Hot Girl Adina Steps Into College Life – Part 1

Hey readers, this is the very first story that I am submitting here in Indian Sex Stories. I have always been a keen reader of this site and have been intrigued by the stories and the creativity of many writers here. So I am gonna try to be as good as them. Please comment and let me know what you guys all think about the story. I hope you all like it.

So, this is the story of the girl I have known for a long time, I had a huge crush on her. I used to imagine all kinds of scenarios with her when I used to go to sleep. The stories I am going to tell you will likely have 60 percent truth to them and the rest is my creative imagination (sorry, I am not bragging).

Adina has been a quiet and innocent girl all her life in school in a small town. She was the only daughter of her mother, and her father had divorced her mother and she had no contact with her father throughout her life. She was the teacher’s pet and the most beautiful girl in the school and maybe in her entire town. Many of her classmates would just die to get a chance to talk to her.

Many of her seniors had proposed to her but for the good girl she is, she just rejected every one of them. She was a great volleyball player and whenever there used to be an interschool competition people would flock to see her play. But she was the honest Christian girl who would visit the church every Sunday.

Adina completed high school and after a couple of years, she had to move to another town to study for the entrance exam to get into a great engineering college. She was 19 years old at that time. She took the best coaching center and was enrolled in a hostel. But the hostel soon turned into a nightmare for her.

Many of the girls there were too jealous of her including her seniors because of all the attention she got from the boys and even some girls in her coaching institute. So the seniors bothered Adina regularly more than the other girls.

Adina couldn’t take it so she tried to convince her single mom to rent her a separate room in the city. But her mother, who earned very little from her job as a nurse couldn’t afford a nice room for her to stay in, and neither could she leave her job to stay with her. So she did what she could. She asked a male colleague of hers to find her a place to stay in the huge city.

The guy came to the city to meet her and find her a room. When he met Adina for the first time, he was awestruck by her beauty. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. He hadn’t seen such a beauty in his entire life.

Adina was a fair girl with hair till her shoulder. She was about 45 kg in weight and 5’1 in height. She was a petite girl who had a nice asset of 30B-26-28 for her age. She always wore short dresses as she didn’t like to wear a huge amount of clothes on her (and sometimes, she even used to skip wearing bras as she used to find them uncomfortable).

He helped her pack all of her stuff and in the process, he didn’t miss out on any chance to touch her. He had some information about the places she could live with the budget they had from a friend of his.

When they went there, it was less of a nice place and more of a slum. The houses were really small and most of them were meat butchers, garage men, and many other odd jobs. The area had many multiple-storied buildings to rent but the buildings were as good as the neighborhood.

Most of the rental rooms in that area were occupied by the boys who come there to study engineering and industrial training degrees. None were rented by a girl. She was the first and the only girl that had come in that street for a room.

At first, the guy was skeptical about leaving a girl in such an area, but inside of him was a burning flame. When they were going through the streets, he loved how men used to ogle at Adina. Being the pervert he was, he loved the idea of beautiful Adina in such cheap streets surrounded by hunky men and horny college boys.

He asked Adina if she was okay. Given the situation of her mom and the budget, she had no other option but to take it.

So, everything was set. The room was not so nice but it was bearable. It had a room and a kitchen. It didn’t have a personal bathroom but common bathrooms for all the students who rented the rooms. She was uncomfortable with that but she had no option, did she?

Then she made her bed and slept. It was difficult falling asleep in a new place but she did fall asleep eventually.

She woke up the next morning, took her towel and brush, soap and toothpaste, wore her flipflops and headed toward the common bathrooms. She was wearing a white slip and black dolphin shorts. And when she went to the bathrooms, it was a horror for her. At least, a dozen boys were waiting outside in baniyans and shorts, a few in just their boxers and some just with towels wrapped to their bottoms, and a few more already in bathrooms.

But, for the boys, it was a heavenly sight. For the first time in their life, they were seeing such a beautiful girl in such short clothes. They could barely believe the reality. Many of them started having a boner just by looking at her.

Adina couldn’t believe what she had run into. She thought of coming later but when she checked the time, she was already running late for coaching. She had to stand there with the other boys.

She stood with her head facing down. She checked the clock and now she was really running late and had to use the bathroom now itself. She had to ask them to let her in before them.

Adina was too shy of a girl. But she gathered the guts to ask them to let her in first. When she was asking them, everyone was looking at her. Looking at her chest go up and down with nipples poking through her slip. A few of them started rubbing their dicks over their boxers itself. They eventually let her go in.

She was rushing toward one of the bathrooms when she slipped and fell. She was looking embarrassed at them who were surrounding her. She tried to get up but she couldn’t because of the slippery floor.

All of them rushed to help her get up, many of them took it as an advantage and started touching her shoulder and arms and even her waist. Some went as far as touching her thighs. She just dodged a bullet there, she could sense the horniness among them.

She went in, took her clothes off, brushed and started showering. But the catch was that all the doors had tiny slivers of a gap and holes in them. But nobody bothered to fix them because why would a guy look at another guy naked taking a bath?

But now the situation was different. A petite girl with hot looks taking bath. Many just rushed near the door to get whatever sight they could get. She noticed but she couldn’t do anything. So she moved as far as she could from the gaps in the door.

Now a new challenge was ahead of her. She hadn’t taken any clothes with her as she used to just come out with a wrapped towel in her hostel. She was angry at herself, but couldn’t do anything.

Adina just wrapped a towel around her chest and came out. For boys, it was heaven on earth. They could see her cleavage of her and at the bottom, it was barely covering her ass.

She rushed out of the bathroom in a hurry. But she had left her clothes there itself. When a boy entered the bathroom, he saw the slip and the shorts and when he looked in, there was no panty. It just turned him hornier and he let his friends know.

The slip and the shorts were going around, with boys passing them around to smell the scent and the aroma.

Adina went inside her room and wore a bra and panty. She wore a beautiful sleeveless kurti and packed her bag and rushed out.

The word had spread about the beautiful, fair, petite girl in their area. When she came down, every man in that area just stood their looking at her, jaw dropped. Everyone was looking at her and commenting at her, some even eve-teasing.

But Adina just went and stood near the bus stop. And surprise surprise, all the boys were there, not only of just one building but many. She was the only girl standing among the dozens of boys.

The bus came and everyone rushed in. She was stuck in the middle of the aisle on the bus. Every guy with a fully functioning eye was looking at her and the guys surrounding her started to come near, smelling her hair and shoulder.

BUT you know what was the most surprising thing, Adina wasn’t afraid of those things. In fact, she was liking it. The attention of dozens of boys admiring her beauty gave her butterflies in her stomach. She let the worrying away and just enjoyed the attention given to her.

She could ask for a favor and everyone would just fall in line to help her. Everyone wanted her attention and she liked it.


That’s it for this part, guys. I have many things to tell, and I will continue if you guys like it. Do comment and give some ideas, eh?