Dominated and enslaved by two sisters in Bangalore

Hi all, Pranjal is back here with another story where I was dominated and used by 2 sisters (one of them was my friend).

Let’s call my friend ‘Dee’ and her sister ‘Vee’.

I used to meet my friend Dee casually almost whenever I used to stay in Bangalore. I used to roam, spend time and tease her. She used to get annoyed and even her sister Vee used to get annoyed sometimes.

As usual, post my work, I visited Dee’s house at HSR Layout. I forgot that I had a femdom story opened and my X handle was also with femdom videos. I just visited her house and asked her for food. She told me to order it online.

I gave her my phone and said, “You order it, Dee.” I had not closed my browser, I had just locked my phone and came there. Dee and Vee looked at my phone for a long time. I thought they were looking at food but little did I know that they were looking into femdom stuff I had in my phone!

Then they gave back my phone and said they ordered food and said, “Let’s play truth or dare till the food comes.” I said ok and we started the game. It casually went on with a couple of questions and then they asked me about femdom and stuff. I just ignored it.

But my friend Dee and my friend’s sister Vee said that they had gone through the story and the X handle in my phone. I was shocked and begged them not to tell it to anyone.

Both Dee and Vee had a cruel smile and said, “If we should not tell it to anyone, then you would have to be our slave and obey whatever we say.”

I had no other option, so I said ok. Then they said that I will be their toy and they can use me however they wanted. I agreed.

Dee was kind enough to ask whether I had any limits. I said, “No scat or permanent marks on the body,” and Vee asked me my favorite kinks. I said, “Face slapping with slippers and spitting and golden shower.”

Both of them were like, “Naughty, dude!”

Then my friend’s sister said, “You need to address us as ‘mistress’ and do whatever we say” and asked me to strip naked. I stripped and immediately, I got a spank from Dee after seeing hair near my private area. I just knelt in front of them.

They were laughing looking at my pathetic condition. Then Dee asked me to bring her toilet slippers with my mouth and I brought them. Instead of her taking it, she asked me to cum on it. I said, “What?!”

Then I got another spank from Vee saying, “Just obey our orders or else, you will land in trouble.”

I just started jerking and came on her slippers. Dee and Vee both spat on it and asked me to lick it. I was humiliated by licking my own cum.

As we had ordered food, it came and Vee asked me to go and take food. As I did not have any clothes, I asked her for clothes. Both girls got angry. Vee threw her used panty and bra and asked me to wear it and go. I had no option. I went to get the delivery. I did not know that they had given cash on delivery. So, seeing my condition, the delivery boy was laughing.

I went to get the cash and as I was on my fours, it took some time. Upon coming back, both Dee and Vee landed a spank on me. And the food delivery guy was naked and both of them asked me to lick his balls clean and lick his cum. I hesitated but then I licked his cum and he also peed on me. It was my first golden shower there and I did not expect it to come from a food delivery guy. Then he left.

I was hungry and asked for food. Then my friend’s sister Vee took the food, chewed it and went to the toilet, and spat it inside the commode. She asked me to eat it without using my hand. I had no choice and when I bent over to have the food from the toilet, Dee flushed it. Then they asked me to open my mouth for the golden shower. I received a mouth full of piss!

Vee went to the washroom for scat. She called me and asked me to lick her ass hole clean. I did as she said. After licking, she made me bend over the commode and flushed it. I felt very humiliated.

Then I was asked to clean myself. Dee came and asked me to clean her pussy and asshole and even her sweaty armpits. I did all these. Then Dee and Vee both stripped my panty down and threw it in the toilet bowl and pissed on it. Then they took it and stuffed it in my mouth.

Dee tried to ball bust me but she wasn’t comfortable when she was kicking me. So Vee came and held me tightly from behind so that Dee could hit me perfectly. Then my pain started but I was enjoying the femdom kink. I was drinking all the piss soaked in the panty which was stuffed in my mouth. It went on and now it was Vee’s turn to kick me. She did it very easily.

Then they gave me a break and said to bring juice and drank some and used to spit it in my mouth to taste it.

After that, Dee asked me to bring her and her sister’s shoes which were near the main door. I went and brought it. They both stuffed their used smelly socks in my mouth. And they started spanked me on my face and ass. They even inserted a brush inside my asshole and made me lick that part of the brush.

Vee then asked me to lick her armpits clean and asked me to lick her feet. While I was licking her feet, my friend Dee spanked me with her belt from behind. Then they both discussed something and took me to the bathroom and made me stand under the shower and started spanking my ass with the slippers which they had drenched in water.

After all this, they asked me to clean myself and dress up.

I was very tired and humiliated as well. But, inside, I enjoyed this domination.

Then Dee said she got a bit of revenge that day and her revenge will continue as well. I said I will obey them always.

Later on, they used me like a cuckold with their boyfriends which I will tell you all later.

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