeous physique, making her even more seductive.

I’m in my early 20s and have a terrific body. I’m six feet tall, we reside in a gated community, and we both routinely exercise. We are a couple of kinks that have experimented with all kinds of sex to satisfy our desire for sex.

Okay, let’s go to the story!

Time passed around night, 7 o’clock. I prepared dinner and went to wake her up. She was in her t-shirt, bra and cotton panty. As soon as I saw her, my 6-inch dick got erected. And her boobies called me to release them!

After she freshened up, we had dinner and lay on the bed, seeing the skies through the balcony door. We had a little talk, and suddenly my brain started thinking kinky.

I was the first one to act. I brought out some of our toys in the cupboard. Priya was already aroused when she saw me carrying the dildo and vibrator. She had used them many times before with me, and the excitement was obvious in her eyes.

I then produced a set of handcuffs from my pocket, which caused Priya to sizzle with anticipation. I had never used them before, just bought them the day before. “Tonight was going to be different,” I said.

I instructed Priya to undress and lie on her back on the bed. I then blindfolded her, using a satin band, and secured her wrists with handcuffs. While Priya lay helpless and excited, I moved closer, brushing my fingertips against her body.

I began exploring her curves, caressing her breasts and applying gentle kisses to her exposed skin. Her body shivered on my first touch. She tried to touch me, but the poor girl couldn’t!

Priya felt like her body was melting under my touch. She was overcome with a fierce desire that she had never experienced before. I moved my hands down between her legs. She let out a soft moan as I explored her more intimate areas. My fingers softly teased her clitoris as if playing a game of tag.

My tongue slowly licked and sucked her inner thighs. I could feel her heat and silence intensifying as I continued my sensual exploration. Suddenly, she loudly moaned as I found her spots and increased the pressure and velocity. I felt waves of pleasure radiate from her tight spots.

Her body quivered with pleasure. She was so close to climaxing, and I wanted to push her harder and give her more pleasure. My lips moved to her nipples. I started teasing them with my tongue while my fingers stroked her clitoris. She felt an intense pleasure building inside her, but I didn’t let her reach a climax.

Instead, I moved my mouth up to hers and began to kiss her passionately. My fingers roamed her body, enticing her into a blissful state of arousal. Having aroused her to a feverish pitch, I switched tactics and moved on to inserting the dildo.

Priya pushed her hips forward involuntarily. I slid it in and out of her excitedly. He began to add more force as he went along, taking her closer and closer to the brink. The sensation was overwhelming for Priya, and she begged me to go faster. I obliged and started moving the dildo with more and more speed.

Each thrust lulled her to heightened levels of pleasure. She kept screaming out for more. I obliged, pushing her harder and harder until she finally came with a loud and passionate “Yes!” The sensation was too much for Priya. It wasn’t long before she started squirting.

Her honey flowed down her thighs in pure ecstasy. I just licked them without leaving a drop! I removed the blindfold and then moved on to the vibrator, knowing Priya would love it even more than the dildo. I placed it just right at the entrance of her pussy, ready to provide her sweet release.

Priya widened her eyes in anticipation, each vibration generating a new wave of pleasure. I started to talk dirty as I moved the vibrator in and out of her, exploring her erogenous zones. Priya shuddered in pleasure and begged me to continue. I whispered naughty words into her ears and gently caressed her body.

Finally, I inserted my tongue into Priya, which caused her to scream with delight. I kept licking and exploring her inner depths, taking her to the edge of orgasm. Then slowing down before bringing her back up again.

Eventually, Priya was aroused and ready. Her body quivered in anticipation of what desires could take the next step. She begged me to take her, to complete the ultimate act of pleasure and love. I agreed and said, “Let’s start with the missionary position,” huskily.

Sliding my hands around her body and slowly onto her breasts before tracing feather-light circles around her nipples. With my other hand, I moved down to her stomach and hips until I was between her legs. She gasped as my 6-inch tool found its way inside her and began to caress her most sensitive areas.

She moaned in pleasure. As my touch became more intense, crushing her boobies sent her into fits of arousal. With each stroke, she could feel herself growing closer and closer to the edge. I moved on top of her, and we reached a new level of intimacy. Our bodies moved together in perfect harmony.

Priya felt every nerve come alive as we moved faster and faster, sparks of pleasure radiating through our bodies. The room was filled with our moans. I bet anyone who passed by our flat at that time would notice the boom.

Before she knew it, we both reached the climax of their pleasure. I collapsed beside her, and we lay in one another’s arms. We were both exhausted from the intensity of the experience. Our penis and vaginal cavity were both covered in honey.

I uncuffed Priya. She took the lead now and seemed ready for the next session. Priya timidly climbed over him and slowly moved into the cowgirl position. With her long curly hair flowing down her shoulders and boobs and her seductive gaze, I could not help but feel aroused looking up at her.

My anticipation only grew as she leaned forward to whisper in my ear. “This time, you’re just going to have to let me take the lead,” she said teasingly before pressing her lips to mine. I could feel the electric shock go through my body.

Our hands explored each other’s bodies with no holds barred desperation. We brought each other closer and closer. Priya kept adjusting her position. She moved them in sync, gently pushing her weight against me.

Priya’s breasts were bouncing and dancing as I moved my hands on them, feeling the softness of her body. I pressed harder on the boobs, making Priya moan even more. The pleasures that they were both indulging in made the sensation even greater.

I started to rub gently with different pressures, and it felt like Priya was in an ocean of pleasure. I felt like I was going to lose my composure. I surrendered myself to the pleasure that was being provided to me. Priya was in complete control and taking me on a pleasure ride.

The sensations they felt were truly magical. Every move of Priya’s was driving me insane. I couldn’t control myself any longer as I let go of my inhibitions and moved even faster and harder into Priya. Priya reciprocated with every thrust I gave her. It felt like we were both being taken to a new level of pleasure.

Priya knew how to drive me wild and kept taking me further. But my stamina kept increasing, and I didn’t want this moment to end. I never wanted the sensation to go away. The pleasure both of us felt was overwhelming.

I moved my hands to Priya’s neck and squeezed. This made Priya even crazier, and she couldn’t help but scream out in pleasure. The noises they made were intensifying as I moved faster in priya. The pleasure that Priya and I felt was beyond control. Neither wanted this moment to end anytime soon.

Finally, Priya and I reached our climax, and everything around us exploded. The intensity of the pleasure we felt was beyond measure. I thanked the stars for every moment of pleasure that we were feeling.

The cowgirl position had indeed done its job. Priya had driven me wild, and we had one of the most incredible sexual experiences we had ever had.

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