Exploring sluttiness in friend’s hot wife – Part 2

Hello readers, your Shhanky is back with the second part of the story. Please read the first part before reading this.

Now, back to the story.

Pankaj: You are looking stunning, Tanya.

Tanya: Thanks, Pankaj.

Nimesh: Why this attire? We both are in casuals.

Tanya: If the hall is the theatre, then I might as well behave like we are in a real theatre.

Nimesh: Then I think it is a lot of light as compared to a theatre. Shall we?

Tanya: Sure. I don’t mind. I wanna enjoy the movie.

Then Nimesh switched off all the lights and switched on only one dim light. And the movie started. Pankaj sat down and Nimesh sat on the couch with Tanya. She was already horny and the Hollywood movie added to the heat. Nimesh first made a move by putting his hands around the shoulder of Tanya. She said nothing and this encouraged Nimesh. He had a clear view of his friend’s wife’s deep cleavage.

Tanya’s top was just a bit more than a bra and less than a top. Her boobs were squeezed by the tight top that made the cleavage look more deep.

Nimesh was confident now and thus while everyone watched the movie, he slowly moved his fingers and slid down one side strap of the top. Tanya did not resist. She was getting hornier. Nimesh then moved his other hand to her stomach and started to finger her deep navel.

Tanya made a moan, moved her hand, and placed it on Nimesh’s shorts. To her surprise, he wasn’t wearing anything inside. She could feel the bulge over his shorts. Then she started to feel the size and her juice started to flow down. She could feel the dick not fitting her palm. Harsh’s dick could fit within her palm, but Nimesh’s dick was like a thick rod. She could not resist and without wasting any time, she slid her hands inside his shorts.

Nimesh by this time was overwhelmed and slid his hand inside her pants and found that she was not wearing any panties.

Nimesh (whispering): What a slut you are! Watching a movie with husband’s friends and that too without any inner-wear!

Tanya: Even my husband’s friend is not wearing anything inside. So, why should I?

Tanya’s slutty side had taken over her. Saying this, she pulled out Nimesh’s dick and started to stroke it outside in the open. Nimesh was rubbing her wet pussy now and she was enjoying the dim light masturbation. Tanya then adjusted herself and got down a bit and started to suck Nimesh’s dick. Slurping sounds were being heard by Pankaj, but he did not say anything.

Then Nimesh lifted Tanya’s top exposing her 34″ sized boobs in dim light. Her dark brown nipples were hard. He kept on mauling it and Tanya kept on sucking his dick. It was looking as if Tanya was hungry for a dick since Harsh had left.

Pankaj said he was sleepy and he slept down. He knew what was going on just above him, but he maintained that he did not know anything. He pretended to sleep.

The movie was going on and the dim light was giving a feel of fucking a slut in a theatre. Nimesh then removed Tanya’s top fully. Her 34C boobs juggled out of the top. Nimesh made her lay on the sofa and started to suck her dark brown nipples. Her areola was big with a hard nipple on the top. The softness of her areola was mouthwatering.

He stripped himself naked and climbed on her and started sucking her nipples and kept on biting it. Then he went down and started to lick her navel. Tanya started to feel her boobs and kept on pinching her nipples.

Nimesh pulled her trouser down, exposing her dark vagina in front of him. He placed her tongue on friend’s hot wife’s wet vagina and started to eat it. Tanya started to go mad and started giving loud moans. She pushed his head more inside and said, “Fuckkk meee, Nimesh. Suckkk it haaaard. I want your dick inside me. I’m starving. I want you to be wild. I love it wild, Ahhhh!”

Hearing this from his childhood friend’s wife made Nimesh go wild. He placed his dick on the lips of her vagina and stroked it inside in one go. Tanya screamed out, “Fuck! It’s so damn deep.” Nimesh took his dick and rammed it inside again. She kept on shouting and Nimesh stretched her pussy. They continued their fuck session till the movie ended.

In the end, Nimesh released all his love fluid inside Tanya’s mouth and she drank it. She jumped off the couch, picked up her dress, ran naked inside her room, and closed the door behind her. She forgot to lock it behind. Then she threw the clothes on the chair, jumped on the bed naked, and slept.

She had the best session of her life. She closed her eyes thinking that for her whole life she was being fucked by a 5 inches dick to which she lost her virginity too. And today for the first time, she explored a dick other than her husband. She was satisfied. Her sluttiness was coming out. She loved the wild sex she just had with her husband’s childhood friend that too with a roommate sleeping nearby. Then she slept naked on the bed smiling and thinking the same.

The next morning, Tanya woke up to a phone call from Harsh. She finished the call in sleepy mode. She opened her eyes. The wide open door shocked her. She was still naked in bed! She jumped out of the bed and closed the door and locked it this time. Then she held her head and juggled her hair. She closed her eyes, thought of last night, and smiled.

Tanya again went to the mirror naked and looked at herself. She found a small love bit near her dark brown nipple on the left boob. She felt it and then felt her vagina. Her pussy was paining as she for the first time had taken such a big dick inside her.

She looked at the clock, the time was 8:30 am. She walked toward the closet to wear something so that she could go out to make some breakfast. But as soon as she reached her almirah, she got the shock of her life. The almirahs were locked! None of the two almirahs were opening.

Tanya tried her best but did not succeed. She then looked around and found that none of her clothes were around. The dress she wore yesterday which she threw on the chair was also gone. She panicked and opened the door slightly. Then she found her husband’s friend Pankaj standing near the kitchen. She asked him to call Nimesh.

Tanya: Nimesh, do you have the spare key of the almirahs? I think they are stuck. I can’t open it.

Nimesh: I have, but they are not stuck. I locked them.

Tanya: What? But why?

Nimesh: Because a hot slut like you don’t deserve to wear any cloth in the house.

Tanya: Nimesh, what are you saying? Come on, open the almirahs, please. I need to make breakfast. I am hungry.

Nimesh: You can come out. The breakfast is ready.

Tanya: How can I come out? I am nude! Pankaj is also around.

Nimesh: Aaj to tujhe khaana tab hi milega jab ye randi baahar aayegi (Today, you will get food only when this prostitute comes out to eat).

Tanya: Mind your language, Nimesh.

Nimesh: What do you call a wife who fucks her husband’s childhood friend while her husband is not home. You are a slut, a RANDI.

Tanya closed the door and sat on the bed. She thought and was amazed by the feeling that she was not feeling bad after listening to those words from him. She was on the other hand feeling horny. Then she closed her eyes and repeated those words from her mouth and started to bite her lips. She was feeling nice to stay naked in the house.

Then she stood up and opened the door.

Nimesh and Pankaj were sitting on the couch having a meal. She came hiding her boobs and pussy. Then she sat and removed her hand. Tanya’s big dark brown nipples were out in the open air being seen by the two roommates of her husband. She started to have breakfast and both the boys feast their eyes with her beauty.

Pankaj: We have decided that you will stay like this for the whole lockdown period.

Tanya: But I am your friend’s wife. How can you both do this to me?

Nimesh: Didn’t you realize that you are my friend’s wife when you were getting fucked by me in the night you slut?

Tanya kept quiet. She kept on sitting and the rest two stood up and walked to their room. Tanya thought she had no choice. Also, she liked the humiliation she was facing. Then she also stood up and went to the room of Nimesh and Pankaj.

Tanya: I am ready. I am Ready. But I have a clause.

Pankaj: What clause?

Tanya: Harsh should not get to know anything about this lockdown duration.

Nimesh: Be rest assured that this will not happen.

Tanya: And…

Pankaj: And…?

Tanya: I want to be fucked wild and hard.

Nimesh: I had you last night. Today we will start with my friend. Pankaj, have your sweet after breakfast.

Then Pankaj held Tanya by her arm and pushed her on the bed. He started to suck her nipples and bit them. They both lied down on the bed on both sides of Tanya and started to suck her boobs. Both of them started to rub her pussy. Tanya was being used by the two guys whom Harsh trusted. Nimesh started to kiss her on the lips and Pankaj sucked her nipple.

They both simultaneously started to slap her pussy. They kept on slapping so hard that it turned tomato red in no time. Then Pankaj moved down and started to lick her pussy. He started to bite her pussy lips and placed them nearby. Tanya kept on moaning hard. Pankaj started to finger fuck her asshole while biting her pussy. By this time, Nimesh took out his 7 inches and showed it inside her mouth.

Pankaj ate her pussy so well that she got her first orgasm of the day. Her love fluid was all over Pankaj’s face. The bed was also wet. For the first time, Tanya had her orgasm so fast. She couldn’t imagine herself being fucked by another except her husband. And now here she was being fucked extremely hard by two guys at one time.

Tanya then regained her senses as soon as the second dick entered her pussy. It was of Pankaj. The dick hit the upper edge of her pussy and was more painful than that of Nimesh. When he took his dick out, Tanya was amused to see an 8.5-inch rod saluting her pussy. She hurriedly jumped and held the dick and felt it like a new toy in the hand of a kid.

She took it in her mouth and started to suck it. Nimesh also got his dick in front of her. Now Tanya was sucking and enjoying two dicks at the same time. Two days back things were casual in the house and now, a slut wife was being humiliated and fucked by her husband’s friends.

While Tanya sucked their dicks, Nimesh kept on pinching her nipples and slapping the boobs hard. Now, they changed their position and Tanya turned into the doggy position and kept on sucking Nimesh’s dick, and Pankaj with his 8.5 inches started to fuck her pussy from behind. The pinching of her nipples and slaps on her boobs and bums continued the whole time. It was now when Tanya sprinkled her second orgasm. They both fucked her for the next 10 minutes in the same position.

Then Nimesh lay down in bed with Tanya on top. She placed Nimesh’s 7 inches dick on her pussy lips and slowly sat on it and then start to ride it hard.

Nimesh: You fucking, randi! What a sexy piece you are. Harsh is so lucky to fuck you for life.

Pankaj: From now on, we also join this league.

Tanya: Ahhhh Fuck, it’s going too deep. You guys are killing me. I am loving it, Fuck me!

Pankaj reacted to it and came near and placed his dick on her asshole. To his surprise, he didn’t have to do a lot of work on it. He asshole accepted his dick easily.

Pankaj: Fuck! Kya rand hai ye (what a slut she is). Her ass is also easily accessible.

Tanya: Ahh, yes. Harsh used aahh, to fuck me anal also..Aaaahhhh!

Nimesh: Then today get fucked in both the holes.

Tanya: Ohh yaa, fuck all my holes. I am all for you both. You both ahhh are giving me.. ummmm.. so much pleasure, fuck!

Tanya was getting her double penetration for the first time. She used to have anal sex with Harsh but never experienced double penetration. She was a very horny girl and used to place objects in her ass and pussy at the same time. But never got fucked in both holes. It was today. Both Nimesh and Pankaj double-penetrated her for the next 15 minutes and exchanged positions for another 10 minutes.

Then they exploded their load inside both her holes. Tanya then ran naked with her big boobs with brown nipples bouncing in the open air. She went to the washroom and washed herself and her vagina. Then she came back naked to her room and was laying in bed when the two boys also came nude. All three lay on her bed holding her boobs.

Tanya: I would love to be slut of you both till I can be.

Pankaj: It was so good that Harsh went to Kolkata and got stuck. We got such hot Bhabhi to fuck.

Nimesh: You won’t wear anything until we tell you. I’ll lock all your clothes.

Tanya: Your wish is my command guys!

Then all three of them slept on the same single bed tightly hugging each other with Tanya in between the two. The skin-to-skin contact of the horny wife and two guys did not let the dicks rest and even Tanya’s vagina was not dry.


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