Fucked And Impregnated My Married Kannada Maid Rupa

Hello ISS readers, this is Aravind back with another experience of mine again. After the event with my college friend Vidya, I was eager for more but she was not ready to cooperate. I started getting really horny and my eyes always hunted for a sexy body. I started checking out many girls, aunties, and my teachers and started to jerk off at home with pictures porn, and imagination.

I had my semester holidays and my parents left for their hometown as they had some work over there for a week. I stayed back due to some reasons and told them I will manage at home.

Rupa was our Kannada maid and she used to wash the vessels and clean the house daily. Since I would not be cooking for the whole week, my parents asked the maid Rupa to just clean the house every day for the next week and they left.

Describing Rupa, she was 34 years of age, had 2 kids and was married off at a very young age. She had a wheatish complexion and was 5’4 in height. She had 34C boobs, a flat belly with an amazing waist a huge ass. Her lips were pale pink. Rupa had sweaty armpits because she used to work in 2 houses before reaching my house and had that sweaty odor in her body. She had a mole in between her left ear and cheek, one on her shoulder and a very attractive one on her waist which was clearly seen when she was in her saree revealing her hip.

I had an eye on the maid recently after my experiences and I felt maybe it was a good time to enjoy with her. I was always nice to Rupa and used to call her ‘Rupa aunty’ since she joined us way back when I was very young.

It was a Thursday morning and Rupa knocked on the door of my house. I had just freshened up after finishing my bath. I wore a t-shirt and a towel underneath and opened the door.

Rupa came in and started with her work. She was cleaning the hall when I went to grab my track pant in my room. I was wearing my pant and was talking with the maid. I came to the hall to have a view of my beautiful maid. She was bent down and I could see her hip folds, her bulging ass, her hanging boobs from the side and a small glimpse of her juicy navel from her falling saree which was tucked. Rupa was conscious of it and always pulled her saree up and corrected it many times.

Rupa then told me she had body pain and a headache. I started being very kind to her and asked her if she wanted a tablet. But she asked me for a balm instead. I asked her to be seated on the sofa while I fetch it. The servant refused it (usually, my parents never let her sit on the sofa or the bed). I told it was fine and took the broom from her hand and made her sit on the sofa.

I got her the balm and she applied it on her forehead. I asked her if she needed water and got her water in a glass. The Kannada maid was trying to reach out to her neck for applying the balm and I asked her if she needed any help. Rupa hesitated and told me no at first but later, I took some balm in my hand and asked her to have the water.

Rupa had a sexy long neck too. I asked to tie up her hair. She wore a bun and lifted her hands. The sexy mangos peeped up her blouse. The housemaid’s sweat-soaked armpit was seen in her red blouse.

I asked her to bend. I touched her back and applied the balm on her back and slowly massaged her. I peeked through her blouse at the back and could not find a strap which meant she did not wear a bra. She gave out noises of moans and my bulge started! But I controlled my feelings and asked her if she was ok to which she told me she was better and continued with her work and left for the day.

I leaked for my sexy Kannada maid that day and decided to have her on the bed at any cost!

The next day was a Friday. Rupa was usually late on Fridays as she visited a temple every Friday. At around noon, Rupa knocked on my house door. Damn, she looked amazing like a beautiful angel in a green saree, green blouse, and with jasmine flowers around her bun, clinging bangles and a nose pin. It was absolute bliss to watch her.

I welcomed her inside and started chatting and flirting with her. She told me she used to go to the temple so that her husband would stop drinking, her kids would get good health, etc. I agreed to everything that she said.

She told me she was very happy with the way I treated her yesterday and never liked the way my parents asked her not to touch the sofa or bed. She told me I was being really nice to her and I asked her if she would have a juice today with me. Rupa agreed and I got her juice.

The south Indian maid was cleaning my room. I asked her to sit on the bed and she sat with a bit of hesitation. I sat next to her and the conversation continued for some time.

Rupa asked me if she could get a loan of 1000 Rs as she needed it for buying clothes for herself. Immediately, I nodded yes and gave her 1k. She was very happy and started to break down. Tears rolled down her cheeks. When I asked her why, she told me that no one had been so nice to her in the recent past.

I wanted to console her, so I got closer and hugged her slightly and told her it was ok by putting my arm on her shoulder and holding her.

The jasmine fragrance was alluring. I wiped her tears off her cheek and there was a moment of silence. Slowly, I lifted her head and turned her toward me. Rupa was breathing heavily and I told her in Kannada, “Aunty, neevu ivattu tumba chenagi kaantideera” (Aunty, you look really beautiful today).

She blushed and I took it as a yes and slowly hugged her. I placed my face over her shoulder and planted a kiss on the mole next to her shoulder bone. Slowly, I started kissing her neck, and collar bone. The married maid did not resist, she let me do what I did.

I gently moved her further into the bed and made her lie down on the bed. She smiled at me and I planted a kiss on her cheek mole and started chewing it up. The Kannada maid was giggling.

I turned her face and sucked her lower lip with mine. I was on cloud nine! We smooched each other for around 10 minutes and the servant’s boobs were popping out from her blouse. I got up and removed my t-shirt and pant. I grabbed her pallu and fully removed her saree. Slowly, I unhooked her blouse. She was not wearing a bra and two fully erect black nipples with a mango-shaped boobs popped out of her blouse.

I buried my face in between the housemaid’s boobs and started to suck and bite her nipples with my tooth. Rupa screamed in pain. Her armpits had sweated enough and they were hairy. I sniffed them and licked the maid’s armpits while my other arm was deep-dwelling inside her petticoat.

Rupa started kissing me on my lips, chest, and cheeks and she pulled my underwear down and saw my rock-hard cock. She started stroking it with her hand. I asked her to take it in her mouth. She gave me a wonderful blowjob and after that, I splashed my load of thick warm cum in the Kannada maid’s mouth.

She got up and went to the washroom to clean up. Her jasmine flowers were fully scattered around the pillow. She came back and I removed her chain and her mangalsutra, I untied her petticoat, pulled down her underwear and saw a black pussy with some hair on it. It smelled a lot. I took it and licked it and the maid continued to moan.

I asked Rupa to sit on my dick. She obeyed and we tightly hugged each other. I entered the maid’s pussy. The moans were mesmerizing and she was telling me in Kannada, “Ahh mettige, olagge beda, ahh ahhh..” (Ahh slowly, I don’t want it inside..ahh ahh).

I made the maid lie on the bed backward, spread her legs and put my fingers inside her ass. “Ahahhaam” came out a loud gasp from her and this time, I put my dick instead of my finger and started to fuck the married Kannada maid. She enjoyed it like an 18-year-old teen.

I was kissing her, biting her neck, lips, chin, and shoulder. I felt not to let her go with this. So I turned her around and started fucking her married pussy. This time, I was wild and went really hard on her. Rupa moaned so loudly and I increased the speed. I hit her g-spot and shot a load of thick cum inside her mature black pussy.

I had creampied the Kannada maid. Rupa couldn’t believe it. I slowly got up and started wearing my clothes. Rupa had enjoyed it but she was worried too. I told her not to and tied back her mangalsutra and kissed her forehead and lips. I asked her to dress up and waved goodbye to her at 3.30 pm.

We continued to fuck for the next 3 days (it will be narrated in the next part) until my parents returned. After a month, Rupa informed me that she won’t be able to come to work as she was pregnant. I knew it was me who had impregnated her fertile pussy by filling her womb.

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