Hot neighbour aunty tricks me into an affair!

A warm welcome to all ISS readers. This is SK from Bangalore writing here. Let us jump straight to the story.

I met a woman named Ashwini through a dating app. We both were a match and we started chatting, she said she was a teacher at a local school and single. I thought this profile of hers was fake, but when I asked her, she gave me her number.

We texted for several days. There were also long phone calls late at night and we were having phone sex. When asked about her video call, she said no, saying she didn’t want to do it for security reasons and I didn’t corner her.

We were always talking about our fantasies and she wasn’t ready to meet right away either. However, after some time, she replied that she would meet me within two weeks. She has been looking forward to it. She asked if there was any woman in my neighborhood whom I was interested in.

I said, “No, there’s no one my age,” and I didn’t talk to anyone.

She said, “Do you think I’ll believe you? I am sure there are some mature women near you.”

I said: No, darling, I haven’t met anyone yet.

Ashwini expected me to talk about some woman.

So, I thought, “Okay, why don’t I play her game?”

I said: Do you know? I forgot to mention that a woman lives right in front of my apartment.”

Ashwini asked me if I was interested in that woman. I said, “No, actually, because I hadn’t thought about it.”

Ashwini asked if it was because she was a single mother or because of her dark skin.

I said, “Hey, it’s not because of her skin color or anything. I just didn’t think about it.”

Maybe it was because she was a single mother, but I didn’t have the courage to try anything with my neighbour and didn’t want to look like a pervert in front of her.

Ashwini said, “Oh, so are you okay with dark skin?”

I said, “Yes, by the way, why do you ask such a stupid question?”

Ashwini said, “Nothing. Usually, men say they want a fair-skinned woman.”

I didn’t say anything.

She said, “Do you like your neighbour’s figure?”

I said, “Yes, she is a healthy woman. She has a beautiful hourglass figure.”

And we talked about my neighbour woman all night. We discussed how I should strive for her, taste her milk and all the sexy things about her! That night, as I went to bed after finishing her phone call, I had an erotic dream about my neighbour.

The next day, I told Ashwini the whole story of my dream. She was prodding me and saying I was presently more inquisitive about Reshma than her. Reshma was my neighbor’s name. She sent me a few naked pics from the web, saying, “You like this brown pussy, right? This brown ass?”

I was getting horny seeing these pics and chatting with Ashwini. I told her this and she encouraged me to fuck my neighbor.

It went on for a week. I was having horny contemplations about my neighbor. I inquired Ashwini to meet me that week. She said she was free Friday night and inquired me to arrange the meeting. I shared my address. But we agreed to meet at a restaurant sometime before heading to my room.

The day came and I went to the restaurant. I sat there waiting for her. I called her up. She said she was on the way.

After a few minutes, I saw my neighbor Reshma entering the eatery! She looked beautiful and she was wearing a cream long dress like a partywear. While appreciating her magnificence, I overlooked that she was strolling toward my table until she came to my table and sat down! I thought perhaps she saw me and needed to greet me.

So, I said, “Hi, aunty.”

She said, “Hello there, I need to talk to you about something.”

I said, “Not a good time, aunty. Can’t it wait? I am anticipating a date. So, hope you don’t mind.”

She looked at me and took a profound breath. She said, “I am your date. I am Ashwini.”

I was at a loss for words. It took me a few seconds to realize the complete thing. I replayed the convos I had with Ashwini over the phone about Reshma. And now that both were the same individuals, I could not respond.

I left the restaurant and went home and then took a shower. When I had cooled down, I realized that I had left Reshma behind at the restaurant alone. I had multiple missed calls on my mobile. I felt bad for my behavior.

I opened my door and saw the lights were on in Reshma’s flat. I rang the doorbell of Reshma’s apartment. After 5 minutes, she opened the door and invited me in. I said, “I am very bad, aunty.”

She covered my mouth and said, “I am also bad for deceiving you. I did not intend to do any of this. But shockingly, it happened. I am sorry.”

She was crying. I got near my neighbour aunty and held her. “Why are you crying, aunty? It’s alright. I get it. Stop crying, or else you might wake up your daughter.”

She said that her daughter was at her friend’s place.

We apologized, and I comforted her. We sat down, and she embraced me. She was still crying. I did not know how to console her. I kissed her out of a few idiotic thoughts that came to my mind! She was quiet. I was quiet too.

All of a sudden, she broke the silence by kissing me. I gave in, and we kissed. While kissing, my neighbour aunty began to disrobe my shirt. I expelled my shirt and asked her to stand up and remove her dress.

She removed her dress. She was in cream underwear and looked hot. My neighbour aunty had a smooth, brown body and huge brown tits caged in a velvety bra. She was feeling modest.

I took her to the room, closed the door and we kissed. I was squeezing her hot ass, lifting her closer. She put her arms around my neck and pulled me closer.

We strolled towards the bed, kissing. I pushed her onto the bed and kissed her. Gradually, I began going down my hot neighbour aunty’s body. I kissed her neck and after that, squeezed her boobs. I pulled down her bra and took her breast in my mouth. I was up for a shock as she was still lactating, and breast milk began to stream into my mouth. I was on cloud nine because it was one of my fantasies.

I began to swallow down her milk, squeezing the other boob. It begun to stream down the side. I changed my position and licked the milk off my next-door aunty’s other boob too. I was sucking her wildly. She then gave me a strong push on my head onto her breasts. I could not breathe because of that. She was sighing like a hot bitch. I rolled over, pulled her onto me, and changed positions. She had her tits hanging and I sucked them in.

Then I made her lie down on the bed. I went on top of her now that she was in a lying position. I went right to her pussy. I suppose she had shaved it clean for the evening. When I opened the pussy lips, the inside was a vibrant pink color. I dived inside her pussy. I took a lick at my hot neighbour’s vagina. She began to groan. I simultaneously sucked and fingered her pussy.

Reshma must have gone a long time without having sex. She let out a shriek. “Relax, honey,” I whispered, kissing her.

I took my time fucking my hot neighbour aunty using long, light strokes. I picked up the pace as soon as I sensed she was loving it. I fucked her in the missionary position.

Next, we took the cowgirl position. She started riding my dick. As I applied pressure to her breasts, milk spurted from her nipples. She started squirting milk all over me as I applied more pressure on her. She rode with expert skill.

Then I took her down, kissed her tits, and sipped the milk. I also gave her some milk in return. And we went into a doggy position. It was hot to feel the milk run down as I was milking her tits from behind. As I was fucking Reshma aunty’s cunt, we resumed our missionary position and she was going to explode.

“Harderrr babyyyy, fuckkkkk me harder,” she exclaimed. “Don’t stop, please. Baby, I am totally yours. Bang me hard.”

I picked up more speed and got into her. I gave her a look. She was grinning and completely exhausted. She drew me in and planted a kiss on me.


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