Trophy – Part 3 (The fuck fest begins)

Hello everyone. I’m back with the third part of Simi’s narration of her gangbang by his FIL and his friends. I hope you guys liked the first two parts. Continuing from what I left in the last episode.

After making Arif tasting his cum. I got up, adjusted my saree and my hair and then went back to my seat. They reluctantly went back to their respective seats and continued with the game. I didn’t think it was going to last long now.

Looking at Arif sitting naked, everyone had removed his underwear before taking the seat. Just imagine I was the only one having some clothes on my body. 5 hungry middle-aged men sat naked with their cocks as hard as iron rods played a game.

Each one was playing to win to get the first opportunity to shove his hard cock in my pussy. And after all that had happened by then, my entire body was on fire. My pussy was itching to get filled by a hard cock. The strong aroma of sex filled the air in the room.

“Yes,” an excited voice filled the room. I looked in the direction of the source. I saw that it was Mr Hardeep Chopra who had declared that he had won the game. He was showing his cards to others. Everyone looked at him with curiosity, figuring out what was on his mind for me.

Mr. Chopra was a typical Punjabi guy. Strong build, good height, handsome and pretty fit. His body looked like he was a regular at a gym. He must be in his early 50s, but he looked like he was in his late 30s. I walked to his seat and stood looking at him, smiling mischievously.

“I would like you to perform a lap dance for me, sweetheart,” he said and winked towards everyone. “And don’t forget to remove your undergarments, my dear.” I looked at him inquiringly. So he said, “Put your saree back. Just remove the undergarments.”

“Your wish, my command, sir,” I replied bending forward slightly and then went to my bedroom. I stood in front of the mirror after removing my saree, bra and panties. I could not help but admire my sexy figure. I teased my nipples with my fingers and then pushed one hand between my legs.

My pussy was flooded with my juices, “Just a little while more, baby.” I patted my pussy. “Today, you are going to get your due.” I poked my pussy a little with my finger, took some juice out on my fingertip and licked it with my tongue. It smelled and tasted lovely.

I sucked my finger for a few seconds as if I was sucking a hard dick. Then, I went back to the arena of the action. I switched on the music system and played an appropriate music track. I started dancing from there and went to Mr. Chopra’s seat, gyrating my body with the beats of the music.

I went closer, bent forward and shook my upper body. My boobs, now free from the confinement of a bra, swung like pendulums. It created a very erotic visual for the spectators. Mr Chopra, who was leaning on the backrest till then, sat upright and brought his face forward.

I went further into him and got his face buried between my boobs. I massaged his cheeks with my boobs for a few seconds before turning around and sitting in his lap. All the other 4 guys had left their respective seats. They stood there surrounding Mr. Chopra’s seat, admiring my seduction skills.

I could feel the hardon of Mr. Chopra poking the crack between my shapely butts. I started moving my butt in a circular motion over his cock. I could feel wetness on my butt through my saree as his cock left a trail of precum on it. He held me by the shoulders from behind and then started caressing my arms.

I changed my motion and moved my ass up and down over his cock, giving it a butt massage. “You are doing great, baby.” Mr. Chopra loved what I was doing. Then he reached down and lifted my saree all the way up to my waist.

I spread my legs wider to put my pussy on display for everyone and continued with my work over Mr. Chopra’s cock. Mr. Chopra stretched his right hand to reach between my legs. He spread my pussy lips wide with his thumb and forefinger to put my pink hole on display for everyone.

I was moaning slowly now. I felt more precum flowing from Mr. Chopra’s cock on my butt. All the four other guys had started wanking their hard tools looking at the show. Mr. Chopra pushed one of his fingers inside my pussyhole. He rotated it inside and accumulated my juices on the fingertip.

A mixed sound of moaning and hissing came out of my mouth. I felt the waves of pleasure arising from my pussy and spreading all over my body. Mr Chopra took out the finger, brought it to his nostrils and inhaled deeply.

He must have found the strong aroma of my pussy juices to be more intoxicating than the liquor they had been consuming. “Sharmaji, where did you find this slut?” He asked my FIL jokingly. “See how she is bouncing on my cock to caress it with her butt.”

The other three friends of my FIL nodded in agreement. Then Mr. Chopra put his fingers inside his mouth and tasted my juices. “Her juice tastes like honey,” he said. “Come, darling, let me take you to heaven.” Mr. Chopra lifted me in both his arms and stood up. I just melted in his strong hands.

He put me on the table, which was already cleared out. Everyone knew that they would no longer be playing the card game. Mr. Chopra laid me on my back. Then he pulled me, holding my thighs towards him. He adjusted in such a way that my ass just came out at the edge of the table.

So my upper body upwards of my waist was on the table and the lower body hung outside in the air. Then he came closer so that his cock was touching the crack of my pussy. Holding under my knees, he spread my legs as wide as possible and settled himself between my thighs.

He started rubbing his cock up and down along the length of my slit. “Aah,” a loud moan left my mouth. “Oh god, please don’t tease me, uncle. My pussy has been itching for the last hour. Ram your dick in my pussy and tear it apart.” I could not hold my emotions anymore and let my tongue loose.

“See how the bitch is dying to take my dick. It’s not going to be that easy, my dear. Tell us, who are you?” He teased me further by rubbing his cock more.

“I’m filthy cock hungry whore. I love cocks. I love all my holes getting filled with cocks. I need a cock in the morning, evening, day, and night. My cunt keeps itching, and only a big fat cock can pacify it. Please don’t tease me more. Just shove that dick of yours in my pussy.”

All the friends of my FIL stood stunned, listening to my rant. Though they had seen my sluttiness earlier, this outburst was a revelation for them. Mr. Chopra stopped rubbing his cock. I felt the pressure of his cockhead pressed against the entrance of my pussy.

He pushed further, and his cock entered my pussy like a knife cut through a slab of butter. “Oh yes, Daddy, give it to me.” He pulled back a little and pushed again hard, getting the entire length of his 7 inch cock inside my pussy with a grunt. I let out a loud moan.

He stayed there for a few seconds, feeling the warmth of my pussy. Then he started pumping his cock in and out of my pussy with slow strokes. My entire existence was focused on this coupling between my legs and the pleasure I was getting out of it.

My eyes were closed. I was letting out a series of blabbers encouraging Mr. Chopra to fuck my brains out. It was not possible for others to hold back anymore. Suddenly I felt 4 pairs of hands roaming all over my body feeling my tits and stomach.

A strong smell of alcohol entered my nostrils. One of the guys sealed my lips with his lips and kissed me deep in my mouth. Then I realized that his mouth was filled with a big sip of his liquor. He transferred it to my mouth and made me gulp it. I didn’t feel like opening my eyes to see who was doing what.

I hardly cared who was enjoying my lips, who was enjoying my breasts or who was fucking me. I was in a magnificent bliss of sexual ecstasy where the world ceased to exist. Only the cardinal pleasure of raw sex remained. They all treated me like toddlers getting together to play with a new toy.

They were getting acquainted with my body by feeling, kissing and licking all over my body. Mr Chopra had gradually increased his speed and had settled into a good rhythm of drilling my pussy. Arif and Mr. Mehta were busy sucking my breasts as if their lives depended on it.

Now Mr. Vikrant Sharma turned my face towards him and brought his cock towards my mouth. He caressed my face all over with his hard cock, leaving a slimy trail of his precum all over my face. Finally, he stopped at my lips. I opened my mouth to let his cock invade my mouth.

I held his cock with my one hand and pushed my mouth, getting the entire length of his cock inside it in one go. I started blowing his cock. I was wondering what my FIL was doing all this while. I looked around and was not surprised at all what he was doing.

He had started shooting this fucking session on his phone, and knowing that this action was being shot invigorated my lust further.

I think I’ll stop here, guys. I hope you have enjoyed this story till now and shagged and fingered to your heart’s content. Stay tuned to this space for the concluding part. And don’t forget to write back about how you found this story. Email ID is [email protected]